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Alien to Pleasure

Careful, objects in the mirror may be less human than they appear...


Zilla ~ 

The force of impact jolted her against the forcefield holding her to the seat. "Ooooofff!" The images on the screen were roiling clouds of dust showing the world outside her craft.  Eyeing her new environment with eagerness, she rolled her eyes and the lit beams that banded her to the seat disappeared.  The dust was clearing now and she stared at the images coming into focus as she moved to the edge of her seat, fascinated with the world outside.

Her hand moved to the red button marked 'Release Hatch' but a beeping filled the air as the object beside her began to vibrate. Annoyed, she picked up the slender object and pressed the tip to pause its vibration. "Later, Buzz."  Again, she reached for the red button but the object started vibrating harder and emitted a faint red glow.  Pressing the button again it grew silent once more.  "You can wait until later," she said to it, "I have a world to explore."

Yet again, she reached for the button but this time Buzz started a louder, well...buzzing.  It pulsed bright red, growing warm in her hand.  She knew what she needed to do, but was so eager to get out and explore, she tried her best to ignore it. Determined, she leaned forward but realized the forcefield had been activated.  "Karm!  Dammnit!  Let me go!  Buzz can wait until later."

A voice sounded inside the ship, "He can, but as you know, you cannot.  Fighting this will just make things take longer."  At that, Zilla reluctantly stopped her efforts to wriggle from the deceptively fragile-looking bands.   "Besides Zilla, you know you love your treatments."  She picked up Buzz from the table and considered him, a small half-smile on her face.  "Yes, now there's a good girl."

Her seat tilted backwards and the lower half that supported her legs gradually widened until she was somewhat reclining, her legs spread a few feet apart. "Show me Zilla. Show me how you use Buzz, love."  Her breathing was shallow and her skin slightly trembled, as if in constant reaction to a windborne shiver.

Taking Buzz from the table, she obediently slid him between the perfect pale lips that shielded her wet petals and core.  She knew that Karm, the mission master, could see everything she did. He was in control here. His toy was vibrating and so warm to the touch. "Oh yesss, mmm," she gasped in pleasure as she circled him around that tight little pleasure station...what is it called again?....clit!  Ah yes, she thought as she circled the bundle of nerves over and over with Buzz, That was the word.  Gasping again, she bit back a moan.  

"Don't be quiet Zilla, I love to hear you too."

With Karm's voice in her ear she moaned louder, pushing Buzz into the center of her body. Buzz pulsed and glowed red until incredibly warm. Closing her eyes she could hear Karm sliding his large masculine hand up and down his cock, smearing the wet fluid she visualized leaking from the tip. "Let go of Buzz now Zilla, let me work while you enjoy."  

Outside, a summer storm had gathered seemingly out of nowhere. Gently, her craft was rocked by strong winds.  Inside, Zilla was gripping the top of her headrest while Karm manuevered her buzzing tool in and out of her clutching body. "Aaahhhh, oh Karm, yes, right there, oh fuck...oh...oh," her hips raised higher, thunder sounding outside.

Karm groaned and his hand rythmically pumped his cock faster while he used his mind to control Buzz working faster inside of her. Bella startled to the sound of thunder but instead focused on the sound of Karm and his fist. "Cum, Zilla cum, ignore the storm, just let go." The sticky, slapping, meaty noise of his hand fisting his cock helped push her past her limits.

She let loose a string of earthly profanties ending with "Nooo, yessss, oh fuck...Karm...ahhhh.....fukkkkkk!"  as she kept cumming and spasming. The lights went out in the cabin and the release hatch light started blinking, followed by a blinding white flash as lightning struck near her ship.

Finally finished, Zilla lay there panting and shocked, frozen to her seat.  Focusing, she could see the vision of Karm panting hard as well, his cock covered in white jism.  He was the first to speak.  "Damn Zilla...good girl, so good.  But, you saw that storm.  Do not wait to use Buzz that long again.  Think of what havoc you could bring on these innocent people. Whew," he swallowed, and coughed slightly still catching his breath, "Promise me Bella.  No less than every few hours.  Understood?"  Still slightly breathless, he waited for her promise.

