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Good Neighbours

Loneliness and frustration lead married neighbours into an affair as steamy as the summer weather

I saw Miranda across the street as soon as I came around from the backyard. It was a hot, muggy Saturday afternoon on an August long weekend. My neighbour was dressed for the steamy weather in tight little shorts and a string bikini top. Pausing, I drank in that sight with a soft sigh.

Miranda was standing over her lawn mower with a sour look on her pretty face. As I watched, she pulled the ripcord hard a couple times with no response from the machine. My neighbour stopped, scowled, then cut loose a torrent of foul language. At that point, I started to walk over.

“Hey, Miranda,” I called out, “What’s doing?”

“This fucking thing won’t start. It worked fine for Danny last week,” Miranda growled back.

I knelt and checked over the mower. The wire to the spark plug was secure and there was plenty of gas. Getting up, I tried starting it myself. There was not so much as a cough.

“Spark plug, maybe,” I said after some thought, “I have a spare for mine. I’ll get it and the tools I need. Just a minute.”

“Thanks, Ken. Don’t know what I’d do without a good neighbour like you,” Miranda replied with a smile and a shake of her head.

I wandered back to my garage and dug out the plug and the tools I needed to get the old one out. My mind was as much on Miranda as on the mower, though.

At thirty, my neighbour was half my age, younger than my eldest daughter. Even so, Miranda and I had become fast friends after she and her husband Danny moved in across the street. We had a surprising number of things in common given the difference in our ages.

One of the things we shared was that both our spouses tended to be away a lot for both work and family reasons. This particular summer, those absences had been very frequent and it was wearing on me for sure. Miranda and I kept each other company during those absences, but just as friends. Nothing untoward had ever happened to that point.

However, my interest in Miranda went beyond friendship. My neighbour was a beautiful woman, sporting a pretty face, long auburn hair, and a shapely body that she wasn’t too shy about displaying. I was powerfully attracted to Miranda and frequently entertained erotic and romantic fantasies about her. I had no illusions about the likelihood of a hot, married thirty-year-old wanting to bed a semi-retired, sixty-year-old grandfather, but that didn’t stop the fantasies.

Returning with the spark plug and tools, I got to work on Miranda’s mower. My neighbour knelt opposite me and bent over to watch. That gave me an eyeful of her tits. Miranda’s breasts weren’t big, but they were round and firm without a lot of sag. I forced myself to focus on what I was doing rather than on the sight of my neighbour’s scantily dressed body.

“Okay, let’s try it,” I said once I had the new spark plug in place and connected.

Miranda got up and went behind the mower as I stepped back. One pull and the beast roared to life. My neighbour gave a yelp of victory. To my surprise, she also gave me a tight hug and planted a light kiss on my cheek. The momentary feeling of that lithe body against me sent a wicked little thrill down my cock. Blushing a little, I returned the hug, but not the kiss.

Seeing my embarrassment, Miranda giggled and said, “Sorry for the enthusiasm. I’m just so happy to have you around to help with shit like this.”

“It’s okay. Old farts like me don’t get too many hugs from sweet young ladies,” I responded with a grin.

“Is Vicky away again?” she asked.

“Yeah, she is,” I acknowledged, sighing sadly, “Staying with her Mom a few days to give her sister a break, then work stuff. It’ll be a couple weeks until I see her again.”

Even when Vick came back, I would probably get a maintenance fuck and little more. There was a distinct lack of real heat in our bedroom and it had been that way for many years. However, I wasn’t going to admit that to Miranda, at least not yet.

“Dan’s off on business again,” Miranda said with a sigh, “Big acquisition or something like that going down in Calgary. He wasn’t even sure how long it would be. Could be a week, could be a month.”

“I don’t know how he does it. I couldn’t stand to be away from Vicky when we were your age,” I said with a slow shake of my head.

“I sure as hell want him around more. And not just for this stuff,” Miranda responded with a suggestive raise of her eyebrows.

