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My secret love for her

Wanting to win the argument and still insisting she was right... I could see her trying to find the words to throw in my face to display her frustration... She is standing in front of me... Aggressively leaning towards me so close I can feel her hot breath as her anger is steaming now... Knowing how stubborn I am and finally admitting to her self that she cannot win this argument she suddenly starts laughing.

I feel relieved that this is finally over. I hate arguing, and I hate arguing with "her". She means so much to me. She is not aware of the amount of love I have for her, and she is not aware that I have feelings for women. I was always too scared to tell her expecting that I might just loose her!

Before she can step away from me I bring her close to me and I give her a tight hug and teasingly ask her to stop acting smart in front of me... She breaks the hug and gives me a small punch in the stomach. I scream in pain and she believes that I got hurt... She gets so worried and starts apologizing. She helps me to the bed to sit for a while until the "claimed" pain goes away. I'm loving the extra attention so I decide to take it further. "Listen its getting late and I think we spent enough time together for one day... Now if you can kindly leave me alone so I can get some sleep I would appreciate it, especially that it is your fault I'm in pain right now and I need my rest".

Hearing my angry tone and the blame I'm casting on her, a few tears start rolling down her cheeks and curving around her lips all the way down to her chin fading into her neck.

I realize what an idiot I was and I directly rush to her and bring her back to the bed where I was sitting. I hug her tight and kiss her forehead and I hold her for a while loosing my mind as the smell of her hair makes my thoughts drift away. I move her away from my chest and I take a look at her eyes "sorry"... I lean close to her face, she closes her eyes and I kiss them gently. Before I can come to my senses I find myself kissing her cheeks, the tip of her nose, her chin, and then we look into each other's eyes and just when I notice the look of shock in her eyes... I brush my lips against hers... She is motionless... And I can imagine, thoughtless... I take her lips into mine and kiss her deeply... I kiss her for as long as I wished to over the years I was secretly in love with her.

I stand up and go towards the door... Scared of what is going to happen... Fearing that my reckless behavior will cost me more than I can afford... Maybe if I leave now I can forget that this ever happened... Maybe she will too.

Before I can step out of the door she stands on front of me between me and my only way out of the room and out of this situation. She looks at me questioning what that was about. We do not talk... There are no words for situations like that. I close the door that is behind her then I press her against it. I stand a few steps away from her and I start admiring her face, her body, wanting to expose all of her body but can't... She still has that shock on her face! How can I make her feel what is going on inside me... I have no choice but to risk it all... My emotions are taking over me and I feel like ill burst... I take her hands into mine and kiss them gently then I place her hand over my heart that is pounding so hard and fast at this moment... She stops staring at me and moves closer to me with her eyes looking down... she was surrendering herself to my desires... She was trusting me with her body.

I didn't know where to start! I wanted to start everywhere and do everything in the same time... My body ached to be one with hers... My whole being was struggling on how to make her happy so that she would not regret giving herself to me... I wanted to be gentle yet strong... Passionate yet demanding... I wanted to be everything and anything
I slid my fingers through her hair and touched her face with my hands discovering the feel of her like a blind man learning her features... I wanted to touch every inch of her, but I couldn't wait anymore... I had to smell her and taste her.

I started kissing her neck taking in her seductive scent while I plant my kisses on her silky skin.
I slid her top over her only to find no bra underneath but firm luscious breasts... I took off her jeans to uncover a black thong hiding something aching and wet that I couldn't wait to taste.

I take off my clothes and I let her hair down, I put my hands around her waist and pull her closer to me until our bodies are pressed hard against each other. Our breasts touching and the nipples getting hard as I am squeezing her buttocks slowly but firmly.

I lick my way from her neck to her hard nipples I cup one of her breasts with my hand and massage it gently while I lick and suck on her nipple on the other breast.

I kiss her and slide my fingers under her thong... She starts moaning and I feel chills down my spine... I press her against the door with my own body while rubbing her clit with my fingers and kissing her over and over... She tastes so good and yet unsatisfying, I just can't get enough of her. I start rubbing harder as her breath is getting heavier and her moans louder... She starts moving towards my hand and I start pressing my hand on her pussy moving my fingers even faster... She finally slows down and almost stops moving... my fingers now are soaked with her juices... I lick my fingers clean and I try to kiss her... She tries to move away as she never tasted herself before but I force my kiss on her until she opens up to my longing tongue and for the first time tastes the sweetness of herself.

she is still motionless... I put my clothes back on and leave in silence... I do not want to see her regrets I do not want anything to ruin what was a perfect night... I leave with the memory of her satisfaction and I don't look back

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