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My new persona. Becoming a girl!

Transformation from boy to sissy

I had just moved into my first apartment and needed to work out how to do the laundry. One of my neighbors had said there was a shared laundry room at the end of the corridor so I grabbed a bag of dirty clothes and threw on some shorts, a t-shirt and flip flops before heading down there.

I walked into the room and started looking for a spare machine when I noticed a basket of ladies underwear just sitting on the side. I think it was just innocent curiosity that made me lift out the silk bra and thong and rub it against my skin. It felt so nice and soft and I couldn't help but think what it would feel like wearing them.

I looked down the hall and saw it was empty. There were no sounds coming from any of the apartments so I quickly  pulled down my shorts and ripped off my shirt. I then slid the thong on and fastened the bra up spinning it around the way I'd seen girls do. It was delightful! As I stood there admiring myself I didn't even see the woman walk in.

She was one of my new neighbors, a slim but busty black woman around her mid thirties with a cute face that made her look younger.

"What do we have here?" She said. I looked up but couldn't muster the courage to speak. "Are those my panties you're wearing?" I started to take the bra off but she stopped me. "No! Put your clothes on and come with me", she snapped.

I felt obliged to follow her orders, I mean I had just violated her by wearing her underwear and what if she told the rest of my neighbors. I followed her to her room and she locked the door behind us.

"Right", she said. "If your going to dress like a girl we're going to have to call you by a girls name. How about... Miri? Yes that will do nicely I think." I nodded sheepishly and started to blush. "And you can call me... Madam Tara. OK, now strip for me Miri."

Her tone of voice made me feel both calm and obedient at the same time. I stripped down until I stood in front of her with my hands covering the bra and panties.

"Now take those off and follow me to the bathroom, we need to make you more feminine."

She ushered me into the shower spanking my bottom gently on the way. She then grabbed some shaving foam and started applying it on my chest, under my arms and up my legs.

When she rubbed the foam around my balls my dick began to rise. She slapped my semi stiff penis hard and told me I wasn't allowed to do that. The pain and shock made me go soft again as she picked up a razor and started shaving me until all my hair was removed.

She told me to towel off and said to wait in the front room until she returned. I did what I was told and waited there naked for a few minutes wandering what was going to happen next. 

As Madam Tara returned my eyes almost popped out of my head. She was wearing a pair of pvc thigh high boots with fishnets, some shiny pvc hot pants and a tight black corset which made her boob's pop out the top creating the perfect cleavage. In one hand she held a blonde wig which she must have kept from a fancy dress party, and in the other were a pair of matching pink silk lingerie and some sheer black stockings.

She threw them to me and ordered me to get dressed. I rolled the stockings up first, followed by the panties, the bra and lastly the blonde wig.

"Now come with me", she said.

In her bedroom laid out on the bed were a variety of dresses. She told me to sit down by the vanity mirror and then began applying makeup to my face. When she was satisfied that I looked girly enough she told me try on the first dress. It was a yellow summer dress with floral print.

"No, not slutty enough." she said. I slid the dress off and tried another. The next was a long glittery red gown that looked like something a lady would wear to a posh event.

"No... not quite right". She then handed me a really short black mini dress.

"Oh yes." She said. "Perfect." As she zipped up the back. "Now for the shoes," she muttered. "Your feet are a little bigger than mine." She rummaged around the wardrobe and produced a pair of open toed high heels. "Here, try these!"

They were a bit tight but I managed to squeeze my feet into them. "Oh you do look good!" She said as she smiled. "Now show me your best catwalk impression."

I stumbled across the room losing my balance a few times but started swinging my ass and hips which seemed to help. She appeared happy with the result and snapped off a few pics on her camera phone obviously proud of her work.

"A real girly girl to play with." She explained. "Now let's begin your training!" I was shaking nervously but her gentle voice calmed me down. She leaned in and whispered softly in my ear.

"You are a beautiful girl and I am going to show you how to become a sexy sissy slut." She reached over and pulled out a black strap-on from the dresser drawer, sliding it up over her sexy boots and adjusting it so the rubber cock stood out.

"Now, kneel down in front of meand repeat after me. I am a sissy white whore and I must serve my mistress however she pleases."

I nervously said the words.

"Now try again in a higher pitch." I repeated the words in a girly voice.

"Good girl. Now open your mouth." She teased the black strap-on cock into my mouth as I arched my back forward. "That's it baby suck that black cock and remember to look up, making lots of eye contact."

I felt tingly all over as I bobbed up and down, my dress rubbing against the silky underwear and sheer stockings.

"Such a good sissy." She said in a sultry tone. "Now what are you? Repeat the words."

Half gagging on her black rubber cock I tried to mumble the words. I am a sissy white whore and I must serve my mistress however she pleases. She smiled at me and told me to try to swallow as much as I could. I chocked as I went down on her my eyes closed as she snapped off a couple more pictures.

"Good girl." Her compliment made me work harder going deeper as I felt some precum wet the silk pink panties. She noticed and pointed down at my crotch. 

"Oh dear Miri, are you getting wet already? I think it's time for me to enter your pretty pussy." She lifted me back up onto my high heels and helped me onto the bed. 

"Now arch your back and lift up your ass. Let me take another pic." She showed me the phone and I leaked a little more into my pants as I saw the image of the sexy girl straddled on the bed.

"Now pull your pants to the side." As I did so she spat on my ass,  licked her finger and slowly inserted it into my hole. I let out a painful yelp.

"It's ok Miri, it only hurts a little at first. Relax baby." She took some lube out of the drawer and rubbed it over her strap-on as I turned to look for reassurance.

"Now tell me what you are." I started to talk as she eased the tip into my ass. This time it felt really nice. I pushed back into her and she spanked my bum. "Does that feel good honey?"

I moaned as she pushed her cock deeper into me, my body trembling as she held onto my hips rocking me back and forth.

"Do you like my big black cock Miri?"

"Oh yes madam yes!" I screamed. "Fuck my sissy hole."

She sped up, fucking me faster, the strap-on was obviously rubbing against her clitoris and the power of her owning this white sissy was definitely turning her on. She spanked me a few more times and it made me shriek in pleasure.

"What are you!" She yelled.

I screamed the words back to her in a girly voice.

"I'm a sissy white whore..." suddenly filling my panties with seamen turning them from light pink to a sticky dark mess. She grabbed me by the waist and fucked me really hard and fast.

"Yes! Yes! You're my fucking sissy bitch!" She shouted. Reaching for my shoulders and pulling me closer. The strap-on was all the way inside me now and she was rubbing herself against my ass bone.

"Take my black cock you whore!" She was having an orgasm of her own. Powering her pussy against my ass. My mind began to clear after cumming and reality set in. What had I just done? Look at me, dressed like girl being fucked in the ass in this strangers house. She wasn't finished with me yet.

"Take it!" She yelled. "Take that black dick!" My ass began to hurt a little and I felt really humiliated. She continued for several minutes, rubbing herself hard against me, spanking my ass and calling me names before she finally climaxed, collapsing on top me.

She whispered in my ear again, her words comforted me. "Are you ok Miri, you went a little quite there. I'm sorry if I got carried away, I just got out of a bad relationship and this has always been a secret fantasy of mine." 

She stroked my head and gently relaxed me, slowly pulling her cock out of my ass. I didn't feel so bad anymore and the pain had gone. She got up and let me sleep for a while. When I woke up I shuffled in the bed feeling the sheer stockings rub against me and the dress clinging to my body.

She asked me how I was and if I needed anything? I replied...

"I am a sissy white whore and I must serve my mistress however she pleases!"

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