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Tickets please!

My life changed forever on the 07:28 from Bristol
Standing by the window, I watched as the countryside flashed by. My train had been delayed due to a dodgy signal just outside the station, but judging by the speed the driver was maintaining there shouldn't be much of a delay, thank goodness. Even though I hated my job and boss I needed the money desperately.

With a sigh, I turned away from the dreary grey outside and tried to make myself comfortable on the little fold down seat. The train wasn't busy, but I needed to be on my own, at least for a little while. Life had got so complicated, my house of cards finally crashing down after years of anguish and guilt. I'm one very confused individual you see, male by birth but not by choice. My wife and family, my friends, my high powered job, my life, all gone. Being in your late thirties and succumbing to the base desires that your inner Lady demands sounds such a simple thing at the time, no-one could possibly find out. Wrong.

Feeling safe, I had used a website that was innocent enough to start with, a false name, misleading location, an online email address. Chatting and fantasising about letting my alter-ego enjoy herself, wearing the panties, stockings and heels from my stash hidden in the garage while reading the stories and the lovely pictures of my friends. Oh how I wanted to be taken and used for someone's pleasure! For them to adore my lacey intimates as much as I love wearing them, to feel strong hands stroking and teasing my intimate places, to feel a hard cock inside me and taste its cum.

Instead of harmless relief, an outlet for my boring meaningless life, the website became an obsession. Posting my first picture had been such a thrill; you are just not taken seriously unless your gallery shows images of your own body, not just the wank material that others had found online. Doing everything to make sure I couldn't be recognised became second nature, automatic even.

Until you are confronted by your better half one horrible fateful day and subsequently half beaten to death with a rolled up, tear stained magazine.

Somehow several of my, let's say more adventurous pictures, had found their way off my closed, private gallery and into the public domain. I have no idea how long they had been making the circles, I had been using the website for a number of years so couldn't even pin the blame on an individual. But fate had worked her cruel charm anyway when a woman's magazine happened to be sourcing images for an upcoming story. The designer had chosen what they thought were anonymous pictures on crossdressing, to brand some poor devil as a 'sick' pervert after being exposed to his poor, betrayed down-trodden girlfriend. You know the ones, we all read them. Only the pictures weren't totally untraceable.

A couple of giveaways, a rather unusual bed spread my wife adored, a pair of stunningly sexy panties borrowed from her drawer and my custom made wedding ring.

Well, here I am now. Spending the odd weekend with my children when I can afford it, and then going back early on the Monday morning to the depressing hole I call a job. To try and cheer myself up I had worn my most beautiful matching pink set with black lace, lace-up stockings, knickers and a six-strap suspender belt that was pure 'fuck me'! They felt so nice under my jeans and of course really thrilling to know I was the only one that knew.

I had been admiring several of the ladies as they went to the toilet opposite me, another reason to pick this particular spot on the train. But I was far more interested in what they were wearing! So jealous. In my day dreaming I hadn't heard the conductor, sorry 'train manager', the first time.

"Ticket please sir?"

I came to with a start, dropped my rucksack and several pairs of my neatly rolled lacey panties, in assorted colours, competed with each other to see how far they could get across the floor.

"Oh shi... errrr... bugger... so sorry... " I stammered as I tried to collect my wandering lingerie as nonchantly as possible.

A perfectly manicured pair of hands handed me several pairs; I could feel my facing burning with embarrassment as I gratefully accepted them. My gaze locked onto the beautiful pair of black Mary Jane 2.5" heels that my rescuer wore and rose, taking in the shapely nylon clad legs, the just above the knee skirt of her uniform, the very prominent shapes struggling to be contained within her white blouse and finally to the dazzling red lipsticked smile.

"Tha... thank you," I managed to blurt.

"Oh that's quite alright," she said, with a wink.

I just stared. There was just something about her and before I realised what was happening she had taken my hand and gently pulled me into the loo. The revolving door closed behind me with a solid thunk and a click as it was locked.

"Err... " was all I could say.

"Sssshh... " my sweet abductress said holding her red painted finger to my lips.

Still holding my hand she guided it to her leg and up under her skirt; an electric shiver ran up my spine as I felt her patterned stocking tops with the metal suspender clasps holding them in place. Still in silence, her smile broadened as the look of surprise on my face was quickly followed by a blush so deep as my hand came to rest on the very large bulge in her knickers.

"Now then, what shall I do with you?" she said.

Not having time to reply, I was firmly pushed down to my knees. Stupefied, I watched as she slowly raised the hem of her uniform exposing a pair of gorgeous legs in all their feminine glory. I gasped as her fully erect shaven eight inch cock freed itself from the beautiful black and purple satin panties that had barely held it prisoner.

