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Bob Is Turned Into A Cuckold

Bob has fun with friends until...

Bob woke up at seven in the morning with a raging hard-on. He pulled back the sheet and looked at his little cock sticking up proudly. Yes, it is small at only six inches long and also quite thin, but he has always been able to stay hard for hours and also cum several times in a short period while producing huge amounts of cum.

Bob’s wife, Sue, already left for work so Bob started to think how he would find relief for his full and aching balls. Bob got up and went online and invited his two retired bisexual married buddies over for a playdate. He showered and shaved and primped himself for a day of man sex.

Bob went downstairs and set up his camcorder on a table in the playroom so he could enjoy the play day later.

At noon the doorbell rang. He turned on the camcorder and then went to the door and let in his friends, Tony and Jeff. Both stood over six-feet-two and were in great shape. After Bob greeted each at the door with a handshake and a big smile everyone retired to the playroom downstairs. Drinks were flowing and porn was being shown on the big screen television.

Soon one after another stripped off their clothes and began playing with their cocks. As host, Bob felt it was his duty to get on his knees in front of Tony and suck his now very hard and thick cock. Bob looked over and saw Jeff masturbating his equally large cock. The party had begun!

Bob stopped licking and sucking Tony’s cock.

He stood up and said, “Hey guys, I have always wanted to have a cock in my mouth and one in my ass at the same time. I want to suck Tony’s cock while Jeff fucks me. Then, if you both are up for it, I would love to have you switch places so we can do it again.”

They both thought it was a great idea.

Bob pulled out his special body table he had made in his workshop. It was a slanted padded table that had Velcro restraints at each leg. It also had a hole in the table for his penis to stick through. Bob stretched out on the table; his friends strapped his wrists and ankles firmly to the table legs. His ass was sticking up higher than his head and his flaccid little penis was barely sticking through the hole.

Tony approached Bob from the front and presented his erect nine-inch long cock for Bob to suck. He said, “Open your mouth my good friend and suck my cock.” Bob was all too happy to oblige.

Jeff, standing behind Bob, lubed Bob’s love hole. He lubed his seven-inch fat cock, lined it up and pushed hard. The mushroom head popped in past Bob’s tight opening. He then shoved a little harder and slide all the way in Bob’s love tunnel. Jeff began to fuck Bob with deep and powerful strokes.

Bob was sucking Tony with great skill and soon Tony was very close to coming as he watched Bob being fucked by Jeff. Jeff, sensing this, tensed up and shoved his manly cock deep into his friend’s man cunt. His cock swelled, his balls pulled up and he began to squirt shot after shot of hot man juice deep into Bob’s bowels.

At the same time, Tony also cried out that he was coming and unleashed a torrent of manly hot cum. His cock sent rope after rope of thick juice into Bob’s eager mouth. The force of Jeff’s cum blasting into his ass and Tony’s cock erupting in his mouth, pushed Bob over the edge. Bob’s now hard skinny cock began to pulsate.

Bob swallowed repeatedly, to keep up with Tony’s plentiful load. He was also experiencing his own powerful orgasm. His cock was rock hard. He saw flashes of lightning behind his closed eyes as he exploded his own pent up cum through the hole onto the table and onto the floor. Jeff pulled his fat cock out and saw a river of his cum leaking out of Bob’s man pussy.

When both Tony and Jeff came down from their orgasm highs, they released Bob from the table. All three went to the shower and washed each other, dried off and returned to the playroom.

Bob went to the bar and made everyone vodka tonics. He joined the others on the couch and watched some porn as they sipped their drinks.

Bob remarked, “Thank you to both of you. That was amazing. It was the best gay experience and orgasm of my life. I never even had to touch my little fellow to reach that incredible orgasm.

That was when Tony remarked that his cock was getting hard again. That spurred Jeff on. His cock started to twitch and grow. Tony leaned over and started to suck on Jeff’s semi boner while he was playing with his own cock. Bob watched his two friends and became quite aroused. He asked if the guys would join him on the floor mattress.

Jeff got down on his back. Bob got in a sixty-nine position over Jeff. Soon they were happily sucking each other’s cocks. Tony couldn’t resist and knelt behind Bob. He squirted lube on Bob’s upturned man pussy. His now rock hard cock was at Bob’s opening. Jeff looked up and reached for Tony’s cock and lined it up to Bob’s hole. Tony rotated his hips forward and his cock slide between Jeff’s palm and into Bob’s waiting pussy.

Bob let Jeff’s cock fall from his mouth and said, “Oh, fuck Tony, your big fat cock is filling me up.”

Bob went back to sucking Jeff, Jeff was sucking Bob and Tony was fucking Bob. Jeff was treated with a wonderful view of Tony’s big cock pounding in and out of Bob’s man cunt. Bob was first to tense up as he shot his cum out of his smallish cock into Jeff’s willing mouth. Jeff swallowed it all and kept on sucking. Tony slammed into Bob’s rectum as he erupted and sent a torrent of hot man juice into his bowels.

Then it was Jeff’s turn. He yelled out that he was coming and shot his plentiful load onto the back of Bob’s mouth. Bob gagged a little but quickly started swallowing and was able to savor Jeff’s entire manly load.

Several minutes passed when both Jeff and Tony said they had to get home before their wives came home from a shopping trip. They showered and left Bob on the floor mattress sound asleep.

Sue came home from work at 6 pm. She called out to Bob. When he didn’t answer she came downstairs to find her husband on the floor completely nude. He was on his stomach. Cum was leaking from his man pussy. She began to laugh hysterically.

She saw a video camera on the table. It had stopped recording after two hours. She hooked it up to the television and hit play. She watched in shock as she saw her husband of fifteen years sucking cocks and being fucked. She also saw how much pleasure he had that afternoon.

