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Trad Wife: Setting Trends

Mary Anne handles business, the cam shows, and cocks

“Fuck her hard,” I instructed, my voice filled with moaning passion. “Harder!” Susan looked edible and so slutty that I felt as if I’d outdone myself. Her pizza delivery girl costume was perfectly slutty, and the exquisite colors matched her complexion an...

College Days 5

Another account of my college days

It was the end of a brutally hot week in September. We had all just moved back into the dorms after summer break, and nobody seemed to have much energy for anything. Usually, there was a full calendar of parties, but the oppressive heat seemed to have eve...

Melissa And John: Chapter Four - An Intense Good Morning

John and Melissa reveal and share more with Lindsey about what they want and Melissa needs

As the cobwebs of sleep cleared, with her cheek on Lindsey’s chest and John nuzzled behind her, Melissa felt John’s fingers sliding lazily along her hip. She couldn’t believe she had fallen asleep naked. She never slept naked. Of course, she never slept o...

The Mask Party - Part Three

My second mask party was to be an eleven-man gangbang – and I was the one to be banged!

A day after my first mask party, I received a telephone call from the same lady who called me the last time. She wanted to know if I had a shower in my bathroom. I confirmed that I had. She then advised me to buy a douche shower attachment and gave me pre...

In Vitro Veritas - Pt. 2

Breeding and cruel cuckqueaning after hours at the IVF clinic

Tae laughed. “Come on, Cora. That’s not true. You’re a decent business manager. And you’ve made a fine nanny for our son.” Then she tilted Cora’s head up to look at her. “But there is something else that I do need from you, bitch.” Cora’s brows furrowed;...

The Country Escape - Part 4

Three siblings on the run from a dangerous gang find love at their parents holiday home.

If getting out of bed yesterday was exciting then going into the village today felt like an event of epic proportions. The twins were putting a lot of preparation into it, everything was arranged with military-style planning that our parents would be prou...

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Gaia's Prey

Mummy Monster hunts and fucks her young prey.

Earlier in the day My boy and I are lying in a meadow that overlooks a forest. "That forest gives me the creeps," I say. "It's too dark and crowded." He laughs at me, knowing that while I can change form, my human self is a sweet scared girl. "Frankie mig...

It had been a rollercoaster time since I had inadvertently met my teenage neighbor Becky in a video chat room, with so much having happened. Jen, Becky's best friend whom Becky had brought over to meet me (and stayed for the fun) was currently out on a da...