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Journey into Cuckoldry - High Five

Their long 'foursome' weekend begins well, but not exactly as planned!
Bright afternoon sun beat down on the hot tiles surrounding the deep blue swimming pool, making it painful to walk without shoes as I carried our three glasses on a small tray back to the apartment for a refill. The water dripping from my wet swim shorts made slippery puddles around my feet and I stepped carefully the last few yards.

As I reached the apartment’s door I turned and smiled at my wife Alice, who was completing the last few confidant lengths of her daily exercise routine. She turned at the pool’s end, her long blonde hair, pulled back into a pony tail and dark with wetness; fell down her slender back. The water made her skin shine as she nodded and returned my smile before continuing her exercise.

It was Thursday, our first full day in Steve and Carmen’s new place in Spain and it was already wonderful. We had arrived late the previous evening to be met at the airport by Carmen and whisked away on a forty minute journey to the extraordinarily high class development in which they had bought a smart two-bedroom apartment.

Pausing only to drop off our bags and freshen up, she had taken us for dinner in a small, traditional restaurant nearby and the three of us had shared a light but delicious meal before returning to the apartment well after midnight for a well earned sleep.

The three of us! Not four!

It appeared that Steve had suffered one of the problems of running your own business in that his biggest customer had demanded his presence at the last minute requiring him to change his schedule. Steve was now due to join us on Friday night having booked another flight at the last minute. Carmen has given us the bad news when she met us at the airport when we arrived and offered us both his profuse apologies, especially to Alice, of course.

I could see that my wife was badly disappointed and frankly so was I. The thought of Steve taking over my place in her bed for perhaps three whole days and nights had been really exciting for both of us. We had talked about it in coded language ever since it had been booked – even in front of the kids – and once they were fully ensconced with their Grandparents, we had been silly and giggly with anticipation all the journey.

It had been a full five weeks since Steve had last comprehensively fucked my lovely wife and, despite our recent ‘scare’ we were both very ready for another lengthy copulation – and with luck, a series of them.

Now our enjoyment was to be shortened. Still, it was only a forty-eight hour delay; they would still have Friday and Saturday nights together, and as much of the daytime as they wanted too, I told myself as I prepared another round of drinks.

Gazing thoughtfully through the window, I watched Alice as she stepped out of the pool, her exercise over for the morning. The water cascading from her new slim and sexy body made me think inevitably of Ursula Andress in James Bond’s Doctor No. She looked simply gorgeous! The fact that she still seemed unaware of the way her body had changed simply added to her attraction for me and, I assumed, the other men who now routinely ogled her.

At least, I thought, offering prayers of thanks to the Gods, she wouldn’t be troubled by a bulging pregnant belly – well, not this time. As I broke fresh ice from the trays, my mind ran over the events of that morning two weeks ago when Alice had come into the bedroom with the used pregnancy test in her hand...


“Inconclusive?” I gasped as she entered the bedroom from the en-suite, waving the thin white pen-shaped device in her hand. “What does that mean? Are you pregnant or aren’t you?”

“It’s what the box says,” she replied impatiently. “It means... I think... that I left it too long before checking...” she went on. “I thought it said, ‘pregnant’ for a few seconds then it just went, well, strange.”

“Show me!”

I anxiously examined the device then ran into the bathroom for the box and read the leaflet inside hastily.

“You’re right!” I confessed eventually. “You’re definitely inconclusive.”

“Shit!” she hissed.

“How late are you?” I asked, adding the word “Exactly” When I saw her starting to get cross.

She thought for a moment, “Fifteen days, maybe more – you know I’m not very regular.”

“Shit!” It was my turn to curse. “Have you got another test?”

She shook her head. “And anyway we’d have to wait until tomorrow morning.”


“How the hell am I supposed to act normally all day, not knowing if I’m pregnant?” she demanded.

My heart ached for her and for myself too. The previous night had been sheer hell and I couldn’t face another like it.

“We’ll just have to keep busy,” I replied, taking her hand in mine, “and stick together, right? We got into this together; we’ll deal with it together!”

It was the right thing to say, thank God. Alice came over to me and we hugged for a long time.

