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High Stakes Pool

Only bet what you're prepared to lose
“Go on, man,” said Eric, giving Vance a light shove towards the bar and the girl standing there.

“Go on, what?”

“Make a move.”

Vance drained the last of his beer and took a deep breath. He’d been watching her for the best part of twenty minutes. She stood out in this place in her long black skirt and corset. She wore her hair up so little strands framed her face.

He waited for her to finish checking a text on her phone and then slid into the space beside her. His mind went blank. Shit.

“Would you like a drink, beautiful?” he asked.

She rolled her eyes at the line then looked at him properly and blinked. He resisted the urge to cringe, fairly sure he’d ballsed it up already.

She smiled. “You any good at pool?”

Her question threw him for a minute but then it hit him that she hadn’t just told him to get lost. He grinned.

“I’m the daddy at Pool,” he said. “Do you play?”

“Yes, but I’m not much good. Maybe you could give me some pointers. Oh, and I’ll have a bottle of Corona.”

He hailed the barman and ordered two bottles.

“Would you like to play?”

She bit her lip as if he’d said something suggestive. “Sure, but no laughing at me.”

He held up three fingers to his forehead. “Cub scouts honour, dib dib dib,” he said.

She narrowed her eyes. “You’re making fun of me already.”

He laughed and handed over her beer. “Not yet. I’m going to wait until I see how bad you really are.”

He turned his back on her and walked towards the conveniently vacant pool table. Well, despite the shaky start it looked like he had his foot in the door.

“Hey!” she called after him.

Oh, yeah, she was hooked. He looked back at her and started racking up the balls. “What? I’m honest.”


He walked over and handed her the cue ball. Her fingers brushed his as she took it and she blushed under her pale makeup. Winding her up was fun.

“Do you need to be shown how to break?” he asked, barely suppressing a smirk.

She scowled and bumped him out of the way with her hip. As she got down to make a passable break he leaned on his cue and checked out the view. Her long skirt hugged her ass as she leaned forwards. When she stood up she caught him looking but he could see no reason to try and hide it.

“I’m Ashley by the way,” she said.


He casually walked round the table and confidently potted two balls one after another. The second one was a bit of a trick shot. No harm in showing off a little, right? He glanced at her and then deliberately missed his next shot to give her a chance.

“You did that on purpose,” she said.

He gave her a crooked smile and offered her the table to take her shot.

She picked an easy pot and made it. Well he’d seen worse, especially among girls. Her shot was all about the pot though with no forward planning. It left her out of position for a second pot. She thought about it for a moment then got down for a shot. Vance was too distracted by the view down her top to work out what she was planning. She took the shot and nestled the cue ball against the cushion behind a cluster of her balls.

“That wasn’t very nice,” he said. “You’re a bit of a bitch.”

She winked at him. “No, I’m just playing to my strengths.”

It was starting to enter his mind that this might actually go somewhere. Those darkly framed, shining eyes of hers were very inviting.

He played a quick safety, leaving the ball in such a position that she had no choice but to lean right down over the table. Her cheeks flushed as he watched her and she seemed to take a lot longer than she needed to, to make the shot. He started imagining what it would be like to tug that corset down and release her breasts.

She missed her shot and left him an easy sitter. Her reaction to his attention gave him confidence and he casually potted his ball and turned to her.

“Would you like to make this game more interesting?” he asked

“How so?”

“For every turn that you don’t pot, I get a kiss.”

He couldn’t look at her while she considered her reply so he played his next shot. He purposefully played it as a nothing shot, leaving the cue ball in the middle of the table, completely open for her to play any shot she liked.

She bit her lip. “Okay, on one condition; you have to play by the same rules. For every turn where you fail to pot, I get the same.”

He nodded and she walked around the table considering which shot to take.

“Take your time,” Vance said. “I’d hate it if you missed.”

As she passed him he ran his hand lightly over her waist and hip, feeling the curve of her body under the silky fabric.

He watched the way she studied the table and realised she was looking to put him in a difficult position so he’d have to concede the first kiss.

“You hustler,” he said.

“Haha, I’m no hustler,” she said. She glanced into his eyes as she got down for the shot. “If I pull this off it’ll be a miracle.”

“You have a great cleavage,” he said, trying to distract her.

The pink returned to her cheeks and she blinked. He moved round in front of her until he was standing with his crotch directly in her line of sight.

“I think that may be cheating,” she muttered.

He chuckled. “Nope, it’s all in the rules.”

She attempted her shot but her cue arm was shaking a little. She turned away from the table before the ball had even stopped moving, and walked round to him. Then she lifted up on her toes and kissed him full on the lips. He responded immediately, moving his lips against hers with delicious, damp pressure. He put one hand up to her cheek and cupped her jaw.

Her lips were perfect, soft but firm and so delicious. The kiss was so sensual he was instantly aroused. He pulled away to take his shot and, for a fraction of a second, she swayed on the spot, eyes closed. He couldn’t help grinning. He took his shot quickly, potting one and then leaving her in a wicked snooker.

