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How my wife became an exhibitionist

How My Wife Became an Exhibitionist

This is the story of how my wife became an exhibitionist. My wife was always very conservative when we were around home or people we knew. Though the first 10 years of our marriage, she got more and more daring in the way she dressed when we were away on vacation until this one trip that sent her over the edge of extreme exhibitionism.

We had booked a little get away down the shore. In order to save some money, we booked a water front hotel for a Sunday through Thursday weekday special. We arrived on Sunday night and the first thing Monday; we were heading to the beach. Linda put on her bikini to model for me. It was very skimpy with a thong bottom and a top that was little more than to small triangles of material over the nipples. She had a cover up that was made of t-shirt material. It looked like a small mini-dress that was only a couple of inches below her crotch. She put the cover-up on and we headed to the beach.

We put our stuff on a blanket we took with us and heading into the surf. I couldn’t believe how see through Linda’s bikini top looked but I didn’t say anything and just enjoyed the view as did several men that were around us. I told Linda I was getting cold and was getting out. She told me she would be out soon and I went to our blanket. In about 5 minutes, I couldn’t believe my eyes. Linda came out of the surf and started up the beach. She may as well have been naked because her bathing suit was completely transparent. You could clearly see her neatly trimmed dark brown bush as well as her nipples. I thought that she must have had some idea of the condition of her suit because her nipples were rock hard, but I found out later this was not the case. As she laid on the blanket soaking up the sun, I noticed that a lot of men were walking by our blanket.

Linda put on her cover up and pulled off her bikini top. I told her she should remove the bottom too. She hesitated but did what I asked. We walked back to our hotel with Linda dressed on only cover up. We will still about a block away from our hotel when we got caught in the huge downpour. Anyone who has ever been to a wet t shirt contest can imagine what happened to her cover up. We were at the front door of the hotel when Linda saw her reflection in the door and realized everyone could see everything she had. Linda said she was embarrassed but at least it didn’t happen on the crowded beach. I asked her if she had any idea why so many men were walking by us on the beach when she was laying on the blanket with her bikini on. I answered my own question by telling her to get in the shower and get her bikini wet and look in the mirror. When she did this, she almost screamed and said something would have to be done to fix this. She got dressed and left the room. I thought she was going to buy a new bikini but she returned in about 30 minutes with some shaving cream, razors, and lotion. She told me she was very upset that people could tell she was not really blond and went in the bathroom and came out shortly with her pussy completely clean of hair.

For the rest of the week, Linda walked to and from the beach in her tiny see through bikini. She would try to keep it wet as much as possible and even go out of her way to walk by a group of men. She was so turned on by her adventures at being an exhibitionist that her pussy was constantly wet and we had sex at least twice a day. On the trip home, she dressed in a skirt and tee shirt and would flash any trucker that we passed on the expressway. We got almost home when her flashing stopped and I figured that was the end until we went away again. This was true for several weeks then near the end of the summer; Linda decided that we should have a pool party before our pool had to be closed for the winter. She had me invite several co-worker and their wives and she invited the neighbors and some of her friends. All in all there were about 25 couples invited and most attended. She insisted that there were no children invited which I thought was a little unusual but didn’t really think that was too shocking because of the number of people invited.

People started arriving at 2 and I started the grill. Linda said we should all take a swim before lunch and excused went in the house to change into her bathing suit. I was shocked when she came out in her skimpy bikini. Some of the people were shocked because of the thong bottom but they hadn’t yet seen it when it was wet. There were about 10 couples there when Linda went in the pool. I could clearly see her boobs through her top but most people weren’t paying attention. Four or five other people went it the pool and it was obvious from the look on the guys faces that they knew the secret of the bikini. After about 15 minutes, Linda came out of the pool and everyone’s attention turned to her. About 5 more couples had arrived since Linda first went in the pool. One of our neighbors, Jenny, yelled out “Linda, you may as well be nude”. Without hesitating, Linda said OK and stripped out of her suit. She calmly walked around nude for the rest of the party. A few people were offended and left but most just went about eating and talking and paying no attention. A few of the guys tried to get their wives to follow Linda’s example and a couple removed their tops but none of them got completely nude.

When the party started to break up, Linda announced that she was going in the hot tub and anyone could join her but there were no clothes allowed in the tub. Steve & Judy and Joanne & Mike stripped and went in the hot tub with Linda. Linda had Mike to her right and Steve to her left with Judy and Joanne sitting on the other side of their husbands from Linda. I was watching them and soon I realized by Linda’s arm movements that she was jacking the two guys off. I think the guys were playing with their wives pussies. I had a raging hard on and got in the hot tub between the women. I told them they should witch places so that no one was sitting next to their spouse. Soon I felt a hand grab for my cock. I just sat back and relaxed. Then there was another hand fighting over my cock.

We all just sat in the hot tub with Linda jerking off Steve and Mike, Mike was fingering Judy, Steve was fingering Joanne, and both of them were jerking me off. We didn’t have a simultaneous orgasm but we all came within a minute or two of each other.

We got out of the tub and the party was officially over. Since then Linda spends most of the time without a top and sometimes completely nude. We haven’t had a chance to repeat the pool party but Linda had been a topless or nude waitress when my buddies come over to watch football and play cards. She has also answered the door for delivery guys or workmen. She even opened the door in the nude for Jehovah’s witnesses. She invited them in but they just turned and just about ran away.

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