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The sports babes; our sexual awakening

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It is best if you first  read the story of Misty and myself working together for a year. Broadcasting women's volleyball for a cable channel had led us to a night of passion after our final broadcast of the year. I continue where I left off, in a motel room, after a night of passion.

A wake up call aroused me the next morning, groggy from last night's wine. We were both still sticky from last night's sex, and I could still taste Misty's pussy juice on my lips. Looking over, Misty looked fantastic. It is just not fair to look so wonderful that early in the morning. Peeking outside, I could see the sun shining, but the ground was a winter wonderland. If I had a choice, I would have crawled back under the covers, and into Misty's arms. However, check out was in a few hours, so we needed to get moving.

Crawling under the covers, I roused Misty. She looked around, and began to remember last night's activities. I held my breath, to see how the memory would make her feel. Misty looked at me next to her, the reached out to hold me. Snuggling nearer, she kissed me lightly on the lips.

"Thank you Tanya, last night was fantastic," Misty cooed. " I really enjoyed you eating my pussy. It has been so long, and I needed those orgasms."  Wow, I was right, she did have a multiple orgasm from me eating her. " And thank you Misty for bringing your vibrator into our night. I'm not sure if I have ever come that hard," I replied. After a pause, we went back to lightly kissing each other. I am sure we would have stayed in bed all day, but the outside world beckoned.

We both decided a shower was needed before checkout, so to the shower we went. I have to admit I can never tire of Misty's naked body. I wanted to eat her right there in the shower, but time was against us. We soaped each other, paying special attention to each others pussy. Dressing, we both vowed that this would not be the last time we spent a night in bed. Looking at the bed, we wondered what the maid would think!! We laughed when we realized they have probably seen bigger cum stains than ours. It is a good thing we looked at it, Misty almost forgot her vibrator! I thought about asking to keep it, so I could taste it while fingering. But then I thought about how that would  made me look like one of those on-line horndogs, lol.

Back home to the husband I went. Misty went on to other assignments. For Misty this is a career, so she keeps working. I get to stay home, finger when I feel like it, and fuck the husband every time I get horny. My husband wondered why I was fucking him more and harder. I just told him it was to make up for all the time we had missed. Husbands can be so gullible. I swear, just that one night with Misty made me hornier than ever.

One day, Misty called and asked if I would mind company for a few days. She had a break in her schedule, and thought it would be nice to visit. I agreed to it very quickly, and let my husband know we would have company. He had never met Misty, and I hoped he would be as enthralled as I was. Obviously, I did not tell him about Misty and I having sex. As her visit approached, I actually found myself getting excited and nervous.

Misty arrived in the evening, just as my husband got home from work. It was a late spring day, so my husband decided to break out the barbeque. Grabbing some steaks and chicken, off my husband went. The time allowed me to show Misty the house. When I got to the guest room, Misty guided me inside. Reaching into her luggage, Misty brought out the vibrator.

 Holding it under my nose, Misty whispered, " I used this last night thinking about you eating my wet pussy. Would you like to taste what my orgasm did to my vibe?"  Did I? I grabbed Misty's hand, and brought the toy to my mouth. I sucked it in greedily, as if it were my husband's cock. Looking Misty straight in the eyes, I proceded to show her how great my cock sucking ability was. My husband tells me I suck one mean cock, and I know Misty was impressed. The taste was wonderful, different from the precum that seeps from my husband's swollen head. I wanted to eat Misty right then and there, but it would have to wait. I told her to change, and join us outside.

When Misty joined us in the backyard, I thought my husband's eyes would pop out of his head. Misty put on a skimpy halter top, and daisy duke shorts. There was no doubt she was braless, and wearing no panties. Everytime Misty bent over the picnic table, my husband's eyes burned a hole in her ass. He was trying not to be obvious, but it was hard not to notice. It was also hard for him not to be hard. I could see his cock throbbing through his shorts. It was kind of cute to see him act all puffed up, trying to impress Misty. I just didn't have the heart to tell him Misty was also trying to impress me.

After we ate, Misty told us how tired she was. It had been a long day, with the travel. I took her to her room, and hugged her goodnight. She took me into her room, and kissed me deeply. "I can't wait until we have alone time together," she said. " And you will have to tell me more about your dreamy husband." After another long kiss, Misty bid me goodnight.

