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She Wants To Watch, Chapter 1

She Wants To Watch, Chapter 1

She wanted her friend to watch!
My pet came to Me one day with a unique request, one that piqued My interest immediately.

"Master, can Julie watch us play sometime?" she asked.

Julie, I knew, was one of My girls' best friends and the two of them were quite close. They had been best friends for a long time, meeting shortly after she had moved here from South Dakota.

"Julie wants to watch us in a session?" I asked again, just to clarify things.

"Yes, Master. She has been curious for awhile now, asking me questions about BDSM and our life. I told her that she should come and watch us one of these days," she said. "I hope that is ok, Master?"

"I don't have a problem with it, pet, but is she sure she wants to see what we do? I mean is she open-minded enough to see it for what it is?" I asked her.

"Master, she has asked me a lot of questions about the Life and she seems genuinely interested. Please Master?"

"Ok. What kinds of things is she interested in seeing from us?"

"I think she wants to see the whole session. I have told her that D/s is about more than being tied up and spanked. It's about how we live with each other. How we love each other."

"Ok then, here's what I want you to do. Julie is single is she not?"

"Yes, Master."

"Then I want you to invite her to come spend the weekend with us. If she is to get the total picture of what D/s is, she needs to spend more than a couple of hours watching us play. I want her to see how we are outside of the bedroom as well. I want her to see us together, how we act and interact on a day-to-day basis. If she wants to learn D/s then she should see the whole picture. How we are outside the bedroom, how we are in public, everything."

"Yes, Master."


A couple of weeks later, My pet came to Me once again about the matter.

"Master, if it's ok with you, I'd like to invite Julie to spend the weekend with us this coming weekend. I don't think we have anything going on this weekend, unless You have something planned, and so it would be a good time for her to see how we live."

"Sounds good to Me. I didn't have anything planned. But since today is Wednesday, I can plan a couple of things for her to watch!" I said.

"Yes, Master," pet looked up at Me shyly, with a blush in her cheeks. "I'll see if she can come over."

That Friday evening door bell rang. My pet was in the kitchen preparing dinner. Peeking around the corner, she looked at me with a huge smile on her face. She sprinted for the door, her tits bouncing excitedly under the oversize t-shirt she wore.

"She's here!" she breathed.

I laughed as she flew to the door. I couldn't help but stare at her ass as she ran across the living room to open the front door. She peered through the peep hole to confirm it was her and then opened the door wide.

"Hi Julie! I'm so glad you've come over!"

Both of the girls were excited about getting together today. This promised to be an exciting afternoon. When pet told Me about her talking with Julie the week before and the idea the two of them hatched up to come watch her and I play, we had amazing sex. Julie had agreed to help us fulfill one of our many fantasies; that is, having sex while being watched. And in return, she would learn about D/s and the lifestyle we lived.

The door swung open and Julie came in a bit hesitantly, not really knowing what to expect. She smiled and hugged pet but when she turned, her face betrayed her as she saw me sitting on the couch. She looked like she was going to faint. I think her nerves got the better of her as the realization of what was going to happen hit her.

She took off her jacket and I saw that she had only worn a t-shirt herself. However, unlike pet's shirt, Julie's was provocatively tight on her. I could see the outline of her full ripe tits capped by nipples already semi-hard, poking against the fabric. Pet closed the door, came up behind her friend, and wrapped her arms around Julie in a bear hug from behind. Pet's hands immediately went to Julie's boobs and squeezed them.

"Ready for a show, hmmmm?" she whispered softly into Julie's ear.

I stood up, and walked over to them both giving each a quick peck on the lips. I smiled as my eyes traced down Julie's face, past her soft red lips to her neck (which pet was busy kissing) down to her nipples being kneaded by pet's eager fingers. I slowly reached forward and took her by the hand.

"Julie come, let's sit down and talk for a bit. There's some things I want to go over with you before we get started," I said. I took her over to the couch and with pet sitting next to her, I pulled My chair closer so we could talk easily.

"Pet tells Me that you wish to know a little about our D/s lifestyle and how we interact in it," I started.

"Pet?" Julie asked. "You mean Lisa?"

"Yes, that's right. To you, she is Lisa, your best friend. But to Me she is pet, My submissive. The only time I call her by her birth name is when I introduce her to Outsiders - those who do not practice D/s," I said.

"Oh," she replied.

"Now then a couple of rules before we begin. Rule Number One: What you see here stays here. Pet and I have to keep this part of our life private and we cannot afford to have it known to the general public. They do not view this Life in the same way as we do and would not understand. And we both have jobs and family that would not be very accepting and tolerant of our lifestyle choice."

