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Aunty's New Girl

Falling into the strange world of Aunty Trixie...
This is the continuation of Tickets Please!

Shakily, I keyed in the URL from Trixie's card, my mind in turmoil, heart racing as her sweet gift seeped from my aching pussy and soaked into the lacy panties I was wearing.

I was wedged behind one of the 'tables' thoughtfully supplied for the busy passenger. You know the ones, if you move a fraction either way you end up concussing your neighbour, or at the very least, be greeted with the very English insult of a shake of the morning paper and a loud muttered, tch! 

I held the tablet in front of me, my hand resting in the invisible goo left behind by sloppy cleaning; looking at it's screen but not seeing. My free hand peeled itself from the table and fell into my crotch and with a will of their own the fingers found their way into my jeans and into my panties. Hell, the stickiness was worse then I thought.

I shuffled forward a little so I could feel my well fucked virgin rose, jumping a little at its burning sensitivity. Mmmm, I could feel Aunty's cum. I played for a few seconds savoring the feeling as my fingers slid in and out.

The next thing I knew I was slowly licking each one, from base to tip. Oh god what was happening to me!

I could not believe that my deepest fantasy had been fulfilled and on a train! Images floated through my mind of her legs, her stockings, the exquisite scent that still lingered fresh on my fingers, the taste of her hardness playing tantalizingly on my tongue.

I felt stirrings below as my own small cock begun to swell in response. I wanted! I yearned! Nothing compared to this, nothing. I was hooked. I was hers. I had to follow through no matter where this led.

The browser had opened, showing a simple webpage. A red lipsticked kiss on a black background. I just stared. My treasonous finger made the decision, the graphic faded and was replaced with text in the same script as Auntie's card.

"Well hello, my sweet one. I just knew you couldn't resist! What happens now is really up to you. I can show you wonders, take you to the heights of pleasure, make your most intimate desires a reality. All you have to do is trust me. Can you trust a stranger? Do you feel my cum inside you still? Does your tight pussy tingle? Oh it is thrilling isn't it! But do you want more? Do you need more?"

There was a simple pink button underneath, "Yes" was all it said.

Kasey screamed in my mind for being so slow.

I touched it.

"That's a good gurl. That wasn't so hard was it? I know you must be frightened, believe me I would be in your place. Your old life is nearly over. Can you except that?"

The same pink button.

I touched, my hands acting under their own volition.

"This is your last chance honey. Think hard, very hard and not just with that cute little clitty in your pretty panties. Are you prepared to enter my world? To be part of it completely? Without question or hesitation? Think little one, you have to be sure. Once you say yes there is no going back, you will be reborn."

I couldn't think. Could you in my place?

What did I have. Everything important to me was gone. What remained was a mere shadow of my former self, reflected in the constant pain that was now my life. My soul mate, gone. My children cuddling another man before bed. He would hold their innocent adoration. My replacement! My nemesis! He would see them grow, see their smiles, hear their laughter.

Their little faces played across my closed eye-lids, and faded as hope died. A deep, deep pit opened where my happiness once reigned supreme. If I could open a door at that precise moment fate would follow a very different course. An unbidden tear welled in the corner of my eye; only to be thwarted by the soulless staff of the network and their bloody automatic locks.

I was barely able to see the screen through the rising mist consuming my vision. I touched the last, very pink button. The tablet fell from my grasp, forgotten as it hit the small dirty table in front of me with a crack. I buried my head in my hands as the tears began to stream. A low keening began in my throat, no stranger to the power of grief.

I began to notice a pressure on my shoulder, a gentle insistent shaking. Stifling a sob I was startled to look up into the face of a vision, a woman so stunning that breath refused to leave my aching chest.

"Come, leave your things. Don't cry Kasey, not here, just come with me. Don't be scared," she smiled warmly.

Long, long dark hair, framed the Asiatic features of a princess. Her perfect curvaceous figure dressed impeccably for the office. Her legs clad in the sheerest of silks. Her tiny feet supported on the thinnest of stiletto heels. I just stared, dumbfounded.

She extended her hand and simply touched my cheek, wiping the uncontrolled tears that flowed there.

"Come. Now," she ordered.

Taking my hands she helped me to my feet. I didn't care what anyone thought, I wasn't the only saddo they had ever seen crying, and this horrible cruel thing we call life would ensure I wouldn't be the last. The glances that did come my way were quickly averted, buried once more in their little trivial tasks. Embarrassed, humbled, disgusted, who knew? Who really gave a shit! Anger at their pasty hidden faces gave me some semblance of dignity.

My would-be angel led me down the aisle, the sway of her hips captivating a mind in turmoil. Confusing. Mesmerizing. As we reached the end of the carriage the train began its inexorable slowing for the next station. I didn't feel. Didn't care. My soul, drained. My fate was now held in a tiny, perfect hand leading me god knows where.