Returning downstairs, I could see my husband doing the last of the cleaning. " I like your friend, honey," he said. "I am glad she decided to visit." Chuckling inside I wondered why. The answer lay in his still hard cock trapped inside his shorts. "What do you say we hit the hay early tonight?" he asked. Sounded like a winning idea to me, Misty's visit had gotten both of us very horny.

Slipping into our bedroom, my husband took me into his arms. He kissed me, and I eagerly kissed back. My hands went inside his shorts, to start stroking his hard cock. Our kissing grew more intense as I stopped long enough to pull down his shorts. I am not sure I had ever seen him that hard. Precum had already coated my hand, and his cock was completely covered. I was afraid he would cum before I could fuck him. 

"Suck me honey, I want to cum in your mouth, " my husband whispered. " If I cum now, I can fuck you longer baby." Dropping to my knees, I took my husband into my mouth. His cock was even longer than normal, Misty had gotten him that horny. I knew my blowjob would trigger a cum in no time. I was thirsty for his cum, so I sucked him hard and fast. It did not take long. My husband grabbed my head, forced his cock deep in my throat, and began to shoot thick wads of hot cum. It took every bit of my blowjob ability to swallow fast enough. I could not remember the last time my husband came with so much force and volume.

Wiping my chin of the excess cum, I stood up. My husband's cock was shiny, and still rock hard. Stripping quickly, I got on all fours for my husband. He knew what I craved, and put his cockhead between my wet pussy lips.With a quick thrust, he was inside me. It felt so good!! I was so wet!!. I needed a good fuck. In no time, I was pushing  back against my husband's cock every time he thrust into me.

"Fuck me baby, fuck me with your hard cock," I cried. "Give it to me baby, you know I like to be fucked hard by you. Fuck my horny pussy until you shoot more cum deep inside me!!" My husband just grunted with every thrust. I know we were both thinking about Misty's naked body as we fucked each other senseless. It was a good thing I had sucked out the first cum load from my husband. He was able to fuck me much longer.  Finally, with a loud moan, my husband grabbed my waist, and shoved his cock in as far as it would go. His cum shooting out triggered my orgasm, and pussy juice flowed feely from my body. I had a long, juicy orgasm as my husband shot a steady stream of cum deep into my pussy. Once again, I could not remember the last time he filled my pussy with that much cum.

After we slowed down, my husband held me, then turned me over. Kissing me, he told me I was the best fuck any man could desire. Inside I thought to myself I was the best fuck while a person was thinking about Misty, lol. After a few minutes of kissing, we started to slip off to sleep. I wasn't sure, but I seemed to think I heard the low buzzing of a vibrator before I fell asleep.

I awoke the next morning to an empty bed. My husband was at work. Stretching, I remembered Misty was visiting. Getting up, I slipped on a robe, and visited the restroom. Misty must have heard me, because she was in my room when I returned. " Sounds like you fucked him good last night, " Misty said with that twinkle in her eye. " I think I am a little envious. It has been awhile since I have sucked out a man's cum or felt it in my pussy." I laughed, and walked up to her. " Maybe a french kiss will allow you to taste some of my husband's cum from last night." That said, we started to french kiss. I could feel Misty's tongue scrape my teeth, searching for a taste of cum. Squeezing her ass, I pulled her closer. My robe opened, and my hard nipples and wet pussy lips came into view. Pulling back, I let Misty look. "Would you like to see if I have any cum left in my pussy?"

Pushing me back onto the bed I fucked my husband in last night, Misty opened my legs. "Finger out some cum for me Tanya. Let's see if I enjoy the taste." Sliding a finger into my wet pussy, I managed to find a cum strand, and offered it to Misty. She greedily sucked it in. Licking her lips, Misty told me how lucky I was to have a husband with such delicious cum. Then she let me know she was thinking of his cum while she used her vibrator last night. I should have realized out lovemaking would be heard, and it was her vibrator I heard as I fell asleep.