Bob woke up as the video was still playing. He said he was sorry. That he just got carried away. That he wouldn’t ever do it again.

“Oh, yes you will, “Sue said, “You will be my cuckold bisexual husband and will do as I say.”

She went to the sex toy wall and got the wooden paddle he has used many times on her.

She went to Bob and said, "Bob this is the first day of the new order. From this day on I am in charge and you do what I say or the video goes viral.”

“Yes dear, “Bob said weakly. He knew he lost all control. He also realized his dreams could be coming true. He was secretly overjoyed with the prospect that his wife was now in control.

“My first act will be to give you a spanking,” she said.

Sue began spanking his cum crusted ass with the wooden paddle. She was not kind. She spanked him more than fifty times. His ass was bright red when she was done. All the time he was being spanked he was screaming and crying and begging her to stop. Finally, Sue stopped. She walked away leaving him on the mattress still crying and went upstairs.

Bob rubbed his ass cheeks as he watched her leave the room. He realized just how excited he was with the spanking she gave him. He was also praying she would return and use other things on him from the sex toy wall.

An hour later she returned and saw Bob was still naked and watching the video.

Sue got her strap-on and put it on. She told Bob, “You obviously like getting cocks up your ass.”

She lubed up her life like black silicon cock; positioned herself behind Bob and shoved it up Bob’s ass. Bob just moaned in pain and pleasure as his well-used asshole was once again invaded.

Sue slammed into his ass pussy repeatedly for fifteen minutes. She knew it hurt but didn’t care. She finally stopped: out of breath she sat down.

She looked and to her surprise, Bill was hard again and leaking pre-cum. That is when she decided to get a glass and held it over his cock. She shoved a vibrating dildo into his ass. In no time Bill was squirting his cum into the glass.

When he finished squirting his seed Sue pulled his head up. She held the glass to his lips and told him to drink his own cum. She held his nose until he swallowed the entire load of cum. Sue repeated what she said earlier that starting now, she was in charge.

Bob struggled to stand. His asshole was sore. His ass was still on fire from the spanking. He stood a beaten man in front of his wife.

Bob started to cry again from the shame and humiliation.

When he was finally able to speak he said, “I have been bisexual for years. I really enjoy sucking another man’s penis. I like the looks of cocks. I also know I don’t please you with my inadequate sized penis. I envy other men with their big cocks. I have secretly wished I could watch you having sex with big cocked guys. I also know several of our male friends have fucked you. I also suspect you are having affairs with men at your work. I won’t stop you, but I hope you will let me be part of those affairs. If it is just watching or actively participating I don’t care. Like you said you are now in charge.”

Sue listened to his confession then said, “Bob, go shower, I want you to remove all hair from your body. Shave every hair off. Your arms, chest, ass, cock, balls and legs, you need to be hairless when you step out of the bathroom. Come to the bedroom naked. I will have a few more surprises in store for you.” Bob, with head bowed, went to the bathroom with a smile on his face.

Sue then went to the computer and ordered several penis cages of different sizes. She also ordered panties, stockings, heels and several short dresses to fit Bob. She thought to herself, ‘Yes, I am in charge now and things will be different. My husband will now be my bisexual cuckold husband.’

When Bob returned to the bedroom he stood in front of his wife. His little penis had shrunk to about two inches. His balls were hanging down past his cock. His body looked to be completely free of ugly man hair. Sue ordered Bob to turn slowly around.

She closely inspected him. “Bob, bend over and pull your ass cheeks apart, I want to see if your man pussy is hair free.”

Bob did and Sue was pleased to see he was indeed hairless everywhere.

“Now come here and lick my asshole and then my pussy. Taste my boss Danny’s cum. He has a really big cock and shoots a lot of cum. He fucked me twice today. He fucked me once in my pussy and once in my ass. Something you have never done or will ever do.”

Bob obeyed. He got between Sue’s legs and began licking her asshole. Danny’s cum smell and taste were very strong. When she was satisfied she told him to lick her pussy. Bob moved up and licked her stretched out and leaking cunt. The more he licked the more cum reached his tongue. Soon Sue was withering in ecstasy. She convulsed five or six times and pushed, even more, cum from deep within her cunt onto Bob’s tongue. Bob knew to swallow it all or he figured he would be severely punished.

When Sue came down from her orgasm she pushed Bob away from her body. She looked down at her husband who had rolled over on his back.

“Fuck!” she screamed. “You are hard again.”

She went and got her plastic hairbrush and held his cock in the palm of her left hand and spanked his skinny penis with the brush. She spanked it over and over until it shrunk up and withered in her hand. It didn’t stop Bob from still having a ruined orgasm. Sue looked and saw her hand was coated with a thin layer of cum.

She rubbed it on Bob’s face and said, “That is your last orgasm unless I say you can have one. Now go to sleep. Do not touch yourself. I am going to get a shower and when I return you better be asleep.”

Bob was so happy that his fantasy dreams were becoming reality. He pulled up the covers and was soon asleep.

Sue went to the bathroom with a big grin on her face. ‘Finally, she thought, I am in charge. I can’t wait to humiliate Bob in front of my girlfriends. I will make him show his pathetic penis to the ladies. He will have to watch as we get naked and enjoy each other. I also can’t wait to have my boyfriend’s fuck me as he watches. His tiny penis will strain against the steel cage he will be restrained in. I think I will have him suck them as well as to be fucked by them. I wonder if he will be able to cum while locked in his penis cage. I also wonder if Bob secretly has always wanted me to be in control.’

Next week Bob gets a makeover. Sue gets fucked and so does Bob.


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