I smiled.

“He’ll be back,” I assured, “And, as I recall from the same period in our marriage, things get pretty fun after a long absence.”

Miranda sighed. For a moment, she even looked like she might cry but recovered quickly.

“I hope so,” she responded, “Anyhow, I’ve got to get this lawn cut before it gets too much hotter.”

“Yeah, good plan. I’ve got more yard work to do, too.”

“Maybe we can watch a game together later or something?”

“Sure. There’s a couple football games on tomorrow. Call me.”

As I walked back to my place, Miranda’s reaction and somewhat forlorn “I hope so” were stuck in my mind. Was she not getting what she wanted from Danny? Trouble in the marriage? They had only been married five years so it seemed early to be having a breakdown. My thirty-two-year marriage had only started stagnating in the last decade or so.

After dinner, I had just settled down with a beer to watch a show on Netflix when the phone rang.

“Hi, Ken, it’s Miranda,” sang out my neighbour’s voice when I answered.

“Hi, Miranda, what’s up now?”

“I’m having some trouble with the hot tub,” she explained with a sigh, “Plumbing stuff, I think. Can you have a look? I remember you fixed it last summer when the pump acted up.”

“Yeah, sure. I’ll come over. Not doing much tonight anyhow,” I replied.

“Great! I’m on the deck but left the gate unlatched so you can just come around. Bring your trunks. You may have to test it.”

After we hung up, I realized that she seemed rather cheery for someone with a broken hot tub. Still, seeing Miranda and getting a soak in her hot tub beat Netflix any day. I put my beer back in the fridge and changed into a swimsuit.

When I got to my neighbour’s backyard, Miranda was already in the tub. Water bubbled around her as she smiled at me. Open bottles of our favorite beer sat next to the tub.

“Thought the tub was busted?” I said with a cocked eyebrow.

“The only thing wrong is that I’m feeling lonely,” she answered in mock sadness.

Laughing and shaking my head, I kicked off my sandals and stripped off my t-shirt. I was in decent shape for a man of sixty, or so I had been assured by many. The look in my neighbour’s eyes, checking me out as I climbed into the warm water, suggested that she agreed.

It wasn’t until I was in the water that I realized no bikini straps were visible on Miranda’s neck or shoulders. She could be wearing a strapless top, I guessed, but I had never seen her wear one. The thought that Miranda might be topless suddenly made me tense in both good and bad ways.

“This is nice after a long day,” I said when I was settled and had taken a swig of the beer.

Something, maybe my neighbour’s foot, brushed my leg under the water.

“It is. The tub’s one of the reasons we chose this house.”

The touch happened again. This time I looked at Miranda. Her eyes met mine and a mysterious smile crossed her lips. I privately pondered the possibilities of being in a hot tub with a lonely, half-naked woman.

“Thought it was just because of the nice neighbours,” I responded with a wink.

Miranda laughed.

“That is a benefit I didn’t anticipate, but really appreciate,” she said with a wink of her own.

My neighbour shifted a little in the tub, rising briefly. The movement flashed me a brief, but quite clear, view of her naked breasts. That confirmation of my suspicion made me a bit uncomfortable, but also intrigued me. Was the glimpse of my neighbour’s tits deliberate or innocent? Was Miranda flirting? Trying to seduce me?

“Oops. Flashed you, didn’t I?” she said, giggling, “Sorry, Ken. I just didn’t think when I got in. I normally go topless when I’m alone in here or with just Danny.”

I realized that I had blushed and instinctively looked away.

“It’s okay. I had already figured out that you were topless, just hadn’t expected to see it all.”

Her leg now rested against mine, the gentle caress of skin against skin exciting me every bit as much as the glimpse of her tits. I felt her fingers touch my leg. They lingered, caressing me lightly under the bubbling waters.

“Did you like what you saw?” Miranda asked, girlish giggles giving way to a sultry tone.