The tears continued to run, darkening the worn carpet beneath my pathetic, worn out trainers. As we came to a shuddering stop, the door was instantly pulled open by the impatient uncaring commuters cramming the most depressing platform I had ever seen. A small girl caught my eye, so so much like my daughter, pointing in childish wonder at the strange crying man; her Mum trying desperately to regain her attention.

My rescuer stopped and looked into my eyes, compassion and tears so very obvious. Pulling my hand, we walked across the dull cracked concrete to the exit, her steps clicking exquisitely, my own echoing a condemned man in utter resignation. We passed through the old Victorian exit and out into the town beyond.

A large car was already waiting by the kerb. To be honest I had no time sense remaining, we could have been standing by the busy road for hours for all I could tell. The black door was opened from the inside as we approached, my beauty sliding her lithe figure onto the back seat with the grace of a dancer. Still holding my unresisting fingers, she urged me to sit beside her as the door was pulled closed behind with a solid clunk. At that instant, I finally plummeted into an emotional chasm, my tortured thoughts seeking release.

Senses returned while the car was straining its way through the unremarkable crowded streets. I glanced out of the window as anonymous buildings glided by, the brightly coated pedestrians bent forward against the lashing rain. While the teenagers amongst them, too cool to care, laughed in small groups as they dragged themselves reluctantly to school. I gazed up at the sky as a small section of cloud parted, revealing the spring sunshine just above. A tiny whimper and a trace of a smile appeared on my face.

I felt a hand on my arm and I turned hoping to see her once again. But I was greeted by the concerned look of another woman, still ravishingly beautiful but with the features of hard-earned experience.

"Are you okay, Kasey?" she asked with genuine feeling.

All I could do was nod, my throat too sore from my recent outburst.

"Don't worry, you are safe. You don't realize it yet but your life is about to become magical. All we ask for in return is an open mind and the willingness to let go."

"Let go..." I managed to whisper.

"Let go of your inhibitions. Allow your inner Lady to shine through and take her rightful place in this life."

I must have looked confused; she continued with a slight smile forming on her luscious full mouth.

"You are not how you were born honey, that is obvious to anyone who cares to look and see. Were you bullied at school? Were you picked on for being quiet, or for being too concerned with grades? While the other boys channeled their growing masculinity on the sports ground where were you? I can guess. Hiding."

"How do you know? How can you possibly know anything!" I rudely blurted.

"Oh you would be surprised," she lent forward and kissed me.

I melted in her tenderness. Her lips were the medicine my heart yearned. Soft hands reached up to my face, holding me gently as our tongues entwined. I felt a presence behind me, realizing through my new hunger that it was my sweet princess. She lent close to my ear, "What do you have to lose? Take a chance little Kasey," she whispered.

I sat unresisting as my belt was undone, my thoughts a whirlwind of ignored caution and lust. My tormentor pulled away slowly, the smile on her face mimicking my own.

"See that's better. You must be wondering by now how we know your name sweetness?" she inquired.

I hadn't, but now the thought came charging to the surface.

"We know a lot about you, but all will be revealed in time. Do you trust us Kasey? Really trust us?"

I nodded hesitantly, my voice caught in excitement.

"Good, then Cindy has a present for you. Turn round you lucky gurl!"

I turned to see Cindy handing me a pink suitcase. It was beautiful. And so was she. Her face, smiling with an inner light, met my lips causing an electric shudder to run up my spine and light fireworks behind my eyes. The taste of her lipstick was overpowering, her perfume poisoning the last of my resistance. I moved to hold her in my arms but was gently pushed away.

"Not yet," she said, "you haven't opened your present. And Kasey," making sure she had my full attention, "it is bad manners not to say thank you don't you think?"

"Thank you?" I stammered

"Thank you, Miss Cindy," she admonished.

"Thank you Miss Cindy. Its beautiful." I said weakly.

I noticed the hand written tag hanging from the handle, "Love from Aunty Trixie xx" was all it said in the same perfect free flowing script. My numb fingers managed to pull the zip open unaided, I gasped as my eyes caught sight of the contents.

A girl's school uniform, complete with brand new low-heel Mary Jane's, a beautiful pair of pink ruffled panties and the sweetest pair of knee-length white cotton socks. My hands quivered as I touched the pleated light grey pinafore dress with its intricate cloth badge and the silky pink blouse.

"Lovely isn't it, don't you think?" I was asked.

I could only nod, unable to steal my gaze away from what I held.

"Well you are going to have to earn it," said a ginning Miss Cindy, "it's a bit like pocket money you see."

I just stared at her, uncomprehending.

"Miss Sarah needs to be attended to Kasey... now," she said.

I felt a pressure on my arm as Cindy guided me to my knees.

