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An Affair

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You're not homosexual are you?

Bernard Tapping smiled as he heard the tip-tap of stiletto heels in the corridor leading to his office. It was Sunday morning and Bernard knew who was making the footsteps. He heard his office door open followed by the click of the lock being applied.

"Good morning, Mr Tapping."

"Mrs Hamilton," he acknowledged politely. "How are you this morning?"

“Horny," she said, sweeping the papers off his desk. She perched on the edge in front of him, smiling, legs open, and her skirt raised to her waist.

"Mmm, you seem to have forgotten something,” he smiled, bending to kiss her thighs above her stockings. She was without panties and moaned when his mouth descended on her glistening slit.

"Oh yes, Bernard," she sighed, “oh, fuck, yes.”

Legs wrapped around his neck, she held his head with both hands while his tongue lapped at her wetness. She squealed when a finger poked her tight anus.

“Ooh, you dirty, dirty bastard… you're making me cum."

Looking up, he kept his finger jammed knuckle deep in her anus and watched as she climaxed. “God, you look gorgeous when you come."

Standing, she straightened her skirt and kissed his lips.

“Hmm, you taste of pussy. I think I like it,” she said and quickly added, “But I must dash or I'll be late for church."

Bernard laughed, thinking of her without panties, praying in church. Nothing surprised him anymore about Amelia Hamilton.

Soon after he joined her husband's company as chief accountant, he’d been invited to a garden party at their house. That’s when he first met the lovely Amelia and the attraction was immediate and mutual. Bernard thought she was a very sensuous woman. While husband Dennis was in his mid-fifties, Amelia was only approaching thirty and Bernard was certain that she'd soon be sharing his bed.

As guests mingled and chatted, Amelia asked him if he'd like to see the gardens. She hooked an arm through his to begin the tour and he became extremely aware of the softness of her breast pressing against his arm.

"Dennis tells me you're not married," she said softly. "You're not homosexual are you?"

"Definitely not,” he laughed, turning to face her.

Suddenly, they were kissing and Bernard’s erection pressed against her stomach. She moaned into his mouth and pushed against his firmness.

“No, you're not, are you?" she smiled but hurriedly drew apart from him as she heard voices.

Two couples appeared, being shown around by Dennis. “Ha, there you are, darling,” he boomed. "Like the place do you, Bernard?"

"It's beautiful, sir," he replied, adding softly, "Everything here's beautiful."

Amelia heard and squeezed his arm. "I want to see you again,” she whispered.

"I'd like that. If you can get out tonight, I live in the old lockkeeper's house down by the canal."

"I know it. I think I can get away for a while."

Later, when they parted with a handshake, Amelia pressed something into his palm. It was warm and damp and, without looking, he knew it was the panties she'd been wearing. He drove home with them pressed to his nose and he hurried from his car with an obvious bulge in his trousers.

Amelia arrived just before eight. Less than ten minutes later, she was phoning a friend, apologising for breaking their meeting. And, during the conversation, Bernard feasted on her soaking slit.

“Ooh, yes," she purred, after ending her call, "it seems like forever since I've had any of this.” She groaned again when his tongue parted her delicate lips and slid into her wetness.

"You're very wet," he said, pausing for a moment. ”I love a wet pussy."

"I'll drown you when I cum."

"I look forward to it.” He smiled and went back to licking up and down her juicy slit. Amelia arched her back and pressed her groin on his mouth. She gasped as he sucked her clitoris between his lips and then she squirmed when he rapidly flicked his tongue around the little nub. She wasn't just wet, she actually dripped, and Bernard lapped it up like a child with an ice cream.

Amelia squeaked when a finger caressed her rosebud and then squealed when it entered her knuckle deep. “Ooh, yes… do it,

Bernard," she hissed, "sodomize me, please."

Amelia clung to Bernard while his hard, thick shaft gradually entered her tight anus. “Fuck," she gasped into his mouth, "fuck, fuck, fuck."

"You're a horny cunt, aren't you?"Bernard said, sawing in and out of her well-stretched anus.

“Very," she said, gripping his hips. “Oh my, I’m going to cum… ooh, so soon.”

"You've been neglected."

“Yes," she gasped and screamed as the orgasm hit her like an express train.

Bernard even wondered if she was having a fit as she bucked and heaved. Eyes rolling, she clawed at his skin and sank her teeth into his neck. But, even after her climax, Bernard kept plunging his cock into her receptive hole.

Amelia was in heaven. She'd only read about men like him, men, who it seemed, could keep going for hours. She rode out two more orgasms before he exploded inside her anus.