“I do love you, Cucky Boy!” she said.

Her use of my Cuckold nickname made my tummy tingle and we kissed lovingly. As she turned to go into the shower, my hand surreptitiously stroked her flat, athletic tummy, wondering how I could possibly handle another twenty-four hours not knowing if I had suffered the ultimate in Cuckoldry, watching my wife being made pregnant by another man right in front of me.
I went into the bathroom and began to shave.

In the end neither of us had to suffer much longer because Alice’s period began in spectacular form that very afternoon and we realised we had quite undeservedly been lucky for a third time, she wasn’t pregnant. Her period when it came was very heavy indeed, complete with stomach cramps, nausea and repeated rushes to the loo which were not normal for her at all.

Looking back, I now firmly believe that my wife had indeed conceived by Steve right in front of me that amazing evening, but had then miscarried a few weeks later at a very early stage in her pregnancy. That thought kept me aroused on many of the following nights and to be honest, still does, along with the realisation that it hadn’t occurred to either of us to go to the Doctor to check.

To my surprise, as soon as her bleeding was in full flow, Alice was a woman transformed. Her worries vanished, her demeanour returned to its normal sweet, happy contentedness and, apparently unconcerned by the near-miss we had just had, within twenty-four hours she was once again looking forward eagerly to our forthcoming long weekend with Carmen and Steve and the thorough fucking we both hoped and expected her to enjoy at his hands.

Telling her that she had probably actually been pregnant with Steve’s child, if only for a few weeks, seemed an unnecessary and heartless thing to do to the woman I loved so I kept my own counsel, not knowing if my wife had realised how close she had come to bearing another man’s child.

Now of course she was definitely ‘on the pill’ which on the positive side meant that she was no longer in danger of getting pregnant by Steve or anyone else. On balance, that was a relief and meant relative safety.

On the other hand there were now at least two other people who had a good idea that my innocent wife had started to stray from the path of fidelity. Our Doctor who prescribed her contraceptive pills knew all about my vasectomy and, although he made it clear he knew full well what she was doing, was constrained by laws of confidentiality. Less comforting was the knowledge that whichever pharmacist she went to when her contraceptive prescription needed filling might know us or know our friends. For this reason Alice had taken her first three months’ prescription to a pharmacy forty miles away.

For me, the buzz of knowing that there was a risk of our new lifestyle being discovered helped to offset the slight disappointment that I began to feel, knowing Alice could no longer get pregnant during her ‘dates’. It surprised me – and to some extent made me ashamed - to realise just how much the thrill of possible pregnancy had contributed to the incredible excitement and enjoyment I felt, watching my lovely wife being fucked senseless right in front of me.

This was something I had hoped and expected to see in large doses during our long weekend with Carmen and Steve. Did that make me a bad person? I hoped not, but suspected otherwise.


The sound of soft naked footsteps on the marble kitchen floor brought me gently out of my reverie.

“Doesn’t she look amazing?” A voice sounded close by. It was Carmen, looking hot and a little sweaty but very attractive and womanly in her dark blue bikini. Her hips were rounded; her breasts full and firm in contrast to my wife’s slender frame and tiny boobs. I turned to face the woman who had brought our new lifestyle about. She was smiling. I smiled back.

“Well I think she is,“ I replied, “but then I always did. And the best thing of all is she still doesn’t realise what’s happened to her.”

Carmen smiled knowingly, “It’s amazing what a really good fucking now and again can do for a girl,” she said, her voice low and very suggestive, “Be honest,” she continued, “when did your sweet, innocent wife ever look THAT good when all she was getting in her pussy was this?” She reached over and squeezed the bulge in the front of my swimming trunks but there was no malice in her voice. “Just look at her! All the other men are!”

I couldn’t deny it. My wife had never looked so good in all the time I had known her. Slim, athletic, shapely with her long golden hair falling over rapidly tanning shoulders and in her skimpy scarlet bikini she had a body most women her age would kill for. But to top it all there was a new, distinct sexual undercurrent about her that most certainly hadn’t existed when she was she was my lovely, pretty but otherwise unremarkable, faithful wife and the mother of our children.