I looked into the eyes of Sarah, who was staring intently back. I felt a rising alarm as I had seen that look, not too long ago and a world away.

Her eyes moved down as mine naturally followed.

Cindy's hands began to glide her colleagues skirt up perfectly stockinged legs, realization suddenly burst through as a fully erect 5" cock emerged from its nest of lace.

A very strong, but feminine hand, pushed my already parting lips towards it. The tip of my tongue made contact; with a slow teasing motion, I oh so gently licked the very end, savoring the taste and the shallow moans of my plaything's owner.

I lowered a little more, squeezing the head against the roof of my mouth, slowly slowly permitting more of this exquisite delight to penetrate deeper, "You little slut, oh my. Trixie was right, definite potential," she purred, "Cindy show your new apprentice what it feel like to be a good gurl for Aunty."

Without releasing the object of my desires I felt another pair of hands guide me onto my knees. I now had the full length of this beautiful cock inside my eager mouth, sucking hard and using my tongue to tease the shaft as I began to slowly bob up and down. This was only my second time at pleasing and I was determined to have every last drop it contained.

"Oh fuck," I heard from above me, "mmmm, that is so nice. Some masters prefer to be felt more intimately while they are being serviced, mmmm. Now use a free hand and tease my pussy gurl."

I shifted my weight a little so my right hand could begin to trace the curve of her thigh, her legs opening eagerly.

"Quickly. You need to recognize and order! Some of your new friends don't like to waste time, now hurry up," she barked at me.

Taken aback, particularly as her juices were now coating the inside of my mouth, I moved a finger quickly under the gusset of her lace panties and hit gold without trying. It slipped inside the well lubricated hole up to the knuckle, before I could think about what to do. Fuck this was such a turn-on. It was at this moment that I felt hands glide up to my stocking tops, my knickers being pulled down quivering flesh and the cheeks of Kasey's yearning being parted.

"Concentrate," Miss Sarah ordered, "ignore Cindy. Move your finger a little, you will feel a little bump...up a bit," her impatience only too apparent, "errggmmmm...Okay, that's it now fucking suck me and rub there. Fast!" her tone commanding total obedience.

Oh god, I could feel my own cock dripping. What was Cindy doing! I could feel hot breath on my rose, her tongue slowly licking around it, "Aunty Sarah," she said huskily, "I've forgotten how sweet Aunty Trixie tastes."

"I know Cindy," she smiled, "but get to the job in hand please."

I was in seventh heaven, the precum in my mouth was intoxicating; Aunty Sarah's scent filled my world as I continued to suck, determined to be the best I could be. I felt Cindy stroking my rose with her fingers, using more and more pressure until I allowed her to enter into me. Oh my god, the sensation as she pushed at least two past my ring, followed a second later by a third! I was stretched more then I thought possible. She continued to gently move her hand, as my pussy got used to the invasion, bit by bit.

"Oh...oh...oh..." was all I could get out as Sarah's cock pile-drived my aching jaws; my rubbing of her prostrate growing more frantic in response.

"Fuck me...!", Sarah cried out as her cum exploded my senses.

The feeling of her jets hitting the back of my throat, the sweet saltyness, the scent, oh the scent! I rubbed inside her as fast as I could manage, determined to drain her of all her love. It was at that exact moment the exploring hand in my pussy pressed home, hard. Really hard.

"Arrrgghhhhh!" I cried as Aunty's dick fell from my lips. My bum feeling like a melon had just been rudely shoved into it.

In fact Cindy's hand had sunk to the wrist, my pleas ignored as she expertly began to drive me insane by pulling out to just before her knuckles, then sinking back even deeper with each thrust. Knees buckled, my entire world now concentrated on the ecstatic presence inside me, my clit painfully hard.

"Mmmm Cindy, I think you have a new fan," Aunty giggled.

"She feels so tight, so nice to play with a fisting virgin for once," Cindy puffed as she worked.

"Ug ug ug...." was my response.

A nuke went off.

There just isn't another word that comes close. My whole body was consumed, my consciousness blinded. The world faded like an old black and white film...

"Kasey? Kasey? I think you've killed her Cindy," Sarah laughed, "I think it would be best to remove your hand now?"

"Oh not yet, please. She is squeezing me so intently," she whined, "she is just so sweeeet."

Sounds were so far away, their voices just about reaching my fevered mind. Oh god, oh god. I could feel her hand still moving inside me. I tried to speak.

"Ssssssshhh Honey. Savour it. Your will never feel it this intense again, Cindy is so talented, you are quite honoured to be truthful. Now brace yourself gurly!" Aunty Sarah warned as she nodded to her Niece.

With a load sucking noise Cindy's hand slid from me, the intensity of burning from my dilated ring triggering another violent orgasm. I collapsed into the pool of my own satisfaction and on into a very welcome oblivion...

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