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Club Night

Wearing my sexy minidress out to the club, I give the boys lots of thrills.
I hadn't been at the club very long when he came over to me: a very handsome man, tall with dark hair and blue eyes.

"You have a perfect ass," he said.

I was wearing a sexy, little minidress which barely covered my ass and I knew it would turn men on, but I didn't know it was going to happen this quickly.

I smiled up at the tall stranger. "I'm flattered," I said.

"I'd like to pull up your dress and lick your ass," he said.

It was a "clothing optional" club and I knew he would do it if I told him, but I decided to be more coy.

"And what would you have for me to lick?" I replied with a sly smile on my face.

"Oh, baby, you know what I'd let you lick," he said proudly.

The dj was playing a slow song and the dance floor was empty.

"Well, why don't you ask me to dance so I can feel it between my legs?"

He smiled. "Would you like to dance?"

"Anytime with you, Handsome," I said.

The tall handsome stranger took my hand and led me out in the middle of the dance floor where he put his arms around me and put his hands on my nice ass cheeks and pulled me to him. To my surprise, his cock was already hard and feeling it pressing against me gave a stir to my little clitty dick down in my purple satin thong panty. Oh, it felt so good to be in the arms of a tall handsome man and feel his big hard cock press against my little clitty.

We began to sway to the music as we gazed affectionately into each other's eyes. I wasn't wearing a bra and I saw he was looking down into my pink minidress to see my titties. As we danced, he played with my ass cheeks and I felt his cock growing even bigger. The thought of sucking on his big boner turned me on so much that my clitty dick grew to a full six inches.

As we swayed to the music, his cock and my clitty rubbed together in time to the soft rhythm of the song. We were growing as one like a man and a woman do and it felt so wonderful.

"So, what do you do with this nice ass of yours?" he asked.

"What do you mean?"

"I mean, do you sell it?" he replied. "Are you a lady of the evening?"

"I am," I replied. "But not tonight. I'm just out to meet some nice men who want to treat me special, tonight."

"Some nice men?" he replied with a smile. "Not just one man?"

"Well, later I'm going to take off this dress and dance in my little thong g-string to turn on all the men in the club."

"So, your a stripper, too?"

"Yes. I do private exotic dancing for select clients. But sometimes I like to cut loose and turn on a whole club full of men."

"So, turning on men is what you are really into to?" he replied.


"Well, you're damned good at it. I got a hard-on just looking at your ass as you walked by me."

"I shaved my legs and wore this sexy little cocktail dress just for your pleasure. I can tell by your big cock down there rubbing against my little clitty that it's working."

"How do you like my big cock?" he replied.

"I love it. I'd like to feel your cock up against my ass under this dress. How about if we do some grinding when a faster song comes on?"

"That sounds fine with me," he said.

When the song changed to one with an up tempo, I turned around and began shimmying and shaking my body wildly up against the tall stanger's, paying special attention to grinding my ass into his big hard cock. I took his hands and pulled them around me so he could feel my nice soft titties through my sexy little dress. This was a pleasure I enjoyed with lots of men in private but rarely did in public. It made me feel sexy and naughty like a girl whenever I did it.

The feeling of his hands on my tits and his cock against my ass was intense and the slut in me was being stirred. It wouldn't be long and I'd have this dress off and be dancing in nothing but my sexy little purple thong and pink high heels, turning on all the men in the club. This was my "cut loose" night and all the men in the club were going to get a good show. And a few lucky ones were going to get a freebie blowjob and maybe even a good fuck in the men's room.

With a big hard cock between my ass cheeks, the night was already going better than I expected. I reached behind me and pulled up the back of my minidress to show the tall handsome stranger my ass cheeks he liked so much and to feel more sensations from his cock grinding into me. Down in my little thong, the juices were stirring in my clitty dick like they do in a girl's pussy when she gets turned on for a man. This night was definitely going faster than I expected.

Big cocks have always been a turn-on for me, as they are for lots of girls. And on nights like this, giving freebies to lots of men at the club, I got to pick from the biggest studs at the bar which ones I would have. Not to be conceited, but I am a very good dancer and some guys call me Madonna after they see me dancing on the dance floor. It was just a matter of time until I'd cut loose.

"Baby, your ass has me ready to shoot a big hot load," said the handsome stranger.

I wanted to pull his cock out and suck it for him and taste his sweet cum in my mouth right there on the dance floor, giving a show to all the other men in the club who were now watching me grind with my first big stud of the night. It was magical.