“I did,” I answered softly.

I rested my fingers on my neighbour’s calf, returning the caress. A bulge was forming in my trunks as my cock swelled to life. After a few minutes of silence Miranda sighed, then looked straight at me.

“Ken, I am so goddamned lonely right now,” she stammered, struggling to get all the words out, “I keep thinking about how much I like being around you. You’re so handsome, so nice. Sometimes those thoughts get … dirty. I ... oh God, maybe this is a mistake.”

“Maybe it’s not,” I quickly responded, giving her leg a light squeeze, “I’ve had thoughts about you, too, Miranda. Thoughts I wouldn’t tell anyone else about.”

“Except me?”

“Except you.”

“Then tell me,” she whispered, moving closer to me.

That raised her tits out of the water. I tried not to stare. My neighbour’s hand was now stroking my thigh.

“I dream about you, Miranda,” I told her, fingers stroking her leg in return, “I fantasize about having you with me in bed or in my yard or … it doesn’t matter where or how, sometimes I just want you.”

My hand was up to her thigh. My neighbour's skin felt smooth and warm under my fingers.

“But Vicky? Dan?” Miranda said, her voice starting to falter.

“Vicky and I are pretty much just going through the motions now. I swear, Miranda, I haven’t had really good, hot sex with her in years.”

“Our sex life is flagging, too,” my neighbour confessed, nodding, “Ken, I’m worried that he’s getting it elsewhere. He doesn’t seem that interested in me anymore. We’ve only been married a bit over five years. It can’t be falling apart already, can it?”

Miranda took her hand from my leg. She looked near to tears. Suddenly, my neighbour stood up, revealing that it wasn’t just her top that was bare. A thick, untrimmed patch of dark auburn fur covered her pubic region, catching my attention immediately. I forced my gaze upwards, taking in a slim waist, toned belly, and small, firm tits capped by big, erect nipples. My cock swelled along with my lust for that body.

“Oh shit, Ken, what am I doing?” my neighbour gasped loudly.

Miranda practically jumped out of the tub, her body shaking. Scrambling to cover her nakedness, she grabbed a big beach towel from a shelf near the hot tub. My neighbour quickly wrapped herself in the towel, covering her tits and pussy as best she could. Then she moved away from me into the semi-darkness of the part of the deck away from the tub.

I got up, very aware that my aroused cock was making a tent in my trunks. From the shadows, I could see the gleam of Miranda’s eyes as she looked intently at my erection. I could also see tears glistening on her cheeks. Taking a towel of my own, I wrapped it around my waist to provide extra coverage.

“It’s okay, Miranda. I was out of control, too. It’s not your fault.”

“I don’t know what came over me,” she said, her voice low and shaky, “Ken, I … I invited you over hoping to seduce you. I am just so sick of being lonely and horny, of attending to my own physical needs. I gave in to feelings I shouldn’t be feeling.”

“I was giving in to those feelings, too, Miranda. All of that sums up my situation as well. Maybe even more so,” I answered calmly.

“I can’t do it, Ken. Not now, at least. I’m sorry. I shouldn’t even have called you over.”

Miranda moved back into the light, towel tied securely in place.

“It’s okay,” I assured her, “You have nothing to be sorry for. I know what you’re feeling. I’ll go home now, if that’s what you want.”

My neighbour nodded.

“That’s probably best. I really need to think about this more,” she said softly, wiping away tears.

“That’s fine,” I responded, “I should, too. It’s a big step for both of us if we cross that line.”

Miranda approached me slowly. She gave me a light hug, we said our good-byes, and then I slipped away home.

I awoke the next morning sporting a rock-hard boner. My thoughts went immediately to my neighbour, the memory of her naked beauty filling my imagination. I went to my bedroom window and opened the curtains to look across at Miranda’s house. There was no sign of life, though.

