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A Panty Boy in Paradise: Part One

Being an escort for men leads to new sexual adventures for Courtney.
I wasn't sure how it was going to go. My new client hadn't given me any specifics. But I was excited about the glamour of being on a yacht with a rich older man and his young crew. We would be sailing for the weekend to the Bahamas and I would have my own cabin to sleep in and take naps during the day. All expenses, including the lingerie and bikini bathing suits I would wear, were paid for.

When I arrived at the dock to go on board, I was greeted by three handsome young men who all were very nice to me. They were the crew for the yacht, wearing slick white uniforms that made them glow in the sunlight.

I was welcomed aboard the yacht, a 60 footer, by the extremely handsome captain who greeted me with a "Welcome aboard!" and a handshake. He showed me to my cabin and explained the meal times to me and he told me that once we were at sea "clothing would be optional" for me. As he said this, he looked down my legs and smiled and I realized he was gay.

I was only wearing a blouse and shorts and felt the captain was coming on a little too much by suggesting he could't wait to see me naked. Although he was a handsome man and tall like I like them, I was here for the client who owned the yacht and not to be with the captain.

"Where's Mr. Peterson?" I asked.

"He's been detained on business. He'll be joining us when we get to the Bahamas," he replied. "In the meantime, make yourself at home and feel free to ask us for anything you want." He looked down at my legs again as he bowed like a knight before me. "And may I say with all due respect, we are happy to have you abaord with us."

The "us" part hit me hard and I had to think about it for a moment.

"I was expecting to see him," I said, meaning Mr. Peterson.

"It's normal routine," said the handsome captain. "We'll notify you when he comes aboard. Until then, we are here to serve you."

There it was again, I thought. He had just hit me with the "us" part and now he was saying "we." The boat was big, but it was beginning to feel smaller when I thought of being the only girly boy at sea with four men. When you added in the yacht owner, that would make five men and only one girly boy.

In a naughty way, I thought this adventure might be fun, being out at sea wearing sexy clothes around a yacht all day and then sleeping with the yacht owner at night. Having extra men to turn on with my body while wearing sexy things might be really fun, I thought.

The captain took my hand in his and kissed me on it, as he bowed before me and I was quite flattered.

"You'll be called at dinner time," he said. "For now, just enjoy the cruise."

The chivalrous captain turned and went above and pretty soon I heard the engines starting and the cruise was underway. There was no turning back. I was on a yacht with four men and awaiting the arrival of a fifth man, the man who I was intending to please as his escort/call boy, all weekend.

As I looked around the cabin, I discovered the closet and clothes drawers were filled with sexy lingerie, and sexy little bikinis for girls, all expensive stuff with the tags still on them. So, that was why Mr.Peterson had asked me my size, I thought. He had a buyer who made these purchases and put them on the yacht for me to wear to turn him on.

The thought of wearing all these sexy little things around a yacht with four men on it was starting to turn me on. After all, I was sure the captain was gay, the way he noticed my legs and kissed my hand. Could the rest of the crew be gay, I wondered.

The three young crew members were my age and all handsome, sporty guys. What girl woudn't want to wear sexy things to turn them on, including the sexy little bikinis I was admiring, one by one. After all, I was getting paid to wear them anyway, so turning on a few extra men while I did it would be a plus.

I decided to strip out of my blouse and shorts and bra and panties and slip into one of the sexy little swim suits to make me feel more comfortable for the boat trip. Suddenly, as I was raising my arms to take off my blouse, I looked up and saw a video camera on the ceiling in the corner of the cabin. I was a little shocked at first, but then I started remembering how I was going to be wearing these bikinis around the yacht for the men to see anyway. Why should I be shy if they see me on camera, I thought.

Feeling like an internet porn girl on a webcam, I took off all my clothes and put on my first bikini of the weekend. It was a shiny metallic silver one that made my tits and ass and clitty dick sparkle. I admired myself in the new bathing suit while looking in the mirror on the closet door.

