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The House of warrior empress Toya

I had been made a pleasure slave

Flaming arrows, spears, warriors on horseback

This is the site i saw as i ran from my burning hut, my village was under attack.

I saw many of my tribe slaughtered as they tried to flee, others being captured and tied.

I turned to run behind the huts but as i did a horse so jet black it would be unnoticeable at night stood before, upon the horse was a vision of beauty and horror.

Let me explain briefly what i saw.

A dark skinned Amazonian type warrior, in full bodice armour, short wrap skirt, long Black hair, Knee length boots, solid looking thighs, piercing Blue eyes.

she was holding a sword in one hand and a shield in the other, she was beautiful but at the same time filled me with dread.

I did no more than to drop to my knees hands held high looking to be spared, she dismounted walked over to me bound my wrist's and placed a seed sack over my head.

she must have then mounted the horse and began to pull me along as i was almost running to keep up.


After what seemed like hours we stopped, i fell to the ground exhausted, the sack was removed my eyes adjusted and i could see many people from different villages all sat around in a group, water was passed amongst us.

Suddenly two men and a woman appeared on a large rock, they was looking into the crowd then fingers started pointing and those that where pointed at was removed from the group.

The woman pointed at me and i was pulled to one side and dragged into a large tent, my clothing rags as they may have been was ripped from my body, i was left standing naked with other men and women in the tent.

Embarrassed i did not know where to look, no matter which way i turned i saw cocks tits asses of all shapes and sizes, the tent was empty all but for a curtained off area at one end, where i noticed every now again someone was pulled into and not seen again.

Then it was my turn i was pulled behind the curtain, i saw a few men and women standing there in loin clothes and there breast' s bared for all to see, each was holding either a jug of water or a sponge, they approached me and began to wash my body all over scrubbing me in every part they could touch and shave off every bit of body hair i had except for that on my head.

A man then appeared who told me i was now the property of Warrior empress Toya and i would do what ever she bid me to do without question or i would be severely punished, he then dragged me out the back of the tent and put me into a cage on wheels with the others that passed through before me.

We was all still naked but smelling of rose oil, the cart pulled off and sometime later we arrived at a walled town, the cart stopped outside the largest building and we was led inside to a room that was full of cushions and see through curtains, bowls of food & fruit and goblets of water everywhere, we was told to eat and drink as we would require our stamina later.

After having plenty to eat and drink i lay on a cushion and drifted off to sleep, so tired from the journey, my sleep was restless as all i could see behind my closed eyes was the events in my village which led to me being here, when i was brought back to my senses by a loud scream, i sat upright looking around i could see a group in one area, i walked over to see what was happening.

There in the middle was a young maiden being held down while a soldier was between her legs fucking her as hard as he could to the cheers of the onlookers, another guy was pushing his cock in her mouth, then from no where i felt my hair being pulled from behind as i was dragged to the ground a woman voice said "so you like what you see?"

It was the dark toned warrior who captured me, she did no more than grab my stiffening cock in her hand and tell me i was going to pleasure her any way she saw fit.

With that she sat her naked body upon my face, her pussy moist with a musk smell that was arousing, just inches from my mouth.

"Lick me good slave or else" she ordered

Then sat on my mouth, i licked sucked and swallowed in desperation as to try a gulp some air she was sitting so tightly on my face, she raised slightly and her hands appeared as she opened her folds to me i saw the wet pink of her pussy surrounded by the dark outer skin, then i heard her say "Suck him or die"

i felt a warm dry mouth around my cock, it felt strange something different to the women who have sucked me before apart from the dryness of the mouth i realised it was bristles from a mans unshaven face on my newly shaven pubic mound.

i dare not object as i remembered the warning given to us from the man at the tent and instead reached out my tongue and began lapping like a cat at the cream, while i was licking her wet cunt she adjusted her position and again i heard her give an order, "Now you fuck my ass" she growled

I looked up from her pussy to see a stiff thick cock push against her anal entrance, then it thrust into her in one, she must have liked this because my mouth became flooded with her juices, my own juices where close to exploding, "I'm Cumming" i said

"Move slave his seed is mine" She shouted to the man sucking my cock, as she took hold of my cock in her hand i began to shoot my seed before she had chance to get my cock in her mouth, she then continued to suck me dry with some of my cum on her face.

"Mmm good slave, that tastes nice" she then ordered my sucker to lick her face clean, the cock in her ass was pounding really hard and fast into her now and she was screaming as her orgasm ripped through her body, my face was drenched in this Amazons pussy juice.

"Cum deep in my ass"

The man fucking her began to grunt and jerk, i could tell he was Cumming in her ass

After about a minute she got up and i felt relief as i could take a much needed deep breathe, she walked back to the 1st crowd i had watched, the crowd parted and i could see the same woman being used by several men and she was covered from head to toe in Cum.

"You have done well by my men you whore, next time you will have to please me" said Empress Toya and she left the room with her men following her.

The woman was crying as others began cleaning her body of all the cum, one woman said "You had better get used to this sort of thing it can happen anytime of the day or night or any where they please"


Please leave comments as this was my 1st attempt at something a little different to my normal style.....

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