Knowing my handsome stranger was about to shoot his hot cumload down in his pants from the friction between my ass and his cock was a big turn-on for me. I knew what it feels like to be a girl who can't take it anymore and just has to have a cock inside her. I wanted him to bend me over, spread my ass cheeks and stick it in me right there and then. Instead, I reached for one of his hands that was playing with my nice titiies and pulled it down to my clitty dick so he could feel it through my minidress.
I knew from my private sessions with men that this is all it takes a girl to make a man shoot big goobs of cum for her; to grind his cock with your ass while he feels your titties and then plays with your sweet little clitty. In fact, most of my clients loved doing this with me and penetration wasn't even necessary for them. On the other hand, I was in one of those sexy moods where penetration would be good tonight.

I turned my head back to my handsome stranger. "Take my dress off for me," I said.

Like a dutiful knight listening to his sweet princess, he reached behind me and pulled down the zipper of my pink minidress.
This was it. Courtney, the hot stripper, was about to go into action and get all the men in the club turned on for her. They would offer to buy me drinks and take me home and tell me I have the nicest ass they ever saw and how much they want to fuck me and cum inside me. And I would enjoy all the attention they gave me and take a few select ones into the men's room and suck their big hard cicks for them and let them splash their cum all over my face and titties. Afterward, I'd go out into the club and get another man to do it with.

I raised my arms while the tall handsome stranger pulled the dress up over my head, exposing my body to the dozen or so men who were at the bar in the club and watching me.

Wearing just my little purple thong panty and pink high heels, I turned back toward my first conquest of the night and kissed him on the lips tenderly while I reeached down and stroked his big hard cock through his pants.

After the kiss, I said, "Take my dress with you and go into the biggest stall in the bathroom and wait for me, Honey." I squeezed his big dick tightly. "And keep this good and hard for me. I'll be in in five minutes."

Still my dutiful knight, the handsome dark-haired, blue-eyed stranger left the dance floor and headed to the men's room, leaving me all alone on the dance floor like a stripper at work. My clitty dick was full erect and I was ready to turn on all the men in the club with my hot ass and nice tits and sexy dancing. Knowing I already had a handsome man with a big cock waiting for me in the bathroom made me want to dance even faster than I usually do. I couldn't wait to suck it well for him. It felt so good against my ass, I was sure he wanted to put it in me, too. My manpussy was hungry for a big throbbing cock.

The dj in his booth saw me getting ready to go wild on the dance floor, and he quickly changed the song to an even faster tempo song with lots of boom-boom action. I walked around the dance floor giving all the men a good view of my body before I started dancing to the music. I saw all eyes were on me and some of the men were already reaching down to play with their cocks while they watched me prowl the dance floor. Oh, it feels so good for a girl to be a stripper for a roomful of men. My clitty dick was responding by spewing big loads of sweet pre-cum through the thin purple material of my thong.

I reached down with my fingers and rubbed some of the clear warm liquid onto my finger tips. Then I raised them to my lips and fed them in my mouth like they were a big hard cock. The sweet pre-cum was so good, I couldn't wait to get some real cum from my handsome stranger waiting for me in the men's room. It wouldn't take long. I was only planning to dance for the rest of the men in the bar for five minutes, one song, before I went to suck on that big cock that felt so good pressing against my ass cheeks.

After the intro of the song, I started dancing to the club mix music and shaking my hips from side to side. My nice thighs were showing for the men, some of whom I saw rubbing their cocks through their pants. That was all it took to get me going, knowing there were lots of hard cocks ready for me to suck when the song was over. I had always gotten this sensational feeling in these "clothing optional" clubs. Every time I did, I had a wonderful night. This would be another one of those nights.

With all eyes in the club on me, I started dancing wildly, quickly moving all over the dance floor giving them all a show. Some of them made catcalls and hooted while I made dance steps that dazzled them and made them smile. At some points, I paused and let them get a good view of the crack of my ass with the thin little g-string going through it. At other times, I reached up and lifted up my titties to display them proudly for the crowd. They loved every second of it and let me know by smiling and whistling at me.

My erect clitty dick was loving the feeling of my purple string pressing against it and it responded by making the front panel of my panty soaking wet like a girl's panties. This was always the measure of me for my horniness, how wet my panties got, as I'm sure it is for many girls. Tonight, I was extra horny and my clitty was absolutely ready to burst through the panty while I danced for the horny men watching me.

This was it. I was ready to take off my g-string and throw it to a handsome man as an invitation to him to follow me into the men's room, too. In one swift motion, I bent over and pulled down my purple thong while exposing my tight little manpussy to the crowd behind. The whistles increased immensely. Smiling, I turned back to the crowd, showing off my hard and hot red seven inch clitty dick for them.

Some men licked their lips and others grabbed their cocks and squeezed them tight at the sight of my fully erect, cut clitty with a sweet-looking head on it. Oh, it felt so good to be a stripper with her leaky little clitty spewing hot liquid while she looked out at all her admirers in the crowd. I observed each one, looking for the one I wanted to suck second after the handsome knight I had just grinded with on the dance floor.