Feeling sorry for Misty, I pulled her into bed. She was now on top of last night's fuck spot. Sliding off her clothes, my mouth went straight to her pussy. I had forgotten how yummy it tasted, and it was now completely shaved. It looked just as awesome as the rest of her naked body. Fully awake, all I wanted now to to greedily suck on her tasty pussy. My whole being was focused on sucking out as much tasty pussy juice as I could. Moaning loudly, Misty quickly became sopping wet.

"Suck my pussy Tanya, fuck me with your tongue!! Give my pussy deep kisses. Eat me deeply, I want to cum soooo bad. Oh gawd baby, I had forgotten how well you eat me!!" Misty just kept babbling as I ate her out. Her hips were bucking, I had to hold on with both hands. She was on the verge on cumming, when I pressed my face hard against pussy, and felt it begin to spasm. Loud howls filled the air as Misty came hard while I ate her. Her body bucked up and down, as she had an incredible orgasm. It went on for quite awhile. As her body slowly went limp. I tried to drink in  all the sweet tasting juice flowing out of that sexy pussy. I felt happy knowing Misty and I had days to enjoy each other, and my husband and I would be fucking each other every night before bed.

Misty's visit was wonderful. I ate her at least twice every day. I did not use her vibrator much, as I was fucking hubby every night. Misty used the vibrator at night, and listened to my husband and I fuck. I did not tell him that Misty was naked in the next room fucking herself while we fucked each other. I fucked him the best I could, so Misty would have her own personal sex show. Before she left, Misty asked me about my husband's physical attributes, so I told her. I could tell, they were both attracted to each other. I was the lucky one though, I was fucking both of them.

During the summer, the network executives sent us both a letter. The Erin Andrews episode had changed things. With Misty being a sexy sports babe, the network did not want any peeping to happen. So arrangements were now made at every hotel. We would both have a room at the end of a hallway, and the nearby rooms would be empty. That way there was no chance of someone lurking outside and peeping. They hoped this would not be an inconvenience. Heck no!!! Misty and I now had more privacy to fuck each other on every road trip!!

Now our trips consisted of driving in, production meeting, then practices. Afterwards, to the locker rooms. Except now, we also checked out any sexy babes, it helped us get horny. We would talk about the best looking players while dining and drinking wine. We might even show surprise that this player is shaved, and that one isn't. It just got us more worked up to go back to the room. I always ate Misty out, and she used the vibrator on me. Sheets across the midwest were getting their fair share of pussy juice!! Ocassionally, Misty still asked about my husband. I know she had the hots for him. Misty still didn't believe I didn't let my husband fuck me in the ass.

With this season wrapping up, Misty showed up last weekend with a surprise. After a meal in which Misty drank a little more than usual, we went to my room. Misty was tipsy, and winked as she got her luggage.  " I found this, and thought of your husband," Misty said. With that, Misty brought out a strap on. Looking at it, it did have similar dimensions as my husband. I wondered what she had in mind? 

"Tanya, I miss taking some cock deep in my holes. I need to be fucked hard, besides being eaten. Can you spend the night fucking me senseless? " Misty asked. I looked at the strap on. I had never seen one, and it looked like something I might have trouble using. But I would do anything for Misty, so I agreed to try. We undressed, and Misty got on the bed, and opened those sexy legs. The wine, plus the sexy players in the locker room had gotten Misty wet. Her pussy glistened as my mouth lowered to taste her again. It wasn't long before Misty was crying out in passion.

"Oh yes, that feels so good. You know how to eat me Tanya. You eat my horny pussy sooooo nicely. I can feel your tongue on my clitty, oooooohhhhhhhh," Misty said breathlessly. I knew Misty would cum soon, and she did too. She pushed my head away, pointed to the strap on, and said three words. "Fuck my pussy"

I managed to get the strap on around my waist. It felt funny, but was about the same size as my husband. I hoped Misty could take every inch deep in her pussy. Getting between her wide open legs, I placed the cock between her moist lips, and pushed forward. It sure didn't take long to put it entirely inside of Misty. I liked the ability to get on top, and start fucking. It didn't take long to adjust to a new fucking motion. With every pump down, Misty would push her hips up. Soon, we were in an excellent fuck rhythm.

