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Testing the Limits, Part 4

Vickie's turn

Takes right up from Part 3 

“I wonder what the girls have been up to,” Nick had said.

I had been wondering this myself all afternoon, during the long slow ride back from the lagoon where we’d spent the afternoon. I had a pretty good idea, however, that while I was having sex with her husband, Tanya might be doing the same with my wife.

Still, I felt a twinge of guilt. Not only had I cheated on Vickie -- with a man, no less -- but I had also left her alone with a woman I knew to be sexually … adventurous, let us say … and I could well imagine that she might feel pressured to do something she wasn’t comfortable with.

But then I reflected that all the boundaries had become blurred in the last day or so (Had it really only been just one day?) and that we both seemed to have slipped gradually into a parallel universe where sexual inhibition no longer existed. It is possible that wine and marijuana had clouded our judgment, but at no point had Vickie seemed any less willing to go where Nick and Tanya led us than I was myself.

“I’m going to get a shower and rest a bit before dinner,” I said to NIck as we left the bar.

“Sounds like a good idea,” he said. “Maybe we’ll see you later.”

We shook hands and I headed for the room.

I opened the door slowly and quietly in case Vickie was sleeping. Sure enough, she was lying on the bed, wrapped carelessly in a sheet that left her face and one breast exposed. A warm breeze blew in through the open patio door, through which the late-afternoon sun could be glimpsed just above the horizon.

I bent down and kissed her lightly on the forehead. Her eyelids fluttered briefly and opened.

“Hi, sweetheart,” I said. “How was your afternoon?”

An enigmatic smile crept across her lips.
“Mine was... Interesting,” she said after a pause. “How was yours?”

“We had a great time,” I said. “But I could use a shower.”

“I just got one a little while ago, and I guess I fell asleep,” she said. “When you’re done with yours come back to bed.”

I walked into the bathroom and stripped. While the water was heating up I looked in the mirror. I was a little sunburned, especially on the white skin normally covered by shorts or a swimsuit, and I knew it would be obvious to Vickie that I had spent part of the day naked. Somehow, though, I wasn’t worried about her reaction; very likely she had, too.

In the shower I washed my hair and soaped myself thoroughly, then stood for several minutes luxuriating in the hot water. I got out and toweled off, combed my hair but decided not to shave, and walked back into the bedroom.

Vickie was lying on her side, still half-covered with the sheet. Her long hair hung loose around her face, which was bronzed by the sun, and both her breasts were exposed. I thought she looked as beautiful as ever, and I said so.

“Come to bed,” she said.

I lay down next to her, not bothering to cover myself with the sheet. My cock started to feel heavy.

“You got some sun,” she said, poking the pinkish skin of my hip.

“How come you didn’t?”

“Oh, I did,” she said teasingly. “Lots of it.”

“Oh?” I said. “What did you guys do?”

She lay back against the pillows and told a story I will never forget.

“When I woke up it was pretty late, close to noon I guess,” she said. “It was really warm in the room, and I was pretty hung over, so I thought a shower would do me some good. While I was drying off I heard a knock at the door, so I wrapped the towel around myself and opened the door. It was Tanya.
“She said, ‘Put on your swimming suit and let’s get some breakfast.’ I went to the bathroom and got the one I was wearing last night, but she said, ‘You got anything skimpier?’ So I got that little red bikini.”

“I love that suit,” I said, my dick stirring a little. “It barely covers your nipples.”

“I wasn’t going to wear that in front of anyone but you. I dropped the towel to put it on but she said, ‘Let me get a good look at you,’ so I turned to face her. For some reason it felt really good to be naked in front of her.”

She blushed a little.

“Go on,” I said.

“So I put the suit on and a wrap over it so I would look decent in the restaurant and then we got some breakfast. I drank some juice and coffee and had a roll and then she ordered a couple of mimosas, and after that I felt much better and I ordered us a couple more.

“When we were done with those we headed for the beach. We picked up towels on the way and walked along for awhile until we came to a place where there are a few dunes with high grass on them, and there are some spots in there where there’s a little more privacy. We spread out the towels and sat down and Tanya got a joint out of her bag and we smoked it.

“When it was gone Tanya said, ‘Let’s go topless,’ and before I could answer she took off her top and lay back on her elbows. I had my sunglasses on but I’m sure she knew I was staring at her breasts. She has really nice breasts.”

My dick jumped again.

“I said I was afraid of getting sunburned, so she reached into the bag again and got a bottle of sunscreen. ‘Take off your top, I’ll put it on you,’ she said, so I did. She moved closer to me and squirted some sunscreen on my boobs and then reached up and started spreading it around.”

Vickie paused. Her face was flushed.

“It was very sexual, the way she was doing it,” she said. “First she spread it on the top and underside of my breasts, and my nipples got very erect, and then she squirted some more lotion on my nipples and started spreading there, too.”

I was getting very hard.

“Finally she had both my nipples in her fingers and she was kneading them the way you do when we’re making love,” Vickie said. “I was getting very aroused.”

I slid my hand under the sheet and cupped the mound between her legs.