As the song wound down, I spotted one blonde gentleman with broad shoulders sitting on a barstool just ten feet away from me. I could tell by the way he was stroking his cock that it was really big. The thought of sucking it for him sent a big load of pre-cum shooting from my hot little clitty dick.

It was so much fun, there was no way I could stop even if I wanted to. I smiled as I tossed my cum-soaked little g-string to the blonde man with broad shoulders. After I did, I looked down at his big hard-on in his pants and I licked my lips suggestively. He knew what I meant and he smiled, knowing he had a good blowjob coming.

I now had my two big studs to manhandle me in the men's room stall after I blew them both to get their big cocks nice and wet for my manpussy. I planned to suck one off while the other one fucked me hard from behind, then switch and do the same until both of them were drained of all their cum from their nice big balls. If this made me a slut, then I was happy to be one.

I did a few more exotic dance steps while fully naked except for my pink high heels that matched my minidress. There wasn't a man in the club I couldn't have, right now, if I wanted him. But I already had two big boys to play with soon and I couldn't wait.

When the song was over, I went over to the big blonde boy who was licking the hot pre-cum off my wet g-string. I jumped up into his lap and grinded my ass good down onto his big hard cock. I put my arms around him and pulled him to me and kissed him full on the lips while the entire crowd of men applauded for me. All dancers love a big finale. Knowing every cock in the club is hard for her is a complete turn-on for any girl.

"You're a good dancer," said my big blonde boy.

"I'm a good cocksucker, too," I replied.
I reached down between my legs and felt his big boner down in his pants. It was even bigger than the one my handsome knight had wating for me in the men's room.

"I want you to come into the men's room in five minutes and let me suck this good for you," I said squeezing his big meat. 

"Can I fuck this hot little ass of yours, too?" he replied squeezing my ass cheek.

"Why, of course, darling," I said. "That's the main course after I get an appetizer by sucking you good."

I kissed him again, this time with an open mouth, French kissing to keep him turned on for me. He responded hungrily to my kiss while he played with my ass cheek with one hand and held me tightly with his other arm.

When our lips parted, he said, "I've never met any girl like you before."

"And you never will again," I said with a sly smile.

I reached for my purple g-string he still held in his hand. Then I hopped from his lap and bent over and put the g-string on, giving the men around me a nice view of my ass and manpussy when I did. Pulling up the little strings around my waist and arranging my little clitty dick in the front panel, I felt just like a professional stripper finishing her set and getting ready to work all the men in the club for tips.

Before heading off to the men's room, I gave my big blonde boy cock a hard squeeze. "If you don't keep this good and hard for me, I'm going to be very disappointed with you," I said.

He laughed and I smiled as I turned and headed to the men's room, sashaying my hips from side to side as I left. I was sure every man in the bar had a big hard boner leaking cum for me. I was about to enjoy every drop I could get, starting with my handsome knight waiting for me with his big boner. 
When I reached the men's room, I entered the big stall where my tall dark knight was waiting. He was rubbing his cock to keep it hard and I couldn't wait to see it. I sat him down on the seat, kneeled before him, and started to unbuckle his belt. Without speaking a word, we looked into each other's eyes as I unzpped his pants and pulled them down around his ankles. His boxer briefs were still hiding his big erection and I felt like a girl opening her birthday gift as I pulled them down, too.

I saw his fully erect cock was at least 10 inches which caused more pre-cum to shoot from my clitty dick. This cock was going to be the first to fuck me, tonight, and I could not have been happier. It was shaved and had a big mushroom head on it which I would enjoy nibbling on to get him ready to fuck me hard. His balls were shaved also. I leaned forward and licked them first, which caused him to let out a soft sigh.

"Oh, yeah, you're a horny little slut, aren't you?" he said.

"Of course," I replied. "What girl wouldn't be horny for a man as handsome as you?"

"Yes," he said. "You turned me on so much dancing with me. I wanted to fuck you right there on that dance floor."

I smiled. "Well, you're going to get to fuck me here in a few minutes," I said. "I hope you don't mind. I invited another gentleman to join us."

"You mean, I'll get to watch you suck him while I fuck you?"

"You sure will," I said, as I took his big ten incher in my little hand and started stroking it for him.
It was big in girth and felt so powerful in my hand. I felt just like a little lady with my big handsome stranger. Looking into his blue eyes, I leaned forward and put my lips around the big head of his stiff cock. He was smiling and loving it and was ready to pump it in me so I took it easy, licking a big load of his pre-cum off with my tongue and spreading it around my lips to make them moister.

"Baby," he said. "You're just too good. I never met a slut as good as you before."

"I've had a lot of practice," I said.

