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A weekend at the cottage part 1

I dare my wife to go without underwear for a weekend at the cottage with my buddies!
***Day 1****

As a way of keeping the bedroom alive and healthy, my wife and I would often challenge each other to do some sexual dares. Some of these got rather creative like her wearing nothing but a pink mini skirt and a bra and walking through a truck stop parking lot to me licking her to orgasm in the stall of a washroom at a friend's wedding. But nothing tops our latest venture.

We were both very horny on the three hour drive to a rental cottage for the weekend and Kim dared me to drive the last forty-five minutes completely naked. It was not an easy task getting my jeans off but I was finally seated buck naked behind the wheel of my pick-up truck. My arousal was very obvious as my eight plus inch cock throbbed against the seat belt.

“No fair,” Kim whined. “You are hiding my favorite toy!”

I grinned a nasty grin and adjusted myself so that my cock was above the restraint device.

“Just for that… you owe me another dare,” I told her, “and it is going to start right now. For the entire weekend, you are not to wear any undergarments of any sort. That means; no bras, no panties, no slips, no bikinis, no bathing suits… Do you accept my dare or do I pull my jeans back on and cover up my aching hard cock?”

“Damn you Chris…” Kim pouted. “You know the only reason that I come up here with you is to enjoy the peace and solitude and to work on my tan. All your fishing buddies don’t want a woman around anyways, but they sure don’t mind when dinner is ready when they decide to come in off the lake.”

“Well… what’s your answer?” I asked as I reached for my discarded jeans. “Do we have a deal, or am I putting my pants back on?”

“Fuck!” Kim hissed. “You are an asshole, you know that?”

I just grinned and tossed my 501’s back into the rear seat as Kim took off her shirt and her bra and handed it to me. The next thing was her shorts and panties. She was a bit more reluctant to hand me her panties but finally relented. I smiled as the damp fabric touched my palm and I knew the games were about to begin.

“So that’s it?” Kim asked with a sly grin. “All I have to do is to go commando for a few days while you and your buddy’s fish and drink beer all day?”

“Yup. That’s all you have to do,” I replied.

“Well I think that I may have an easier time completing my dare than you will yours,” Kim said pointing at my fuel gauge. “We are damn near out of gas and I’ll be damned if I am pushing this fucking truck to a gas station… you will be doing it, and you will be doing it naked.”

I didn’t say a word as I pulled the truck off the highway at the next side road and drove for about a half mile. After checking around to make sure that there was no one around, I jumped out of the truck and grabbed two jerry cans of gas that were supposed to be for the boat and poured them into the gas tank of the truck, damn near filling it. I let my hard cock lead the way as I threw the now empty cans back into the bed of the truck and climbed back in behind the wheel with an ear-wide grin.

“You are such a fucking asshole,” Kim said with mock anger. “I could swear that you had planned that little move just to piss me off.”

“I’d much rather be a smart ass than a dumb ass any day of the week,” I countered still grinning from ear to ear.

The last leg of the journey was uneventful but Kim made sure that my cock didn’t go soft once. She was either flashing me one of her boobs or pulling her shorts leg to one side to show me her shaved wet pussy. It was only when I reached the road to the cottage that I had to concentrate. You couldn’t even call it a road really… it started out as fairly well maintained gravel for the first couple hundred yards but quickly deteriorated to two worn dirt ruts interspaced by rock, roots and the odd washout caused by the heavy spring rains.

It was a damn good thing my truck had four-wheel-drive because there was no way we would have made it all the way in otherwise. We bounced along for about ten minutes till a fork in the road presented itself. There were two signs that pointed to either ‘Little Wolf Lake’ or ‘Dog Leg Lake’. I chose the former.

We had only gone about a quarter mile down more rock strewn road when the cottage came into view. Two 4x4 trucks were already parked on the property and Jim and Phil were busily carrying their belongings in to set up housekeeping. As a general rule, everyone brings as much beer in on the first day as they can because of the late start we always get and I could see Phil unloading several cases. And it is not a convenient drive out to the store to get more. I wasn’t sure how I was going to explain the lack of gas for the fishing boats.

Almost forgetting that I was without a stitch of clothes on my body, I slammed the truck into park and was just about set to get out when Kim loudly cleared her throat and handed me a pair of my old work shorts. Turning a pale shade of red, I grabbed the pro-offered shorts and slid them on to cover my nakedness.

Kim and I jumped out of the truck and went to say hello to the others already assembled. I couldn’t help but notice that Kim’s nipples were getting hard in the cool evening air and being without a bra they bounced a bit more than usual with every step.

Jim is a tall blonde with a quick wit but can sometimes be extremely shy. He has a chiseled body from years of working in the local lumber yard, whereas Phil is his complete opposite. Phil has a bit of a beer gut building and only stands about five foot eight or nine but is definitely a type “A” personality. He can talk to and get along with damn near anyone.

We said our pleasantries and then made haste to get all of our gear into the cabin and get a fire going to stave off the coolness of the rapidly approaching darkness. It didn’t take us long to get everything stowed away and the fire crackling in the huge stone fireplace. I went and started the diesel generator that was supplied, fuel and all, by the cabin owner so that we would have light and refrigeration for the food and beer.

When I came back in, Jim was just hanging up his cell phone. “Well, that’s one less mouth to feed this weekend. Brad can’t make it,” Jim said with a grin, “he said his Jeep wouldn’t start but I think he’s full of shit. Probably so pussy whipped with that new girlfriend of his and she told him he couldn’t come up to be a man for a weekend.”

“Probably hasn’t farted in her presence yet either,” Phil said laughing his big boisterous laugh, “afraid to let her know that he can pass gas with the best of us.”