Was that really less than a year ago?

Now she was, well, simply hot! And as Carmen had said, it wasn’t going unnoticed. What was most arousing to me was her apparent complete lack of awareness of the effect she was having on those around her. After all her adventures with Steve, could she really still think of herself as the same innocent girl as before?

Surely not! In the short time we had been at the apartment Alice had already acquired a number of admirers, mostly men my own age, the male halves of the other resident couples and families. But there were at least a handful of boys, young men I should say, who had noticed her swimming and sunbathing and were making sure they were ‘around’ whenever she put in an appearance by the large shared pool. One in particular, a boy of around twenty who was staying in the villa next to our block, had been paying her a great deal of attention.

I stared at my lovely, sexy wife and felt myself firming against Carmen’s fingers which had remained on my bulge and were massaging my growing erection through my swim shorts. As I watched and hardened, I saw Alice roll slowly over on her sunbed and stretch out, face down, her chin on a folded hand towel. A few seconds later, her hands reached behind her back and unfastened the strap of her bikini top. The strings fell to the sides leaving an unbroken expanse of smooth skin exposed to the warm rays.

“And let’s face it, Mister Cuckold,” Carmen continued, her hand now deep inside my swimming shorts, firmly grasping the hard shaft within, “you’ve not done badly out if it either. You’ve never been so fit or so trim yourself since you had a bit of competition in the bedroom, have you?”

It was strange to hear praise from her lips and I looked straight into her eyes, seeking evidence of mischief. To my surprise I saw none so supposed she was sincere and, maybe, right again. I certainly went to the gym much more often than I used to and ran at least twice a week and was indeed a great deal fitter than I had been in years.

“I could almost fancy you myself,” she continued, her hand now pumping my cock slowly but firmly. “but then I’m a bit spoilt by Steve, aren’t I? Still…?” She left the wording hanging in the air.

I had no idea Carmen had noticed the change in me; I had barely recognised it myself, being so wrapped up in Alice’s descent into the world of the Hotwife.

“How long is it since Steve last fucked her?” she asked softly, her fingers now gently squeezing my tightening sack, “Four weeks?”

“Five!” I corrected her and immediately regretted falling into yet another trap set by the she-devil alongside me, who chuckled and began to pump my erection firmly. I felt a distinct danger of approaching ejaculation if Carmen’s manipulation of my cock continued.

“She’ll be looking forward to him arriving tomorrow then,” she said. “Poor thing! More than a whole month without a proper cock… in her cunt…”

I stared at my wife through the window as Carmen’s fingers toyed with my shaft and the tight sack at its base, cupping, stroking then releasing it before returning to their main task along its lower ridge. Alice’s legs parted slightly as I watched, as if her body was reading my mind, and I could see her bikini riding up slightly into the crack between her buttocks, exposing a tantalising sliver of pale buttock to the sun’s rays and of course to her unknown audience.

“She’ll be thinking about him now, probably,” Carmen teased, stroking me more firmly, “imagining herself naked… on her back… spreading those long, slim thighs… just for him… feeling that big… strong… cock… stretching… her tight… wet… cunt…”

It was almost unbearable, hearing those words, my heads full of vivid images of exactly the scenario Carmen painted, her long slender fingers wrapped around my cock, pumping it… bringing me so, so close to climax as in my mind, Steve’s large, intimidating cock was entering my wife’s body… parting her inner lips… penetrating deep within her… stretching her wide… Oh God! I’m so close to climax…

But it was not to be!

Sensing my imminent orgasm, the cruel temptress contemptuously squeezed my now painfully erect cock one last time before releasing it and pulling her hand away, leaving my erection sticking stupidly upwards through the elastic of my shorts, my body almost painfully unsatisfied as she silently picked up the tall glasses and carried them out to the poolside.

“I could swear even your cock is bigger these days, Mister Cuckold!” she grinned over her shoulder as she picked up two tall glasses and headed for the door, “It’s becoming quite impressive! I knew you were born for this lifestyle!” I blushed. “Or am I just missing Steve...?”

