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Christina and Cheryl - part 2

Christina and Cheryl venture in to the public

I was alarmed. This had all been fun and very sexy, but a pedicure? That would mean I would be venturing in to the public, something I had previously barely even considered. Would I pass? Would I be ridiculed? Would I be verbally abused? Would I be physically abused? These were the things that crossed my mind at first. But then I considered a different scenario. Would I be hot? Would I be sexy? Would I be admired? Would I be whistled at? I started to become turned on.

"Baby, I know you're worried. But you will pass as a girl. No one will even think twice. You've always said you'd love to do normal girly stuff."

Christina was right on that account. I had always tried to subtly suggest that I would enjoy doing every day things that a female could do, get their nails done, meet for coffee, go for drinks, go shopping. I had always been so envious of females for having things like that as their normality.

"OK babe, I'm a little nervous but it'll be fun".

I spent the next few days worrying . The appointment was booked and I'd feel bad having to cancel. I couldn't be the first. I'm sure cross dressers and trans people went in all the time. Christina had booked a manicure instead of a pedicure, suggesting I might feel a little more comfortable and and more at ease.

Before I knew it, it was Wednesday morning. I had barely slept the night before up worrying.

"Right, let's get ready".

Christina smiled at me lovingly. I smiled back although I'm sure my nerves were evident. We hopped into the shower and shaved together. Christina stood behind me and put her arms around me.She kissed my neck, her hands fondly my body. She made her way up caressing my tits. Her mouth kissed my ear, whispering into me.

"You going to be my hot girlfriend?"

I turned around, looking into her eyes. I nodded. Christina smiled and then lifted her hand and put it on the back of my head. She pushed my head down and I knew what was expected. She spread her legs a little. I didn't waste time, kissing her clitoris straight away. Her head titled back and she moaned aloud. Her eyes closed and I can began passionately caressing and embracing her clitoris before running circles on it gently with my tongue. Christina pushed my head further into her, signalling for me to apply more pressure. I did so. Her eyes began to flutter and she became further enthralled in pleasure. The hot rain water ran down from her tits to her torso, before passing either side of my face. Her grip on the back of my head began to tighten as she approached orgasm. She pushed my head in further. I could barely breathe but I wouldn't dare stop.

She moaned loudly, gripping my hair tight. She came.

We got out the shower and began to get ready. It wasn't so much a sexual experience as a race against time as we were now possibly running late. I applied most of my own make up with Christine adding touches. I looked in the mirror and still wasn't sure. My eyes were definitely my most naturally feminine feature. I had curled my eyelashes and accentuated them as much as possible

"Babe, you look wonderful. The most important thing is confidence, ok?"

Christina always knew what to say to make me feel better. It was reasons like that I loved her.

We were running out of time. I had gone for something casual; skinny jeans and a baggy jumper with a Barbour jacket on top with some Nike trainers. All clothes were fairly unisex, but worn in feminine fashion. My make up was minimal, but still covered the areas needing covering. Christina also wore jeans, but with a zipped up hoody and with her bobble in her area. She looked more like a tomboy.

We approached the hair dressing salon. Christina opened the door for me and I walked in. I was nervous, terrified and trying not to shake.

"Babe, I'll just be in the waiting bit."

I was perplexed. Why had Christina said this? Did she expect me to go myself?

"What? Are you not getting one?"

"Na, it's not my type of thing".

Christina was acting so nonchalant. She turned away and walked into the waiting section whilst I walked up to the desk. The woman behind the desk was sitting down, focusing at a computer screen.

"Hi, 1.30 nail appointment for Cheryl, I think I'm a little late, sorry."

I blushed with embarrassment. My feminine voice had seemed maybe convincing, I had practiced before, taking in tips I'd read online. The receptionist looked up and smiled, not giving a second thought. No confusion or judgement. I think I had passed.

"Yeah, that's fine, I think Sam's waiting for you at the third booth if you just want to go over."

I strolled over, feeling more confident but still a little wary. Sam was a blonde girl in a burgundy uniform who welcomed me with a smile. I sat down at the booth, with Sammy listing a variety of options - if I wanted nail extensions, acrylics, shellac, what colors I wanted. I tried to appear as if this wasn't my first time. I decided on acrylics and a light pink - something casual, but still feminine and sexy, without being too suggestive. Sam applied and shaped the nails. Then a wonderful thing happened. We began to talk - what was happening in the news, what the weather had been like, nights out we had been on.

"Right that's us done anyway."

I couldn't believe it. I had been so relaxed and comfortable that the time had absolutely flew in. Sam had done a fantastic job. My nails were great. I thanked her for her handy work and she gave me a hug. I paid at the desk and left a tip for Sam. I booked another appointment for two weeks time. I confidently strolled into the waiting area to collect Christina. Christina looked up at my happy expression. She stood up and put the magazine she had been reading back on to table in front of her and put her arm around me, leading me out.

"They look great babe, I take it your happy?"

I nodded, trying to tone down my excitement. I explained to Christina how great it had felt to feel like a woman. Christina congratulated me and then took me into the shopping center. I was so busy discussing other things that we could do that I hadn't really thought about what we were doing. She was leading us towards the female toilet.

Before I could stop to question what was going on, she dragged me in. The toilet was thankfully empty. She took me into a cubicle and locked the door before kissing me passionately. I wanted to ask her what was happening but I was too cautious about making noise. She pushed me back a little, unbuttoning her jeans and unzipping the fly. She put her finger against her mouth, signalling me to be quiet. Christina slowly brought out a strap on out from between her legs. I couldn't believe she'd be wearing a strap on this whole time. She pushed me down onto my knees and I began to suck her dick.

She placed her hand back behind my head and guided the strap on in and out of my mouth, dictating the pace. Christina pulled the dick out of my mouth and led me up with my chin. I stood up and she turned me around around. She pulled my jeans down and pulled out a pocket-sized bottle of lube. She applied the lube to my hole and eased the dick against my hole. She had completely skipped fingering me first, I knew she was excited.

Christina slowly slid her dick inside me. It was six inches long, and reasonably thick. It wasn't unbearably big but satisfyingly full . My dick was erect with anticipation. She gradually fitted in all the length. We slowly pumped me. I could tell she was biting her lip, I knew public sex had been a fantasy of hers. Christina was trying not to cum. I assisted her, pushing my ass back. She fucked me harder and harder, getting carried away.

I was loving it. She pushed with one last hard thrust and exhaled loudly. I shot my loud out out my little dick. We tried to contain our heavy breathing and fixed ourselves before quietly checking to see if the toilet was empty. With no one in sight we slowly exited the cubicle. Christina began to wash her hands and I fixed my make up a little. Another woman walked in and went into the cubicle, thankfully the once next to the one we'd been in. We looked at each other and smiled before exiting the toilet. Christina put her arm around me and I leading into her, resting my head against her chest before heading home.

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