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Submission Stories



An expression of her joy and love

He showed me things I never knew I wanted Gave me things I never knew that I needed Made me lust then lust after something different He has me orbiting his universe with great speed filled with dire need Aching with such greed to feed and fan our raging f...

Her Punishment

Giving her, her just desserts

She had fallen victim to one touch too many when the relentless cascade of pleasure hit Pushing her into oblivion She wanted to dance so close to the edge for me It was the ache in her Pearl that led to this point She is now Naked Contrite as she lays acr...

Her Worship

The treasure of her worship

Come worship me at the altar of my essence Bow down and lose yourself and feel your heavens tremble. ~ Give yourself to my desires then your time shall stand still I shall touch all your secret places Feel my smooth glide The hard and deep The ebb and flo...

Neighbours - Chapter 57

Cheryl gets involved in Crissy's explorations

With all that had happened, I had all but forgotten how Cheryl’s day had started but as I started to anticipate her return at the end of her work day, it came back to me. Given how little sleep she’d gotten and how hung over she looked when she left, I ha...

He called her on the phone, to whisper three instructions. “Wear something with lace.” “Be on your best behaviour.” “Put on something sexy underneath, something for me to savour for later. “ She takes a deep breath to calm her nerves, as this is what she...

Craving Your Scent

I’m lying here ignoring the world, spending a few minutes relaxing and all I can think about is you.

I’m lying here ignoring the world, spending a few minutes relaxing and all I can think about is you. I need to touch you, feel you, but most of all, I want to taste and smell you. I’ve missed that scent, that sweet perfume that intoxicates me and drives m...

To Honor & Obey

Some vows are more decadent than others.

He marveled at how his sub fulfilled his every need, the way she offered herself without limits, arousing him beyond belief—that he could do whatever he wished, and she would beg for more, was a treasured gift. Every part of her belonged to him, and he us...

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Helping her to feed

First, I make her hungry her lust willingly ignited stripping away inhibitions as piece by piece her clothes are cast aside Her need evident for my eyes that see her peaked dark nipples the swelling of her chest as she breathes The glistening between her...

Neighbours - Chapter 53

Crissy ventures out to meet a new friend

The cab dropped me off at the bar, and it looked just like its name and online description had suggested. It was the prototypical sports bar, kind of dim inside with a constant input of sound from the ubiquitous television screens. The wait staff were dre...

The Privilege Of Holding Her Gift

you need to hold the gift, to understand its attraction

With every beat of my heart I am reminded of the privilege it is to hold her trust to guide her with a firm yet tender hand For in her submission I finds the deepest fulfilment in knowing that she is mine ~ Her surrender submission commitment Her oh so sw...


Surely the BBC wouldn't allow this! Or would they? Oh, dear Laura.

Laura always got excited when Auntie undressed her. Each undone button meant pleasure to come. Uncle held the camera while Auntie unbuttoned her black blouse. Each button undone meant a slap around the face for Laura. She had got used to it. "Have you bee...

Abby’s Awakening

Sometimes your true self lies dormant until it is encouraged to stir from its slumber. Only then, when finally released from its shackles, can the emerging spirit soar!

Lights flashed and music boomed out of the speakers, impelling everyone to move. The floor was awash with pumping arms, flailing legs and bouncing bodies. The dancing was wild. Felicity was screaming, hands waving wildly to the rave music, the beat forcin...