With those parting words, she left me alone in the kitchen and I watched her lightly swaying, rounded feminine hips crossing the patio, her tight bikini barely adequate to cover her full breasts and buttocks. As she bent to place the drinks on the low table between her sun bed and Alice’s, I noticed a large, distinct damp patch on the crotch of Carmen’s dark blue bikini bottoms. The She-Devil had actually turned herself on by playing with me!

“So I’m not the only one with a weakness!” I said aloud before taking my own cloudy glass back out into the sunshine.


We spent the rest of the afternoon by the pool and on the long terrace, sunbathing despite the health risks. The terrace had been cleverly designed with a wide open front which opened onto the shared pool, but with a lovely, private bougainvillea-shaded section nearest to the large glass windows of the apartment’s lounge. It was sunny but secluded, invisible from the pool and most other areas apart from the balcony of the villa next door where apparently our persistent observer was staying.

My role was joyfully subservient, bringing drinks to both the girls and of coursed helping to rub in sun cream in strategic places at strategic times. I was loving it, especially when I saw the looks both Alice and to a lesser extent, Carmen were getting from the other residents – envy from the women, blatant admiration from the men.

Several of the younger boys began to play in the water close to where Alice was lying. They were obviously showing off and tired of the game quickly when they realised Alice wasn’t going to react to their rather juvenile performances. I found this endearing, but then noticed that two young men, probably in their very late teens or early twenties, had started to swim, sunbathe and pose more discreetly where they believed the girls could see them.

One of them was the boy from next door and I was shocked to see just how well built he was for a young man. Clearly spending a lot longer in the gym than me or even Alice, his body was simply ripped with powerful shoulders and arms above something very close to a six pack. His swim shorts were tight and barely concealed the huge bulge within.

“That’s Mitch,” Carmen said softly as I poured yet more drinks, “he’s a Junior Olympic swimmer. His parents own the villa next door but they’re splitting up and it’s been sold.”

“That’s too bad.” I replied.

“He’s here with his Mum for the last time. She’s got a new boyfriend so he gets left on his own a lot. He’s a bit awkward with the girls… pity!”

I watched as she went back outside and talked briefly with Alice. The two of them giggled; Carmen was clearly trying to persuade my wife do something. This made me immediately suspicious but at the end of their chat they both drew their sun beds along the terrace until they were in the secluded sun trap near the large glass doors and slightly out of my field of view.

“Mister Cuckold…?”

I heard Carmen’s cheeky sing-song voice calling me and felt a tingle in my tummy. What mischief were they up to? I went through to the lounge and out onto the terrace through the large doors to find the two girls lying full length on their backs on the sun beds.

They were both topless!

I stood stunned. Not since our first pre-kids holidays had I seen my wife go topless in public.

“Alice!” I said in horrified astonishment. She burst out laughing then Carmen did too.

“Honestly! Come ON!” she gasped when her giggling had subsided, “You’re happy to watch me being fucked by Steve but you’re shocked when I show a bit of bare boob?”

I saw her point and blushed which made them giggle again.

“We’re on the private terrace anyway,” Carmen joined in, “there’s no-one who can see us and it feels so good to lose the top and get brown boobs once in a while.”

I smiled, suitably chastised. “So did you call me just to show me your breasts?”

Carmen grinned mischievously. “It was me that called you. Your sexy wife needs sun cream on her front and I thought you might like to rub it on!”

“Carmen!” Alice exclaimed in amused astonishment.

“Give the boy a treat,” she insisted, “after all, he’s brought you all the way here for… well, you know what for!”

“Well, OK…”

Alice blushed and smiled then lay back on her lounger, her eyes closed in the hot sun, her arms behind her head. Amused, I picked up the bottle of sun cream and knelt next to her, squeezed a goodly portion onto my hands and began to rub it into my wife’s smooth skin.

Her body beneath my fingers was simply incredible. Carmen was certainly right; my wife had never looked this good in all the time I had known her. Her long, slim legs seemed even longer as she stretched out on the towel, her tummy toned, athletic and already browning, the pale underside of her arms contrasting beautifully with the darkness of her shoulders and face.

