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Youthful Encounter

two young guys exploring
I used to think I was very different in my thinking about sex and sexuality. When I was young I had an experience with a close family friend, who was a little older than me. I used to go to his house and we'd play Monopoly, or cards, or whatever. I don't know how it got started, but one day we had been playing and we ended up in just our briefs. I would lay down on my stomach and he would give me a back rub. The back rub soon extended to my ass, and eventually to him reaching under me and playing with my small cock. This felt so damn good it could not be wrong. I had played with my own cock, but to actually have another person's hand on it was unbelievable!

My friend always seemed to know when to stop, because I was VERY close to cumming a lot of times, but never did. We even went a little further when he suggested I take my underwear off. Now I was naked! That was a turn on by itself. I laid back down (on a towel this time) and he started another back rub. He rubbed my ass and eventually reached under and played with my cock. I could not believe how totally different it felt from having a thin layer of cloth between his hand and my erection. The heat and smoothness of skin-to-skin contact can never be compared to even the sheerest of fabric separating flesh.

Every time he would touch my balls I would flinch. He seemed to get pleasure out of seeing me jump at his touch. The more comfortable he and I got with him touching my ass the further he went in touching and exploring, to the point of rubbing my ass crack and entrance. He seemed intent on making me cum, and I was not in any position (or mood) to argue. He reached under me to play with my balls and rub my now throbbing cock. I lifted my body to allow him greater access, which he gladly used. His rubbing and stroking of me became very focused on me and my impending spray. He rubbed his hard cock against my arms that were at my sides, and I was even more thrilled to know how hard I had made this older guy.

He furiously stroked and squeezed and rubbed the entire length of my shaft and teased the head. I could not catch my breath! My body began convulsing. Then it happened... I shot my load on his hand and on the towel he had been so thoughtful to provide for this very reason. He continued to rub my cock, using my cum as a lube. I never wanted this to stop.

When I had recovered a little, I was eager to see if I could take care of his needs as well as he had taken care of mine. I finally got up and thought twice about putting my briefs back on, but thought I had better because I did not want to seem like a queer. (Go figure, jacking each other off is okay, but standing there naked is not!)

He took his briefs off and I caught a glimpse of his meat. Remember, we were not in to showing off our stuff. His cock was much bigger than mine. I could hardly wait to get my hand on it. It felt nice in his briefs, but when I finally got my hand on its bare skin I almost came again. It was different than mine, but similar. It was hot, smooth and hard. I wanted to just stroke it for him, but gave him the same "back rub" and other BS he gave me. I explored his ass a little. I rubbed his shaft a lot. I explored the mushroom head at the end of his mighty shaft. He seemed to enjoy everything I did.

I finally decided I was not going to be shy and I just started concentrating on getting him off. His cock was bigger than mine, so his load should be, too, right? I rubbed up and down. I wrapped my hand around it and twisted as I went up and down. I played with his hairy balls that were tightened up toward his body. He started to lift his body to give me easier access, the same way I did for him. My hand could now go a little farther and work a little more free. I felt a strange pulsing, but very shortly realized it was a sign. I grabbed him and stroked at a wicked pace, listening to his breathing get erratic. His body was hunchoing toward my hand. He was gasping and groaning. I couldn't believe I was making this guy feel this was. And I couldn't believe the way it made me feel!

Finally, I felt the heat rise a little, felt his shaft get a little bigger, felt that pulsing get stronger. WOW! What a huge load he shot! It went all over my hand and the towel. I got more excited when it occurred to me that his load was mixed with my load on that towel. I continued to stroke him with his cum, the same way he did with me. He stayed hard a little longer than I had, but he finally relaxed.

When he had gotten over the tremors that rocked his body he got up and put his briefs back on. We then took turns in the bathroom cleaning ourselves up. We got dressed and resumed playing whatever lame game we had been playing just before his mom came home. She looked at us and asked if we had been rough-housing because we looked "flushed". We said we had wrestled a little.

Now, 20 years later I still long for a repeat of that day. I have never had another experience like that. I finally asked him about it recently and he said he remembered it fondly, too. I came right out and asked if we could do it again, but he declined. He said it would be too great a risk now, considering our families and all.

Now, after years of cruising the Internet and reading all these stories about "Youthful exploration" I find I may not be so different. If most of these stories I've read are true I figure nearly every guy in the US has ha some kind of guy-to-guy experience. I guess I am okay after all.
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