It wasn't until I lay down on the bed feeling completely like a girl that I noticed that the cabin ceiling had a mirror on it, too, directly above the bed. My mission was becoming clearer to me. I realized that my client, Mr.Peterson, enjoyed watching a tranny girl wear sexy clothes for him on video and he could be anywhere right now watching to see what I would do.

While it was all new to me, it was stirring the juices down in my little clitty dick and making me think about the big cock I was sure the captain had for me. I started to wonder if Mr. Peterson liked to watch his girly boy escort suck other men's cocks on video. That would explain why they were all so handsome, to insure that the escort didn't reject them.

Suddenly, my clitty dick down in the little silver metallic bikini was hard as a rock and I rolled over on my stomach to hide it from whoever might be watching. After all, I had just come on board and put the sexy bathing suit on, so I didn't want to seem too slutty by showing off my big clitty dick for the crew, just yet.

Looking up at the mirror, I saw how the sexy bikini highlighted my ass so well and I reached back and started playing with my ass under the sexy material. My nice buns are really hot and get lots of men hard and I am even able to turn myself on by playing with them. Doing it on camera was really a pleasure, too, since it made me feel like an internet porn slut. Damn, those girls are hot, I thought.

Well, I could be just as hot as them, especially when I had drawers and a closet full of sexy things to wear, all weekend. This adventure at sea was just getting started and I was happy to be going. After playing with my ass for awhile, feeling my soft tushy with my fingers, I was ready to play with my tits, too.

I rolled over on the bed and put my big hard clitty under the little silver metallic bikini bottom on display for whoever was watching. I was hoping it was Mr. Peterson and that he had a really big dick in his hand and was enjoying me the way men enjoy those internet webcam sluts.

With both hands, I reached up and started playing with my large titties under the bikini top, feeling my nipples getting harder, instantly. The desire to take off the top and give the voyeur watching me a show was over-whelming. I reached back and untied the straps and pulled off the bikini top, revealing my big breasts that are like a girl's.

Whoever was watching was surely getting a show now, seeing me making sexy faces while I played with my titties and squeezed my big nipples. This was getting fun. After several minutes of feeling my breasts with both hands and acting like a girl having orgasms, my dick was rock solid and in need of some relief. While still playing with my tits with one hand, I reached down and started to rub the 7 inch boner down in my little bikini.

With the voice of a porn actress, I looked at the camera and said, "Oh, Mr. Peterson, I want you so much. This sexy little bikini you gave me is turning me on so much, I can't wait for you to take it off of me." Holding up one of my titties, I said, "Do you like my titties?"

You can imagine the shock I felt when, from a little speaker on the night stand, I heard Mr. Peterson say, "Yes, Courtney. I like your titties very much."

"Thank you, sir," I said. "I'm here to please you in anyway you want."

He replied, "You're pleasing me already, Courtney. Keep playing with your titties while you rub your little dick down in that bathing suit."

I did as my client wished and even pulled the head of my cock out of the silver bikini bottom for him to see. It was already glistening with my pre-cum and I was sure that Mr. Peterson would want to put his mouth on it.

"Oh, Mr.Peterson," I said. "I really need a man, right now. Will you come and be with me?"

"Someone will be coming to be with you anytime, now, Courtney. I want you to do everything for him that you want to do to me. You have my permission."

Oh, my gosh, I was the only babe on a boat with four handsome men and I had the client's permission to do whatever I liked with them. My nipples were rock hard like my clitty dick, at that moment. A moment later, one of the stewards who greeted me on the dock walked into my cabin and said, "Is there anything I can help you with, Miss?"

"Come here and sit on the bed and talk to me," I replied.

The handsome steward sat on the edge of the bed, looking down at the tip of my clitty dick poking out of the bikini bottom. He smiled and I felt the company of a man who wanted me, too.

"Would you like me to suck it for you, Miss?" he said.

"Yes," I replied. "But first I want to see your cock, too."

The steward smiled as he stood up and lowered his shorts to the floor. He wasn't wearing any underwear and his cock was already hard. It was a little bigger than mine and that was all it took to make me want it like a girl.

