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Third Place “Passion” Competition.

Let me be your Juliet

Let me be your Juliet, standing proud upon the balcony

Golden hair a crown of fire as it’s kissed by the sun

Distracting you, the sweetness of your adoration forgotten

As you gaze heavenwards, lust burning in your loins

You came to woo me with your words, you claim

To praise me with the poetry that sings in your heart

To make love to me as the dawn breaks over Verona

I don’t want to make love, foolish man

I want you to ravish me, I want to be fucked

Prove to me your love, risk life and limb and climb the wall

I hunger to feel your fingers tangling in my hair

My scalp burning as you push me against the wall

Mouth covering mine, leaving me breathless

Helpless as you claim me

Tearing off my robes, wild eyed and hungry

Your cock pressing between my thighs

And pulsing against the wetness of my…


…I want to grow old with you

Walk hand and hand with you

Perhaps share a kiss or two

Beneath the waxing moon…


Let me be your Belle, standing before my mirror

Eyes drawn to bruised flesh and the cast of your teeth

Each mark proof that I belong to you, a warning to all others

Trembling with desire as hot breath teases bare flesh

Beastly eyes burning in the darkness of your visage

A clawed hand pushing aside my tangled tresses

As gleaming teeth scrape against exposed throat

Moaning, I spread for you, feeling the heat of your cock

My thighs spreading helplessly, my cunt dripping

As I feel the heat of your cock pressing

Pushing between quivering cheeks  

Your growl a warning, well heeded and welcomed

I can hear the collective sigh of our audience

Teapot and candlestick, cadenza and clock

Silent witness to our debauchery and lust

Unable to stifle my cry as your swollen cock

Thrusts unmercifully into my…


…I want to grow old with you

Perhaps share a kiss with you

Maybe get high and screw

Beneath the silver moon…


Let me be your Cleopatra, sprawled out on my throne

Flames casting shadow beasts upon my naked flesh

Watching you strut, your fist held high in triumph

Baptized in blood and treachery

Casting off the chains of loyalty and love

As you surrender to the primal urge of lust

If I but asked, would you burn Rome to the ground for me?

Make me a gift of charred bone and ash?

I would dance for you, beloved, and lay with you

Surrendering as you claimed your spoils

Our hunger an ember, our passion an inferno

A phoenix rising in the night rivaling the sun

My core molten, devouring from within

The last vestiges of restraint consumed

Savage need stripping away all thought

Desire digging her hooks deep into my soul

As you plunge your spear into my dripping…


 …I want to grow old with you

Maybe get high and screw

Wouldn’t say no to a rim job or two

Beneath the waning moon…


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