"Fine Karm, fine.  Yes, I'll keep Buzz with me.  Now may I please get out of this thing so I can finish my mission?"  With that the glowing straps around her disappeared and she slid off her seat.  Placing Buzz under a red light it invisibly scrubbed him and made him look as good as new.  He was happily quiet, at peace for now.  She grabbed the brown suitcase  and slipped him inside. Finally, she hit the release hatch. 

The top opened and she looked around.  The horrible storm that had come up so quickly had left just as quickly too.  Smiling, she rolled her eyes again to clear her thoughts and stepped clear of the ship.  Another eye roll and she watched her ship shrink to the size of a toy. She picked it up and slid it into her suitcase for safekeeping.  There, all set.  She glanced down at her clothing, hoping that their research was accurate and she would fit in without raising any suspicions.  She heard swooshing noises on the other side of the grove of trees she was standing in, so headed that way.  

The clearing led to a primitive paved road and she saw earthlings driving by in antiquated automobiles.  Fighting back a giggle at how archaic everything looked she watched the cars roll by and then realized that without a city in sight she probably would need to get in one of these rattletraps to catch a ride.  Besides, it would give her a chance to absorb new thought data.  All the better to fit in around here.  

A quick eye roll had her scanning her thought base and she quickly found what she was looking for.  Hitchhiking:  (also known as thumbing, hitching, or autostop) is a means of transportation that is gained by asking people, usually strangers, for a ride in their automobile or other vehicle. The image for hitchhiker showed a person with their arm extended towards the roads with their thumb pointed heavenward.  Yep, got it.

Zilla affected the pose and waited.  A couple vehicles passed by but she was patient.  Idly, she scanned each one as they passed, waiting for the right "him" to come along.

Sam ~

What a fucked up day this had been.  Everything he owned was in the back of his truck now that his girlfriend had kicked him out of the house he'd been helping pay for until she 'Got back on her feet.'  Yeah, he thought, she got on her feet so she could boot me out on my ass. Smirking, he realized he'd already written her off.  She was a bitch and not even that great in bed.  He was sick of playing house anyway.  He'd been in one place way too long.

His old truck shuddered slightly and he hoped it would hold out long enough to get some distance between him and Bitchzilla. He turned up the radio and the truck shuddered again, harder this time.  Then his oil light came on.  "Fuck!" he hit the steering wheel and started to ease his truck off the road and prayed there was a quart of oil stashed somewhere under his seat.  As he eased around the curve on the shoulder he saw some chick up ahead on the side of the road.  Great!  Just when he thought his day couldn't get any worse.  And, she was pretty hot.  Shit!  As his truck chugged to a stop he couldn't resist scanning her for 'fuckability' and then readjusted his cock as it stirred in his jeans.  

She had those long legs that were being shown off by short jean shorts and sexy heeled sandals, the kind that would look perfect wrapped around his back after the rest of her clothes were off.  Her white shirt plastered close to some pretty fantastic tits with the passing of every car.  Her long dishwater blonde great for grabbing in a ponytail as he fucked her in nothing but that necklace, bracelets and heels.  Then he realized she was walking towards him, those big sunglasses showcasing those lips just made for wrapping around his..."Damnnit!" he muttered.  He brought his thoughts to a screeching halt as his cock swelled again. Great! This is all he needed.  He ducked his head under the seat looking for the oil.  Maybe when he raised his head again she'd have disappeared.  

"Hi!  Thanks for the ride," those sexy heels appeared on the floorboard of the passenger side.  

"What the fuck?" he jumped, startled, hitting his head on the underside of the dash as he tried to sit upright.  "I didn't say I was giving you a ride."  Rubbing his head, he clutched the bottle of oil in his hand and glared at her, "I thought that door was locked. What did ya do, pick the lock?"