“Now who’s the hustler,” she said, scowling at him playfully.

“I liked your kiss so much, I want more,” he said.

Her eyes flashed hungrily. “I have a new proposal for you.”

“Go on.”

“You beat me, without me potting another ball, and I’m yours for the night.”

Whoa, okay, so he’d figured it was going well, but that was… Silly, she wouldn’t go through with it; she didn’t think she’d lose. And, to be fair, to play a whole game without conceding a single pot would be tough. But not impossible.

He smiled wickedly. “You’re on.”

She turned back to the table.

“Do I get to break on the next game?” he asked.

She giggled. “Let’s finish this one first, okay?”

“Game on then.”

She managed to get out of the snooker he’d left her in, but left him an easy shot in return.

He quickly potted it and snookered her again, keeping the pressure on. He couldn’t keep the grin off his face now.

She went to get down for her next shot.

“Hey, where’s my kiss,” Vance said moving round to her side.

She stood back up and kissed him deeply, parting her lips against his. Her tongue darted into his mouth. She tasted so sweet.

She looked a little shaky as she got down for her next shot and he felt a little guilty for taking advantage of her. Then she somehow managed to pull a two cushion escape and leave him snookered in return. Where had that come from?

“You can wipe that grin off your face,” she said as she walked round to pay her kiss forfeit. “I only have to pot one, remember.”

When he got down for his next shot she hovered by his side. He was painfully aware of her presence, so much so he could almost feel the warmth of her body. He sighted on a ball and she leaned down, strands of her hair tickling his cheek. Focus, focus. As he drew his arm back she blew gently in his ear. The hairs on the back of his neck stood up and a shiver went right through him. He giggled and scuffed the shot.

He shook his head at her as he stood up and she held both hands up.

“Hey, it’s all in the rules,” she said, biting her lip. “Where’s my kiss?”

He leaned in slowly and kissed her gently, teasing her delicate lips seductively, intimately. The sweet passion of the moment took him from kind of aroused to full on hard. God he wanted her.

When she walked round to take her next shot her eyes looked distant and phased. Vance walked round in front of her, flagrantly showing her the erection in his jeans.

She missed her pot by a mile and walked round to him. He pulled her into his arms, holding her close.

“I’m not giving up yet,” she said against his lips.

“Please don’t.”

She lingered in his arms and, as much as he could have held her like that all night he desperately wanted to finish the game now.

Need and desire suddenly acted to sharpen his mind. He pulled off the difficult pot and left himself on for the next in what was probably one of the best shots he’d ever made.

“No way,” Ashley said, suddenly staring defeat in the face.

Vance potted his last ball and landed perfectly for an easy black. With no hesitation he moved round the table and lazily struck the winning shot. When he looked up she was staring at the table, stunned. He allowed himself a brief smug grin.

“You’ve been playing me the whole time,” she said. “And you call me the hustler!”

He laughed. “Are you sure you want to play this next game?”

She frowned, lips parting as if she was about to say something and then closing again. Then her eyes widened.

“Oh. No. Hey, my proposal applied to the game we were playing. As far as I’m concerned you won already,” she said. “But we can play again if you like.”

“No, I want my winnings now.” He moved in close to her and pulled her into a kiss.

“Right now?” she whispered against his lips. “Not here, surely.”

“No not here. There’s a booth in the corner. Very quiet. Go to the toilets and take your knickers off, I’m going to get us some more drinks.”

She raised a shocked eyebrow and he felt his confidence surge. Then she nodded and slipped off to the toilets. He returned to the bar, ordered another two bottles of beer, and then claimed the secluded corner seat. He took a few deep pulls on his drink.

After a while he began to suspect she wasn’t coming back, but then he looked up and saw her walking over. She squeezed in beside him on the bench seat and he pulled her close.

“So how many times has the pool hustle worked,” she asked.

He nuzzled her neck and took a deep breath of her heady, musky perfume. Vanilla or something. She smelled delicious.

“First and only time is with you,” he whispered. “Why did you bet so high?”

“Because I wanted to lose.”

“I wanted to beat you.”

She pulled away, took a long swig of beer, and then turned to face him properly. He leaned in and kissed her neck and her ear.

“So, you gonna collect your winnings?”

He ran his hand over her breast, fingers teasing along the top edge of her corset. Again he imagined freeing her breasts from their tight confines. She glanced out of the booth at the bar. They could be caught at any minute and the buzz thrummed through him.

He kissed her neck, softly nibbling her as he moved his hand lower. She ran her fingers through his hair then down to his neck and shoulder. Her touch was soft and affectionate and his heart pounded in his chest. What were the chances he would never see her again after this moment? The thought filled him with a surprising amount of disappointment but he put it out of his mind.

“Are you feeling naughty?” he whispered.

“Incredibly. Are you sure you’re up for doing this here?”

“Yes. My body is begging for your touch.”

He ran his hand down to her skirt and pulled it up. The material bunched up round her hips and she shifted a little closer. He stroked his hand over her thigh; her skin was soft and flushed with heat. He pulled her face towards him and kissed her. Her tongue caressed his, tangling and tasting deeply, lips sealed against each other.

