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Masturbation in the Park

Budding transsexual takes her first step into the world of exhibitionism
The car had barely been put into park,and the exhilaration had already started. I had already driven around the park's nature reserve twice, no cops anywhere. Unfortunately, there wouldn't be any other visitors to “accidentally” walk on me either. Of course, that was part of the plan. Living in a rather straight laced part of Dallas, I wasn't ready to do this during the day where it was easy to get caught. Of course, the cops still patrolled regularly in the middle of the night so I had to be quick. I had already connected the laptop the car's speakers and had a video ready to go, a nice little lesbian scene I had downloaded the night before. I didn't really need any visuals, but the sounds added to the excitement, especially since it had already been playing on the way. So did the fact that I had no panties on underneath my incredibly short skirt; I wouldn't pass in public but tonight it didn't matter.

As I pushed the seat back to get ready, I was already poking out from underneath my skirt. I ran my newly painted finger nails up and down my girlish penis as I pulled out my lube and my vibrator; sending shocks of electricity through my body. My nipples were now rock hard. I grabbed a small dab of lube and I greased up my cock, my eyes transfixed on the only entrance into the secluded area of the park I had chosen. My left hand now clamping around my each nipple and twisting them into little purple towers on my chest. As if prompted by my excitement, both of the girls are now starting to scream on the porno loud enough to be heard 10 feet from the car. Sweat is starting to pour down my body as I pull my nipples even harder and start squeezing on the base on my dick. Suddenly I see lights in the distance, I am even more turned on as I start to get scared. Is it a cop? it's just a car coming down the neighboring road.

Realizing I don't have much time, I grab the vibrator and get nice and lubed up; which apparently the women on the screen have beaten me to long ago. I spread my legs even further and brace myself to handle the girth as it tears me open just to find out I am so turned on I probably didn't even need the lube. It slid right in and bottomed out before I knew it. I was so surprised I accidentally hit the knob, turning it up to full blast. My legs are already spasming, and if I don't do something soon I am going to finish before I even get started.

In one swift motion I turn the vibrator down to the lowest setting and open the door. The park is flooded with the sounds of the two lesbians screaming in each other's ears. Quickly, I get out and sit on the hood of my car, the head from the engine warming my butt from the cold night. At this point, I am not going to last. I lay back on the hood, bury the massive tool in my ass and put it on full blast again. As if in a trance I feverishly start pumping my cock while pushing in even deeper, screaming in orgasmic agony. Suddenly, I cum over everything. Ropes and ropes of cum are shooting everywhere, the brunt of not masturbating for the past week is not going unnoticed. Even after it quits, my legs are still jumping and shaking as the waves of the orgasm wash over my body. The cold air rushing over me making it even more intense.

Finally, my body calms down and I search for the energy to pull myself up off my car. As I look down I see where I got everything wet. The hood of the car, the headlights, the sidewalk even. I think a little bit might have even gone as far as the line of the trees facing me. I quickly pull the vibrator out from inside me and turn it off, pulling my tank top and skirt down hoping I could hide what I had been doing, in case somebody came by knowing it wasn't even possible. Once in my car, I rush to turn the video off and place the laptop in the back floorboard and hide the lube and the vibe in the middle console. I make the long loop around the park and start my way out of the park. Though, as I look back while pulling onto the main road, I swear I can see the headlights of the local patrol car...

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