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How It Started Pt. 5

No Way To Top This
The next day, after her letting him see her tits and suck them, I'd get hard just thinking about it all. How it had all started, with me catching him peeking down my wife’s pajama top that first time. Then he had seen, felt and sucked her tits. Not to mention the fact that not only had he seen her pussy, he had even managed to get a finger or two in it. I was curious how my wife felt about all of it.

When I asked her what she thought about last night, she said it was exciting, but also kind of scary too. I asked her what she meant, and she replied it would be strange now, when she saw him again. I told her if he said anything or tried to do anything, tell him that nothing is to take place. If he wanted to still get looks and possibly more, he wouldn't tell anyone about anything and he wouldn't try doing anything. This seemed to make her feel better.

After our conversation, I went about my business. As much as I tried, I couldn't get those images out of my mind. As she was doing the dishes, I walked up behind her and pressed my hard cock up against her.

"What’s that all about?" she asked.

"Your pussy was soaked last night. I can't believe how turned on you were. What made you the hottest last night?"

She rubbed her ass against my cock awhile. "Truthfully?” she answered “knowing that your friend was seeing my tits and pussy, because you wanted him to. Just letting someone else see me is hot, but knowing you were with me, and not only let him see, but the fact that it was your idea. That’s what made it hot for me."

As she talked, I was busy pulling down her shorts and panties. I slid my middle finger to her pussy. It was already cum soaked. She shuddered as my finger came in contact with her pussy lips.

"Fuck me! Oh God, fuck me now!" she said.

I was happy to oblige. This time there was no teasing. I slid my cock all the way in, in one fast motion. In about three strokes, she was cumming. I kept fucking her, as I hadn't cum yet.

"Oh fuck me! Slam that hard ass cock in me! Fuck yeah, that's the way, baby. Harder....Faster..Fuck Me!!!!" she was practically screaming.

I did slam my cock in her, time after time until I was ready to cum. I pulled my cock out and shot all over her ass.

"Since that made you so hot last night, I guess you want to try it again then?" I asked her after we'd finished.

"Maybe....I'm not sure,” was her answer. I told her if she wanted too it would be fine, or if she wanted to quit for awhile that was fine too. The choice was entirely hers.

"If you just want to let him look down your top, or up your shorts, that’s fine. If you want to let him suck your tits again, that’s okay too. What do you want baby? He's the one who's been getting all the benefits."

She said she really didn’t know. I asked her if she'd like to see his cock or maybe play with it.

"Do you think he'd do it?" she asked.

I assured her that was a silly question. "Come on baby. He's seen and sucked his best friend’s wife’s tits and felt her pussy. You think he hasn't dreamed of you doing something with his cock? You have got to be joking."

She seemed to be thinking this over in her mind as she slowly nodded.

"Maybe the next time we play games, you'll get to see it,” I said.

That weekend when he came to play games, she was dressed in everyday clothes. No peeks for him to see that night. Nothing was mentioned about the previous week, or any time before that. We just played our games, as we had, before all of this had started. He eventually went home, and nothing had taken place. The same was true for the following week.

Now my wife and I had still been having our conversations about what might happen, and usually following that up with hot sex.

The third week following, everything was much the same as the previous two weeks. She was wearing regular clothes and no mention at all of the earlier events. After we had tired of playing games, we were sitting in our living room watching tv. We talked for almost an hour, while stopping occasionally to pay attention to whatever was on tv.

I noticed my wife was actually interested in the movie that was on, at that time, and I thought, ok, this is it, this is the time. My wife had no idea what I was about to do, nor did my friend.

My wife and I were sitting on our loveseat and my friend was in the easy chair engrossed in the movie. I had my arm on the back of the loveseat, around my wife. I slowly put my hand on her back and gently pushed to get her attention. When she just shifted her position, I tapped her on the back again. This time she turned her head and looked at me. With my eyes and a nod of my head, I motioned for her to turn towards me. I lightly kissed her, which isn't unusual for me to do even with him there. But this time, you should have seen the surprise or shock when she realized I was undoing the buttons on her blouse! She looked at me questioning me with her eyes.

I mouthed the words "Shall I quit?"

She barely shook her head no, so I proceeded. My friend still had no idea, as he was still watching the show. When I had all the buttons undone, I turned her back facing forward as she had been before. Hard to believe, but my friend was still glued to the tv!

As she sat there, I leaned around her and pulled open her blouse, with her bra clearly visible. I wasn't willing to wait on my oblivious friend any longer!

"Well, what do you think?" I asked him.