"You're such a handsome young man," I said. "Why don't you take my bikini bottom off and do what you like with me?"

"Your wish is my command, Miss."

The handsome steward with the hard boner for me walked around to the foot of the bed, leaned over me and took hold of the bikini bottom and pulled it down. I was now completely naked for him and for Mr. Peterson who I was sure was still watching.

"Is everybody on board gay?" I asked the steward.

"Bi-sexual, Miss. We are all bi-sexual. And we especially like girls like you," he said, smiling as he set the sexy bikini bottom down on the bed.

"What about that big handsome captain," I said. "Does he like girls like me, too?"

"Very much, Miss," said the steward. "He's been anxiously awaiting your arrival for days, now."

The thought of getting it on with the tall handsome boat captain at sea was incredible and I felt a load of pre-cum shoot from my clitty dick, at that moment. The steward noticed, too, and he smiled at the sight of it. His cock was stiffening up at the sight of my leaky clitty dick till I coud see he had a full 8 inch boner.

"Come over here and let me play with that, you sweet boy," I said.

In an instant, the handsome young steward was kneeling on the bed beside me and I reached out my hand to touch his cock. Feeling like a princess with one of her fair knights, I began to stroke it gently for him with my soft little hand.

"What's your name?" I said.

"Allen," he replied.

"Do you like me playing with your cock, Allen?"

"Yes. Your hands are small like a girl's and really feel good around it, Miss."

"Would you like me to suck it for you, Allen?"

The look on his face said "yes" but I wanted to hear his reply, first. "Very much, Miss. I'd like it very much."

"Come here and let me have it," I said.

On his knees, Allen moved closer to me so I could put his 8 inch boner in my hot, eager, willing mouth. Lying on my back, I took the first dick of the weekend in my lips, tasting the sweet pre-cum on the head of it. It was all so sensuous, having sex with a handsome young man I had just met and knowing I was being watched by Mr. Peterson, the yacht owner who apparently liked to watch his tranny call boy have sex with other men who he provided for them.

It didn't take long to get into a rhythm and I started swallowing more and more of his nice cock as he thrust it inside my mouth by moving his hips toward me. The look on his handsome face told me he was loving my lips and soft tongue on his genitals. I pulled it out of my mouth for a moment.

"I love your dick, Allen."

"You're good at sucking it, baby," he replied.

I put it back in my mouth and started sucking it really good again, paying attention with my tongue to the soft, pink bottom and the big head on it. I was really getting into it good and loving the sexy action, when Craig, another handsome steward, enetered the cabin and climbed onto the bed. Craig went straight for my little clitty dick and started licking it good for me and I was in ecstasy. I had a beautiful 8 inch boner in my mouth I was sucking for Allen and I had Craig licking me good and I wanted to suck his cock, too. I reached over and started playing with Craig's dick through his white shorts and I was pleasantly surprised when I felt he had a nice big thick one.

Oh, what a lucky girl I felt like at that moment. I didn't know who Mr. Peterson was but I was definitely loving the arrangements he had made for me on this trip. Having lots of sexy bikinis and lingerie for me to wear and handsome young men for me to have sex with while he watched from afar. I liked his style.

And the best part was, the very tall and handsome boat captain was yet to come. For now, I was content to have a quick suck session with two of the crewmen, but I was thoroughly looking forward to the tall captain whose cock I was sure was very big. In the meantime, I was pulling down Craig's zipper to get to his cock while I sucked Allen's 8 incher. After pulling Craig's big 10 inch boner from his shorts, I pulled him up to me so I had two men's cocks in my face at once. Feeling like a lucky girl, I started sucking Craig's cock, too, while I jerked off Allen, at the same time.

Both men started playing with my titties, as I held their cocks in each of my hands. I started alternating between the two handsome men with my mouth and was loving the feel of their fingers on my big nipples which were rock hard from the pleasure of two men playing with them.

"Oh, yes, boys, you guys are wonderful," I said. "I want you to both cum on my tits at the same time."