She smiled at him and pushed her sunglasses to the top of her head.  Brilliant turquoise eyes stared back at him.  There seemed to be a flicker, or a spark, but before he could wonder at it  she rolled her eyes at him.  Two seconds in and the chick was already annoyed, typical, he thought.

Zilla ~

She had been scanning the vehicles as they approached but none had earthlings that suited her purpose.  A red truck approached in the distance and a quick scan told her that it contained a single male occupant.  She focused on his energy and realized he was alone in the world and at his prime.  The truck was experiencing some kind of mechanical problem. Smiling to herself she caused a light to flicker on his dashboard so that he had no choice but to slow down.  This was really going to be too easy.

With an eye roll she opened the locked passenger door and slid in.  Yes, very easy indeed as she watch him clumsily hit his head on the dash.  He had, What was it called? A quick eye roll and she had it...Stubble.  Female earthlings considered it attractive and she could understand the appeal.  His eyes were dark blue with long lashes and his mouth was bracketed with deep grooves.  She thought they were called laugh lines here on earth but this man didn't appear to spend all that much time laughing.  

He was upset and she raised her sunglasses so he could see her better.  He was talking to her but she was focused on his body more than on his words.  Despite his angry speech, she sensed that his cock was growing and that seemed to anger him more. Hmm...interesting.

She reached out and touched his thigh while she slid closer to him.  "Pick the lock?  No, the lock was already selected by the manufacturer."  With an eye roll she scanned for the right data, "Ford." She smiled at him and squeezed his leg happily. He opened his mouth to speak, then seemed to think better of it and closed it again.

She sensed his cock twitching harder as blood filled the organ.  So far, so good.  He seemed exactly the specimen they were looking for but he needed more testing before she could be sure.  Leaning closer, she watched his eyes widen in alarm. "So, where are we going?" she purred.  Her data told her that by using the softer part of her voice with a half-smile and a touch on the thigh she would be able to get her way with approximately 95% of the earthling male population.  

"We," he snapped, "are not going anywhere.  I just got rid of one chick, and I'm sure as hell not picking up another."  With that he leaned down and yanked a lever to open the hood then slid out of the truck.  Pausing, he leaned back in to yank the keys out of the ignition. "Probably going to start it up and take off while I'm out here and just run me over.  Lemme just remove that temptation."

She thought of starting the engine with an eye roll but thought better of it.  Her goal was to seduce him, not alienate him.  Alienate him...she giggled.  Well, maybe that was her goal after all.  

He shut the hood with a bang and climbed back into the truck.  "You're still here.  I already told you that 'we' aren't going anywhere. Sorry babe, but every other car that goes by is a missed opportunity.  If I were you, I'd get that sexy ass of yours back out on the highway till you find the right sucker."  

She heard the words but realized that while he was talking to her his cock grew larger when he mentioned the words 'sexy ass' and 'sucker'.  Without a word she took off one of the tie bracelets from her wrist and held it between her teeth as she started gathering her hair up in a ponytail.  

"Did you say sucker?  Lucky for you, you've already found one."  With that, she squeezed his thigh again and slid her hand up to rub the bulge in his jeans.

Sam ~

Who does she think she is?  Typical female, just assuming because they give great T & A they can get anything they want from a man.  Her smartass remark about picking the lock pissed him off.  He wasn't falling for the dumb blonde shtick.  Angrily, he pulled his keys from the ignition, annoyed she was still sitting in his goddamn truck.  

When he slid out his cock abraded against his tight jeans irritating him even more that she was giving him a hard on.  No way!  His dick wasn't thinking for him this time.  He watched the truck thirstily suck down the last few drops of oil and screwed the cap back on. He slammed the hood harder than needed hoping he wouldn't have to physically wrestle her out of his truck, as his damn cock jumped again. 