"Yes, I can understand that," she said.

"Rule Number Two: There will be no touching tonight. You will observe us and how we interact, but you will not be allowed to join in. If, after watching us together, you wish to play with us, that will be up to you. But it will have to wait until tomorrow. You have come to spend the weekend with us so there is time for us all to play together if that is of interest to you. Understand?


"That is Yes, SIR," I corrected.

"Yes, Sir."

"Very good. Now pet, take Julie upstairs and show her to her room. Then you two get ready then meet Me in the bedroom. You know what to do."

"Yes, Master," pet said. She took Julie's hand and led her upstairs. While the girls were getting ready for Me, I made sure the door was locked, the phone turned off and downstairs was closed up. Then I went up to get ready Myself. I walked past the bathroom, hearing some female giggling, and smiled to Myself.

A few minutes later, two stunning women stood before Me. My pet, a 5'3" beauty with a hot 34DD-22-32 body, shoulder length brown hair, and deep green eyes stood next to her equally fine friend. Julie was a nice contrast to pet. At 5'8" tall and 37C-26-36, she was considerably taller than pet but not as busty. Still she had a smoking figure, set off by her long blonde hair and striking blue eyes.

"Very nice," I said, surveying the two lovelies in front of Me. Pet smiled while Julie blushed. I took Julie by the hand and walked her over to a chair I had placed next to the bed - close enough to the action so that she would get a good view, yet far enough away to be teasing! "Have a seat My dear, the show is about to start!" Julie sat down in the leather easy chair and got comfortable. I walked over to where pet was standing waiting for Me to tell her what to do.

"Ok pet, now we have an audience this evening so I want you to tell Julie here everything I am doing to you. Tell her how it feels and how you like it. She wants to know what we do, so you narrate everything that's happening."

"Yes, Master."

"Good. Now put on this blindfold. You won't be able to see what is happening, only feel it. And as you describe everything to Julie she will be able to hear every moan and whimper from you," I said, handing pet the blindfold. She put on the blindfold and I tied in the back for her. Then I helped her get onto the bed and she laid on her back. I figured for this first show, I would make it simple and just put her in a spread-eagle position. That way she would be able to speak easily and yet I could have easy access to her.

So I tied her wrists to the bedposts at the head of the bed, and her ankles to the bedposts at the foot. Once pet was secured, I went back over to Julie. Walking around behind her, I leaned over her until I could whisper in her ear.

"Doesn't My girl look so lovely tied up on that bed? Doesn't she make you just want to fuck her? To finger that wet pussy and lap up all her sweet pussy juice?" I whispered in a low deep growl. As I talked to her I reached around and began playing with her tits, massaging them and rubbing My fingers over her stiff nipples. I gave Julie a little kiss on the neck, brushing My lips over her ear and then down her neck to her shoulder. Julie moaned softly as I coaxed her on. I could tell the girl was getting into this and I wanted to get her even more aroused.

"Look at her. Look as My pet helplessly rolling around on the bed. She wants Me. She wants Me to take her, to fuck her, to make her beg to cum for Me. Do you want to hear her beg, Julie? Do you want to see how hot I can get your friend over there?"

"Yesss," she whimpered, "Please..."

I walked around the chair and over to the bed. Pet had heard Me talking to Julie and it had turned her on as well. As I came up to her, I could smell her musky aroma. I knew the smell very well. I leaned over to kiss her passionately, shoving My tongue into her open, waiting mouth and her meeting it ready to play. She loved being kissed hard and deep and I gave her just what she wanted. As I kissed the girl, My hand clutched her throat just hard enough to claim her as Mine. I heard her moan into My mouth as she felt My fingers close around her throat.

I began kissing her neck and that is when she began her narration. As I moved down her neck and over her chest to her tits, she moaned to Julie what she was feeling. My mouth closed over one of her tits and My tongue began flicking over the hard nipple.

"Ohhh god, Julie!" she moaned aloud, "His tongue feels sooo good! Oh, he's licking my nipples and sucking on them!" Pet arched her back a bit giving her tits to Me. I chewed on her full tits for a while, teasing and toying with her stiff hard nipples as she moaned her pleasures. I glanced over at Julie from time to time and noticed that she was also getting considerably aroused. The first time I saw her she was subconsciously playing with her tit, rubbing her nipples and squeezing her breast. The next time I looked over, she had her hand in her crotch, rubbing her pussy through her panties. It was time to move things along.

