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Librarian Conference Part II

The conference adventure continues
Mary stepped out of the elevator onto the rooftop garden of the conference hotel with more than a little apprehension in her stride. Sure it was later at night and the garden should be less crowded, and sure the hotel was relatively taller than any other building close by, and yes, she didn’t really know anyone at the conference, but here? This was crazy. This man was driving her insane and she didn’t want it to stop.

The space was pleasant, potted trees and flowers placed along the rooftop, creating little alcoves where tables had been placed with chairs. During regular times the wait staff would be visiting, taking orders, but the kitchen and bar had been closed for over an hour. Now it looked pretty empty, lights low. She only saw two other couples and they were talking quietly, huddled together, taking no notice of her arrival.

There was one person taking notice though. He was standing with his back against the rooftop railing, watching her. He smiled. She walked toward him, anticipation growing with each step. She knew he was going to push the envelope; he’d been doing that since she’d arrived. The breeze off the lake caressed her face.

She stepped up next to him and looked out over the cityscape. The sky line was lit up and breathtaking. She felt her nipples press against the banister, it was cold or were her nipples that hot? She could feel her sex, exposed as it was underneath her skirt, no panties, just as he had ordered.

“Take my arm,” he said holding an elbow out. She slipped her hand through and snuggled against his bicep. He was so strong and powerful.

“My pleasure,” she said brushing her breasts across his arm. She felt like a cat and wanted to curl up on his lap, well, maybe afterwards, after she had been satisfied and him as well.

As they walked along the edge of the building she scoped out the other people, still just the two other couples. One set of which were collecting their things. Hopefully they would be gone in short order. The other couple was holding each other closely in one of the alcoves, not quite hidden from view.

She tried to keep an eye on them as they walked, maybe she should be looking for a hidden getaway of her own, and somewhere she could take this delicious man for some carnal activity. Her partner stopped and then sat in a chair. He pulled her onto his lap. She could feel his cock, swollen, held tight by his pants.

“Try not to look,” he said. “Glance at those two over there when you’ve a discreet moment.” His hand snaked up and held her breast.

She pushed his hand away,” Not here.”

“Relax,” he said, his hand returning. “Look.”

Her eyes darted sideways and her jaw just about dropped. She hadn’t seen it before but the girl was stroking the man’s cock beneath his pants as they kissed. “No way.”

“Looks like they had the same idea.” She let his hand stay on her breast. His fingers found her nipple and tweaked it. She ground her sex down, wanting him to know she was on board with his plans.

They watched, seemingly for many minutes as the couple’s efforts became more vigorous. The man groped the woman’s chest. His head dipped so he could lick her cleavage. She worked at something in his lap. Mary assumed she was getting the man’s cock out. The woman’s arm pumped. Mary giggled, thinking the man wasn’t as gifted as her companion, at least as far as size went.

Mary’s friend squeezed her tit. His free hand wrapped around her waist and held her thigh. She could feel his cock stiffen beneath her weight. He felt thick.

There was a moan or something from the other couple, from whom Mary couldn’t tell. The woman looked up and they made eye contact. She stood quickly. The man fumbled with his pants before standing himself. He strode off toward the elevator, his hand on the woman’s ass.

“So much for the show,” her partner in crime said. His hand left her thigh and began to rub her back.

“Let’s start one of our own,” she said sounding braver than she felt, her voice steeped in sultry promise. She stood, pulling him to his feet.

“I see the perfect place,” he said taking her elbow.

“Hoped you might say that,” she said, feeling the excitement spread from his fingers to her spine.

“You’ve got to remain quiet,” he said. They walked to the back alcove furthest from the elevator and stairwell. A smaller table and two chairs crowded the space. Otherwise it was surrounded by bushes and trees.

“Shhh,” she said. She reached over to the front of his trousers and gave his cock a squeeze. “Worry about yourself. I don’t want to get caught any more than you.”

“Okay,” he said chuckling quietly. He’d already mentioned they might have some difficulty due to their height difference. He was quite a bit taller than her, even in her heels. He’d said he didn’t fully trust the wrought iron tables enough to put her on one of those, due to his powerful thrusts, not her weight.

She took one last glance as she stepped into the space. No one. They were alone. He spun her to face him and took her into his arms. She instinctively put a hand on his chest. She shook her head.

“Don’t,” she said turning away. She looked toward the elevators, god was she hot, but man was she nervous. “Don’t kiss me.” She pressed her ass back into his crotch. “Fuck me,” she said looking over her shoulder at him. “Use me.” She pouted and bit her lower lip. “Cum in me like I’m a dirty whore.”

He reached down and lifted one of her legs, placing her foot on the chair rung. She leaned forward and put a hand on the table, grasping its edge. He tugged her skirt hem up over her ass. She tilted her hips. His hand slid down and found her wetness, probed and was gone. She heard his belt buckle and zipper, and then felt his hot cock slide between her cheeks. Goose bumps sprouted across her body.

He bent at the knees and probed with his hardness. His fat head drawing her moisture between her thighs as his first attempt missed low. His second attempt might have gone in her ass if she hadn’t stopped him with a hand on his stomach. He was too big. His breathing was labored. She thought he sounded as if he might already be close. He must be as hot and ready as she was.

She reached down and with one hand pulled her ass apart and tilted her hips even further up. His hand guided his cock until he slid into her slit. That was all he needed. He thrust into her and sent her arm around to grab the table. He was powerful and grabbed her hips and pulled her back onto him as he drove his spike deeper into her wetness.

The smell of her sex wafted up and she couldn’t help but smile. She felt like some kind of siren, seducing this warrior god to a frenzy where he couldn’t control himself. Call her Cerci. He pounded into her, pulling her back and impaling her once again. Might she bruise as she slammed into the table? Did she care? Maybe at some level, but she’d worry about it later. With each thrust she was forced into the wrought iron edge. She tried to push back against him, but he was so powerful. He yanked her back then banged her again forward to crash against the table. Her cunt was so full of rock hard cock she wanted it to last forever.

The act had nothing to do with love or simple want. It was all about absolute need. She’d given and he’d taken. One of his hands left her hip and pushed her down onto the table top. OH! The angle! It felt as if his cock was going to split her in half and he pistoned it in and out of her. She felt a spasm and then her pussy clamped and shook as waves of orgasm burst upon her. Yet still he drove into her. With a low growl, he went up on his tippy toes and his cock throbbed, spasming stream after stream after stream of his seed into her.

His dick softened slightly and slid out of her. His hand shot down and stroked it, jettisoning more cum onto her ass and down her thigh. His head came down and rested on her shoulder, his breath hot and ragged. He was spent, as well as was she. They lay quiet for a moment, and then he stood, lifting her up with him. Her legs were weak, but held. She straightened her skirt and felt a drop of fluid travel partway down her inner thigh. She smiled.

They walked to the elevator arm in arm, quiet and content. The doors opened and they got on. One floor down they were joined by another couple. She had to wonder if they could smell that wonderful aroma of their efforts. Or see the glow of their satisfaction.

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