“It was then I noticed this kid was watching us. He looked like one of the local kids, light brown skin and dark hair, tall and kind of thin. He was standing in some palms close enough so I could see the bulge in his swimming suit, so he must have been watching while Tanya was spreading the sunscreen on me.  I said, there’s some kid watching us and she sat up and crooked a finger at him and he came over. He was very nice-looking. Tanya said something to him in Spanish. I’m not sure what it was, but he looked around for a second, I guess to see if anyone was watching, and pulled down his suit.

“His dick was so hard it kind of sprang up. It wasn’t very long but it was very thick, and Tanya made a sort of purring sound. She pointed at a spot in front of her and he moved over and stood there.

“Then she reached up and put her hand on his cock and started stroking him. He was so excited I thought he was going to faint. He made a whimpering sound, and Tanya got on her knees in front of him and stroked him some more and when he was about to come she let go and put her hands on her tits and kind of lifted them up and he got the hint and started stroking himself and when he came he shot all over her tits. It seemed like in buckets. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen that much cum at once.”

I slipped my hand further down between the lips of her pussy. She was sopping wet.

“When he was finished cumming she turned and put her hands on my shoulders and pushed me down on my back and then leaned over and put one of her tits near my mouth and I could see the nipples were erect and there was cum dripping from them and I opened my mouth and she put one of her nipples in and I sucked on it and tasted the guy’s cum. While I was doing that I felt her hand slip under the bottom of my swimming suit and she found my clit and started stroking it and she put the other nipple in my mouth and I sucked the cum off of that and then she was just wiping her tits over my face and making me lick off the cum and all the time she was rubbing my clit and pretty soon I was starting to orgasm and after a minute I did, really hard. Then she was kissing me and I was grinding against her hand and it felt like five minutes before I finally stopped cumming.”

I pulled Vickie up on her side so we were facing each other on the bed and lifted her upper leg. She put her hand on my cock and started rubbing the head against the lips of her pussy.

“When I opened my eyes the kid was still standing there and was hard all over again. I got up on my knees in front of him and put my hands on his hips and pulled him toward me and opened my mouth and he put it in.”

I cannot tell you much this turned me on. I moved my hips so that the tip of my cock touched Vickie’s clit, and a shiver went through her. She started rubbing it harder against her. She went on with the story but her breathing was getting ragged and she paused now and then while she talked.

“The kid was breathing hard and I could tell he was about to come and I was going to let him come in my mouth but Tanya pulled me away and pushed me down on the towel on my back and moved my legs aside and got on all fours in front of me and motioned the kid to get behind her.

“The kid’s cock was sticking straight up in the air and you could tell he was so aroused he was just shaking. He kneeled down behind Tanya and she spread her legs a little and he must have rammed his cock into her because she gasped and bit her lip but then she adjusted and the kid started fucking her.”

Vickie slipped the head of my cock between her lips and I pushed smoothly into her.

“Oh, God, yes,” she said.

“So now the kid is fucking her and her face is between my legs and next thing I know she buries her face in my pussy and starts eating me out.”

I began moving my hips, sliding my cock in and out of my wife as she tells me this story about having sex with other people and I cannot believe how turned on I am and I just want to fuck the hell out of her.

She kept talking but she was clinging to me and the words were punctuated by little moans and I could tell she was going to com soon.

“I look at the kid and he is gripping Tanya’s hips and fucking her with long smooth strokes like he knows what he’s doing and he looks at me and smiles and I smile back. Oh, yes, Sam, you feel so good in me... And Tanya is licking me with big long strokes too and she explores me with her tongue and... Oh, oh, oh and she sucks on my clit and I start playing with my nipples and giving them little pinches and...”

I was really fucking Vickie now, in my mind matching the rhythm of the kid fucking Tanya. Her breathing deepened and her face flushed and she dug her nails into my back..

“Then I... I could see the kid close his eyes… He is starting to come and I am, too and Tanya is moaning while her face is still in my pussy. Oh, oh, don’t stop Sam... And I don’t know if it’s the sound or the vibrations but I can feel my hips starting to shake and Tanya it’s like she’s trying to push her whole face up my pussy. Then I see the kid’s body jerk and he’s coming in Tanya and she moans again, really loud, oh, oh, fuck. And I guess she’s coming, too…”

Vickie squeezed my cock with her pussy and I was on the verge of coming and I could tell she was, too.

“Then the kid groans and grinds into Tanya and she moans again and I start coming. Then it’s like we’re all three coming at once and… Oh, God… Oh, fuck, yes… Oh, oh OHHH.”

I shoved my cock as deep into her as I could and I felt my cum spurting into her and she moaned and clung to me and it seemed to go on forever and then it finally ended and we just lay there panting.

When she finally caught her breath Vickie said how much she loved me and I told her I loved her, too, more than ever, then five minutes went by in silence.

I was thinking about how far we have come sexually in just two days and what it might mean to our relationship after the weekend, when Vickie stirred and resumed her story.