I left her tits kissing each before I began kissing My way down her stomach to her mound. I inhaled her musky smell and then positioned Myself between her outstretched thighs. I gently kissed each thigh close to the crease of her V then I playfully bit her inner thighs.

"Ohhh! Master Oh you know I love it when you bite!" she whimpered. I moved up and began tracing My tongue around her sex, careful not to touch her pussy lips or clit. I wanted to tease her some more before proceeding. Pet squirmed and twisted, trying to get Me to do more, but I moved with her. She pleaded and whimpered her need but all she managed to do was spur on our visitor even more with her begging.

"Master please! Oh please lick my pussy! Oh god!" she pleaded louder as her desire took over.

"Well maybe you should ask our guest? After all, this show is for her! Beg her to have Me lick your dirty pussy!"

"Ohhh Julie, Oh please, please! Please have Master lick my pussy!" she whimpered like a little child. Seeing her writhe and struggle against her bonds then plead with her was kindling Julie's fire quite a bit. I could see she was having a hard time sitting still, her hand had made its way under her panties now.

Leaving My squirming pet on the bed, I walked slowly over to the dresser and opened the top drawer. I reached in and pulled out two vibrators, black one and a flesh colored one. Walking over to Julie, I stood in front of her.

"Would you like to take off those wet panties My dear?"

"Yes, please," she moaned softly. I helped her up and then took hold of the elastic top of her panties.

"Allow Me," I said and knelt to remove her panties. She was wearing a pink thong which contrasted nicely with her tanned coloring. I could see that she wasn't shaved like my pet, but instead had a nicely trimmed blonde fur patch cut in a V pattern starting right above her clit. Her fat pussy lips were closed over the thin strip of pink cloth. I could hear the girl groan as I began peeling the silky material from her. She was indeed very wet, the front of her panties soaked through. I could see the glistening dew on her soft pubes as I removed her undies.

"My you are quite wet, Julie dear," I said as she pulled her first foot from the puddle her panties had made at her ankles. I helped her remove her panties completely then helped her back to her seat. "Here you are my dear, why don't you make yourself comfortable," I told her as I handed her the black vibe, "Feel free to join in if you like."

She leaned back into the seat and spread her legs slightly. Not enough for me to see the pink of her pussy, but enough for me to see her puffy lips and the swollen button of her clit poking out. Her left hand went to her breasts and stroked them. Her right hand strayed back to her pussy softly stroking it and brushing the tip of her clit. She was waiting for us to resume our play and didn't want to get too far ahead of us, I guess.

I went back to My girl on the bed with the other vibrator. Clicking the device on, I let it hum for a moment, knowing pet could hear it and what was coming next. I ran the vibrating toy up and down the insides of her thighs as she began her moaning once again. She spread her legs wider, hoping I would move the vibrator closer to where she wanted it most. I traced the very tip of it up and around her pussy, not touching the lips or her clit but coming agonizingly close. Teasing her like this always drove her insane with lust and I was going to make her as crazy as I could.

"Oh god, Julie, he's making me crazy! Oh fuck! Master please!" she whined as she pushed her hips up as high as she could, given her bonds. I ran circles around her pussy with the tool, each time as I approached her screaming clit her moans got more and more desperate.

Looking back at Julie, I had to smile. She had laid her head back on the chair and her eyes were locked on pet and I. The black vibrator I gave her was half-way into her pussy, buzzing softly away. It wasn't at full speed (I knew what that vibe sounded like on full and what it was capable of doing), but it was giving her some very pleasant sensations. I could see her gently rolling her hips as the vibrator did its work.

After a few minutes of teasing her with the vibrator, I figured she was ready for something more. I stretched out with my head between her legs and My face mere inches away from her sweet pussy. I could already smell the sweetness of her juices and My mouth was watering in anticipation. I didn't need any instruction for what she wanted; I knew, and I got right to work. My lips kissed all around her clit without touching it, causing her to buck her hips. She wiggled her bottom around trying to get me to press against it.

With one more look at our guest, I fastened My mouth to pet's drooling slit and snaked my tongue out, licking her clit firmly. Pet had her eyes closed for most of the time I was tonguing her. She rolled her head to the right and opened them to look at her friend. Julie was watching intently, with the black vibe half-buried in her pussy. I was busy at the time so I couldn't see the fact that Julie was also looking at my ass moving in time to pet's gyrations.

