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The Sexy Ball Girl

Being a sexy ball girl for her boyfriend's baseball team gets Courtney very horny.
When I was twenty years old and going to college, I had a steady boyfriend who treated me just like a girlfriend at all times. He opened car doors for me and he always paid when we went on dates. He was very sweet to me, making me feel feminine like a girl. He also liked having lots of sex with me in public places like the beach and parks and movie theaters, so we had an exciting, fun and romantic relationship.

Ricky was a hottie with dark hair, dark eyes and a nice body. He had been a wrestler in high school so he was extra buff and had big arm muscles I liked to touch. He would make a muscle and I would squeeze his bicep and I felt just like Lois Lane touching the man of steel. Oh, what a cock Superman must have because Ricky's was a full eight inches long fully erect, the way I liked to see it. Oh, how much I loved touching my man of steel's cock and getting a hard clitty dick for him.

We had already been dating for three months and I hadn't been seeing any other men. Ricky was so hot that I didn't want to take a chance of losing him just for some strange cock. But I did love getting strange cock at the adult bookstore, the nude beach and the gay movie theater in town. Yet, I didn't want Ricky to know that I was a total slut who liked satisfying as many men as there were who wanted me. Knowing this about a girl often turns off a boyfriend who doesn't want a girlfriend who's a total slut for men's cocks.

I couldn't have guessed in the first three months that my boyfriend, Ricky, loved seeing his girlfriend perform with other men. Before this, he had been a total gentleman. I laugh about it in hindsight. Here he was being a total gentleman to a total slut who was pretending to be a total lady when he would rather have had a total slut all along. We really were at cross-purposes in our relationship. And it wasn't until spring softball season started for Ricky's team that I got to know how much he liked seeing his girlfriend have sex with other men.

It all started quite innocently. He told me that his team, the Roughnecks, always has two bat boys and two ball girls, for every game. And he asked me to be one of the ball girls. I was, of course, flattered to be asked, since only the hottest girls got asked to be ball girls. Ricky told me that my job would be to look cute and sexy for all the guys while I caught foul balls and returned them to the dugouts. It didn't seem too difficult, so I agreed to try it for the first game of the season to see if I could do it.

The first thing I had to do was to pick out an outfit to wear. Ricky said to be really sexy because the ball players liked flirting with sexy ball girls. This was the first clue that he wanted to share me with other men, so I chose an outfit I knew would get other men excited too. The team color was red, so I wore my sexy red lace boyshort panties with a Roughnecks team jersey cut in half making a halter top. I had on white socks and sneakers and a Roughnecks ball cap.

I had on red lipstick and nail polish, and makeup complete with eye shadow and eye liner. Under my eyes, I put two black stripes on my cheeks to stop the glare. And I felt just like a sexy little ball girl ready to go handle the balls for lots of big sluggers. I practiced at home being sexy in my outfit, chasing balls, bending over and showing off my ass, and throwing the balls with a girlish smile for all the boys to see.

I got so horny pretending to be a ball girl that I got out my ten inch vibrator and fucked myself for an hour, thinking about how much fun it would be to be a sexy ball girl being fucked by some horny ball players after the games. Of course, I didn't think Ricky would want me to do that, since he had never let on that he liked being a voyeur, watching his girlfriend having sex with other men. But that was about to change during the Roughnecks first game of the season.

They were playing the Pirates, also a gay team, and I had to laugh about the names of the teams. If there were any men who could make a girl feel like a wench, they'd be roughnecks and pirates. So, I drove to the game in my sexy little outfit after taking a nice bubble bath and applying baby oil to my legs and stomach and lower back. It was a night game and I knew the baby oil would make my visible skin glisten in the lights.

Ricky was already there taking batting practice with the team when I arrived. He introduced me to all his cute teammates and, right away, I knew it was going to be fun being a ball girl for a bunch of cute ball players. I had seen girls doing it at high school baseball games and pro and college games before. But I never knew that the girls got to flirt with all the players, before and during games.

"Wow! You look hot as shit, Courtney," said Jeff, the starting pitcher for the Roughnecks. "If Ricky can't handle all you need, let me know. I'm available between innings."

