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My birthday treat

After months of helping me dress, my neighbour plans a special night.
My next door neighbour had begun helping me with my crossdressing by buying me my own clothes, and despite her initial stipulation that I continue to dress in secret, we had experienced a moment where that had all changed. Once that day had passed, Ellie and I became almost inseparable. If we weren't together, we were texting or talking on the phone. We would do everything an ordinary pair of best friends would, with the exception, of course, that Ellie would help me with my little secret.

Several months after our first night together, my nineteenth birthday loomed upon the horizon.

As any good friends do, Ellie and I began making arrangements. We talked about what I wanted to do and we decided we would go out to a local club. We'd done this before several times, but I'd never gone out in girl mode. In fact, with the exception of that first day, Ellie and I had never left the house as two girls. A date near my birthday, when Ellie's husband was away, was chosen and my excitement grew steadily until the day finally arrived.

Geoff was away for several days in a row, this is the beauty of a man so obsessed with work; lots of money and always away. Ellie invited me over on Friday night for what she referred to as a girlie night and pamper session. I'm pretty sure we fulfilled every Hollywood cliché that night, as we drank wine, ate chocolate, watched crappy movies and giggled like idiots. Ellie gave me a facial and painted my nails as we we lounged in satin nighties. She definitely had a lot of fun teasing me too. Her little pink nightie barely covered her sexy behind and she kept bending over in front me or standing close to me and pushing her breasts against me. She'd stroke my smooth legs as we relaxed, yet every time I kissed her and tried to turn things naughtier, she'd stop things from getting out of hand.

"Not tonight," she'd say sweetly with a wry smile. It was like torture. At one point, my cock was so hard and causing my nightie to peak up like a tent and all Ellie did was to say, "Despite looking like a girl, you always have one give away". With that she tenderly took my cock in her mouth for all of five seconds. I was going insane.

That night Ellie had made up the spare room for me, at least I thought it was for me. As I climbed into bed she got in next to me. I was a little surprised. We'd never shared a bed, not to sleep at least. Falling asleep was not easy with our smooth legs intertwined, her body pressed against mine.

The following day we slept in late. Despite all our time together and how much I dressed, I had never spent a full day in girl mode. That was my first day and it was wonderful. Our late breakfast was essentially lunch and we showered together; once again my attempts at turning things sexual were rejected but always played upon by Ellie. As we dried off I went for the hair dryer, but Ellie stopped me. She had a surprise for me and she told me to just put some clothes on. I dressed in a cute baby blue bra, matching thong, and a skater dress. Just as I was ready there was a knock at the door. I stayed upstairs as Ellie, wrapped in her fleecy dressing gown, went down to answer.

When she reappeared, she explained she'd booked someone to come and do make overs on us and cut our hair. My heart was in my throat, but she assured me it was okay. I nervously went downstairs with her and found a guy and a girl in their twenties. Dressed completely in black they appeared to have both come from a salon. As I walked in, they saw me and greeted me excitedly, saying they had heard all about me and how happy they were to meet me. They sat me down as Ellie appeared, and I realised that he was Ellie's hairdresser and she worked with him. There was a flurry of activity around Ellie and me as our hair was cut and styled and make up expertly applied.

Several hours passed before we were finally finished and we bid our stylists farewell. Ellie wouldn't let me see in the mirror but she looked incredible. Her blonde hair cascaded over one shoulder in full curls; she had shining red lips and dark eyes. I hoped it looked nearly as good!

We went to get dressed, a full bottle of wine to consume as we did so. I went to my lingerie drawer when Ellie stopped me. She produced a box with two words written on which excited me greatly: Agent Provocateur. The designer lingerie label was explicitly expensive and gorgeously sexy. I opened the box and found soft black and red lace. Bra, gstring panties, and suspender belt. I knew what I held was several hundred pounds worth of underwear and I was dumbstruck. Ellie, still smiling, produced another box for herself and revealed the same set. We dressed together in our finery. Each taking our time to roll our stockings onto our legs, step into panties and so on. I knew the little black dress I wanted to wear, slinky and sexy. It would cling to me and accentuate the figure I very carefully worked on. After slipping on a pair of far too high heels I was finally allowed to see myself.