Then I swallowed more of his ten incher, letting my tongue press against the sensitive underside of it while I did. I didn't want him to cum in my mouth, since I wanted him to fuck me first, so I was taking it easy as I began to bob up and down slowly on his big shaft. While I enjoy doing this for men for money, there is something about doing it for free that makes me feel sweet and nice and just like a girl pleasing her boyfriend. I'm sure their little clitties get hard down in their panties, too, like mine was. And I'm sure they want him to put it in their little pussies and pump them hard like I wanted him to do to my manpussy.

Girly boys' clitty dicks and manpussies are just as sensitive as girls' clitties and pussies, so there is a perfect symmetry between us. We need cock as much as they do, maybe even more. And this was one of those times for me when being a girl felt so natural. As I bobbed up and down on his hard cock, I played with his big balls with my hand. They were filled with lots of cum, I was sure I wouldn't be happy until I drained all the cum that was in them. Being a girl felt wonderful and I was sure I would never want to be a straight boy again.

Suddenly, there was a soft knock on the stall door, anouncing the arrival of my big blonde boy whose lap I was so happy to sit in. Pulling my lips from the big wet cock in my mouth, I turned and opened it for the second stud whose cock I would suck tonight. I welcomed him into the big stall and reached for his cock in his pants almost immediately. Like I said, it felt even bigger than my first handsome knight's and I couldn't wait to pull it out and suck it, too.

The big blonde boy smiled, knowing I was so hungry for his cock. He started unbuckling his pants and pulling them down. I turned and made the dark handsome stranger stand up so he could fuck me from behind while I sucked the big blonde boy with broad shoulders. Both were very happy being serviced by such a horny little slut.

When the blonde boy pulled down his pants, he wasn't wearing any underwear and I saw that his big hairy cock was at least twelve inches long. These footlongs are a girl's favorite and I was no different. I couldn't wait to lick the entire length of it.

The thick foreskin was hiding the head of it and I felt like a girl looking for a jewel in her jewelry box as I reached for the big twelve incher and started to jerk on it for the big handsome blonde boy. Being with two men at once is intense for any girl and I was going to waste any cum. I wanted them to cum in my ass and mouth at the same time and then switch places and do it again.

While I was bent over stroking the blonde boy's cock, my ass was fully exposed for the handsome knight behind me who moved forward and placed his hands on my hips. It wasn't long until I felt the big head of his erect cock pressing against the lips of my tight little manpussy.

"Oh, baby, fuck me good," I said, leaning forward more to give him access to my hot little hole.

I've always wanted everything a girl gets from men and knowing I was about to get it was so exciting. I was in ecstsasy as the head of the big ten inch cock entered me at the same time I put my lips on the big twelve inch cock in front of me. Waves of pleasure shot through my loins as the big cock went deeper inside me.

The big blonde boy's cock was so big, I could only fit half of it inside my mouth. But I was sure he was loving every second of it since my tongue was doing wonderful things to his soft, sensitive foreskin. He started thrusting his hips toward me and with each thrust the tip of my tongue touched the slit on his cock. I love the taste of a man's pee mixed with his pre-cum, so this was truly a special treat for me. Meanwhile, the big cock in my ass was sending shock waves of pleasure through my midsection and I was feeling everything a girl feels down there.

"Yeah, baby, fucking suck that cock," said the big blonde boy as he continued thrusting his hips toward me.

This would be a pleasure for any girl. But for a stripper who had just gotten really horny dancing for a whole club of men, it was especially wonderful. I don't know how any girl could do that every night and not have a big cock waiting for her when she gets done. It's only natural to get turned on while turning men on with your body, as I knew from experience. Now, I was just like all those other horny strippers who needed cock and it was so good getting it from two handsome men with big ones.

Both men were oohing and aahing for me while they fucked my ass and face and I knew it wouldn't be long until they both came at once. This was the pinnacle of being a girly boy, pleasing two men at the same time with my mouth and body and knowing they would blow big hot loads inside me, one in my mouth and one in my tight little manpussy.

"Oh, fucking A, bitch," said the handsome stranger behind me as he strted shooting his load into my tight hole. "Fuck, you are so good, babe."

The feeling of all that hot cum entering me was wonderful, as I'm sure it is for every girl who enjoys pleasing men with her body. I started sucking even harder on the big blonde boy's big cock and he encouaraged me.

"Yeah, bitch, fucking suck it, you whoreboy. Oh, yeah, fucking suck it good."

Just then, I felt the felt load shoot into the back of my mouth and I clamped my lips down hard on his cock and braced for the big loads to follow. They tasted so good and I knew I had done a good job blowing him since he kept shooting for over a minute, as did the handsome stranger in my ass.

This was the beginning of a wonderful night. I would soon wash up and put my dress back on and do some more dancing for all the men in the club. I wish you were all there to see me, since I enjoy stripping for a crowd of men so much. I do it every time I'm in a "clothing optional" club. Look for me next time you're in one.

Until then, xoxo,


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