He climbed back in, all pissed off she was still sitting there, looking sexier than before.  He tried to tell her where to go but it was hard to really focus on what he was saying as he coudn't look away from those eyes of hers.  And that eye roll thing she did.  God knows she wasn't the first woman to give him the eye roll  after each sentence so he wrote it off as a typical female thing, at least around him.  

Still, there was something about her that was turning him on like nothing he'd experienced before.  If she didn't get out of here soon his cock was going to burst out of his jeans.  

He watched her gather her hair up in a ponytail suspiciously. Turns out he was right to be suspicious.  "Shit!  Whaddya think you're doin'?" he started, when her hand stroked his cock, but indignation gave way to a reverent "Oh God." as his overwrought brain focused on the feeling of her hand on his cock.  

Her hand was hot, and it seemed to be shaking...or vibrating.  She squeezed him lightly and he almost blew his load.  "Fuck!  Your's ohhhh fuckkkk."  He'd never felt anything like it.  His cock felt like it was being worked by a warm, vibrating cock sleeve, but with fingers.  He could only imagine what her mouth would feel like if her hand on the outside of his jeans felt this good.

She answered his silent thought like she read his mind and with a gentle swish of her fingers his cock sprang out, the biggest he'd ever seen it.  "Yummy," she purred and looked up at him with her turquoise eyes as she sank her open, wet mouth down onto his twitching dick, sealing her lips tight around him.  Heat exploded inside of her mouth and he looked down suspiciously as he felt that same vibration coming from her mouth that he'd felt from her hand.  

"Fucking hell," he groaned.  Getting a hummer would never mean the same thing again as this girl took humming to a whole new level.  His dick expanded more and he felt his tip rubbing at the base of her throat before she adjusted slightly, allowing his cock to slide down her tight, muscular channel, squeezing him while she swallowed his precum.  No fuckin' way, two seconds into a blow job and I'm being deep throated by a stranger.

His hand gripped at the glass of the window while his other hand clutched at her hair.  She licked at his balls while she vibrated around him and he raised his hips, feeling his cock slide back and forth while she squeezed and vibrated around him.  "Oh god girl, don't you fuckin' stop."  

She pulled back, spit stringing from his sloppy cock to her full lips and grinned, "Why would I do that?"

Without hesitation, he pushed her slutty mouth right back where it belonged and swatted her ass.  "Fuckin' tease, keep your mouth right there or I'll redden your ass.  Course that's what you probably want anyway, don't ya?"  

Out of nowhere, the sky started getting dark and thunder sounded in the distance.  Her suitcase seemed to start buzzing and she struggled to pull back off his cock, seemingly alarmed.  He let her up for air and she gasped for breath and glanced over at her suitcase.  He thought she was going to grab it but she paused and turned back to him, almost as an afterthought.  "Yes, that's it. Redden my ass  and make me cum.  That'll turn Buzz off I'm sure."

He had about two seconds to wonder, Buzz?  Who's Buzz?, before her warm, wet, vibrating mouth covered his cock again, slipping him even deeper inside her throat than before.  She got on her knees and he released her ponytail, sliding his hand up and down that perfect ass of hers.  He worked the sexy shorts off her hips until they slid down, innocent puddles of cotton at her knees.  Her bare ass was in the air as she worked his cock and he squeezed his eyes shut to concentrate on not exploding in her mouth.  With a heavy hand he smacked her ass hard, and she swallowed hard around him, her cry muffled by the rock hard cock in her throat.

The thunder sounded closer and she wriggled against his palm, eager for more.  'Thwack!' his hand came down on her other ass cheek as lightning lit the sky.  Her mouth seeed to grow even hotter and her throat vibrated harder around his swollen dick.

"Fuck girl...what in the hell are you doing to me?" and he ended that exclamation with another swat, then another.  He felt her wetness dripping down her thighs and he rubbed it on her ass so the next spankings stung even more.  Lightning crackled and thunder rumbled as she moaned onto his cock.  He couldn't wait anymore and knew she couldn't either.  Besides, this storm was getting pretty bad.  He better end this now.  