Working in slow, smooth circles and with many pauses for more cream, my hands travelled from her bikini line, over her belly button and along her sides. I paused below her tiny, pointed breasts and rubbed cream into her arms before returning to her wonderful chest.

“What are you waiting for, Mister C?” Carmen asked softly.

I squirted more cream into my hands and began to massage my wife’s wonderful breasts. Alice gasped at my first touch, then moaned a little as my fingers first cupped, then kneaded her small pointed globes, working from their pale, tender underside to the darker nipples which immediately hardened. I squeezed them gently, then more firmly, my hands slippery on her smooth pale skin.

“Is that enough?” I asked after a good few minutes more massaging than was strictly necessary.

“Mmmm,” she, sighed, “why didn’t I think of this yesterday? Thank you CB.”

“My pleasure!” I replied, loving her open use of my Cuckold nickname. I rose to my feet and started to walk back to the apartment.

“Just a minute, Mister C!” Carmen’s voice stopped me as my hand touched the sliding door. I turned round, “Do you want me to burn? You’re not finished here yet.”

Realising what she wanted, I looked towards my wife, my eyebrows raised in a silent request for permission. Alice, who was grinning like a Cheshire cat, just grinned wider at my embarrassment and shrugged then lay back on the sun bed with her sunglasses over her eyes. I noticed her nipples were still erect as I knelt next to Carmen’s sun bed and lubricated my hands with cream once again.

Carmen’s womanly body was equally wonderful but so different from my wife’s. As I worked the cream into her tummy, my fingers sank a little into the softness that formed her sensual curves, and as I worked my way upwards to her arms and shoulders, I was very much aware of the extraordinary sexuality she effortlessly exuded.

Where Alice’s body was firm and toned, Carmen’s was soft and pliable. Where Alice was bony, fit and almost boyish, Carmen was full figured, almost voluptuous without being at all overweight. The contrast was so marked that by the time I was finally ready to massage her breasts my cock was in full, obvious, undeniable erection and as my palms made first contact with her substantial globes, its head began to peek uncomfortably out of the leg of my swim shorts.

“My, my Alice. It looks like your Cucky Boy needs a bit of release,” Carmen said archly, May I…?”

Alice laughed then quickly looked around to see if we were being observed. “Be my guest!”

Carmen reached across with both hands and eased my swim shorts down over my constrained erection and down my thighs to my knees. My erect cock broke free instantly and slapped stupidly against my lower belly.

“That’s better,” she said, lying back on the sun bed, “now where were we?”

I quickly looked around I case there was anyone to see my naked erection but Carmen had been right. The only place that overlooked the secluded corner of the terrace was the balcony of next door’s villa and that was empty. I was safe so, kneeling mostly naked but completely erect, I began to massage the sun cream into Carmen’s breasts.

It was an amazing experience. Full chested and overtly sexual, Carmen’s breasts made Alice’s bare chest look like a boy’s. They rolled and squashed incredibly under my fingers before firming to my touch as my slippery hands fought to cover their pale skin with cream, and when I began to apply cream to her large, dark nipples they grew tight and hard, their teats pointed and, compared to Alice’s, simply enormous.

I barely noticed Carmen’s hand casually stroking my erection as I rubbed her naked breasts, but when her fingers dived between my thighs and grasped my tightening scrotum, I suddenly realised how incredibly aroused I had become and, almost too late, what was surely about to happen.

“Excuse me…” I stammered, abandoning the sun cream and leaping to me feet in preparation for making a dash for the lounge doors. Cumming on the terrace with my shorts round my knees would be too humiliating even for a Cuckold like me! I had to make it inside!

But I hadn’t bargained for the effect of having my swimming shorts so low however and after two steps I fumbled, staggered and tripped, finally making it to the door, much to the girls’ amusement in time to dash into the bathroom and finish myself off messily across the mirror.

How embarrassing!

When I returned to the terrace a few minutes later having cleaned the tell-tale semen smears off the wall and mirror with a tissue, I was somewhat shame faced but at least now had a decidedly flaccid and better behaved penis. Carmen and Alice were still stretched out on their backs, breasts fully exposed to the sun.

