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The Amusement Park
Mysteria27 & Orallee69

The Amusement Park

Contributing Authors: Orallee69 
Let's have some public sex
My boyfriend and I are exhibitionists. We love to have sex out in the open. We’ve been going out for about a year now. We have had it in the oddest places. Sometimes people will watch us and sometimes people will even approach us and want to join in. We love to experiment and love when people catch us having sex when we’re outside.

My name is Valerie and my boyfriend’s name is Scott. We both are twenty-one. I have brown short hair, brown eyes and I am five foot four inches tall. I’m just an average girl and have 34 B cup breasts. Scott is five foot eight inches tall. He has a crew cut, blue eyes and is a runner, so he is fit.

We met in an odd way too. I was at the park sunbathing in my chair reading a book. The book was a trashy novel that made me get a little aroused. I had slid my fingers into my bikini bottom and masturbated for a little while. It felt so good. I rubbed and played with my clit, while I inserted several fingers into my wet pussy.

I was really having a good time when, I had noticed a guy behind a tree watching me. I didn't stop what I was doing I just kept going. I like to be watched and get off by that. He only approached me after I had my orgasm. I know it must sound crazy, but when you do this kind of thing it is nice to meet like-minded people.

We talked awhile at the park. We exchanged phone numbers and we started to date right away. We get along really well and we're both exhibitionists. We always have sex outside and in places where we'll get caught. It’s very exciting and very stimulating to have people watch us. I guess it is a fetish, that we both have.

It's very risky and exciting to have sex in all kinds of places. We've been lucky never to have gotten caught by the police. I can’t imagine that they would like that. I’m sure we would probably get a ticket for indecent exposure.

But, we have not gotten caught at all yet. People will sometimes watch us and on occasions they will even ask to join in. We had several spur of the moment threesomes. My boyfriend does not mind sharing me. We even joined a few swinging groups. We just love sex.

Recently, we went to an amusement park. I always wear a skirt and a shirt with no bra. This way my boyfriend has easier access to my body. We love to give each other pleasure, when we are at the amusement park. Each ride we tease each other, either by a hand job, or maybe a finger playing in my pussy.

When we were at the amusement park, we love to go on the Ferris wheel. This Ferris wheel was the kind that you're in an enclosed area with a door. People would only be able to see if they were in the car with you. We sat next to each other. Once the ride started, I unzipped my boyfriend’s pants and took out his cock. He was semi-hard. I worked my hand up and down his shaft. I took my fingers and rubbed his head.

His pre-cum started to drip. I jerked him off the entire ride. He finally came in my hand. I gobbled up his come. Then as the ride was coming to an end, he put his dick back in his pants.

It was a lovely day and we were enjoying ourselves, but each ride we were going to be getting each other off. We would take turns. I would jerk his cock and he would finger me. If the ride was long enough, I could give him a blow job.

We went into the haunted house. Now this ride was dark, so I was able to give Scott a blow job. Once we were strapped in Scott took his cock out and I put my head into his lap. Scott was soft, but I sucked and played with his cock in my mouth. I like to take him all the way down my throat. He isn't too big. He has a five inch cock. I am able to deep throat him with no issues. I bobbed my head up and down over his cock. Taking him all the way down because he isn't that big. The ride is a few minutes long.

I couldn't suck him too long, but long enough to make him feel good. Scott just loved that I would do this to him wherever we are. After the ride was over, he zipped up and we continued on our way. Since I had given him a lot of attention, I was now do for a little fun. Scott knows that I love roller coasters. I love to be fingered, when we ride them. There are six roller coasters at this park. Scott would be busy fingering me at each one.

We went to my favorite one with lots of loops. We put the restraint over our heads and got locked into the chair. I spread my legs and as we were going Scott fingered me deep in my pussy. The ride was thrilling enough, but with Scott’s fingers deep in my wet pussy, I was so excited. He rubbed my clit and finger fucked me fast. It didn't take very long. I had an orgasm as the ride was slowing down to finish.

We were both really horny and had to find somewhere in the park we could possibly have sex. We get very edgy, when we both want to have sex. We really could’t find somewhere so we went back to the parking lot to fuck in Scott’s sports utility vehicle. We got into the back seat. Scott lay on his back and I removed my thong. I put his cock into my slick pussy and rocked my body over his hard cock.

Scott pulled my top down and played with my breasts. He had his hands on my hips and started to drill my pussy fast. It felt so good. The windows were steaming up a bit, while we were fucking. I wanted it to last a long time, but it was feeling so good. I didn't think I could take much more. I needed to come.

Suddenly, we heard a tapping on the window. We couldn't see who it was, but then the door opened and there was a female security guard. She was petite like me, but very pretty. She looked at us and asked, “Are you okay?” But then when she realized what we were doing she said, “Oh, of course you’re okay.”

Scott and I weren't sure what was going to happen, but since she was smiling and didn't tell us to stop, we didn't move. I sat very still on Scott’s cock, feeling it still hard and twitching inside me. The security guard looked around and at the same time unhooked her uniform pants and slid them off, and then her thong as well.

Scott looked at me and I looked at him and suddenly she was climbing in beside us and closing the door. With the seats folded down there was plenty of room for all of us. She smiled and said, “Hi, I’m Carla; mind if I join you?”

We realized we weren't going to get in trouble and we both said, “Sure!” Scott took my hands in his, and our fingers intertwined. He held my hands tight and pushed my hands behind my back as I started to ride his cock again. The angle was just right; I could feel him teasing my labia and he let me ride his cock.

Carla was not shy and wasted no time in joining in. She didn't even unbutton her uniform shirt. She slipped a leg over Scott’s body and facing the front seat she straddled his head. Her hands disappeared in front of her, but I knew where they were.

She settled her pussy down on Scott’s face and tilted her head back. Her hair hung down the back of her shirt and I heard her moaning, already pleased with feeling Scott’s tongue. I knew he was giving her a good licking because he really knows how to eat pussy.

The windows steamed up even more as Carla and I used Scott, but he would not have complained even if his mouth wasn't busy. He loves to have me come on his face. Within a few minutes Carla was grinding down on him, her ass rubbing back and forth on his chin. I heard her gasp, “Oh fuck!” and saw her body jerking.

Scott jammed his cock up hard into me and I came, clenching my pussy around his cock as it spewed his cum inside me. Scott kept thrusting into me until his cock finally wilted and slipped out, sending his cum dripping all over him.

Carla was up her knees and beside Scott and when I saw her kissing him, sliding her tongue into his mouth, I got excited all over again. She looked at me, smiling and asked, “What would you like to do next?”

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