The tall blonde pitcher smiled down at me and I knew it was my sexy ass hanging out of the red lace boyshorts that was making him so fresh with me. And I loved it. After three months of being faithful to Ricky, I had my eyes on my first cock I wanted besides his. Jeff was about six-foot-three and very lean with a nice big bubble butt like pro ball players have. What girl wouldn't want to get fucked by a tall, handsome blonde guy with a big cock, I wondered, as I flirted like a sweet ball girl.

"If Ricky says I can share, you'd be my first pick, Jeffrey," I said in response to him.

Jeff turned to Ricky, my tall, dark and handsome lover.

"What about it, Rick? Is the ball girl a team player or just for you?" 

"This is her first game," replied Ricky. "Heck. It's a long season, boys."

"Well, you shouldn't bring something so hot around if you didn't want to share it. You know the rules. All bat boys and ball girls belong to the team," said Jeff.

Apparently, Ricky knew that the bat boy and ball girl positions required the boy or girl to have sex with all of the players on the team. And that ball girls got to even have sex with the players from the other teams after the games, too. Yet, he still invited me to become one. It was obvious to me that he was telling the handsome pitcher to give me time to decide. But meeting all of the handsome baseball players on the Roughnecks team had already convinced me of what I wanted.

"I don't mind belonging to the team, as long as Ricky doesn't mind," I said suddenly.

"Damn straight!" said Jeff smiling at me like I was dessert on a tray. "That's what I want to hear! How about it, Rick?"

"Okay, she seems to like you, Jeff. I'd like to watch her blow you, sometime," said Ricky.

My boyfriend couldn't have been sweeter if he had taken me to a stud farm where a girl pays thousands of dollars a night to be manhandled by some big handsome studs. The game hadn't even started, yet, and I already had his permission to suck the big handsome starting pitcher's cock. And there was a long season ahead.

"It sounds great to me," I said smiling. "I'll be glad to peel you out of you cup and jockstrap, after the game, Jeffrey."

"Great!" he said. "I'm liking this season, already."

It was time for the ceremonial first pitch after the line ups were announced. Then I took my place on a seat down the left field line while the big handsome blonde pitcher went to work on the other team. I couldn't wait to go to work on his big cock my boyfriend had just given me permission to suck. Every time he threw a pitch, I looked at his crotch where his cock was and I was happy knowing I would be the next girl to suck it for him. Knowing he had a good blow job coming from me seemed to make Jeff pitch extra good.

It was all so sensuous being a sexy ball girl for the players, skipping like a girl when I ran and throwing the ball like a girl. With all of the testosterone in the air, I felt especially dainty and sweet. Only the cute shortstops were as short as I was. All the other players were taller than me. And I love tall men, especially that six-foot-three blonde pitcher, Jeff, who kept looking at me and smiling when he was pitching. Each time he got a strike out, I jumped up and cheered and he would look at me and smile, as if to say that it was for me.

Also, during the game, when the other team was on the field, I got to flirting with their handsome left fielder. He was tall and muscular and was known for hitting home runs. Whenever he came out onto the field, I played catch with him to help him warm up. He was such a big, handsome stud my clitty dick got hard down in my lacy red boyshorts. Chet was the big stud's name and he kept looking down at my hard clitty dick and smiling while we tossed the ball back-and-forth.

"It looks like you're a little turned on there, girl," said Chet. "I hope it's for me."

"It's definitely for you, Chet," I said. "I've always wanted to be fucked by a Pirate."

I smiled widely and threw the ball back to him.

"I'd like to be the Pirate you get fucked by, too," said Chet, catching the ball and throwing it back to me.

"Well, you're in luck," I said. "My boyfriend told me he wants to watch me with other men, after the game. Apparently, it's the reward I get for being a ball girl."

"Well, you're the sexiest ball girl I've ever seen," said Chet. "After the game, it is."

I couldn't believe the great luck I was having. After three months of a monogamous relationship with Ricky, I, now, had a blow job scheduled with the handsome pitcher for the Roughnecks and a fuck from the left fielder from the Pirates. Like a little vixen, I let the ball go over my head. Then I ran for it while shaking my ass good for Chet to see it hanging out of my sexy see-through boyshorts. Then I bent down and picked the ball up slowly, giving him a nice shot of my tight little asshole down between my legs while I bent over.