My already dark hair had been died black with a shock of bright red running through it. Straightened and with a fringe cut in, I had my first proper feminine haircut. Now I knew why the hairdresser said he'd be back to make it more subtle the next day. With false eye lashes and a seductive flick on my eye liner, I had sexy eyes like I'd never seen. My full dark red lips matched the false nails they'd also attached. Ellie spoke to me from across the room, snapping me from my amazement at my look. She had put on a pencil skirt and a corset top which made my mind race with the things I wanted to do to her.

We had time to drink a little more wine before our taxi arrived to take us into town. We started in a pub before moving on to the club. A blur of drinks and flirting, I don't think Ellie or I paid for anything. We danced and never left each other's side. Throughout that whole evening, one guy had been remarkably persistent, so as the evening came to a close I asked Ellie if we could keep him. She laughed a little but didn't argue as I dragged him into our cab.

Once we got home I couldn't resist. I pretty much jumped on him, kissing him as I lead him through the door and leading him upstairs to the spare room. Ellie followed and sat on a chair watching us. I pulled at his belt and buried my hands into his jeans. His cock was already hard as I pulled it free. I pushed him back onto the bed and began hungrily tonguing his hard cock. Before long I felt his hands on my head as he began fucking my mouth. He pushed deeper into my throat as I felt his cock swell. He unleashed shot after shot of hot cum into my eager mouth. I swallowed every last drop and as I looked up to him I saw Ellie sit on the chair, stockinged legs spread wide, with one hand inside her panties.

"It's time for you to go," she said to the guy, "she's mine now." Surprisingly, he put up very little protest as he gathered himself and left. Once he'd gone, Ellie told me to lift my dress. As I did so, I revealed my cock, straining against the lacey fabric of my panties.

"Did that turn you on? Did it get you hard to act like a whore?" I'd never seen Ellie like this, and I liked it.

I nodded to her dumbly.

She stood and straightened her dress before walking over to me. "He paid, you know, that guy. I said you'd suck his cock if he paid me. He paid me and you did it. I didn't even have to tell you to." So that's why he left so quickly. Ellie kissed me deeply then licked her lips. "You taste like cum you little whore." With that she pushed me so I was bent over the bed, teetering on my high heels, my dress still lifted to my waist. Ellie opened a drawer a pulled out a sizeable dildo and a harness.

A combination of fear and excitement shot through me as I watched her remove her dress and step into the harness. She smeared lube on the length of the flesh colored shaft and ordered me to pull my panties down. I did as I was told and I felt her fingers covering my tight hole in lubricant. I was nervous as I felt the tip of her toy press against me.

Slowly and firmly she pushed, easing it inside. Excitement and alcohol saw that within a minute or so she had worked that beautiful cock inside me. Slowly easing back and forth she built up a steady rhythm. I looked over to the mirror, the sight of this beautiful woman bending me over and fucking my arse was indescribable. Our matching lingerie, my lipstick smeared, the taste of cum lingering on my tongue. I thought for a moment that I was about to cum when Ellie stopped and lay on the bed in front of me.

"Suck my cock, whore!"

Without thinking I worked the length of that shaft as if it were real, hungrily lapping at it, while I couldn't resist but to finger her wet pussy with my hand. She was wetter than I'd ever felt her and after sucking that fake cock and fingering her gspot I felt her pussy flood and spasm as she came. She looked almost drained but my inner whore still wanted more. I climbed up to her and kissed her as I straddled her huge strap on. Spreading my arse cheeks wide I guided it inside of me. I began to ride it like the whore I wanted to be. Bouncing up and down I felt Ellie grip my cock and start working it with her hand. I felt out if control, crying out in extacy as my whole body shook, my cock spraying Ellie with arcs of hot cum across her face and breasts. As my orgasm faded I heard Ellie say one thing.

"Happy birthday, my little whore."

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