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Movie Theater

a normal trip to the movies turns into more...
I, although always horny, am usually too scared to have sex in a public place. That being said, the idea of exhibitionism has always been a huge turnon for me. My boyfriend, Leon, is a total badass, and completely hilarious. He's not afraid of anything, which is something I love about him. He makes me more open to trying crazy shit. Which is why, that Friday night two weeks ago, I was surprised to hear him ask me if I wanted to go see a movie. It seemed too normal, too tame; I knew something was up. But, as I seldom say no to him, I complied.

I drove us to the theater, and the whole way there, he was fooling around with me. He was nibbling on my neck and rubbing my 32C tits, smiling mischievously the whole time. I had to admit, it was making me pretty horny. When we got to the theater, we found ourselves seats near the back, in the middle. A couple minutes later, as the theater was filling up, an attractive couple came and sat down a seat away from us on Leon's side, and a minute after that, two stunningly gorgeous girls about my age came and sat on my side. No one sat behind us.

The man of the couple looked to be about 20, with sandy blond hair and a dress shirt. The girl was the same age and fairly mainstream-pretty except that she had huge tits. They had to be at least DDs. The other two girls were probably 18 or 19. One had a blond curly bob and the other was Asian with very long straight dark hair that had been dyed a copper red.

The movie started and the lights dimmed, and, before I knew it, Leon had his tongue in my mouth. I caught a few nervous glances from the girls beside me, and I couldn't see the couple on the other side very well but I think they were making out too. Before long, Leon had his hand on my crotch and was stroking my pussy through the thin fabric of my leggings, which I was wearing without panties, partly to avoid panty lines and partly because I knew Leon would love it. He slid his hand down my pants and I could see his face form a smile.

"You aren't wearing panties, are you," he half-whispered, a little too loudly. The girls to my right looked discreetly over at us, and I could hear them whispering to each other, although I couldn't hear what they were saying.

"Just for you," I whispered back, leaning more into him, our kiss building in passion. One finger entered my pussy, then another. Much as I loved it, I was nervous. I reached down and pulled his hand out. "Not yet," I said. I leaned even further into him, so much that I was almost sitting on top of him, as there was no one behind us for me to obstruct the view of. Our kiss was getting so hot, making me so horny. We had an hour and a half of movie, so what the hell.

He had his hands up my shirt, pulling and rubbing my nipples. He broke our kiss to nibble on my ears, and kiss my neck. I leaned my head back, loving it, until I had to grab his face forcefully and bring it to mine again. I thrust my tongue deep in his mouth, holding his face steady with mine. Overcome with lust, I unzipped his pants and stuck my hand inside, noticing too late the couple and the two girls who were watching, now less discreetly, and with growing interest.

I felt a tentative hand on my shoulder and realized it was the blond's. I have had lesbian thoughts before as anyone else, but I've never had a lesbian experience nor have I ever considered myself even bisexual. But at that moment, this girl was turning me on wildly. It was clear from the hand that she wanted in, so I turned and wordlessly brought her face towards mine and kissed her passionately, throwing Leon a sideways glance. He was in total bliss. It was clear he was really turned on by it. It wasn't long before the blond's friend joined us, silently asking me for permission before beginning to unbutton Leon's shirt.

I was still rubbing Leon's cock, which had now become extremely hard, what with me straddling him while making out with another girl, hand down his pants, and another girl kissing him all over. He was in heaven. Finally, I shuffled his pants down as far as I could and his 7" cock sprang out, proudly standing erect. I wasted no time. I got down on the floor and took the head into my mouth, working slowly at first and building up speed. The blond girl knelt down to help me, licking and sucking the base of his shaft while I worked at the head. When we crossed paths, she would stick her tongue into my mouth before continuing to blow him.

Meanwhile, the couple to our left, obviously turned on by our action, had started making out. The man's hand was down the girl's pants, and she was letting out soft moans every now and then. Leon was about to cum, so the blond and I stopped sucking and began making out again, my tongue exploring her mouth and vice versa. I began to lift her shirt over her head, not wanting to break the kiss. She had her hands down the back of my leggings, squeezing my round ass, which was now facing the couple.

Suddenly I felt a third hand down my ass. It was too large to be a woman's, so I figured it was Leon's. The hand reached all the way around to my pussy and entered right away. I let out a moan, probably too loud, but I couldn't help it. I looked up to him, but to my surprise both his hands were busy in the Asian girl's hair as she rode his cock. I turned around to see the sandy haired man looking at me with raised eyebrows. Not holding back, I knelt on the seat between he and Leon, facing him, and took his face in my hands, thrusting my tongue deep down the stranger's throat before he could protest. I grabbed at the huge bulge pants forcefully, and even in the dark I could see that his eyes were wide.

"Am I making you nervous?" I asked him in a husky whisper. He shook his head. "What about now?" I asked, unzipping his pants and shoving my hand inside. Still he gulped but shook his head no. I grabbed at his huge cock and pulled it out and whispered, very close to his ear, "and now?"

"A little," he admitted, breathing hard. I leaned down and took as much as I could of his fat cock into my mouth, nearly choking myself. I worked with my mouth at the top and both hands at the bottom, wanking his hard pole fast and strong. The woman watched me in awe. Right before he was about to cum, I subsided and turned my attention to the woman.

"Can I see those big tits of yours?" I asked her. She nodded, which I took as an invitation to help her out. I reached over and lifted her blouse over her head, and was amazed to see that her huge tits stood out perkily making a cleavage without a bra.

"Can I suck your tits?" I asked, and, without waiting for an answer, grabbed one with two hands and put my mouth to it, sucking and licking her hard nipple, and then moving to the other. She had her head tilted back with pleasure.

I felt the man pull my leggings all the way off, and was surprised to feel his warm tongue on my shaven cunt. His tongue was magical. It flicked and sucked and licked and fucked like a total pro, bringing me to the best climax I had ever experienced. When he was done, I was panting. He lapped up my cum and gave my pussy one last kiss, and I sat back down in the seat beside him.

To my right, the blond was spread out across three seats while her friend ate her out. Leon had discovered the woman with big jugs and she was now kneeling in front of him, tit-fucking him hard. I lay on my back across the floor and shuffled so that my head was positioned between her legs. I lifted my head under her skirt, happy to see that she wasn't wearing panties either. I had never tasted pussy before but I was eager to try now. I gave her pussy a tentative lick, tasting it and scoping out the area. It was soft and unlike anything I had ever tasted. I swirled my tongue in a circular motion, up and down, in and out. Her hips began to gyrate, pushing into my face. Her hands went to the back of my head, pushing my face further into her pussy. I licked and sucked until I felt a huge shudder, and then another, and she squirted her pussy juices all over my face. I sat up just in time to watch Leon cum all over her huge jugs, which I promptly sucked right off. She lifted my chin and brought my face to her own, sliding her tongue into my mouth in search for the cum I just licked off her.

I was still horny and Leon still had a softening hard-on, so I grabbed hold of it, rubbing a little to get it harder, and straddled him. He took my left tit into his mouth, then my right one, and brought me to the best orgasm of my life as I rode his cock.

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