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Meeting Claire

"I am a 40 something mom, who is also an exhibitionist who is always on the lookout for a new convert to exhibitionism."

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Author's Notes


I was alone in a family restaurant when my eye caught a young woman, maybe nineteen or twenty years old who kept glancing over at me. She was blonde and very pretty but what caught my eye was the outline of her nipples through her thin top, she was not wearing a bra. She was with her parents and they were chatting among themselves.

I noticed that from where I was sitting I had a clear view of her lovely long legs stretching out under the table, which meant she could easily see under my table.

To see what she would do I pulled the hem of my dress up my thighs and parted my legs slightly. The beautiful young woman lowered her eyes and smiled. I knew she could see my yellow thong and perhaps the outline of my pussy lips. I was instantly aroused and could feel my pussy dampen. I glanced under her table, her legs were spread now and to my delight, this young blonde was not wearing panties. I tried not to stare but I licked my lips to see her pink labia jutting out between her perfect legs.

I sipped my wine while I took a long look at this sweet, shaved cunt, then I looked up and our eyes met for the first time. The electricity that passed between us was palpable. I spread my legs wide and reached down and slipping my fingers under the crotch of my thong, I revealed my wet cunt.

She didn’t try to hide that she was staring at my pussy while she sucked on a dessert spoon, and then I reached down and opened my labia and pinched my clit right in front of her. My pussy was wet, so wet.

The blonde excused herself stood up from the table, and nodded her head in the direction of the ladies' room. I watched her ass as it swayed beneath her short skirt and pinched my clit again.

About a minute later I stood and walked over to the restrooms, and, looking around and seeing no one was coming, I slipped inside the ladies.

The blonde beauty stood at the vanity touching up her makeup. I came up behind her; my eyes caught hers in the mirror as I stood behind her. I slowly pulled up her skirt. She continued with her makeup as if I wasn’t even behind her. I took off my panties and proceeded to pull her hips back and grind my wet pussy against her firm ass. Several times I held her hips firmly as my splayed pussy slit over her hard ass from bottom to top.

I reached under her top with both hands and cupped her perfect breasts as I continued to grind my pussy on the tight silky ass. I squeezed them so firmly, and then I played with her nipples pulling and twisting them between my forefingers and thumbs. She whimpered her approval.

“Oh you are such a sexy woman,” she whispered as she put her compact down and braced herself on the vanity as she felt my middle finger slip into her dripping pussy from behind.

“No, baby, you are the sexy one, showing me your pretty cunt like that, in front of your parents. Oh fuck, you are so wet for me,” I sighed.

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I could see in the mirror, the raptured look on her face as she pushed back taking my finger to the hilt into her tight wet cunt.

I took my wet finger out of her pussy and fed it to her. She eagerly licked and sucked her juices from my finger, as our eyes met in the mirror.

I entered her dripping pussy again, this time with my thumb as I trapped her tight throbbing clit between my first and second fingers.

“Oh fuck, that is so good,” she groaned, which echoed in the washroom.

“Not too loud, sweetheart, we don’t want to attract attention,” I whispered, she smiled and nodded, fuck she was so beautiful.

Her pussy gripped my thumb and with each thrust I could feel her getting wetter. I reached between my legs and cupped my wet pussy before I slid three fingers into my slick cunt and began to fuck myself.

I kissed her neck, looking into her eyes again, “Fuck, I am old enough to be your mother,” I whispered.

“That’s what excites me the most,” she hissed.

She lifted her ass slightly which allowed me to pound my thumb deeply into her cunt with speed and force.

In the mirror, her eyes opened wide and she was panting as she said, “Oh fuck you are going to make me cum already, oh fuck.”

I continued to fuck her hard and fast as I trapped her clit between my knuckles and pinched hard. I was at the edge myself as my fingers flashed in and out of my cunt.

My new lover came first, flopping down on the vanity and pushing her cunt onto my thumb. Her cunt walls squeezed my thumb with such force it slid out and I squatted to clamp my mouth over her throbbing pussy. Oh, her cunt trembled as I forced my tongue inside it and lapped up her juices.

It was all too much for me; I came so hard that my pussy sprayed fine droplets of cum all over the floor.

I turned my sweet lover around and kissed her, my tongue coated in her cum. We eagerly kissed for a long time then we heard footsteps. We straightened our clothes and I moved down the vanity as the young woman's mom walked through the door.

“Your Dad and I are ready to go, Claire,” she said.

I could see where Claire got her loveliness from; her mother was taller, with larger breasts but was in incredible shape.

“I’ll be out in a minute Mom, she said opening her compact again. I remembered to pick my panties up from the floor a second before she walked in.

Claire and I exchanged contact information and kissed once more before she left the washroom first. I was still trembling.

I had to see this young woman again. She had excited me like few lovers had and I needed more.

Written by LustyLyn2024
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