All of us burst out laughing and made up more crazy excuses of things that Brad supposedly isn’t able to do anymore. The longer we carried on the more bizarre our antics became. Phil said something about her keeping his nuts in a jar on the corner of her desk and we all bust up again.

The beer flowed freely and I made sure that I kept Kim’s wineglass in a perpetual state of fullness. The evening turned in to night and Kim said that she was going to go make up the bed and get changed. I gave her a few minutes and then waited for the inevitable.

“Chris, you fucking prick,” Kim screamed at the top of her lungs from the bedroom, “what the fuck did you do?”

“Just trying to teach you how to pack lighter,” I said from my comfy place on the loveseat, “Just throw something on and come back out and finish your wine.”

Unbeknownst to Kim, I switched out all of her jeans, track-pants, sweaters and PJ’s for miniskirts, tank tops, and lingerie. I knew that she would be pissed but I also knew that there was nothing she could do about it. We were easily two hours away from the nearest store and they would all be closed till tomorrow anyways.

I gave her five more minutes and then went to the bedroom to smooth things over. I found Kim sitting on the edge of the bed wearing a semi-see-through negligee that came to mid thigh and was cut low in the front to show off her cleavage.

“There is no fucking way I can wear this in front of everyone,” Kim started, “they will be able to see everything.”

“I’m sure they won’t mind the view,” I said in earnest, “it’s not like they have never seen a sexy woman in slinky lingerie.”

“Maybe so, but they have never seen ME dressed like this!” Kim whined, “and you even took out all of my underwear and bras.”

“I knew you would accept my dare so I took the liberty of not temping you to go back on your word,” I said, trying to reason with her, “besides, you look fucking amazing.”

Kim resigned herself and let me lead the way back into the other room where Phil and Jim were still sucking back beers and shooting the shit. When Kim made her re-appearance, all conversation stopped and a dead silence swept the room. The fire cracked and popped as Kim made her way to the loveseat and sat down beside me. She tried her best to sit in such a way as to not let anything be exposed.

After a few awkward moments the conversation picked up again right where it had left off but every once in a while I could see the other guys sneaking peeks at Kim’s body. Every time that Kim moved to grab her glass of wine, the short hem pulled up further on her sexy legs. None of these movements went unnoticed by any of us.

Finally, it was just past one in the morning and we all decided to go to bed so that we could get a relatively early start on the lake. Kim offered to get the coffee maker ready so we wouldn’t have to waste time in the dark hours and with groggy heads.

Kim seemed to have lost some of her previous shyness possibly due to the bottle and a half of wine that she had consumed. She left us all sitting there as she got up and went into the kitchen. When she passed between us and the fire, the backlight made her seem almost naked and I could clearly see her shaved pussy beneath the scant fabric. We all watched as her firm ass walked into the kitchen. Someone in the past had a stroke of genius and put the tin of coffee in the highest possible shelf where Kim really had to reach for it.

Even at almost six feet tall, Kim had to go up onto her tippy-toes and reach way up which of course pulled the already short hem even higher. Soon we could see the bottom of her ass poking out and just the slightest hint of her pussy. She seemed totally oblivious to the show she was putting on for all of us as she continued to prepare the coffee maker.

When she was done she came back into the room and set about collecting all the empty beer bottles for us. Every time she bent over her tits damn near spilled out of her low cut top and her ass was constantly on display. I am quite sure that there was not a soft cock in the house; mine sure wasn’t.

“Ok babe. I can clean up the rest in the morning when you men are out fishing or whatever it is you do out there all day,” Kim said to me, “let’s go to bed.”

I dutifully followed Kim out of the main room and into our temporary bedroom with my cock achingly hard in my shorts. I had no sooner closed the door and Kim was all over me. She franticly unzipped my shorts and fished out my hard dick and began to jerk it off while forcing her tongue down my throat.

I grabbed a couple of handfuls of her ass and pulled her tight to me and ground my hard on against her belly. I could feel her hard nipples pressing against my chest like a pair of cherries. I let my right hand drift a bit lower and slid my middle finger into her pussy. She was dripping wet and my finger felt absolutely no resistance as it slid in to the third knuckle. I added my index and then my ring fingers. I now had three fingers pumping away in her soaking wet cunt and she was panting hard.

Kim was just about to cum all over my hand when she abruptly pulled away and dropped to her knees. She managed to take my entire eight inch cock into her mouth in one fell swoop. Her head bobbed up and down at a record setting pace as she massaged my balls with one hand and grabbed my ass with the other. We both knew that I wouldn’t be able to last long with this treatment and soon I could feel my nuts tighten up. Kim felt this too and sucked even harder. Without warning, several powerful blasts of hot cum erupted from my cock head and punished the back of her throat.

I could feel Kim trying to keep up with the copious amount of cum that had been stored in my balls all day and she did manage to swallow most of it. Only a drop or two escaped the corner of her mouth. My eyes rolled back in my head and I damn near fell down on weak knee’s before she let my spent cock slip out of her mouth. Kim scooped the wayward drops of cum off her chin with her fingers and sucked them clean all the while looking me directly in the eyes.

“Holy fuck,” I was finally able to croak out, “what was that for?”

“Just to let you know that you are the best husband in the world,” Kim replied giving me a kiss on the cheek, “now let’s go to bed, you have to be up early.”

I set the alarm on my cell phone to go off at six in the morning, stripped off my shorts and hopped into bed. Kim was already drifting off as I rolled into her, slipped my depleted cock along the crack of her ass and spooned with her as we both let the sandman take us away to a better place.

Stay tuned for parts 2 and 3

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