There was no way Chet was going to forget my ass after that stunt. I wanted his big cock in my ass as much as I wanted Jeff's cock in my mouth, after the game. There's nothing bad about Ricky. We had a great sex life. It was that variety is the spice of life, and, after three months, it was time to spice up our relationship. The way he had told Jeff he might like watching me blow him let me know he would like watching me blow lots of guys. That's why he had chosen me to be a ball girl. He knew I was hot and he wanted to watch me have sex with other big studs.

After one of the sessions where I tossed the ball with Chet to help him warm up, he came over and put his arms around me and started making out with me. He had strong arms and hungry lips and I was so turned on my clitty dick was leaking pre-cum into the red lace fabric of my sexy boyshorts. He practically took my breath away. While we kissed, I reached down and felt his huge cock under his baseball pants. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Ricky watching me fondling the big cock of his opponent's left fielder. He was obviously enjoying it since he was smiling and rubbing his own cock.

This was really a pleasure for me to be turned on by a big stud Pirate whose cock I was playing with and be turning on my big stud Roughneck boyfriend, at the same time. I was in ecstasy. My naughty boyfriend had waited to surprise me with the details about the ball girls all being little sluts who worship the ball player's big cocks, every game. And then they get to suck and fuck as many of those big cocks as they want, after the game is over.

The visiting teams pay for a keg of beer to share after the game. And they share the ball girls and bat boys, too, while they drink the beer down. It was a tradition that the home team supplies the ball girls for both teams, so I wasn't breaking any rules making out with the big homerun slugger from the other team while my boyfriend watched us and stroked his cock watching me stoking Chet's cock. I planned to use the other men to turn on my boyfriend good, if he wanted to see a good show like he said.

"Damn, girl, you kiss good," said Chet when our lips parted.

"Your cock feels good, too," I said. "Touching big hard cocks turns me on something fierce, Chet, honey."

"Ummm, it's hard for your ass, babe. I want to fuck you like there's no tomorrow."

"After the game, sweetie," I said smiling. "After the game."

It took a real effort to pull myself from the handsome slugger's arms and go back to my chair to sit when the inning started. Playing catch with him with my hard clitty dick down in my lacy boyshorts letting him know how much I wanted his cock made him very horny for me, as well. And, of course, Ricky was getting turned on watching me with my big handsome Pirate, Chet.

"It looks like you got a new boyfriend," said Ricky, at one point.

"He said he wants to fuck me after the game while you watch, honey," I replied smiling.

"Great!" said Ricky. "You can give Jeff a good blow job while the Pirate fucks you and I watch."

"That's sounds like a great plan. But I want you to be stroking your big cock and getting it ready for me, too, while I fuck and suck them," I said.

"You got it," he replied smiling widely.

It was all set for after the game. I couldn't wait. I had been wearing sexy lingerie and satisfying men's sexual needs for over three years, at that point. And it was always nice to liven up my sex life by doing it in different places with different men. And doing it in a baseball dugout with two big handsome players after they got all sweaty playing a ball game was really a turn on for me. And, besides that, I would be turning on my boyfriend, while I did it. It was a win-win situation. I could have two cocks at the same time, and my boyfriend would enjoy watching me do it.

It was all good fun, being a sexy ball girl who gets slutty in the dugout with the players, after the game. Since it was a gay league, some of the men preferred the cute bat boys over the sexy ball girls. The bat boys would handle the players' big bats for them and then, after the game, they would handle their big cocks. It really was a fun league with all of the players drinking beer and having sex with the bat boys and ball girls, after each game.

I was especially glad that Chet, my big handsome Pirate, and Jeff, the great Roughnecks' pitcher, were both into trannies. They were my two favorites at the first game and I would have been disappointed if they had preferred the cute bat boys, instead. As it worked out, I had them both wanting me badly by the ninth inning. And after the game it was time to get down and dirty in the dugout with my two handsome ball players while my boyfriend watched me.