Returning to bed, I entertained myself with a fantasy version of the previous night. Instead of us parting in tears, I imagined that we fucked in the hot tub. I envisioned Miranda bent over the edge as I plowed her pussy from behind. With that scenario in my mind, I massaged my cock with my fingers. For a while, I edged, bringing myself close to climax but backing off at the brink each time to let it subside a little.

Finally, I knew I would last no longer. Getting out the personal lubricant we kept in a bedroom drawer, I coated my right hand with the slick gel. Wrapping that hand around my cock, I began to fuck my slippery fist, imagining it was Miranda’s wet pussy. I came fast and hard, my body shuddering with the force of my climax. My cock head quickly became unbearably sensitive, forcing me to stop. I lay still, wondering what would happen next with my neighbour.

Hunger eventually forced me from my bed. I showered, had breakfast, and then settled down at my computer. Miranda and I were friends on Facebook so I quickly got her profile up on screen.

“Hope you’re okay. I know last night was hard for you. It was for me, too. I won’t ask to see you again until I hear you’re ready. Take care,” I wrote in a private message.

I put the computer to sleep and went downstairs to do some cleaning and laundry. It was work Vicky normally did but became my chores when she was away. All the while, my mind kept wandering across the street and back in time to the previous night. When I got back on Facebook a couple hours later, there was a reply from Miranda.

“I just got up and saw your message. Thanks for understanding. All is well this morning,” she wrote, finishing with an emoticon of a smiling sun.

I smiled and sighed.

“Good. I’m glad to hear that,” I sent back with a thumbs-up emoticon.

Sunday proved to be even hotter and muggier than Saturday. My initial thought was to just hunker down indoors with the air conditioner and TV on. However, a reminder popped up on my phone that I was supposed to check on my buddy Frank’s place.

Frank and his wife had just left for a month’s vacation in Europe. As often happened, they had enlisted me to look after their house. Housesitting for Frank came with some perks. Their house was on an acre of land in the country North of Eversham. With such a large lot, they had space for a huge swimming pool. Frank had given me the okay to use that pool whenever I wanted.

After a bit of thought, I decided that Frank’s pool would be a nice place to spend the afternoon of a hot summer day. I packed a cooler with snacks and some beer from my fridge, then put on my trunks and a tank top.

As I was loading the cooler into my SUV, I saw Miranda wandering around her yard. She looked lovely in a sleeveless pink dress with a button-up front. The top few buttons were undone, showing a glimpse of her cleavage. My neighbour’s face wore a pensive expression. A thought crossed my mind and I walked over to her.

“Good afternoon. You look a bit lost,” I said.

Miranda looked up and smiled.

“Just figuring out what to do with myself,” she replied in a tense, almost worried, voice, “I’m kind of … restless.”

I sensed from her expression and tone that there was more going on than just restlessness.

“Want to come with me?” I asked, “I’m headed out to my buddy’s place. He’s got a lovely pool.”

“Will he be okay with you bringing an unexpected guest?”

I shrugged.

“He’s not there,” I replied, “I’m looking after the place while he’s on vacation. It’ll just be you and me.”

Miranda looked a bit uncertain for a moment, then her face lit up with a beautiful smile.

“You know, Frank, that sounds like fun,” she replied, her voice suddenly cheerful, “Better than just laying around the house. I’ll get a swimsuit and be over in a couple minutes.”

I almost commented that the swimsuit was optional. Frank had no close neighbours and a high privacy fence, so I had skinny dipped in his pool many times. I didn’t want to upset her with a reminder of the previous night, though, so I held my tongue.

“Oh my God, this place is incredible. What does your friend do?” Miranda asked after looking over Frank’s house and backyard.

“He and his wife are both entrepreneurs,” I explained, “She sold her company a couple years ago and invested the proceeds for income. He’s probably going to do the same with his in the next year or two.”

Her eye fell on a tall spout rising from the deck next to the large pool house.

