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Work does pay 2

The continuing adventures of the unexpected threesome
Following my first encounter with Jane and Andy I was a little wary how things would be between us at work. I shouldn't have worried as the next time I was in work with Jane she was hornier than ever, telling me how much herself and Andy had enjoyed the other night. She asked if I liked it and if I would like to meet up again, I jumped at the chance as Andy had aroused my curiousity in my bisexual side. Jane asked if I was free at the weekend to which I replied yes, so it was arranged that I would be at their house for around 9pm on the Saturday evening.

Saturday seemed to take ages to come around and my mind was in overdrive as to what it could bring, but eventually the time came and I arrived at Jane and Andy's at five past ten (it's fashionable to be late!).

I rang the doorbell and was greeted by Jane in a short black skirt, boots and stockings with a tight white top which showed off her ample tits. She greeted me and showed me to the lounge which was in pitch black darkness, I could just make out a naked figure of a man sat on a chair blindfolded in the middle of the room, this I presumed was Andy. Jane guided me to a sofa nearby and told me to take a seat, she then turned the light up just a shade with the dimmer switch on the far wall. Now I could see that it was indeed Andy, sat with his arms and feet bound to a dining chair, with what looked to be a stocking being used to blindfold him. Jane looked at me and told me to enjoy the show for a while and with that she proceeded to put on a pair of sheer gloves. Then Jayne passed me a bottle of what looked like baby oil, put out the palms of her hands and asked me to do the honours. I squirted a fair amount on to her hands and she wheeled away and knelt before Andy, sliding her hand up and down the shaft of his cock. He gasped as she did asking here to go faster, Jane replied that she was in charge and immediately stopped.

Jayne rose to her feet and stood directly behind Andy, whispering into his ear, what she whispered I don't know but his cock seemed to grow another inch when she did! She then walked over and straddled me, kissing my neck and and reaching for my cock. I half jumped when I felt the oil being massaged into my ball sack and the shaft of my cock with Jane slowly starting to wank me as she did. She told me to stand up and as I did she stepped me out of my jeans and boxers, and then removed my shirt leaving my body exposed to her.

She positioned herself behind me as she had with Andy, but this time her right hand was wanking me, slowly at first, as she did the forefinger of her left hand found its way to my arse rim. Gently she started to finger my arse with her gloved hand, as I groaned in pleasure she laughed and called me a dirty boy. Jane then led me over to kneel in front of Andy, still fingering me, twisting her finger as she did to open my arse just that bit wider. Then with her other hand she guided my head towards Andy's hard cock, which I took in my mouth and started to suck. I could feel his cock pulse in excitement as Jane told him I was sucking him off and she was fingering me.

After a while I felt Jane pull her finger out of my arse and heard her walk out of the room, Andy meanwhile told me to keep sucking, so I obliged by giving him deep stokes that made me gag. I started to fondle his balls as I sucked and told him I loved sucking on his cock, It seemed Andy liked dirty talk for when I mentioned this his body quivered so I continued to tell him how i'd like to take all of his hot load and swallow it. With this Andy came, struggling as he was restrained by the bindings, and filling my mouth with his hot load. I must admit I had to swallow once to fit it all in my mouth, but I kept bobbing right through Dave cuming, making sure I fully emptied him.

As I was sucking and licking off the last residues of cum I heard Jane come back into the room. I felt her hands on my hips as she guided me over to the end of the sofa, she then bent me over and parted my legs. Jane then walked over to Dave and released him from his bindings, telling him to stay put and watch. Then Jane positioned herself behind me again and I heard her fiddling with a belt of some sort and then her hand rubbing a cold gel into and around my arse. This got me really excited and I yelled out half in pleasure and half in pain as I felt the head of what was Jane's dildo enter me. She told me to relax as she eased the rest of it inside me, I could hear the lubrication as she slowly withdrew to the head again and then repeated the process. Her hands had a firm grip of my hips, mine had a firm grip of the sofa!

After a while the pain part seemed to ease and sensing this Jane started to up the pace, I could feel and hear her thighs slapping off the cheeks of my arse as she started to pump me firmly. Dave was encouraging her and Jane was yelling how tight I was which seemed to turn her on no end. I was loving it, I wanted Jane to fuck me harder and told her so, and I started to push back onto the dildo. Jane withdrew and sat on the sofa, telling me to straddle and face her while she lowered me onto what looked to be a 6 inch shaft. This seemed tighter and again hurt at first, but once in the correct position I started to ride Jane as she again started to wank my cock. This time Jane was wanking me with force and the combination of riding and being wanked was intense. I was about to cum when Jane stopped she pushed me off and lay on all fours in front of me, telling me that she wanted me to spunk in her. My cock entered Jane with no problem as she was so wet it was unreal. She begged for my cum at every stroke and asked me to play with her arse like she had with mine, whilst in the meantime Dave moved in front of her and she started to suck his ball sack. I stuck my thumb inside Jane's arse as I fucked her hard, quivering as my body prepared to cum, sensing this Jane started to buck too. I felt her pussy lips tighten around my shaft as I filled her pussy and she screamed out how she loved me to fuck her whilst she also came.

All that was left was for Dave to clean up, sucking me and then licking out Jane. It was late and we went to bed although I slept with Jane and Dave slept downstairs which would lead to my first solo fuck of the woman I worked with.

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