Men love cumming on girl's tits. They think it's sexy. And I was sure Mr. Peterson was going to love watching it. After all, he was the one paying for the show. Somewhere, I imagined he was playing with his cock while watching me perform on his handsome crew members.

What a slut loves about men is all the cum they give her. And I was going to enjoy every drop these men blew on my tits. My plan was to lick it up and look like a girl sucking her own titties while doing it. There was a bit of a porn star in me, all the sudden, and I was feeling like one of those lucky girls who gets lots of big studs, every day, in the movies.

My wet clitty dick was leaking lots of pre-cum out of me, as a sign that I was a happy girl with two handsome men to please. The fact that I had the boat captain to please later kept coming into my mind and I was also very curious about the mysterious Mr. Peterson who had only talked to me like Charlie talked to his angels, over the intercom. I began to wonder about his cock and the third crew member's, too.

But, for now, I was having a wonderful time with a 10 inch cock in my left hand to suck on and and 8 incher in my right hand to suck on. Being double-teamed was driving me wild, especially their hands on my tits and nipples. I looked up at my handsome new lovers and said, "I want you both to jerk off for me and shoot your loads all over my tits."

They both smiled as they began stroking their cocks above me, while I reached down and started playing with my own clitty dick to keep it hard. The feeling of my lips and tongue on their dicks had them both really turned on and it wasn't long until both cocks were shooting big loads of hot cum all over my titties. Loving it like a satisfied girl, I smiled up at Allen and Craig.

"Mmmm, you guys are wonderful," I said.
Then I reached up and rubbed the hot sticky semen all over my breasts like a horny girl. Men love seeing girls playing with their tits and they think girls who like cum on their tits are really slutty. So, my two suitors were very happy when I took one of my breasts in my hand and started licking their cum off it. This had the double-sexy effect of them seeing me licking up their cum like a dirty little slut and I knew they were both very happy to watch me.

With a mouthful of cum dripping from my lips, I said, "Thank you, boys. You've been wonderful."

After they left, I laid on the bed feeling like a content girl who two men had just made very happy. Knowing Mr. Peterson was watching, I started playing with my clitty dick, while I licked all the cum off my other tit as a show for him.

"That was wonderful," said Mr. Peterson, over the intercom. "You're exactly what I wanted see, Courtney. You like lots of men and you like lots of cum. I can see we are going to have a great weekend together, darling."

"Thank you, Mr. Peterson," I said looking up at the camera. "I loved being double-teamed by your crew members and I'm sure I'm going to love being with the captain and other crew members, too. But when will I see you?"

"You're not to worry about that, Courtney," he said. "You are being well-paid to perform with the men I send you. And I can see you are enjoying it, very much."

I smiled. "Do you like what's in my hand?" I asked him.

"Yes. You're a sexy babe, Courtney. You're exactly what I wanted to see. You turn me on, very much."

I smiled. "I see," I said. "You like watching me have sex with other men because it turns you on and you are going to be really horny for me, by the time we meet."

"You've figured it out, Courtney," he replied. "I'm a connoisseur of girls like you. And being a wealthy man, I expect to be very satisfied by you, later. Soon, I'm going to be sending the captain to join you. He has a 12 inch cock, I'm sure you'll love. I want to watch you suck it and then I want him to put it in your ass and fuck you hard, for a long time."

I cooed like a girl who was getting all the handsome men she wanted.

"But what about you, Mr. Peterson?" I said. "When can I have you to please?"

"You've pleased me already," he replied. "Now, get cleaned up and put on some sexy lace lingerie to get ready to please the captain."

"You're a wonderful, man, Mr.Peterson," I said. "You really know how to please a girl."

"You're welcome, Courtney. Now, get cleaned up and put on some sexy lingerie and you'll be visited soon by a 12 incher you are going to love."

This was definitely a great start to an interesting trip. I stood up and went into the head (bathroom) to wash the cum off me in the shower. Feeling just like a girl, I put soap on my titties to clean off Craig and Allen's cum. Then I soaped up my bare little bottom where my own pre-cum was still leaking out of me. Suddenly, I looked up and I saw another video camera aimed down at me in the shower. This Mr. Peterson is really a horny voyeur, I thought. I better give him a show.