“Is that an outdoor shower?” she queried.

“It is.”

“I’ve never showered outdoors before.”

“Be my guest.”

Miranda grinned and began to unbutton her dress. Just before too much became visible, my friend turned her back. The dress slid to the deck. Underneath, she wore only little floral print panties. After looking back at me over her shoulder and winking, Miranda slipped those off, too. Then she walked across the deck to the shower. My eyes feasted on my neighbour’s toned ass as it wiggled enticingly.

Miranda shot me another flirty wink before she turned on the water. She was careful to keep her back to me as she rinsed, but even that view captivated me. Slowly, my neighbour writhed under the stream of water, almost dancing as she ran her hands over her naked body. My cock was starting to awaken. Then, before I could react, Miranda dashed to the pool and dove in naked.

After a couple lengths of the pool, Miranda stood up in the middle where the water was just above her waist. My eyes fell to her exposed breasts. Her nipples stiffened when the breeze hit them, making the sight even sexier.

“Coming in?” she called to me.

“I suppose I should get naked, too,” I responded as I stripped off my tank top.

“If you want. It would be nice.”

“You asked for it,’ I said with a wink as I untied the drawstring of my trunks.

Miranda smiled as my trunks hit the deck. Clearly, she liked what she saw. I blushed a little when I realized my cock was partially erect, aroused from the sight of my neighbour’s wet, naked body. Sitting on the edge of the pool, I slipped in and swam over to Miranda.

“You look good naked, Ken,” she said when I drew near.

To my surprise, Miranda ran a wet hand up my chest, through my thick mass of curly body hair.

“I love a hairy man,” she added in a whisper.

I realized that, perhaps, what we had started in her hot tub the previous night wasn’t really over.

“You’ve come to the right place,” I answered, trying to figure out what I could and couldn’t do at this point.

A mischievous smile crossed Miranda’s lips.

“Catch me,” she said gleefully, then dove under the water and swam off.

I followed and we swam around, splashing and giggling like a pair of kids. Finally, I grabbed Miranda’s ankle and pulled her to me. We were in chest deep water. I held her close and our eyes met.

“You’re mine,” I hissed, flashing her a wicked grin.

Under the water, my hands caressed Miranda’s back. Her hands ran up my chest and came to rest on my shoulders.

“I am yours,” she acknowledged, suddenly becoming quiet, “Do with me as you wish.”

“I might hold you to that,” I whispered.

“Please do.”

I pressed my open mouth on to Miranda’s, sliding my tongue in. We remained like that for uncounted minutes, caressing each other’s naked bodies as our tongues slid around each other.

“Fuck, this feels good,” Miranda said when we stopped, but I could see panic in her eyes.

“It is. You’re okay?”

“Nervous as hell, but I want it.”

“Want what?”

“Whatever you give me. Make me your plaything, Ken.”

Before I could respond, Miranda took the initiative. Her mouth connected with mine as she fondled my stiff cock beneath the water’s surface.

“You’re hard,” she pointed out, “Do you want to take me now?”

“Not yet. Come up on the deck,” I replied, a wild idea coming to mind.

I got out and then helped Miranda up. For a moment we stood there, seeing each other completely naked in broad daylight for the first time.

“Get comfy,” I said, gesturing to a lounge by the pool, “I’m getting some things.”

As Miranda settled on the lounge, I dashed into the pool house. There were some robes in a closet for guest use and I took the ties off of a few. They were sturdy but also soft, exactly what I needed. Taking a small towel as well, I went back out.

I stood over my neighbour, tense as I told her what I wanted.

“Miranda, you said I could do anything I wish with you,” I said slowly, “Would you trust me enough to let me tie you up? I’m not going to hurt you or anything.”

Light, playful bondage was something I had enjoyed decades before with my college girlfriend Trish and even in the early years of my relationship with Vicky. However, it had been a long time since my wife had been interested in bedroom games.