"Oh my god... " was all I could say, just as its tip was pressed against my now willing lips. Before I knew what was happening they had parted, allowing this monster to begin to glide into my panting mouth. I had never sucked a cock before, but instinct took over as my tongue greedily worked the large head and shaft, her rising juices blowing my fevered mind. The smell of clean musk and baby powder was overwhelming.

Her hands tightened on my head as she knew from experience that this was my first time, slowing my enthusiasm and keeping her growing excitement under control. Although Kasey needed to taste cum with every fibre of her being, my mentor had other exquisite plans for her new playmate.

All too soon, she gently pulled back from my eager lips, put a finger under my chin and moved my gaze back to her face.

"You are such a good gurl, have you sucked many clitties before?" she asked.

"No, never," I replied licking my lips and longing for another taste.

"I can see we are going to be seeing a lot of each other," she grinned. "Aunty Trixie is going to make her little gurl into a sex kitten that my friends will just adore."

I just gazed. Aunty? Friends? Trixie's cock was still hovering in front of my eyes, which followed it as a dog does a ball.

She giggled, "Oh yes you will do nicely, now let's see how much help you are going to need."

Aunty held my hands and got me back to my feet, immediately planting her mouth onto mine. My knees buckled but she was surprisingly strong and easily supported my shaking legs. 'Oh god, oh god, oh god I'm kissing a guy,' was all I could think, but I was in heaven. Her hands released their grip and loosened the belt on my jeans which fell away revealing my naughty secret.

"Oh, mmm, better then I had hoped!" she leered. Her hands stroked my pretty under things, lingering on the fine lace panels. "Definitely potential here," she said huskily.

With a quick movement I was turned around, and a hand pushed into the small of my back. I stumbled forward managing to reach out and support myself across the toilet at the last moment. Suddenly I realised I couldn't move without falling to the ground as I was totally unbalanced. I whimpered.

"How cute!" she purred as a hand ran up the inside of my legs, pushing them apart even more.

Her hands got to work stroking and teasing me through the frail material of my panties. I couldn't help it, I whimpered again. Scared, excited but wanting Aunty to do whatever she wanted at the same time.

"And what do we have here...." said a now stern voice.

Oh shit I thought. I had forgot the tampon. I had a rather enjoyable session with my toys before dashing from the hotel room that morning. I do like it a little rough. This normally means no lube and a satisfying soreness to remind me all day what Kasey really wants. The tampon was hastily covered in a soothing cream and popped inside, with just the string protruding.

"Have you been naughty?" she asked as a resounding slap made me gasp.

She pulled the tampon out, replacing it immediately with a finger. I groaned, surprising myself with my gurly whine. After a few seconds a second finger worked its way inside me. Her breathing was now getting heavy, as I squirmed. A third finger came into play, I couldn't help myself and cried out.

Slap. "Sssshhhh you little slut."

My mind reeled, my eager bottom pushing back on the fingers by itself. A fourth forced its way in with the other three.

"Arrrghh," I cried quietly. Her exploring seemed to last for hours and choosing her moment with expert precision removed her hand and slammed home her cock in one motion. It felt like I was about to explode!

Without saying another word, she began to fuck me. Her hands stroked my stockings but carefully avoided my now solid clitty tenting my panties.

"There's a good gurl," as her member finally sank all the way home without missing a thrust.

It could have been seconds or minutes, but to my mind it seemed like hours when I felt her begin to speed up. Now slapping cheeks with each resounding push into me, soon became a shudder and an "oh fuck yes!" as the pulsing in her cock signalled an almighty orgasm. My knees buckled as my own cum shot across the loo and hit the wall opposite.

"Errrggggg!" I moaned as I lost my balance and fell to the floor.

"Oh yes you will do nicely," she smiled. "Here, you will need this," passing me what looked like a plain business card, "and I would also look in the mirror!" She gently opened the toilet door and with a momentary glance at her new conquest, slipped out laughing. I just had enough sense left to reach up and relock it as someone on the other side tried to enter.

I stood there, stunned. Looking in the mirror, I realised I had missed removing my pretty eye-shadow after the fun that morning. Shit! I'd caught the bus, bought my breakfast and waited on the station platform in full view of anyone who cared to look.

Hastily I cleaned myself up, pulled my jeans back up over my now wet sticky panties, both front and back, tucked my shirt back in and unlocked the door. Very wobbly, I went to find a seat, that's if I could sit down! The lady waiting outside gave me a withering look and went into the loo, slamming the door behind her. I smiled. Oh if only the snotty bitch knew!

I found a seat, and uncomfortably lowered myself into it. My mind reeling from the last thirty minutes.

Remembering the card Aunty had handed me, I took it from my pocket. On one side was a red lipsticked kiss and Trixie's signature, on the other was written "You are now mine little gurl" along with a simple web address.

I stared at the fancy script while opening my tablet's browser with shaking fingers.

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