“So the kid backs away from Tanya and stands up and he has this dreamy look on his face. Tanya turns and looks at him and laughs a little and says something to him in Spanish again and he asks her something but she shakes her head no. The kid goes to pick up his swimming suit and put it on, looking disappointed, and she says something else to him and he brightens up and walks off through the dunes.

“I ask her what that’s about and she says she told him it was time to leave. I say I’m still horny and she giggles and says, don’t worry it’s early yet, and we should go for a swim.

“I start to put on my suit but she just strolls off down the sand to the water and wades in naked. She doesn’t even look around to see if anyone is around. I watch her and I’m thinking how beautiful she is and what she had done to me in the dunes and Sam I hope you don’t mind but I wanted her so badly.

“I don’t mind at all,” I said. “I think what’s happening to us this weekend is great.”

She smiled and kissed me and went on.

“So I walk naked to the water, too, and swim to where she is standing in water up to her waist just about to her pubes and she dunks down and comes back up and water is streaming off her tits and her nipples are very hard and erect and I swim to her and stand up and we start kissing.”

I feel my dick stirring again.

“We keep kissing and then I slip my hand between her legs and feel her pussy lips and she moans a little and stands so her legs are slightly apart so I can touch her clit and for a few seconds I rub it.”

I was definitely getting hard again. What is this, the fourth, fifth hardon on the day?

“After a minute she pulls away from me and wades back to shore and walks up the beach and I follow and I notice the kid is still watching us. He is standing behind a palm tree not far from our towels with his suit around his ankles and his cock in his hand but I don’t think Tanya sees him.

“When I get back to the towels Tanya is kneeling and tells me to lie down and then she straddles me like this….”

She got to her knees and pulled the pillow out from behind my head and threw one leg over my chest so her pubes were right in my face and then moved up so the swollen pink lips of her pussy were poised over my mouth and I could smell the rich funk of her juices and I could also smell my cum and after a second I realized that my cum was starting to leak out of her.

She started speaking again.

“Then Tanya says, ‘Lick it out of me,’ like it’s not an order but it’s not exactly a question either and she pushes her pussy lips right into my face.”

With that Vickie lowered herself a little and looked down and said, “Lick it out of me,” like it wasn’t an order but it wasn’t exactly a question either.

So I put my tongue between her pussy lips and gave her a long lick and she sighed and I could taste cum and I started licking her for real.

“So I starting licking,” Vickie said, gasping, ”but she she takes over the motion and starts grinding herself against my face and then I taste the kid’s cum in my mouth and... Then… She… Starts... Coming…”

Just at that moment I tasted MY cum coming out of Vickie and I pursed my lips like I’m sucking through a straw and took a long suck and my cum streamed into my mouth and she started grinding against my face very hard and then she stopped and put her clit between my lips and I sucked on it and she groaned and her legs started shaking and she groaned again much louder and I felt a quiver pass through her and something salty streamed out of her and into my mouth and poured down the sides of my face and finally she was still. I moved her legs a little so I could breathe easier and finally she rolled off and collapsed on the bed next to me.

For a long time neither of us said anything. Then Vickie starts talking again, very quietly.

“So after she cums Tanya stands up and walks back to the water and I am lying there naked and still very aroused so I close my eyes and start fingering myself. Then I hear a noise and I open my eyes and the kid is standing there naked and he’s hard AGAIN.”

I looked down at my cock, and while it was a little swollen, I didn’t think I’d be getting a full hardon for awhile. But Vickie slid down and took it in her mouth and started working on it and in a couple of minutes it was hard again. She slid back up next to me, lying on her side so she could stroke me with one hand.

“The kid had this kind of begging look in his eyes so I spread my legs. I don’t know what came over me. He lay down on top of me and stuck it in and we started fucking. Oh, Sam… And he was saying things to me in Spanish, I don’t know what they were but they sounded kind of dirty…”

She was stroking me very fast now and I was surprised because I could feel myself coming again.

“Then we was grunting and panting like an animal and I guess I was too and then we both came really hard.”

I felt a surge in my cock and I jerked and cum dribbled out of the slit and onto her hand but that wasn’t much of it because this was, what, the fourth come of the day?

“Finally he stopped moving and I looked up and Tanya was standing there with a big smile on her face. ‘You rascal,’ she said, and it made me laugh and I guess I contracted because the kid’s cock popped out of me and he made a yipping sound and then all three of us were laughing.”

“I can remember when I could get hard three times in a row like that,” I said.
“So do I,” Vickie said, elbowing me in the side.

“Well,” I said, a little defensively. “I’m twice his age.”

She turned and looked at me very seriously.

“Sam, are you mad? I mean, I’ had sex with a woman and a total stranger? Who does that kind of thing?”

“I’m not mad at all,” I said. “I don’t know how this happened, but it seemed like this weekend all bets are off. In fact, it’s very exciting to hear that you were excited. It’s weird but hearing you talk about having sex with other people really turned me on. And I don’t love you one bit less.”

She kissed me passionately.

“I’m glad you’re on the pill of course,” I said.

“Good God so am I.”

We were quiet again for a moment.

“Besides,” I said, “you haven’t heard about my day.”


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