My breasts were now clean and I took one in each hand and held them up to the camera while I made sexy faces like a horny girl. I played with them for Mr. Peterson to see and my clitty dick was starting to get super-hard again. I decided that I better release the pressure from it since it was still filled with cum from my sexy session with Craig and Allen.

There was a bench in the shower facing the camera and I sat down on it and smiled up at the camera. I took hold of my clitty dick with my right hand while playing with my titties with my left hand. I started thinking about all the hot cum I was about to get to swallow from the captain's big cock when he came. Oh, I was so so slutty and enjoying the show I was performing for Mr. Peterson in the shower.

It didn't take long and my clitty dick was shooting out cum while I made sexy faces like a girl having an orgasm. I really was feeling just like a porn star, those lucky bitches who get all those big cocks and get paid to suck them and fuck them like dirty whores. Oh, I loved feeling like a dirty whore for men.

After relieving the cum from my clitty dick, I decided to shave my bottom and my legs while Mr. Peterson watched me. There was shaving cream and fresh razors for me, so I was sure he was already intending to watch me shave myself down there for him. This would be fun, I thought.

I lathered up my hot little bottom with shaving cream and started shaving around my clitty dick. The thought of Mr. Peterson playing with his big one while he watched me shaving myself was such a turn-on that, immediately, my little clitty dick started getting hard again even though I had just shoot a hot load.

While shaving with my right hand, I played with my clitty dick with my left hand, stroking it slowly to show Mr. Peterson how turned on I was for him while I shaved my legs like a girl.The feelings were incredible and it wasn't long till my clitty dick was leaking cum like a girl's little pussy. How great it is to be a girl, I thought. We can turn ourselves on just by shaving ourselves down there.

I started thinking about my captain who was going to be coming to fuck me when I was ready. I was hoping his cock was big and hairy for me, the way I like them. He was tall and handsome and those are the guys I liked the best.

After finishing shaving my legs, I rinsed them off good with the shower nozzle, loving the sexy feeling of the water caressing my silky, fresh-shaved skin down there. It was such a turn-on when I rubbed my thigh that a sweet load of pre-cum leaked out of my clitty dick. I smiled up at the video camera for Mr. Peterson, letting him know he was the one making me this horny.

Having finished shaving my legs, I put the shower nozzle between my ass crack and started washing it good for my next session, the one with my big handsome captain. Men like a clean ass on a girl and I wasn't going to disappoint them. I was only 20 years-old and my hair on my ass was only blonde peach fuzz like girl's get, so I didn't need to shave my ass for them.

With my clitty dick still fully erect, I enjoyed the sensation of stroking it while the jet-stream of warm water penetrated my tight little asshole like a cleansing douche. My captain was going to get a clean ride. His cock was all I could think of while I stroked my clitty dick, just then.

Feeling fresh and clean, I exited the shower, wiggling my ass toward the camera when I did. I went to the closet were racks of sexy lingerie were waiting for me to wear, this weekend. It was enchanting to look at all the precious little things made to turn men on and I had trouble deciding.

I finally decided on a sexy little sailor girl outfit with a blue panty-skirt with a thong in back and a white bra with a red bow in the middle and an anchor symbol on the left breast cup. It was topped off by a white sailor hat with two blue stripes on it. I figured that since I was at sea and expecting the company of the captain that the sexy sailor girl outfit was perfect.

I finished off the outfit with a sexy pair of white fishnet stockings with a lacy fringe on top and some white stiletto high heels. I figured the high heels would make me taller for the tall handsome captain when he arrived. The white stilettos had six inch heels and the effect was to make my sexy legs look longer for my captain who I wanted to please, immensely.

