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Lesbian Stories


The Big Reveal Goes Wrong

Julie decides to tell her husband that she and I are having sex.

The last thing I wanted was a prolonged secret affair with my best friend’s wife, but we had to let Julie decide when to tell him. Luckily, my wife did more than support the effort, she was instrumental in making it all possible. Now that Julie and I have...

Frida - Patrician Of Rome

Frida has to adjust her status from being a slave to becoming an aristocrat.

Caius's visit and the news he brought to us were life-changing. When I read the scroll from Paullus in which he proposed to marry me, I broke into tears and fled to my room. The tears were tears of joy. I had fallen in love with Paullus after he had captu...

Brandi: Dorm Life, More Than Friends

Jill and Brandi bond through mutual lust

Brandi flopped down on the bed, depleted and satisfied. She realized her shirt and panties were stretched and drenched beyond repair, but she didn’t give a shit. She looked back at her roommate, her compact gymnastic-level body still dressed in the cutest...

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Frida - Freedwoman Of Rome

Frida and Paula are sent away from their home when Paullus goes to war.

From the small window of my room above the stable, I watched as Paullus's figure receded in the distance. Paullus, whose legionnaires had massacred my clan and my father and made me a slave of Rome. Paullus, who had made me and the women of my tribe slave...

My Daughter's Best Friend - Part 4

Katie continues to be a good girl but a slip of the tongue causes problems

I lie with Katie in the middle of the bed, her red hair splayed out on the white cotton sheets. Her pink nipples are hard and her curls are damp and smeared with our combined juices. I gaze into her big green eyes and smile at her. I lean in and brush her...

The Bad Girls Club - The Beginning [4/5]

Katherine, now positively aching for sexual release, gets a show she'll never forget.

CHAPTER 4 - Girls Watching Girls. On a weekend morning, free from the demands of a school timetable or anything she needed to do, Katherine would normally take it easy. She'd sleep in, watch TV in her pyjamas with a big bowl of some sugary cereal, and pro...