I don't know how it is that some men like seeing their wives and girlfriends suck and fuck other men and some don't. Nevertheless, I was glad to have a boyfriend like Ricky who was willing to share me with his teammates and even his opponents. As long as I was turning him on doing it, I was willing to suck and fuck as many guys as he wanted me to. The thought of turning him on was turning me on and I was glad to have two handsome studs who both wanted me badly.

"You're just a hot little tease," said Chet coming off the field after an inning.

"Aren't all ball girls?" I replied.

It really was a whole lot of fun and a nice way to start the spring doing something outdoorsy. Like I said earlier, variety is the spice of life, so I was glad to be meeting some new men for some kinky sexual relations. And having a voyeur boyfriend who liked watching other men with his girlfriend was really kind of great. After all, I loved being tag-teamed by two men at the same time anyway.

After seeing Chet kissing me, Jeff decided to come over and kiss me, too.

He said, "I thought maybe you might have forgotten me, baby. And be going over to the enemy."

"No way," I said smiling. "I want your cock in my mouth, first thing after the game."

"Great," said Jeff smiling.

"Wow!" I said. "A hot little twenty-year-old babe can sure make a lot of men horny for her when she wears her red lace panties in public."

"You bet she can," said Jeff.

He rubbed my stiff six-inch clitty dick for me while he kissed me again. And I saw that Ricky was getting turned on watching us. Knowing I was going to make three handsome men horny and satisfy all of their cocks for them was a tremendous feeling. I felt sexy, slutty and liberated, all at the same time. I liked satisfying men the same way girls did and satisfying three at the same time made me feel like a really special girl. I was so turned on by him shoving his tongue down my throat while he rubbed my clitty, I wanted to pull down his pants and blow him, right then.

"After the game. Okay, babe?" he asked when our lips parted.

"Sure thing, handsome," I replied as I rubbed his big cock.

As he trotted back to the pitcher's mound, I saw Ricky rubbing the bulge in his pants. It felt so sensuous, knowing that all three of my boys had hard cocks they couldn't wait to give. All of them were over six-feet tall and they had big ones, so I was especially hot and horny myself by the ninth inning.

The Roughnecks ended up winning the game and it was time for the fun post-game party. I was seated on the dugout bench with Jeff and making out with him while I rubbed his cock through his pants. Then I loosened his baseball pants and pulled them down, revealing his nine inch man-tool and large balls.

"Oh, my," I said. "How do you put this all in the little cup in your jockstrap?"

I took a hold of it and started jerking it for him, slowly and sensuously.

"It's not as big when you're not around," said Jeff smiling at me. "And you're welcome to play with it anytime you want, honey."

"Well, Ricky said he wants to see me suck it for you. And I don't want to disappoint him," I said.

I looked to see Ricky standing near the keg drinking beer and watching me with Jeff, the handsome six-foot-three winning pitcher.

"Why don't you stand up and let me suck it right here for you?" I said.

Jeff stood up and put his big shaved cock right in my face as I sat on the bench in the dugout. In an instant, I had the big head of it in my mouth while I stroked the entire length of it with my hand. I was ready to do my ball girl duties and make my boyfriend extremely horny while I did it.

After going to his car and getting a box of condoms, Chet came into the dug out and found me sucking Jeff's cock. In an instant, I turned Jeff and had him sit down on the dug out bench. Then I turned toward him and straddled the bench so I could keep sucking his cock while Chet fucked me from behind.

Chet said, "Do you need some help getting out of those panties, girly?"

"I sure do," I said.

I quickly stood up and leaned against Chet while I pulled off my red lace boyshort panties. I loosened Chet's belt on his pants and reached in and pulled his big cock out for him. Then I straddled the bench again and held my hot and horny ass up in the air for Chet to put his big one in while my voyeur boyfriend, Ricky, watched. I looked back to help guide Chet's hard cock into my tight little hole he was about to love. This is one of a girl's favorite things to do, and mine too.

It wasn't long until my mouth and ass were being filled with lots of hot cum from a Roughneck and a Pirate. I was, now, a big fan of baseball since I learned how much fun it was to be a ball girl. And I had a boyfriend whose cock was still hard and filled with cum for me. That's why, every time I see a baseball player I want to suck his big cock and feel his bat in my tight little ass. I loved every minute of that wonderful season.

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