She went home a very satisfied lady.


Dennis suspected his wife was having an affair. He even thought that Bernard could be the lover. But he chose not to mention it. As long as Amelia was discreet and still attended functions as a dutiful wife, then everything was fine.

Bernard and Amelia loved the thrill of their affair and got together whenever possible. The Sunday morning visits to Bernard’s office started when Dennis asked her to collect some papers for him. She got the papers all right — but, by the time she returned home, Bernard's cum had seeped through her panties and trickled down her thighs.

For Amelia’s thirtieth birthday, Bernard arranged a surprise. She told Dennis that she was spending the weekend with her married sister but, instead, she drove to Bernard's cottage and found him relaxing with a cold beer in the garden.

Apart from a black satin waspie holding up her stockings, Amelia was naked beneath her coat and Bernard groaned when he slipped a hand between her cool thighs.

"Are you horny?" he asked, a rather pointless question.

She laughed, putting a hand within his shorts to feel his rigid cock. "I'm super fucking horny," she breathed. "But you've got all weekend to satisfy me."

"I've got just the thing to get us started," he smiled. "Follow me."

The first thing she saw in the lounge was a low massage table with towels, oils, and ointments laid out beside it. Then she gasped as two muscular, naked black guys walked into the room sporting the biggest erections she'd ever seen.

"If you'd like to get on the table, ma'am," one masseur said, "we'll begin your massage."

"Wouldn't you prefer me naked?"

“Certainly, ma’am," said the other guy and dropped to his knees to unfasten her stockings,

“Hmm, what a nice present, darling. Thank you,” she purred, feeling warm breath on her shaven groin. "A nice deep massage is just what I need."

"In that case, ma'am," the first man said softly as he kissed her neck, "a nice deep massage is what you'll get."

She smiled at Bernard, then lay face down on the table. Both guys poured oil into their hands and Amelia smiled as one massaged her shoulders and the other kneaded her calves.

She looked up at the man working on her shoulders, glanced down at his enormous erection, and licked her lips. She raised her eyebrows at him and he smiled, nodded, and released a sigh of satisfaction when Amelia closed her eager lips over his thick, black cock.

It was longer and fatter than any cock she'd had and Bernard saw the hungry lust in her eyes as she slurped and sucked with obvious delight. The other masseur worked on her inner thighs, each upward stroke almost brushing her labia. She reached for the heavy balls in front of her and sucked each one in turn,

"I thought this was going to be a deep massage,” she suddenly declared and raised her buttocks off the table. The leg man looked at Bernard. He nodded and grinned when the swollen purple dome was placed against her rear hole — and gradually eased inside.

“Ooh… oh, yes,” Amelia gasped. "That's better, much more like it."

Then she squealed as the other man squirmed onto the table beneath her and thrust his cock into her vagina. They fucked her in unison, one pulling back while the other lunged deep.

"Yes," she squealed, “Oh, fuck, yes. This is what I fucking need. Do it, you pair of dirty, fucking bastards… fuck me, shag me, make me fucking scream."

Bernard eased a hand into his trousers and gripped his erection as he watched Amelia enjoying the two huge cocks. She swapped saliva with the man beneath her and urged him on with a string of obscenities.

"Do you like shagging me? Do you like my white cunt? Piss up me. Can you do that? Can you piss in me while you're fucking?"

Screaming as he bit a nipple, she slammed down on his cock, then squealed again when her orgasm hit. She lost control, her juices jetting over both men, and the guy beneath pulled out and got off the table, leaving her impaled anally. But the second guy also withdrew and stepped back before roughly turning Amelia to face him.

Just as roughly, he hauled her up and crushed his mouth against hers. She grunted, wrapped her legs around his waist, and laughed as she slid slowly down toward his cock. Gradually, the expression on her face changed as his cock entered her anus and he let go of her. She hung on, arms around his neck, legs gripping his hips, and his cock inside her ass.

“Get a hold of me," she screeched. "You bastard, hold me."

He shook his head, grinned, and thrust upward.

“Ooh, you dirty fucking bastard,” she hissed. The look of trepidation on her face was replaced by sheer joy, her eyes gleaming as his monster buried deeper than she'd ever known. With her moans turning into squeals, Bernard could only imagine the intensity of her pleasure.

Amelia felt yet another orgasm building and gratefully surrendered to it. Grunting as the climax built, she fell silent, her mouth forming an O of surprise until she squealed again when his cum splattered her anal walls.

It was all too much and she collapsed, limp as a rag doll.


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