She could see my stiff, hard cock underneath me every time I raised my hips, and she licked her lips as she watched us. Pet had confided in Me when we were discussing this get-together, that Julie was really into sucking cock and that she wanted to watch Julie suck Me off. Now poor Julie sat in the chair only feet away frustrated and turned on at the same time. Pet could see the lust in Julie's eyes and it made her even hotter.

"Being watched is so fucking hot," she moaned, as she held my head and began to cum. I sucked on her clit like an ice cube as she flooded My mouth with her sweet juices.

Pet laid there on the bed panting, her orgasm slowly subsiding. I untied her wrists and ankles then, before she fully recovered, I flipped her over onto her stomach.

"Get that ass in the air slut, I want to use it!" I commanded, swatting her hard on her right ass cheek. With a startled yelp, pet shoved her ass skyward. Moving in behind her, I shoved her legs apart, slapping her inner thighs as I did. She knew the position I was after, it was a favorite of us both. She put her head down facing Julie and gripped the sheets preparing herself for what was to come. I took up My position behind her on My knees. Taking My raging cock in hand, I rubbed the head up and down her sopping pussy, lubing the mushroom head liberally.

"Oh Master please! Fuck me! Fuck your slut, please!" she implored.

Taking hold of her hips with both hands, I shoved My cock hard and deep into her pussy in one hard thrust. With her pussy walls slick with her own juices, I slid fully into her easily, stretching her as I dove into her.

"OH MY GOD!" she wailed. "Oh fuck, Julie he's stretching my pussy so wide! Oh god it feels so good, so deep!"

I began pumping in and out of My pet, slow at first but then harder and more brutally. And the harder I fucked her, the more turned on she got! I pound into her like I wanted to punch right through her and she loved it.

"OH...FUCK...MAS...TER!" she said between thrusts. I slammed into her over and over driving My cock fully into her each time, My balls slapping her pussy as I bottomed out in her. Pet reached underneath her and began fingering her clit as I thrust into her. I added another element when I placed my hand on her ass and rubbed My thumb across her asshole then slid it deep into her crinkled sphincter.

"Oh God, Master I'M CUUMMINGG!" she cried out just as she exploded in yet another orgasm. She bucked and her legs began the quiver as the waves of her orgasm took control of her. Her eyes grew wide as her mouth dropped open in silent scream of joy. I could feel her pussy walls clenching My cock in a vise-like grip, trying to milk My cock of its seed.

The sights and sounds of pet's orgasm were too much for poor Julie. She had sat there witnessing pets rapture twice and pet had been quite vocal about how she was feeling. Julie played with her pussy and used the vibrator on herself and it all got to be more than she could handle. Just as pet crested in her second orgasm, Julie burst forth in her own.

"OHHH SSHHITTT!" Julie wailed. I turned to watch Julie going through her own orgasm, violently rocking and shaking the chair she sat in as her legs trembled and shook and her pussy flowed with her pussy juices.

As pet's orgasm coursed through her, I kept slamming into her faster and harder. She had had two orgasms now and Julie too had plunged over the cliff. It was My turn and I intended to take My pleasure out in this woman now. I pulled out of her suddenly and taking her by the hair, hauled her around to face Me. Pet knew just what to do and she instantly took My cock in her mouth, sucking and licking for all she was worth. I could feel the cum in My balls boiling and about ready to explode.

"I'm cumming slut! I'm going to shoot My cum down your pretty little throat!" I told her. Pet sucked all the harder readying herself for the cum I had in store for her. A couple more thrusts into her warm soft mouth and it happened. I shot wad after sticky wad into her mouth and down her throat. Pet swallowed rapidly not wanting a single drop to escape. I filled her mouth once, then twice as she kept swallowing My hot cum. As the last of My seed was coming out, I pulled out of her mouth letting a few drops of cum fall onto her tits, then rubbed them around with My cock.

"This is for our friend. I want you to go over and let her have a taste," I said. Pet cleaned the last of My cum from My cock then went over and bent down so Julie could lick off the cum I had saved for her. I watched Julie licking pet's tits and watched pet's reaction. I knew I had to let these two girls play together. But that was a game for another day. Right now it was late, we were all exhausted, and it was time for bed.

So I laid down in the middle of the bed and gathered My two girls in My arms. Kissing each girl on the forehead we quickly fell fast asleep, content and looking forward to the rest of the weekend with dreams of sexual adventures yet to be fulfilled.

As I drifted off to sleep I heard Julie whisper softly to pet, "Thank you for letting me watch."

"Thank you for watching, Julie," pet replied.

I smiled.

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