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The thrill of exhibitionism

First (but not last) time for exposing myself

At the age of 40 I look back and think that I’ve had quite a conventional upbringing - ordinary home and family, local school and then university finally to a job within the health service – demanding and well respected but as conventional as the rest of my  life

Frome time to time I had wondered what it would be like to ‘break free and let go’ but until I got married I always worried about what other people would think if I did.

My husband from the start encouraged me to try new experiences like motorcycling and hitching and also, of course, sexual experiences He pointed out quite rightly that what adults did between themselves was up to them and shouldn’t be controlled by anyone else and anyway most people would love to do the things we talked about and occasionally did. He also got my confidence going by complimenting me on my body (I’ve still got firm rounded breasts and a very womanly shape) and how good I look in certain clothes.

As the months went on I had become more daring and used to arouse him by going out in the evening having removed my underwear and on one occasion flashing my breast at him across the table in an Indian restaurant.

This flashing incident not only turned him on but did me as well, I couldn’t believe how wet I became beneath my dress and later that evening we stopped the car down a country track and he took me from behind whilst I spread myself across the bonnet with my skirt round my waist.

I kept thinking in the weeks afterwards of how I had enjoyed the possibility of being seen and last night whilst my husband was out I took the flashing to a level I would not have dared to a few months ago.

We live not far from a busy main road that has wide grass verges but nowhere for the cars to stop and in my daydreams I had wondered what it would be like one evening to expose myself to the oncoming cars headlights. I had even seen a spot a couple of miles away that allowed me access to the verge under some oak trees on a slight bend and yesterday I couldn’t stop imagining myself there with the cool night air across my skin and the lights sweeping across my bare breasts and cunt.

So I took the decision to do something really daring and during the day I planned the evening in detail. I would wear a long grey coat with black hold-up stockings and reasonably high heels beneath – nothing more. I would drive to this spot, park the car, walk to the verge and flash the cars for a minute - just for the thrill.

So after my husband went out I removed my ordinary clothes and put on the stockings and heels and unbuttoned coat and walked out my back door to the car in the yard. Already I was aroused having never even done that before.

In the safety of the car I drove slowly to the spot I knew of all the while letting the coat fall open as I changed gear and feeling its smooth silky lining on my skin,.

I parked the car by some trees and got out doing up the lower coat buttons as I did. My heart was pounding with excitement and already I could feel the cool air on the dampness between my legs.

I climbed over the wooden fence and walked the few yards across the verge towards the road. I was still just under the overhanging branches of the trees but I was also visible to the oncoming cars, caught in the glare of their headlights for a few seconds, before they sped past.

Nothing changed as I stood there with my coat covering me. The cars didn’t slow down and I started to relax.

Then I lowered the coat from my shoulders so that the material was held in the crook of my elbows. Still my breasts were covered and still the cars rushed past, the drivers seemingly oblivious in their metal cocoons.

Then, taking a deep breath I dropped the coat to my waist and held it there with my hands on my hips. My breasts were bared to the road and the night world and the light from the headlights flashed across them every few seconds. I was getting terribly turned on by the idea that anyone who could see me (and the drivers must be able to or were they all asleep?) couldn’t do anything about it other than enjoy the sight. My skin was tingling from the night air and sexual excitement.

I straightened my arms downwards and let the coat fall to the grass around my feet. Fully naked I faced the traffic.

I knew that my excitement had made my shaved cunt lips wet and wondered whether they glistened in the lights.

  I parted my legs and stood there challenging the cars and the night and revelling in the power I felt. Then I turned around and bent over so my breasts hung down and I could see my shadow on the grass from the lights.

For a few seconds I let the drivers get a full view of my great arse then I straightened, turned and faced the traffic once more then picked my coat up and walked slowly to the fence.

  I straddled it as I climbed over and paused to feel the rough wood on my wet lips but although I was as aroused as I ever had been in my life and could quite easily have stopped there and played myself to orgasm I continued over the fence and to my car.

Once more I paused and lay myself face down on the bonnet. Through the metal I could feel the warmth from the engine on my bare breasts and stomach and wriggled slightly with excitement at how exposed I must be if seen from behind. No wonder my husband had enjoyed our sex up that country track.

 Still not wearing my coat I got back into the car and drove back home in a sort of a dreamy high at what I had dared to do and how little anyone seemed to care. And this time at the few junctions I came to I sat upright letting my breasts be on full view and still no-one seemed to notice or care. It made me wonder just what I could do before someone would stop out of their small, set life and challenge me.

I parked the car back in the yard and this time walked to the house naked except for the stockings and heels. What did I care if someone saw me!

In the house I poured a glass of wine and sat on the settee with my legs spread wide open in abandonment and thought about the evening.

The whole experience hadn’t taken more than 10 minutes but was definitely a sexual highlight of my life and I would remember it forever. It made me realise just how much control I could take of my life by doing quite small different things just to challenge the sameness of everyday. I decided to write it all down, partly to show my husband when he got back and also to see if I could add to the ‘new experiences’ diary as the weeks go on.






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