Miranda smiled, though she looked a bit nervous.

“Go ahead,” my neighbour assented in a soft voice, “As promised, I’m yours for the afternoon.”

“Put your hands together over your head,” I ordered.

When she obeyed, I went to the head of the lounge. Firmly but gently, I tied Miranda’s hands together, then tied them to the lounge’s frame. My neighbour tested the bonds and confirmed they were secure but comfortable.

“Legs over the side,” I ordered next.

Miranda did as I asked and I bound her legs as well. Finally, I took the towel, folded it a few times, and bound it over her eyes with the last tie.

“Everything okay?” I asked, kneeling beside the lounge.

Excitement at having this lovely woman naked and bound before me had my cock stiff with arousal.

“Yes, Master,” Miranda replied, relaxing and getting into the spirit of the game.

“Miranda, this is important. If you need me to stop and release you, just say ‘Nevermore’ and it will end, okay?”

“Okay. I doubt I’ll need it, though. I trust you,” she answered.

Smiling, I placed a hand on her belly and slowly rubbed it, moving both higher and lower with each caress. When my hand was just under her tits, I moved it to her left breast, the nearest to me. Cupping the mound of flesh in my hand, I kneaded it with my fingers. As I did, I pressed my open mouth to Miranda’s, kissing her lovingly. She accepted my tongue into her mouth, sucking on it gently.

Leaving my lover’s mouth, I laid a gentle trail of kisses down her neck, across her collarbone, and finally down her left breast. When I reached her nipple, I kissed it first, then sucked it. That made her sigh softly. After a moment’s hesitation, I lightly bit her. That got a cry out of her, but not the stop word. I did it again, harder. The cry this time was clearly one of pleasure.

As I continued to suck and bite Miranda’s stiff nipple, I stroked her belly and left thigh with my fingers. Slowly, I drew near the seat of pleasure between her legs. When I first trailed a finger along her moist slit, Miranda gasped a little. Gently, I caressed the soft lips and teased her swelling clit with the finger.

Leaving Miranda’s breast, I kissed her belly, moving lower with each kiss. When I reached the auburn fur covering her mound, I paused. Rising, I moved around to the foot of the lounge. I lowered the end of the lounge, which gave me easier access to Miranda’s waiting pussy.

“Everything okay?” I asked, kneeling and caressing her thighs.

“It is,” she answered, her voice sounding distant and dreamy.

I began at her right knee, laying a trail of kisses up the inside of her thigh. After each kiss, I bit her gently. That seemed to excite her even more than just the kissing, so I kept it up all the way.

At the top, I kissed her furry mound, then laid another trail of kisses and love bites up the left thigh. This time I kissed the hood over her clit when I reached the top. The scent of Miranda’s aroused womanhood filled my nostrils.

Though I was tempted to just start lavishing attention on Miranda’s pussy, I started over again at the right knee. This time, I used my tongue, slowly running it up the inside of her thigh before licking her pussy lips several times. I tasted the slightly salty taste of her skin, then the muskier flavour of her sex. I repeated on the left side. This time when I reached the top, I teased her clit with my tongue as I probed her wet core with a finger.

“Oh Ken, I am so fucking aroused,” she moaned as I simultaneously stroked her engorged bud with my tongue and fucked her with my finger.

I didn’t respond. Removing my finger, which was now slick with Miranda’s juices, I replaced it with my tongue. The taste of her aroused pussy was intoxicating and I drove my tongue in to seek out more while using my slick finger on her clitoris.

The attention to her pussy was clearly having a powerful effect on Miranda. My neighbour was now moaning continuously and writhing as much as her bonds would allow.

When her body began to quiver, when her moans turned to cries, I knew I had put Miranda over the top. I doubled down, sucking her clit while once again sliding a finger inside. My neighbour was almost in a frenzy, straining against her bonds as she climaxed with a howl of joy. I continued, keeping up the attention until she had a second, milder orgasm.