This trip had already been so great and the weekend was just getting started. I had already felt like a swimsuit model, a sexy webcam model, a little slut for two handsome young crewmen and, now, I was awaiting the big catch, the handsome captain. Since I knew he had a twelve inch cock, I decided I better get one of my vibrators out and use it to get my ass ready for him. I got in my bag and retrieved a 10 inch vibrator, the kind I first started using as a 16 year-old girly boy-in-training. It was flesh-colored and resembled a real 10 inch cock.

I lay on the bed in my sexy sailor girl outfit and held up the big dildo to Mr. Peterson in the video camera.

"Is yours this big, Mr. Peterson? Can I lick it for you like this?"

I licked the tip of the dildo and put my lips around it and sucked it to get it moist for my tight little ass and to turn on Mr. Peterson who I was sure had his dick in his hand and was stroking it thinking about my sweet lips on his big dick.

I knew Mr. Peterson must have a big one since he was sending the captain with his 12 inch cock to get me ready to spend the night with him. Once a girl had a 12 inch cock in her, she could take any size cock all night and lots of it. My clitty dick was rock hard at the thought of me being with Mr. Peterson all night and having him fuck me like a little girly boy. I was so happy all the sudden, as I prepared to put the flesh-tone 10 inch vibrator in my hot little ass,

To the video camera, I said, "Mr. Peterson. I want you to fuck me hard all night, Mr. Peterson. Like this, Mr. Peterson."

I put the big vibrator in my ass and felt like a submissive little slut be penetrated by her daddy. I was happy to perform for him as a sexy slut in sexy lingerie. It's my favorite thing to do and the vibrator in my ass felt so good I couldn't wait for the real thing from the handsome boat captain who was coming to please me soon. It didn't take long before the captain arrived carrying a bottle of chilled champagne in a silver ice bucket and two big champagne glasses. He eyed me with a hungry look on his face the moment he came in and I knew it wouldn't take long for him to get down to business.

After pouring us each a glass of the bubbly gold liquid and handing me a glass, he said, "On behalf of the crew and Mr. Peterson, I would like to welcome you aboard."

We toasted and I was so happy when the tall handsome captain took my glass from me and set it down. Taking me in his arms, he kissed me on the lips and said, "You are our honored guest, Miss, and I'm here to serve you."

"Thank you, captain," I said. "I didn't get your name."

"I'm sorry. I'm Captain Rick," he replied.

"I'm Courtney," I said. "Would you do me a favor, captain, and tell me how I look in this sailor girl outfit?"

I modeled the sexy little lingerie for him and he lifted the back of my panty-skirt and looked at my hot ass I was hoping to turn him on with. The thong rear had a strap and my ass was completely naked for him to see.

"Wow, Courtney," he said. "Your ass is tremendous."

"Does it make you want me like a girl?" I asked.

"Very much so," he replied.

"Let me see," I said.

Reaching for the zipper on his shorts, I pulled it down and I was pleasantly delighted when a big 12 inch boner came out. My eyes lit up as I took the hefty hard-on in my right hand and stroked it a few times for the captain.

"Would you like to suck it?" he asked.

"Aye, aye, captain," I replied with a sexy glint in my eye.

I sat down on the edge of the bed and the captain approached me with his cock at the level of my head. I was all-girl, at that moment, enjoying the view of a huge dick the way a girl reading Playgirl magazine would enjoy looking at the handsome centerfold's big dick. Down under my blue panty-skirt my clitty dick was coming to life the way it always does at the sight of a big dick. Somehow, I knew this one was going to be very special.

Looking up at him with bedroom eyes, I said, "Captain, this little sailor girl would like permission to come aboard your big cock."

"Permission granted," he replied.

'These big ones are the best a girl ever gets," I said, as I unbuttoned his shorts and pulled them down to the floor, leaving him in just his shirt and shoes.

Stroking his big meat with one hand, I unbuttoned his shirt with the other and was happy to see the handsome 28 year-old year captain had a muscular, hairy chest. Oh, what a little girl I felt like, at that moment, looking up at a big hard man with a powerful cock and a muscular body. I was sure he worked out to get so big.

"I want you to slap me in the face with your cock, captain," I said.

