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Library rendevous

Jason and I have had some really great and exciting sex. We have tried threesomes with a guy and a girl. We have had sex with another couple. So we wanted to try something a little different for us. We decided the next sexual experience we would try would be just him and I.

It was about 10 am Sunday and I decided to head to the library. Usually at this time the library is empty. I chose my outfit for that day very carefully. I decided on a tight little jean skirt that stopped just barely below my butt. So if I bent over you could see that I wasn’t wearing any panties. I also put on a little spaghetti strap tank top with no bra. It was a little see threw so you if you took a good look you could see my nipples.

I went to the very back of the library and grabbed a romance novel, and headed to the secluded reading area with chairs and couches.. I opened the book to about the middle, I had read the book before so I knew where the juicy sex scenes were. I settled into a big over stuffed chair, swinging one of my legs over the side so my pussy was exposed and I could get a nice breeze from the air conditioner.

I leaned back into the chair and started to read. Even though I had read the book before, the scene in the book still turned me on. With one hand holding the book, I took the other hand and started to pinch my nipples one by one till they were both swollen and very hard and throbbing. I slowly started to move my hand onto my pussy, I spread my pussy lips apart with a finger I was already very wet.

I got so excited knowing there was a chance someone could walk up and catch me playing with my pussy and sliding fingers into my ass. I heard something behind one of the book shelves. I whispered “ I know your there, you might as well come out and let me see you”.

Jason walked out from behind the shelf with his rock hard cock in his hand and his other hand was massaging his balls. Even from where I was sitting I could see a little bit of pre-cum on the tip. I knew having him watch me play with my self in public would get him excited. Seeing him so hard and obviously excited by watching me, started making my pussy throb with need for attention.

I slid my finger out of my pussy and beckoned him to come closer with it, as he was walking over to me I slid the finger back into my pussy, and then rubbed it across my clit in lazy circles. Jason was standing right in front of me now and he was pulling on his cock slowly it was wet from the pre-cum so his hand moved up and down easily.

I sat up in the chair put my book down, with my hand still playing with my pussy, I reached out and took Jason's cock and put it into my mouth, while I reached down and started to massage his balls. I took his hard cock fully into my mouth and started to move up and down fast. I heard him groan loudly and felt that his balls had tightened up. So I knew it was time to stop playing and for him to fuck me.

I stood up and pushed him into the chair. I climbed on top of him and put his cock just barely into my pussy, moving down slowly inch by inch. He grabbed my hips and forced me to take all of his cock in my pussy. With his hands still on my hips pulling down and lifting up I rode his cock till I started trembling with my first orgasm. I could feel my cum soaking his cock. He lifted me off of his lap and told me he was going to fuck my ass until he came.

He went behind me and I could feel the pressure of his cock on the rim of my ass, I slowly backed into him letting his dick slide into my ass slowly. When I finally had taken his full length, he slowly slid it back out until just the tip was still inside and in one hard thrust rammed his cock back into my ass. He fucked me hard and fast until I could hear his groans getting louder and louder. I looked over my shoulder and told him to please cum in my pussy now.

He pulled his cock out of my ass slowly and then put it into my pussy. Fucking me harder and harder. I reached in between my legs and started to massage his balls and tug on them a little to encourage him to cum. He moaned loudly and I could feel him spew his cum inside me. He was trembling from the effects of his orgasm when he pulled out.

He told me to kneel down and clean his cock off with my tongue. As I licked his cock clean I could taste the mixture of his cum and my cum. God it was turning me on all over again. When I got done, I looked up at him and asked him if he was going to clean his cum off my pussy. He said “ No I want my cum to drip from your pussy as we walk out of here”. He pulled me to my feet, pulled my skirt down and told me to get in the truck. I could feel his warm cum sliding down the inside of my thigh. I made a good showing of wiping it off with my finger and catching it on my tongue as dripped off. “mmmm.”

That was the best trip to the library I have ever had.

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