I stopped after that, knowing that Miranda’s clit would probably be getting sensitive. Rising, I untied my neighbour’s hands and legs but kept her blindfolded. I helped Miranda up off the lounge, then retied her hands behind her back.

“Kneel,” I commanded, guiding Miranda down on to the deck.

“Yes, Master,” she responded, “What do you wish now?”

I placed the head of my stiff cock against her mouth.

“You know,” I said softly.

She did. Miranda parted her lips and put them around my cock. She sucked me gently while swishing her tongue around my cock’s swollen head.

“That’s it, suck me,” I urged, my fingers toying with her hair and caressing her face, “I love seeing my dick in your mouth. Take me deeper.”

My neighbour took more of me into her mouth, sucking me with more vigor as she did. Miranda was giving me the kind of oral I had craved, and missed, for years. Vicky had never been comfortable giving head and it had been over a decade since I had even tried to coax some out of her.

“That’s enough,” I finally said, pulling my cock out of her mouth, “It’s time.”

I released Miranda’s hands so she could get down on all fours but left her blindfold on. My neighbour was wet, and I was hard and horny, so there was no need to ease into it. I just dropped to my knees behind Miranda and drove my cock into her slick pussy. She grunted but said nothing.

There was no stopping now and I doubted either of us wanted to. Holding Miranda steady with my hands on her hips, I rammed my cock in fast and deep. My neighbour’s body shook with each impact, matched by a cry from her lips. Sliding a hand under her, I massaged her clit as I fucked her. Her juices soaked my cock and ran out around it.

My orgasm hit hard. I roared and began fucking Miranda even harder as the spasms of pleasure, so intense as to almost hurt, erupted. For a few minutes, there was nothing but my neighbour’s slick pussy and the most intense physical sensation I knew. Somewhere in there, Miranda climaxed again, adding her moans and cries to mine. Then it was over. I pulled out and sat back on my haunches, gasping for breath.

Miranda rose up and pulled off the blindfold, her last remaining restraint. She looked at me for a moment with a wild look in her eyes. Then she smiled, crawled over, and, still on all fours, began licking and sucking my cock clean. I just watched, too stunned by everything that had happened to react.

Finally, Miranda got up on her knees and hugged me tight. Tears wet my sweaty flesh as she buried her face against my neck and began crying. I stroked her back and tried to soothe her.

“It’s okay, baby. It’s okay,” I whispered, “Did I hurt you?”

She pulled her head upright and smiled.

“No, you didn’t. I’ve just never had sex that intense before. Oh God, Ken, why didn’t I meet you years ago?” she said, then began sobbing again.

Taking Miranda back into my embrace, I held her until she calmed.

“How about we rinse off and go inside?” I suggested, “There’s a nice guestroom we can use to rest if you don’t want to go home yet.”

Miranda nodded. I stood up and then helped my neighbour stand. Both of us were a bit shaky. We showered together under the outdoor shower, hands roaming over naked bodies as we washed each other.

After we dried ourselves, I guided Miranda inside to the queen bed in the guest room. We turned down the covers and crawled in. For a while, we cuddled and talked. Then Miranda dozed off with me not far behind.

More than ninety minutes had passed when I awoke to the sensation of fingers toying with my chest hair. I smiled at Miranda, who was cuddled up beside me. We kissed. My neighbour slid her hand down my belly to my pubic hair.

“More?” I asked when Miranda began caressing my cock.

“I’m still a bit horny, believe it or not,” she answered.

My neighbour shifted position to rest her head on my belly. After lightly kissing the tip of my cock, Miranda took the head in her mouth and sucked gently. I closed my eyes and let that sensation wash over me. Miranda really was quite good at fellatio.

“Get on my face,” I suggested, suddenly eager to taste my neighbour again.

