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wife shows herself to workmen

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60 yr old wife shows herself to workmen and wanks until cumming
We used to go out on "flashing sessions" as we called them over a period of many years, but haven't done it lately, as we seem to have cooled off to how we used to be. A sign of age we presumed. Until this week!

We had the use of a friends caravan at a lovely but quiet beauty spot not too far away from our home. As has happened before when this has occurred it seems to make the both of us "fruity" shall we say? One early afternoon we were both sitting on the decking at the front of the caravan sunbathing, when I asked my wife to put a skirt on so she could "give me a look" so to speak. She came back outside with a shortish skirt and a sun top with four or five buttons undone. 

We had a few glasses of wine and the skirt was rising up my wife's legs until I could see the beginning of her pubic hair. Instant hard-on! She was well lubricated in more ways than one. As her legs parted slightly to enable me a better look, I could see she was wet and her pussy lips were well parted. She had opened the sun top at my bequest so I could just see one nipple also. 

Where we were seated no-one could see us from either side, but there were two vans in front of us about fifteen yards away; one empty, and the other with two workmen inside having a break.

Many times I had coaxed my wife to flash other people but she was always reluctant; on a few occasions maybe someone might get a peek of a nipple (apart from when we fucked in a park once in the dark and someone came right up close and watched us when she wasn't aware!) On this occasion my wife seemed more excited than other times, maybe because it's been a while since she'd done anything similar or maybe she's getting hornier through abstinence? Anyway, after a while I was teasing her that the two guys in the van were watching her, and instead of getting flustered as usual, she seemed to get even hotter (the sun was blazing).

She asked, "Do you really think they can see?"

I replied "I hope so". My wife then brought her both nipples into view and opened her legs a bit more, showing her lovely wet gash.

She was slowly moving her right leg back and fro, opening up the view in case they could in fact see. As my wife then slouched down in the sun chair a little, she started touching her nipples gently, running her fingers around them making them stand up proudly. My cock was now straining at my shorts, making me lower my hand to stroke it gently. She was watching me touch myself, and imagining the workmen seeing her pussy. This turned her on no end and she lowered one hand down to slowly caress her pussy lips, making one finger slip between her soaking wet lips and travel up and down, spreading the wetness.

This looked fabulous! I looked over to the van and noticed it was rocking slightly. I looked again and could see that both men had their heads back one minute, and forward looking at my wife the next. I could see that their hands were working overtime and said to my wife, "They're both wanking."

This spurred on my wife who looked over to them and started to put one, then two fingers into her cunt in earnest. Knowing that the two guys were wanking to the sight of her was all the incentive she needed. She wanked herself to a standstill, her hand became a blur, pushing her fingers in furiously, faster and faster until she came with a small stifled scream.

She then stood up, holding her skirt up to her waist, her pussy in plain view, and said to me "Come inside and fuck me, now!" 

She stormed inside the caravan, with me trailing behind, grasping my bursting cock through my shorts, where, once inside, we knelt down immediately by one of the seating areas and after dropping my shorts, I plunged my cock full depth into my wife's cunt from behind. She was soaked with her own cum, and it took all of about two minutes for her to be soaked in mine also. We went to the bedroom then and I took my time masturbating her and giving her head which she loves, ensuring that she came on multiple occasions. This set us up well for the rest of the week and caused us to have a whale of a time, just like the old times

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