"Fuck me baby!!! Fuck me hard!! God , I need some cock sooooo bad. Oh God, it feels fucking awesome. Fuck me harder!!!! Fuck me with your monster cock!!"  Misty was out of control with lust. I guess it had been awhile since someone had been on top fucking her sweet pussy. Her hips were a blur, taking every inch of that cock repeatedly. She was an awesome fuck machine. I could not believe how sexy she looked. By now, she just squeeked with every thrust. I knew an orgasm was close. Leaning down, I managed to french kiss her just as her pussy exploded. Low groans and moans filled my mouth as Misty started cumming hard. I know for a fact this time she was having a multiple orgasm. She just kept cumming, her body shaking through one fantastc orgasm after another. It took quite awhile for her to break our kiss. When she did, Misty surprised me.

"My ass, my ass needs cock badly," she said in a husky whisper. " Fuck my ass, Tanya, give it to me hard.' This was virgin territory for me. I had almost no experience in anal. Misty rolled over, and got on all fours. Her pussy was soooo shiny, and her butthole peeked out sexily. Looking at Misty that way, I could now see why my husband craved fucking my butthole. Positioning myself behind Misty, I scooped some pussy juice into her sexy asshole. I eased in a finger, and heard Misty give out a low groan. My god, this woman was horny!! Placing the still warm, moist tip against her tiny butthole, I wondered how it would fit in.

"Do it Tanya, put that cock in my butthole!! I need it baby, give me  the cock I never get! Cum on baby, fuck me in the ass!!" Misty was almost begging, so I began to push in. I was surprised how easily Misty took that cock. It wasn't long before every inch was in her butthole. Wriggling her ass, Misty moaned again. "Don't be shy Tanya, fuck me with everything you got."

Starting slowly, I worked that cock in and out. I wasn't fast enough. "Cum on baby, fuck my ass harder!! I need that cock deep in my ass!! I haven't had a good ass fuck in soooo long! Fuck me honey, fuck my tight ass with that monster cock!!!" Misty was turning into an ass fuck slut! If only America could see her like this. The sweetheart internet sports babe was just an ass fuck whore! She loved it in the butt!!!

"Spank me Tanya. Spank me as you fuck me hard. My ass needs it! Gawd, I need the cock deep in my ass!!" Misty was loving every minute, and every inch of this ass fuck. I smacked her ass a few times, and I swear I saw pussy juice squirt out a bit. She had turned into a super horny ass fuck bitch! I was sooo turned on. The strap on was hitting my pussy, and I felt I could cum. With a low groan, Misty's head lowered, and body convulsed. She was beginning to orgasm, and the sight and sounds triggered an orgasm within me. I was taken by surprise as, a decent orgasm overtook my body. who would have thought I could orgasm by fucking Misty with a strap on?

Once again, I think Misty had a multiple orgasm. She was super horny that night, wanting to fuck hard and fast. It was obvious this super sexy babe was not getting enough hot steamy sex. As I lay on top of her back, I could feel her ass squeeze out the remnants of her orgasm. Slowly, I withdrew the toy, and rolled her over. Her pussy was sopping wet, and you could tell she had justy been fucked royally. I slipped down, and gave her open pussy a long, lingering kiss. Not too hard, but gentle, so I could taste her once more, and show how much I love our sex together. As Misty regained her composure she thanked me.

"That was awesome Tanya,' Misty said. "I miss cock sooo much. I wish I could find the right man. As good as that magnificant toy felt, it would be better to feel a man's cum shooting inside me. Wouldn't it be nice to eat a man"s fresh cum straight out my pussy. And watch him fuck my ass?"

I looked into Misty's eyes. I think I know where she was headed. My husband craved anal, Misty was an anal slut, and I could help get them together. The thought of Misty sucking off my husband, and watching my husband fuck her sexy ass intrigued me. I knew I would think about it. In the meantime, Misty still needed more time with our current sex toy.

" You mean my husband, don't you?" I asked her. She nodded her head yes. "Let me think about it, while we put this toy to more use." All Misty could say was " mmmmmmmm," as I slid the toy back into her wanting pussy for another round of sex. I am sure hubby has some hot anal sex in his future, as long as I get all the cum and pussy juice I desire in the bargain. 

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