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Locker Room Lust

Erotic Play In The Gym Locker Room
I was running late - again.

I finished my morning workout and took a rushed shower. I was drying myself off in front of my locker - and so were lots of other guys too - when I felt a pair of eyes on me. I looked up and saw him, and he was definitely checking me out!

He was right across from my locker, standing there with a towel in one hand, but totally naked. And he was definitely into me!

I'm bisexual and my gay desires are almost always limited to black guys, but this time was different. He was white, in his mid 30s just like me, he had long brown hair and a nice tight body that was virtually free of any body hair, except in the places you'd expect it to be. And he was very VERY cute, just like me.

I get checked out all the time when I'm in the locker room at the health club. Some guys get pissed off when they catch a guy staring at their naked body. But I don't get angry. I just brush it off as the innocent eye contact that I believe it is. And when the guy checking me out happens to be hot looking, I take it as a compliment. But this time I felt a lot more than just that. I saw this hottie staring at my naked body - and also right at my dick too - and it turned me on beyond belief.

I really didn't have much time to hang around that morning. I had to get to an important meeting with some of the biggest big shots at my company. But I dried myself off extra slowly anyway - as sexy and suggestive as I could get away with in public without being lewd. And I saw him smile as I did it.

I felt my dick get a little hard from all this. Just a little bit which nobody would notice unless he was starting at my dick. And this hot dude was definitely checking out my junk, and I'm certain he noticed it get harder and bigger.

This was such an incredibly erotic - and totally unexpected - turn on. And we both got into it as much as we could given the setting and all the other men who were all around us, and totally oblivious to our private sex game. I turned around a few times so he could see my ass, and I bent down too, and showed him my dick and balls hanging under my ass. Then he did the same thing for me.

I have a fairly big dick - 8 inches which most guys out there wish they were packing. I'm what they call a "grower" and not a "shower" which means that my dick looks very small when it's soft, but it gets nice and big when it really counts. And he saw it get big enough in that crowded locker room to know that. He was the opposite - a definite "shower" with around 6 inches of soft dick which probably grew to more than my 8 inches when it was fucking time. And FYI to you readers - I really like a big dick!

The whole thing lasted 5 minutes at the very most. We flirted and moved our bodies like we were strippers giving each other a private show. And then I really had to get going. So I smiled a goodbye at him and got dressed quickly and headed out the door.

But he wanted more than just a show. He wanted sex with me. I know that because he followed me out the door and kept on following me when we got outside - for around three or four blocks. I smiled at him a few times but I blew my chance for more because I was late for my meeting and I was also a little scared too. I really should have stopped to talk to him for 30 seconds to get his phone number so I could call him later on and make a date that definitely would have led to a hot fuck. My mistake for sure.

I thought about him and about our short but very erotic interlude often. And I work out at that gym every morning before work but I never saw him there again, after that one very hot morning.

I won't ever make the same mistake again!

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