His fingers crawled to the inside of her thigh and she parted her legs for him. What a seductive invitation. With his lips still locked against hers he started to move his hand slowly up her thigh, his whole body tingling with anticipation. The sounds from the bar seemed to get louder. It felt like they were being watched but he didn’t care. His cock was painfully hard in his jeans and all he cared about was getting it inside her.

When his hand reached its destination he paused and gently teased her with his fingertips. She closed her eyes then reached and pressed her hand to his crotch. He moaned as she massaged him.

He pushed two fingers into her and played with her swollen clit as he teased her inside. She bit her knuckle, eyes wide and he grinned. She was so wet it was easy to penetrate her. The swollen lips and walls of her pussy burned with heat and he imagined sliding his cock into her, right here and now.

He kissed her softly and then moved to whisper in her ear. “Would you like to go somewhere more private, or would you like to have my cock here?”

“Here, now,” she moaned. She reached for the button on his jeans and he started to move his fingers slowly in and out of her. She reached into his jeans and wrapped her hand round his cock. The feel of the skin of her hand on his flesh made him throb and he heard her breath catch in her throat.

He moved his fingers a fraction faster but after a few seconds she pushed his hand away, gathered up her skirt and straddled his lap.

He wrapped his arms around her, kissing her deeply as she eased herself down onto him. Her skirt draped down on either side. They could almost just be cuddling. They stayed still for a moment, just enjoying the exquisite tension.

“How dirty do you feel right now?” She whispered.

“Incredibly. You’re slick and greasy on my cock.”

“I bet you're glad you bought me that drink, huh?

“I'm even more glad that you’re crap at pool.”

He passed her drink over and she took a sip then kissed him gently, still barely moving.

“Hey, I’m not that crap,” she said. She clamped down on him, the walls of her pussy rippling along his shaft and his eyes unfocused for a moment. She squeezed rhythmically, caressing him without moving.

“So sweet,” he moaned. He wriggled under her, sliding subtly in her. With her lips tenderly devouring his, they continued the exquisite tease. He could feel her juices running into his lap.

“I love my cock in you,” he murmured against my lips. “Here and now. You are so sexy.”

“I’m not usually this much of a slut, there’s just something about you.”

Her words eased that strange, supressed feeling of dismay from earlier. “I’m so glad you like me. Do you like my cock in you?”

She leaned forwards and nibbled his earlobe. “Very much,” she whispered.

Her breath on his neck was like fire. “Good, I like your pussy.”

“Must be we're a good fit.”

His heart raced faster. “We are.”

He began to push his hips up into her, his hot, rigid shaft sliding fluidly into her. She lifted up a little to give him room to move. The angle meant his shaft rubbed over her clit as he entered her and he could just penetrate her with the upper two or three inches if his cock. She clenched around his head, squeezing him. He gripped her hips urgently and kissed her.

The thought that he was fucking this woman in the middle of a crowded bar drove him wild. Her legs trembled and she started to move with him.

“Yes, ride me,” he moaned.

She kissed his neck and ground her hips against his, forcing him deeper. He no longer cared who saw or heard them; all he cared about was cumming hard inside her.

He held her hip tight with one hand and hooked the other under her arm and back up over her shoulder, pulling her down onto him as he pushed up.

She nibbled at his lips, grazing them softly with her teeth then returned to his neck.

“I’m getting close,” she murmured. He could feel her pussy quivering, tightening and clenching.

“Me too,” he gasped.

She rocked her hips back and forward bending him inside her and he gritted his teeth.

“I’m so close,” he said. “You are so sexy, so naughty.”

She tilted her hips to rub her clit on his shaft. Her pussy clenched tighter and she bit his neck, her teeth digging into his skin almost to the point of pain. She flooded with wetness and he felt the spasms of her orgasm around him.

“Fuck yes,” he cried. He pushed up to meet her and held her close, straining deep inside her as he convulsed and shot his load into her pussy.

They held each other tight, gently moving and drawing out the pleasure until they were both drained and shaking.

“Wow. That was intense,” she said

She softly kissed the spot on his neck where she’d bitten him. It stung a little now.


She rested her head on his shoulder and he kissed her forehead. He didn’t want to let her go and risk this being the end.

A flurry of motion beyond their booth preceded the clink of glasses as someone cleared the empties from the next booth. Ashley tensed and Vance chuckled.

They checked no one was looking and disengaged. She excused herself and slipped off to the bathroom to clean up. Vance finished of his beer, trying to figure out how to make sure she didn’t leave his life now.

She came back and sat close.

“What are your plans for the rest of the night?” he asked hesitantly.

“What do you mean? The terms of the bet were I was yours for the night… the whole night.”

She kissed his cheek and he realised he was being silly. She was his already.

“Fancy another game then? My break?”

She smiled and took a swig from her beer. “Sure, okay.”

He slid out of the seat. “Care to make another bet?”

Thanks to Vance for being my muse for this one xx
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