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The Commuter: Day 9

You moaned loud enough to make the older women sitting in the front look back.

It was over a week before I saw you again. Guess some people don't like getting fucked in public, then told to get off the fucking train I laughed to myself. The time had gone by faster than normal and here it was, an early Saturday morning and I was making an uncommon trip to the office to finish up some important paperwork. As usual, I sat in my same seat, with the morning sun shining into the car from over my shoulder. Because it was a weekend, I had decided to wear running shorts, running shoes and a t-shirt in case I wanted to take a run to break up the day.

As the doors opened, your perfume announced your entrance into the rail car, filling it with a wonderful fragrance. Too bad there was only you, me, and a couple of older women up front to take in its intoxicating aroma. I am quite certain others would have enjoyed the fine fragrance too I mused.

You hesitated briefly as you entered the car, and by habit, seemed ready to take your normal position next to where I always sat. You wore a short tight fitting pink dress that hugged you in all the right places. My eyes were glued to the slow motion of your ass as you moved past me to sit directly opposite me. Now I could see why I had fucked you in the first place. Your hair was perfect, your nails were perfect, your lipstick and makeup highlighted your delicate facial features. The form fitting dress made your tits look even bigger than I remembered them feeling. I felt a stir between my legs.

Only the jostling of the car kept you from sitting perfectly still. Eventually, your gaze moved towards me. Without making eye contact, you looked directly at my crotch. You squirmed slightly in your seat, adjusting yourself, and then discreetly licked at your lips. I caught you as you did a couple of quick double takes to my crotch, before you looked away. Busted I said to myself as I caught your stare returning to my crotch a couple of more times, your gaze lingering longer each time. It was then that I decided to have some fun with you.

With my head turned to the side, ignoring your frequent peeks, I ran my hand across the length of my shaft a couple of times. Predictably, it began to engorge itself with blood, pushing the mushroom shaped head further down the side of my leg. I gripped the shaft, giving it a tug or two to aid it's elongation. Then I spread my legs a bit wider to accommodate your viewing pleasure.

Out of the corner of my eye, I watched you uncross your legs, leaving them slightly apart at the knees, giving me a partial glimpse of the playground I had enjoyed just days earlier. You kept your knees apart as the train rocked along. You reached up and unpinned your beautiful thick hair and it cascaded past your shoulders. Tossing your head back and forth a few times loosened your flowing mane. Long slender fingers combed through your hair in the most sensual way as you casually glanced to make sure I had noticed.

Only briefly did your eyes lock on mine, as if saying, 'See, two can play this game.'

You widened your stance as you leaned back in your seat, giving the morning sunlight an opportunity to warm your glistening lips. It seemed completely out of character for such a refined well dressed woman like you to behave like you did. You slumped down as you slid to the front edge of the seat. With your ass cheeks at the bench's edge, you slowly began to swing one of your legs back and forth, gradually pushing your tight hemline further up your thighs. It slowly inched up your legs past the lacy elastic tops of your thigh highs and stopped it's ascent just shy of your moist pubic hair.

My cock was raging hard as I watched every move you made. To say I was captivated was an understatement. 'Well bitch, you certainly raised the bar, didn't you.' I said, licking my lips. I rubbed the length of my shaft through my shorts as I watched both of your hands disappear between your legs. With the backs of your hands touching, you pushed your thighs apart, opening them widely for me to see. You teased me as your hands caressed slowly up and down your legs, touching every square inch from knees to inner thighs. Each time your fingers neared your dew coated lips, your ass cheeks tightened, lifting your pelvis upwards in a fucking motion. I sat paralyzed at your actions.

Your body began to writhe as your fingers, one by one, traced the wetness between your swollen outer lips. Your gaze penetrated my stare. Beautiful red polished nails raked the insides of your smooth tanned thighs as you teased me, and fueled your own naughty desires. I wasn't sure if you were exacting a punishment on me, or giving me an invitation to round two. One thing was sure, you had my full attention.

It was impossible to stop watching you as your two middle fingers slipped deeply inside you. Your back arched, tossing your head forward hard enough for your hair to cover your face and you moaned loudly. You moaned loud enough to make the women sitting in the front of the car look towards you. They shook their heads and mumbled to each other as they realized what was taking place just a few yards from them.

As you pulled your fingers free, they spread your lips, exposing your erect hard clit . You slipped your wet fingers back in and they began to piston hard and fast inside you. Like I had done to you before, you fingered yourself until your legs squeezed tightly around your hand. You let out a faint shrill, then spread your legs wide and squirted all over the floor. Several long strong squirts shot in my direction as your body jerked in response to crashing waves of pleasure. You sat there, eyes locked on mine as your breathing finally slowed. Then you regained some composure, brushed the hair from your face and reached in your purse for a handkerchief . As you stared at me, you slipped the napkin between your legs, drenching it with the remnants of your orgasm. Ever so lovingly, you patted your inner thighs and soft lips dry. Each pat to your swollen lips made you gasp softly. Then you neatly folded the cum soaked hanky and placed it on the bench next to your purse.

You brushed your long beautiful hair as I sat mesmerized by what had just happened. You acted as if nothing had happened as you looked in your compact mirror, inspecting your makeup and lipstick.

The train rolled to a stop and you stood to walk past me to the exit. You stopped briefly, looked at me completely void of emotion, then glanced at my bulging crotch, and tossed the cum soaked handkerchief in my lap as you left the train.

Game on I mumbled to myself.

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