Miranda straddled my face, then bent over me to resume sucking my cock. I used my fingers to part the petals of her flower and probed her with my tongue. Once I’d had a good taste of my neighbour, I changed focus to her clitoris, stroking it lightly with the tip of my tongue. As I was exploring her pussy, Miranda had taken my cock in as deep as she dared. Her steady, strong sucking and skilled tongue work had me at full erection.

Getting up, my neighbour turned around and mounted my cock. She slid down on to it easily and immediately began slowly moving up and down. As my neighbour rode me, she played with her tits and rubbed her clit, providing a nice visual for me.

I grabbed on to Miranda and started moving my hips, thrusting up to meet her each time she came down. The soft wet sound of her pussy sliding along my cock was the only noise. It was a different sensation from the frantic, hard fucking on the deck, but still felt wonderful.

Miranda closed her eyes and began moving faster. I matched her renewed pace, driving in as deep as I could go.

“I want you on top, Ken,” she finally said, slipping off.

“I know something better,” I responded.

I got up and directed Miranda to lay with her bum at the edge of the bed. Standing by the bed, I put her legs up on my shoulders and slid my cock back inside her. Resuming the same pace, I smiled down at Miranda. She smiled back and resumed rubbing her clitoris as my cock slid in and out of her wetness.

“Oh, fuck yes,” she finally gasped before tailing off into a quiet squeal.

I could feel the soft walls of her vagina clench around my cock and began fucking her faster. My own orgasm came on more gently than before, a soft wave of pleasure that went on for a while and made me shudder and gasp rather than shake and cry out. It passed and I withdrew from Miranda’s body. We moved back to our sleeping positions and cuddled some more.

“It’s getting near dinner time,” Miranda finally noted, “Guess we should clean up and get going.”

I chuckled.

“Never did get to the watering or other work I was supposed to do,” I said with a satisfied sigh.

“Something distracted you, I guess,” Miranda said with obvious glee.

“Indeed, it did. I’ll come back tomorrow.”

“Maybe I should come help. I was the distraction, after all.”

“Then I’ll just get distracted again,” I replied with a grin.

We kissed one last, long kiss and then left the bed to get ready to leave.

Hours later, my car’s lights cut through the gathering twilight as we drove home. We had showered, dressed, and collected up the various bits of laundry I would need to take home to wash. By the time that was done, we had both been hungry so we had gone to a favorite restaurant to eat. Following a long, chatty meal, we watched the last half of a football game featuring our favorite team in the restaurant’s sports bar, pints in hand. It was getting near dusk when the game ended, so we had finally headed home.

“Ken, my mind is truly blown by today,” Miranda said after lounging in silence in the passenger seat for a while, “It was sex the way I fantasise but have never felt.”

Her hand settled on my thigh, stroking me gently.

“Me, too. I had forgotten how powerful intimate moments like that can be,” I responded, trying to keep my attention on the road.

“I don’t want to go home, Ken. There’s nothing for me there,” my neighbour whispered, sounding close to tears.


“A friend sent me a link to a Facebook page this morning,” Miranda explained, her voice wavering, “There was a picture of Danny making out with some cute blonde at a party. And another of him dancing with her in a very intimate way. If he’s not fucking her, I’ll be shocked.”

“That’s why you were ‘restless’ when I first approached you this afternoon?” I asked, lights going on in my head.

“Yes,” she replied, “I was trying to figure out what to do. Now I don’t know if I could go back to him even if he tried to make amends.”

“But I still have Vicky,” I pointed out.

“You said it wasn’t really a happy thing, though,” Miranda countered.

I stared at the road. She was right. I hadn’t felt the kind of wild joy I had just experienced with Miranda in years. If Miranda can give me that and Vicky can't, why not?

“Frank’s gone until the end of the month, perhaps longer,” I finally said, “Maybe his place can be our love nest until then.”

“And tomorrow’s a holiday,” my neighbour pointed out with a smile, her voice full of excitement.

I grinned at her as I pulled over to turn around.


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