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Hillcrest Academy for Girls - Part 3

Head Mistress comes home to her husband after being fulfilled

The Head Mistress watched Mr. Williams leave her office and she smiled. This new teacher, Brad, had potential, she thought, as his cum leaked from her stretched cunt. It felt so good to have a real thick cock inside of her again. She loved how his animal instincts took over and forgot all about innocent Cassie.

She got dressed, bid her still flustered secretary goodnight and drove home. Her pussy tingled as she remembered watching Brad get aroused watching and then spanking Ms. Yuko’s bare cream colored ass. She then smiled as she took advantage of the situation and had Brad suck her clit and then fuck her hard with his swollen cock. She reached down rubbing her black mesh panties and felt his hot cum on both the panties and her skirt.

The Head Mistress was such a wet mess, but she knew how to handle that.

Her husband, Steve, was a physical education teacher in a local high school. He was a tall handsome well-built man with hints of grey in his smoky black hair. They had been married for over twenty years but the dynamics of their relationship changed once Linda took over as Head Mistress. It seemed that being in charge of the school released her dominant personality. This change confused Steve but strangely excited him as well.

Steve greeted his wife with an embrace and a kiss. He was hoping for a little sex now that the weekend had arrived and felt amorous, but he knew he shouldn’t get his hopes up.

“How was your day, honey?” he inquired.

She slapped his ass hard. “Excuse me.”

“Sorry, how was your day, Mistress?”

“Better, it started out okay, but it got better as the day went on. Remember, the new male teacher I told you about? His final orientation was today, and he got to both witness me spank a young student and also he got to spank her as well.”

Linda took her fingers and rubbed them against her wet panties and then brought her fingers to her husband’s nose.

“Can you smell his cum, my pet?” she cooed.

“Lick my fingers and get me a glass of wine,” she ordered.

Steve felt those conflicting emotions of lust, anger, shame and arousal. His growing penis gave away his overriding feeling.

Steve got her preferred red wine and walked back towards his wife. Linda noticed his growing bulge. Steve’s penis was perfectly adequate, but seeing him submit to her desires turned her on even more.

“Strip my pet. I want to see your prick and see how it measures up to the real man who just fucked me and made me cum, not once but twice,” she said.

Steve stripped; his clean-shaven cock was half-erect but almost its full six-inch length. Linda grabbed it and began stroking it. She loved how he kept his cock clean-shaven for her for those rare times when she let him cum in her mouth.

“Your cock is nice but his was bigger and thicker,” she sneered.

Her touch but even more importantly, her words made his cock so hard. She squeezed his cock tip, milking it for its pre-cum as he groaned.

Linda was getting horny again feeling her husband’s throbbing cock and thinking about Mr. Williams sucking on her clit.

“Lick my pussy clean, my pet. Lie down on your back.”

Steve quickly lied down as his wife stood watching him. His cock was now pointing straight up. He looked up with pleading eyes as she removed her clothes and then straddled his face. Her sloppy wet pussy was now inches from his willing tongue. Just then, he felt a drop of Brad’s cum fall on his face as she completely covered his face with her pussy.

“Lick my pussy clean of his cream pie my pet,” as she wiggled her cunt lips over his mouth and face. She reached for his cock and began stroking it.

“If you are good, I might even let you cum,” she gasped and moaned as his tongue circled her clit.

Steve’s cock ached. His revulsion and lust inseparable as his tongue probed her used pussy. He needed to fuck her so bad to reclaim his wife.

Linda brought her pet to the edge, blowing on his cock with her lips, stroking his cock and balls and then squeezed his balls tightly until he yelped in pain. She let him recover and then again she tormented him.

“Honey, I might let Mr. Williams fuck me again. His cock is so thick and full of cum. Maybe I will even let you watch,” she said as she teased him with her words and strokes.

“Suck hard, my pet, I need to cum. I need you to clean my pussy.”

Steve gyrated his hips upwards and begged his wife to suck his cock and make him cum.

“Not yet, not today,” she cooed.

Steve’s only hope was to make his Mistress cum and hope she would grant him relief. He knew he couldn’t cum unless she said it was okay.

Steve licked harder as Linda thought about Brad’s tongue on her clit. She groaned thinking of the pleasure. Steve thought he was causing her moans and continued to suck and lick with determination and passion.

“Oh yes baby!” she groaned as her legs pressed tighter around his head. Her plump ass covered his face. Steve gasped for air but all he could inhale and taste was his Mistress’s juices and Brad’s cum.

Steve could not believe the amount of salty hot cum he had already swallowed. His cock got stiffer as he thought of Brad filling his wife with cum.

“Please make me cum, Mistress,” Steve moaned.

“Do you want to watch Brad fuck me like you watched the other teachers lick my pussy?” Linda teased as she again got her husband to the edge. His cock throbbed and glistened with pre-cum. His cock head was now deep purple from the extreme teasing of his Mistress.

“Yes, Mistress!” he loudly moaned.

Steve sucked on her puffy labia and then flickered his tongue across her clit. Linda cried out in pleasure as her body trembled from both his actions and visualizing her husband watching Brad fuck her with his thick cock.

She squeezed Steve’s cock tightly as her third orgasm of the day washed over her body. She pinched her massive breasts as her body tingled with pleasure. Steve’s body jerked upward against her hand trying to cum.

“I need to cum, Mistress, please,” Steve pleaded.

She looked at her husband’s swollen cock and smiled.

“Maybe you can cum later, but first you need to make me dinner. And leave your pants off and keep your cock hard, in case I want to tease you again.”

Linda got up feeling satisfied. She loved the feeling of power and humiliation over her husband. Her mind turned to Brad again; maybe he could be the counter balance to her husband’s submissive nature. It could be fun finding out, she thought as her husband served her another glass of wine. She petted his stiff cock. “Good boy,” she cooed as she teased him again.

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