He took his big hard dick and swung it into my cheek and then he did the same to my other cheek. "You are going to have to shape up, sailor," he said. "Now, suck that cock for your captain. And that's an order."

Down in my panty-skirt, my hard clitty dick was leaking loads of hot pre-cum, as I took the mammoth meat in both hands and started to suck it for my captain. Making sure the camera angle was good for Mr. Peterson to enjoy the show, I started to swallow more and more of the thick dick until I had 6 inches of it in my mouth at once.

The captain started encouraging me. "Oh, yeah, Courtney. Suck that big cock," he said. "You're really good, you sexy little babe."

I loved men calling me a babe the way my father had done when I was a teen. Now, it was turning me on, tremendously, to be with the captain and please him so much. I moved one hand down to his huge balls and started fondling them while I stroked his big meat with my other hand and and sucked it, at the same time. This went on for at least ten minutes and I was anxiously awaiting a big cumload from his balls in my mouth.

"Let me take off that bra so I can see those titties," he said.

The captain reached behind my back and loosened my white sailor girl bra and took it off, revealing my big sexy titties with two erect nipples. While I continued to suck him and stroke his cock and play with his balls, he reached down and played with my tits for me.

"Oh, yeah, honey babe, you really do it good. And your tits are so soft to touch. I think I want to shoot the biggest load I ever shot, right down your mouth, honey."

Pulling his cock from my mouth for a moment with a stream of sweet pre-cum and saliva on my lips, I said, "Please do, captain."

That was all the encouragement my handsome captain needed, as he proceeded to shoot the biggest cumload I ever had into my mouth. A girl could drowned having so much cum in her mouth, I thought. And I couldn't wait for him to blow a big load in my ass, too.

"That's good, babe," he said. "Swallow all that hot cum for me, babe."

I licked every bit of the healthy semen off his 12 inch boner, feeling like a porn star again while I did it. I was hoping Mr. Peterson was shooting his hot load of cum while watching me on the video camera. Damn, it is so hot for a girl to perform sexually on camera, as I was discovering.

The captain rubbed my cheek with his hand as I licked up the last of his big load of cum that seemed to be flowing out of him for minutes. I began to hope that I hadn't drained his balls so much that he wouldn't be able to get it up for me to fuck it with my horny little ass.

"Do you like the taste of my cum, Courtney?" he asked.

I had so much semen in my mouth, I could only nod as I continued licking the big boner to get it excited for me, some more.

"I'm glad you like it," he said. "Because I'm going to give you lots of it to drink, all weekend. Now, let's see that hot little ass of yours, some more."

I stood up and tossed aside the sailor girl cap and bent over on the bed. Wearing just my sexy white stilettos and white fishnet stockings and blue sailor girl panty-skirt, I put my ass in the air, dutifully, as the captain had ordered.

"Oh, fuck," he said, after he lifted my panty-skirt to see my ass on full display. "Your ass is making me hard in an instant, Courtney."

"It's my secret weapon, captain. I use it to get men with, all the time."

"Well, then I'm just going to have to spank it for you, so you'll learn to behave like a good slut and stop making men's dicks hard, all the time," he replied.

He whacked me hard on each ass cheek with his bare hand and I made a painful grimace, as he did. I wasn't into S & M, but I was willing to allow it if it would make his big 12 inch cock hard for my ass, faster.

"Oh, you little bitch, you," he said. "You need something in this ass you've been wanting for a long time. Let me take off that bottom and get my dick inside you."

I stood up with my back to the captain and he pulled down the sexy blue sailor girl panty-skirt.

"Fuck, this ass is golden," he said.

There is a special feeling a girl has for a man when she is about to please him with her body for the first time. She wants to please him and make him want her body, all the time. This was the feeling I had for my handsome boat captain, at that moment. His big meat was such a turn-on, my little clitty dick was rock hard like a girl's clitty. It was the beginning of a wonderful trip for this hot little 20 year-old panty boy out to sea with a handsome captain and crew and performing for my husband-to-be, Mr. Peterson.

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