“Better now?” Carmen asked.

I turned and grunted in reply, still pink-faced, but as she grinned at me and lay back on her bed, I couldn’t help noticing the large dark moist patch on her bikini panties between her thighs. It most certainly had not been there before I had massaged her.

Wet panties twice in one day! Carmen was a sexy minx indeed.

After refilling their glasses, I joined them on the terrace on my own separate sun bed. As I lay back on the damp towel, I noticed that the balcony next door was no longer empty and that a tall, well-built young man was doing some rather showy exercises there on his own. It was Mitch, the Junior Olympian. He didn’t seem able to keep his eyes off the two bare-breasted girls next to me – though they were both almost old enough to be his mother .

To my surprise, his gaze seemed especially drawn to my wife’s small breasts, the nipples of which were, I noticed, still erect even now. I wondered if she had noticed she had an audience but through her sunglasses it was impossible to see where, if anywhere, she was looking.

Had I been a more ‘normal’ husband I might have become angry and remonstrated with the Peeping Tom despite his youth and muscles. Instead, as a Cuckold I felt proud – and more than a little aroused - that a young good-looking lad should find my wife so very sexy.

I looked across at Alice who lay motionless, her breasts darkening almost as I watched, and noticed a small but definitely fast-growing damp patch in the crotch of her red bikini panties too. Like Carmen, she most certainly had not been damp there even after I had massaged her breasts.

She was getting aroused before my eyes. Hmmm.

We swam, sunbathed and read books and magazines for the rest of the day, all three of us tanning noticeably in the warm sun. Both the girls replaced their bikini tops before going to the pool which was a relief because it seemed that whenever they went for a swim, so did Mitch, our secret observer from next door. When they returned to their topless sunbathing, he appeared either on the balcony, or on one occasion ‘going for a run’ across the end of our terrace.

I had to admit, he did look very fit and strong in his tight fitting running kit. I can’t imagine the girls failed to notice it too.

As the day cooled a little, we went into the apartment, showered and changed then, glass in hand, watched the sun go down over the mountains before having dinner together in a small rough-and-ready bar on the beach, a few miles from the apartment.

I have to admit I felt great, walking barefoot along the sand hand in hand with two gorgeous women. Alice had dressed in a loose white cotton dress which showed off her light healthy tan to perfection and beneath which I could tell she wore no underwear at all – something she was increasingly doing at home too.

Carmen wore the equally short but tight black cocktail dress that I had seen her in before. Apart from matching her dark hair and gypsy eyes, it accentuated her curves to perfection. They were both stunning in their different ways and I told them so.

Spanish restaurant hours are late so it was well gone midnight by the time we returned to our bedroom and Alice and I kissed Carmen goodnight. It had been a lovely evening but, as she donned her sleep shorts and loose top, I could tell my wife was preoccupied.

“Are you very disappointed?” I asked as we pulled the light sheet over ourselves and turned off the light.


“I mean I don’t think either of us expected bedtime to be like this two nights in a row, did we? Are you finding it difficult without Steve?”

She breathed out heavily. “I suppose I am, yes. I hadn’t realised just how much I was looking forward to... you know... to being fucked by him again. It’s feels like it’s been such a long time. What about you?”

I loved the emphasis she had unconsciously put on the word ‘fucked’. It made me tingle inside.

“I’m disappointed too,” I told her truthfully, “though I wouldn’t want everyone to know I’m disappointed that I can’t watch my wife cheating on me with another man.”

She laughed. “That’s what your Best Friend Carmen has done to us!”

We lay side my side for a few moments before a thought crossed my mind.

“If you’re feeling horny I could try and fuck you now,” I offered, “with a condom of course, I know you want to stay clean for him and...”

“Thanks,” she interrupted, “but I’d rather save myself for Steve when he comes. I love you very much but it’s just not the same with you as when he fucks me.”

There! She had used the ‘f’ word again. Wonderful!

“I’d rather wait another day than risk being…”

“Disappointed?” I filled in the word for her.

She nodded. “Sorry, but it’s the truth. It will make the fucking better for all three of us – maybe all four – if I’m really, really ready.”

