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Watch me come again......

This story is for farmerswife and whr43 a follow on from my previous story Watch me come

I awoke on a sexual high knowing what kind of day awaited me, my pussy was already throbbing with excitement.

I stepped out of bed still naked and stood in front of my french doors which led out onto my balcony, remembering two mornings ago when I had fist fucked my pussy in front of my stranger. A strong urge came over me to do it all again but I knew I didn't have time so I stepped away from the doors and made my way to the shower.

It was Friday and I had planned a weekend away with a friend of mine, Cookie. This would be no ordinary weekend and every thought of the up and coming fun made my clit more erect with want.

Whilst in the shower my hands began to wonder to my wet and naughty places, every now and again I would brush my nipple with my forearm or run my fingers up the slit of my pussy. I could feel the silky feel of my natural juices against the running water. Again I wanted someone there to watch me reach orgasm to see my swollen lips spread, to hear the sounds of my fingers going in and out of my wet pussy.

But the sensible part of me was telling me to wait until later....... but I didn't want to wait.

I stepped out of the shower and admired my toned body in the mirror, I was getting turned on just by watching me. I wanted my audience. I cupped my pert breasts in each hand and turned my body so that I could see the arch of my back introducing by juicy bottom.

I looked up at my face and stared at my pouting lips, hopefully soon they will be wrapped around a nice thick cock I thought...... .My phone rang startling me from my day dream.

It was my friend telling me she was on her way so I went back into my bedroom and got my things ready. We were going to a place called The Dungeon, it was an underground club for avid fetishists and a hive for Dom's and Sub' s.

I couldn't wait.

My outfit consisted of a fitted rubber Military jacket, crotch less rubber panties, netted stockings and 6" platform dolly shoes. We would change once we got there.


We arrived at The Dungeon and we were shown where the dressing rooms were.

We had changed and I must say that Cookie was looking very sexy, good enough to eat........ She was wearing a black and red corset cinched in as far as it would go, frilly french knickers with silver trim and thigh high patent boots.

We left the changing rooms and walked down a long dark hallway, which led into a large beautifully decorated space. The room was filled with Submisives being led by Masters and Mistresses. Strange characters in rubber masks and barely there fetish clothing were conversing with each other. I took Cookies hand and walked around the large spanking contraptions, which were presently unoccupied. I could see myself tied to it, exposed, open and sore.

Flogging benches stood ready to be tainted, whips of all shapes and sizes sat there waiting to be used and I knew it would not be long before they bruised someone's skin.

The room had soon filled and I knew my audience had arrived. My pussy had started to moisten and I felt Cookies hand on my bottom, she had started to get alot more familiar as the night closed in - not that I minded - The rubber had felt so good against my skin and my body was being lubricated with my sweat.

Suddenly Cookie pulled me into her and looked me straight in the eye, an electricity passed between us and I knew this was a new chapter in our friendship. She moved in and bit my bottom lip! This was exhilarating, my pussy flooded as we stood there and the dull throb between my thighs was getting stronger. I slipped my tongue into her mouth and tangled it with her own, I felt her fingers slip between my pussy lips, my nipples trying to harden, strained against the tight rubber of my outfit.

She placed two fingers into my soaking hole and gently finger fucked me, for the first time I was not aware of my audience. My eye' s were closed and all I wanted was her pussy, we were in our own little world. She slipped her wet fingers from my wanting slit and brought them to our mouths, we sucked her fingers clean tasting my warm, sweet nectar.

I opened my eye' s and looked straight into her' s, a million words could have passed between us but there was plenty of time for that. There was more fun to be had and attention to be got.

It was clear that Cookie had the control over me after what had just happened. We located a bench and I was bent over it with my rear exposed.

She started gently at first, just brushing the whip across my bottom, then harder and more often. I could imagine my skin being marked and the thought was sending me over the edge. A crowd was gathering - just what I wanted - With every whack of the whip my voice became loud and more strained, I moved my hand to down to between my legs to ease the throb of my pussy. For this I was punished with another crack of the whip. 

The fact that I was being dominated by another female was making my head spin and my skin tingle with pleasure. I had not been in this position before and I was enjoying it.

I was allowed to get up and I received a round of applause for taking my punishment , we visited the toilet and I checked my markings in the mirror. I did not realise that Cookie was whipping me so hard as I do not bruise easily. My adrenalin levels must have been high because at this point I still could not feel the tenderness of my skin.

The club also had semi-private rooms that could be used for couples - what I mean by semi-private is that on the wall there was a strip of glass where you could be watched if you so wished - We entered the room which had a round mattress covered in pvc lining. Cookie went to close the privacy shade over the glass, but I stopped her. She understood what I wanted. There was also a sex swing hanging which we would get full use of.

It was my turn to take control, I sat Cookie into the swing and spread her legs. Her french knickers were damp with her Juices. I moved them to the side and marvelled at her perfectly formed shaven lips. I licked the length of her pussy and watched as her body reacted to my tongue. I spread her lips and sucked at her opening, covering my face in her sweet and salty juices. Her clit stood erect, I moved over it gently brushing my lips across it. This drove her wild her hips bucking against my face, I sucked on her clit all the while feeling my own honey dripping down my thighs.

We were being watched through the horizontal glass, I moved my hand behind my back gathered some of my juices and spread them around my asshole. I inserted a finger and my body shook almost with orgasm.

I heard footsteps behind me but was too into Cookies pussy to turn around, a hand was placed on my bottom and I was spanked once again. Big hand! Strong hand!

This was my wildest fantasy come true, Big fingers stretched out my pussy and I still didn't know who it was, then thick cock stretching out my abused pussy. Fuck, Fuck, Fuck, this coming from both myself and Cookie. My tongue was replaced with my fist in her open hole, her pussy squelching against my thrusting fist.

My stranger began fucking my pussy more vigorously, going deeper, faster, his end bruising my g-spot. I could feel a burning sensation in my opening a sign that I was going to squirt. As he fucked my deeper I fisted Cookie harder........Ahhhhhhhhhh.........

As he announced that he was going to burst his hot cum in me, I gushed my sticky cum all over his cock and the floor. He removed his cock from my sloppy pussy and stood over Cookie's face, he wanked his cock as I sucked her clit and pumped my hand in and out of her sticky cunt.

Cookie was ready, her legs spread wider and her ass rose of the swing. She squirted her salty juice over my face as our stranger loaded his milky cum over her tits and stomach.

I finally had a chance to look up. He was handsome, toned and very well hung. Just what you would expect in a handsome dark stranger.

I rubbed his cum into Cookie's nipples as he kissed her soft lips, I stood up and turned to face the glass window.

Just what I wanted to see, my audience. 

Happy Ending.




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