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The Guessing Game - Part IV

Kayla has an audience while she seduces her final mystery man.
Kayla couldn’t stem the flow of immense self-satisfaction that welled up inside of her as she watched Scott leave the room. She had distracted him enough, had teased him enough, to make him lose his composure. And her reward was one tiny sound that brought her right back to that steamy limo ride in, with her feet fastened tightly to the floor…

Her thoughts were interrupted by the entrance of the final contestant in their little game. She sized Ian up slowly and then smiled a cat-got-the-canary smile.

“I already know it wasn’t you,” she said, stalking in a circle around him, “so we’re just going to have as much fun as we can in the next ten minutes.”

Kayla stopped her pacing and undid his jeans, allowing his hardened member to spring free. Her breath caught at the sight; his was definitely the largest yet. Closing her fist around his shaft, her earlier conclusion was doubly reassured. Her hand was much more filled by him than by the mystery limo man. He was definitely not the one, but oh could she ever have fun with him.

Her pussy was already awakening at the feel of him, despite the extraordinary amount of sex she’d already had in the last few hours. She knelt and drew him into her mouth quickly, jaw stretching to accommodate him, and sucked hard. He groaned in response. Clearly he believed her when she said the game was up.

To his disappointment, she then rose to her feet again. With a sly look, Kayla turned her back on him, and walked away, back toward the closed door of their room. After only a moment’s hesitation, she grabbed the handle and threw it open wide. Then she walked back to stand in front of Ian, getting close enough that the tip of his member brushed against the skin of her stomach.

Rising to her tiptoes, she whispered in his ear, “Now do with me what you will.”

Ian only let the invitation stand in the air for a single breath before he was picking her up and depositing her on the floor on her back. His mouth found her nipples while he teased her entrance with his tip. She squirmed beneath him, wanting.

When she reached out with her arms in an attempt to pull his body into hers, he grabbed her wrists and pinned them above her head with one hand. With the other he tilted her chin up so that he could kiss her throat, and then made his slow way down, pausing to swirl his tongue around each of her nipples as well as her belly button. Each kiss made a contribution to the swirling arousal in the pit of her stomach.

The sound of footsteps made Kayla tilt her head so that she could look out the open doorway. A couple of curious people had paused to look in at the pair of naked bodies writhing on the floor. Knowing that their eyes were on her spiked her excitement as Ian’s tongue finally made it to her dripping slit.

When his tongue skated across her clit, she gasped and shuddered in pleasure. Using his hands on her hips to pull her pussy tightly to his face, he continued with a determined tongue. He increased his pace and sucked roughly, not giving her a second’s break as his mouth pushed her towards a violent orgasm. Kayla moaned and wound her fingers through his hair as she came, bucking her pussy into his mouth.

As she still lay in the throes of her pleasure, Ian lifted her into the air and placed her so that she was sitting on the back of the sofa, facing away from it. He grabbed her hips and reclined her slightly, and then plunged his cock inside of her.

She cried out again, and as the fog of her orgasm slowly faded she realized that their noises had drawn even more attention. A few people had stepped into the room to get a closer look, and stood around the perimeter. Their faces were all hungry and several of the women were rubbing softly at the place between their legs through their pants. Kayla noticed with satisfaction that one of the girls, rubbing furiously through her tight white pants, had a distinct wet patch at her crotch.

The men, too, were not holding back. They all had a bulge straining against their flies, and some of them had unzipped and reached a hand down, pumping away with their eyes half closed. A few of the more bold ones had even removed their members from their pants entirely and were openly masturbating. The sight of so many people getting off on her pleasure made Kayla’s pussy tighten again.

Ian slamming into her again brought her attention back to her own body. With him inside her, her pussy was fuller that it had ever been. She still felt herself stretching to accommodate him as he slid in and out. There was no sweeter sensation than him spearing her.

With ragged breathing, Ian pulled out of her and slid her to one end of the couch. He pushed her down so she was laying on the couch’s back, and then lifted her legs straight up in the air.

Before he could enter her again, Melina’s voice cut across the room.

“Time’s up!”

Kayla groaned in frustration. It couldn’t end like this! In defiance, she reached out and grabbed Ian’s ass, pulling him into her and filling herself with his full length once more. He needed no convincing, and recommenced his thrusts.

Kayla cried out in time with each thrust. She could feel his every inch, sliding all the way out, and then all the way back in. The pleasure was too much to bear. Each time he slammed into the very back of her pussy her tension mounted, until she couldn’t hold back anymore and she was cumming, arching her back, grasping at anything that was in her reach. Inside of her, Ian tensed and moaned as he reached his own climax.

Kayla heard many other grunts from the people around the room as they, too, found their release. Still panting, Kayla raised herself to a sitting position and sought out her friends. She spied Melina and Daphne, both with their own hands up their skirts and their cheeks flushed. As Kayla met Melina’s eyes, the second girl moaned softly and closed her eyes, clearly lost in her own orgasm.

When she opened her eyes again, Melina grinned wickedly. “I should punish you for breaking the rules, but you put on such a damn good show.” She sucked on her finger, and then she started to shoe the general public from the room.

When the last man had zipped up his pants and walked out, Lucas and Scott were ushered in and the door was closed, bringing them privacy once more. As Kayla retrieved her clothes and put them back on, Melina prowled about the room.

“My, my, did you ever have a horny bunch in here,” she said. She was eyeing the puddles of cum scattered about the room, and came to rest at Kayla’s feet, where cum and her own juices were still dribbling down her leg and onto the floor.

“It’s two minutes until midnight!” Daphne suddenly announced. It was almost time for Kayla to give her official guess.

“Now that I’ve done all this,” Kayla began, “will you tell me what it is that I win if I guess right?”

Melina appraised her for a minute, evidently weighing if she wanted it to be a surprise or not. Finally she conceded. “If you guess correctly, you get to keep your mystery man for 24 hours straight, and perform any dirty act with him that you wish.”

Kayla’s eyes flicked to Scott, thinking of all the slutty things she could do with him in 24 hours. He certainly gave her a good time in that limo…

“One minute til midnight!” Daphne interjected. “Think hard, because you’re running out of time to decide.”

Kayla almost spoke up, but then Melina’s words from earlier that night echoed through her head. “If you guess incorrectly…you will be teased and tortured by all of us at our discretion.” For some reason, the thought of being tortured sent a delicious clench down to her pussy. After tonight, wouldn’t having only one man be anticlimactic? Kayla’s eyes traced down the line of the three men again.

“Thirty seconds!” Daphne chimed.

After one more moment of deliberation, Kayla brought her eyes back to her friends.

“Alright, I’ll make my guess. I officially choose…Lucas.”

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