Another ‘f’ word! She must be very frustrated indeed!

Alice paused, staring into the darkness, her mind clearly picturing all she wanted to feel when her lover arrived. Mine was too although I didn’t say anything.

A moment later she breathed out one long sigh and rolled onto her side. To my surprise, I felt a small delicate hand lowering the front of my shorts and light fingers began to stroke my tummy.

“If you need a little help though...” she said.

My cock automatically rose to meet her fingers and for a few moments she stroked the sensitive ridge beneath my shaft, then took my erection fully in her fingers and began to pump me in slow, gentle strokes.

“Alice, you don’t have tooooo!” I began.

“Shhh! It won’t be long…” she whispered, tightening and loosening her grip on my shaft as she would sometimes tighten and loosen her vagina around me when we made love, “…before you get to see me... being fucked... by Steve...again...”

“Ooooh! That’s nice!” I sighed. Her hand rose from the very base of my shaft where my scrotum was tightening quickly to my smooth rounded head which was already swelling.

“His cock... deep… in my cunt...”

“Oh God, yes!”

“Thrusting... into me... so, so deep...”

I could picture the scenario in my mind clearly as I had had seen it in real life, three times now.

“Faster and faster,” she said, her hand on my cock suiting her actions to her words, moving swiftly up and down my shaft, ”making me wetter and wetter...”

“Mmmmm!” I breathed, feeling the heat of impending climax building between my thighs and spreading down my legs as her voice surrounded me with vivid images.

“Making me hotter... making me cum... and cum… and cum… calling his name... “

Her hand was moving quickly now, the room full of soft slapping noises as her fist struck my pubic hair over and over again as she tormented me. I could picture her with him, her breasts bare, her dress bunched round her waist, her thighs spread wide, his bottom going up and down between them...

“He’s fucking me... harder and harder... faster and faster... he’s going to cum in me... fill me with his seed... knock me up...!”

“Oh yessss!”

The heat in my belly was running fast down the inside of my thighs and up into my chest as in my mind I saw Steve’s thrusting become wild, uncontrolled. Alice screaming at him to cum inside her, to knock her up. His buttocks were tightening, her legs grotesquely wide as her body shook in orgasm. His hoarse shout of triumph as he began to ejaculate, escaped his mouth. His semen cascading into my wife’s body, his sperm wriggling and writhing within her, working their way through her pulsing cervix, seeking the egg in her womb… breaking through its surface… fertilising it within her… her belly swelling with his child…

Total Conquest… Total Conquest…

And then my own cock erupted in a cascade of sticky, slimy fluid which spurted over my lower belly and chest, my cock pulsing, throbbing in Alice’s increasingly messy hand as she kept on pumping me right through my ejaculation, gripping me hard as if milking every last drop of the precious semen from my body, holding my softening cock tightly in her hand long after my ejaculations had ceased before finally releasing its flaccid shaft to the warm night air.

“Oh my God, Alice!” I croaked, my chest and throat tight with the dying spasms of my orgasm as I lay breathless, panting on the bed. “That was amazing!”

“Feeling better?” She asked as she wiped her hands on a tissue from the box by the bed.

“Much better,” I admitted, “You’re amazing too.”

“Two hand jobs in one in one day,” she smiled, “perhaps you’re not such a useless lover after all…”

I frowned.

“Yes, I did see what Carmen was doing to you,” she added.

There was no malice in her voice and I smiled at the tease.

“Are you sure I can’ something for you?” I asked again, still panting a little.

“Let’s save it for tomorrow and let Steve give me a proper fucking. You’ll enjoy it more too.”

Another ‘f’ word. The poor thing must be desperate.

“Ok,” I replied, “and thank you, Hotwife Alice.”

“Goodnight Cucky-Boy!” she said, kissing me on the forehead and rolling onto her other side, facing away from me, leaving me with a pool of gooey mess on my tummy but a glow in my heart.

“Let’s hope tomorrow night is all you want it to be.” I whispered before cleaning myself up and falling asleep alongside her.

CHAPTER 6 – SIX OF THE BEST! – Will be published very soon.

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