As he started to answer that the movie wasn't too bad, he turned to look at me, and stopped mid sentence. He never said a word, just sat there looking at my wife with her blouse opened and her bra showing. She never said a word either. After letting him take in that sight for a while, I took her arm and helped her too her feet.

My friend was all eyes, and I could tell my wife was nervous as well as excited. Her nipples were doing their best to poke through the thin white bra she was wearing. Her breathing got heavier, as I slid the blouse off her body. He wasn’t interested in watching tv now! His eyes were riveted on my wife, not sure what was taking place, and neither was my wife. I let her stand in front of him like that for a little while, him just looking.

"Why don't you take that bra off for us, and let us see those tits?" I asked my wife.

She slowly reached behind and with shaking hands undid the hooks. As she slid it off her arms, I told her to give it to me, as she didn't need it anymore. When I took the bra, I put her arms down to her sides facing him. I let him enjoy that sight for a while, and couldn't help but notice him adjusting his cock in his pants. He either didn’t realize that he was doing it, or had gone beyond caring at that point.

I then reached around my wife and unbuttoned the white jeans she had on. Down came the zipper, as I pulled them back so that he could see her white, see through thong. I left the pants opened like that, and backed away. I wanted to watch the next part, not be the one who did it.

"Might as well take those jeans off, since you don't have your bra on anyway,” I said.

I was as mesmerised and as excited as my friend was, while I watched her slowly peel down her jeans and kick them off in my direction. My friend was still looking, unbelievingly. As my wife stood before us in only her see through thong, I went to her and turned her completely towards him. I let him look at her that way for a while, noticing he wasn't even trying to hide his hard-on now.

I knelt behind my wife and very slowly pulled down her thong, as he watched. His eyes were on her pussy, as soon as I uncovered it. I told her to step out of the panties. She stood before him now, totally naked. Again I let my friend look her up and down for a while. The entire time all of this was taking place, he'd never said a word or even undone his pants. He just sat there taking it all in. I then told my wife, to turn around slowly, and let him get a good look at her. She did this, without a word.

When she had done that, she stood facing him again. As they were both still as statues, except my friend’s eyes, of course, I nudged my wife and she immediately went and stood directly in front of him. She then dropped to her knees and started undoing his belt. After she had done that, she unsnapped his jeans and unzipped them. My friend was looking her in the eyes the entire time.

After she had unzipped his jeans, she pulled down his underwear as far as she could, to expose the head of his cock. She tried to get his cock out, but his clothes were too tight. She started tugging on his jeans, and this finally seemed to bring him out of his stupor. He raised his hips, in order to let her pull down his clothes. His cock was hard and twitching as she held it in her hand. As soon as it was in her hand, she started licking up and down the shaft, and around the head.

I must admit, I was pleased when I saw that, indeed, he was smaller than me in both length and width. After doing this a couple of times, she surprised him by leaning forward and taking his entire cock in her throat in one quick motion. His hips rose up off the chair and he put his hands on the back of her head. She started sucking his cock sliding her lips up and down fast and then slow, teasing my friend.

Deciding I'd had enough watching, I took my pants and underwear off and got behind my wife. She was oblivious to me being behind her, until I rubbed my cock on her pussy lips. She let out a moan that I swore could have woken the neighbors! My friend had his eyes closed enjoying the great cock sucking I knew she was giving him. I felt her pussy completely slick with her juices. My cock slid in with ease. I started slamming my cock into her, as she continued to suck my friend. She immediately started cumming!

Opening his eyes to see what was going on, he would look at me fucking her, then close his eyes and fuck her mouth some more. My wife stopped sucking his cock and started stroking it really fast. I knew he was about to cum, so I stopped fucking her, so she could get him off. Plus I wanted to watch her make him cum! When he started to cum, she pointed his cock towards her tits and sprayed his cum all over them. As he sat there with his head leaned back, I held my cock for her. She put it in her mouth and sucked me like never before.

It was like she was on a mission to get me to cum very quickly. Mission fulfilled! The thought of everything that had just happened, her sucking my cock with her juices all over it, and my friend watching all of this, had me cumming in no time. I too, shot my cum all over her tits, as my friend had just done. My wife didn't like to swallow cum, she preferred to have it on her tits or ass. She got up , went to clean up and said she'd see us another night, she was going to bed.

My friend was a little sheepish at first. We talked for a while, just small talk at first. Then I asked him if he had enjoyed himself. He told me it was the best night he'd ever spent playing games, and he really enjoyed the game we'd played tonight. He said he'd better get home as it was late and he needed a shower, but he hoped we'd play this game again sometime, as he'd enjoyed it a whole bunch.

When I finally made it to the bedroom, my wife was sound asleep!

Guess we'd worn her out!

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