He slid his fingers into the crease of her ass and skated past her rosebud as it twitched under his questing finger.  Shaking slightly, he sank his fingers into her grasping pussy.  She pushed back against him and he seesawed his fingers inside her snatch.  She clutched and vibrated around him and attacked his cock with renewed vigor.  

Her throat began a quick pulsing around his cock and she circled her vibrating thumb and index finger around the tiny bit of space between the base of his cock and her lips.  With her other hand she cupped his heavy balls letting him feel her hand vibrate and pulse around him.    

The wind was rocking the car by now and the feel of her pussy squeezing his fingers and her vibrating mouth and hands squeezing his cock and balls became too much for this mortal man to handle.  "Ohhh fuckkk!" he roared into the truck, almost on a scream. He swore the jisz shot from his balls like a rocket and he briefly hoped it wouldn't scald her throat.  She kept tugging and massaging at his balls while he spurted inside that vice-like throat of hers, still finger fucking her pussy. 

His soaking wet thumb moved up to stroke against her asshole and he kept circling her rosebud gently while his fingers plunged into her hard.  She moaned hard around him, drinking his load, while her pussy clamped down on his fingers.  Finally, she released his drained cock from that miracle of a mouth of hers, gasping for breath.  

She shifted her hand to her own clit and worked frantically while he added another finger.  It worked.  "Oh God, I'm cumming!" she screamed, while her pussy juice exploded onto his fingers.  Lightning struck a few feet away and it temporarily blinded him as he kept working his fingers inside of her while she squirted, and twitched, and swore and came.  

Finally, she collapsed, her ass relaxed onto her heels and her head came to rest on his thighs.  He was jolted by aftershocks like he had never felt before and let his head fall back against the window, panting and shaking.  What, the fucking hell was that?

Zilla ~

She was astonished how good he tasted.  Somehow, she thought this would be unpleasant but she was already looking forward to doing it again.  She lost herself in making him feel so good he would literally follow her anywhere.  What she didn't expect was how good his fingers in her pussy would feel, let alone that thing he did to her ass.  

She lay there, only faintly realizing Buzz had turned off.  That was a wonderful sign.  This guy, Sam, had the ability to satisfy her. She was known as the hardest to please, so this meant that her planet of sisters still desperate for pleasure would be happy with him as well.

"Damn, did you see that storm?  I never saw anything like it!  The fuckin sky is blue again!" She smiled up at him lazily, thinking it was funny he was talking about the weather at a time like this.  

"Yes, it was amazing."  Sitting up she raised her hips to slide her shorts back on.  "This," and she gestured between them, "this was amazing too, don't you think?"  

He ran his hand through his short brown hair, pausing when it was in front of his nose, "Shit, you even smell amazing."  He sucked a finger into his mouth.  "Taste like fuckin strawberries too.  Like, actual, real to life strawberries."  He put his head to the steering wheel.  "I'm fucked."

"Well, technically not yet, but I was hoping we could try that next," she winked.  "How long do you think before you're ready?"

"Jesus woman, give a guy a break."  He started the engine and it purred to life without a stutter in sight.  Hmmph...what the hell?  "Oh well, don't look a gift horse in the mouth and all that shit," he muttered.

"You're gifting me a horse?  I guess shit comes with the territory, doesn't it?" Smiling happily, she put her seat belt on while he wondered if the blonde shtick was more than a shtick.  

She rolled her eyes again as she tried to decide where they could pull over next for the fuck he'd promised and he caught her out of the corner of the eye.  "Enough with the eye roll, sexy.  What's with that anyways?"

She blinked at him and gave him an eye roll.  "Well, my database shows that the eyeroll is a common signal from a female to a male of exasperation, disbelief or disapproval.  So, it seemed like the perfect way to access the parts of my internal database without rousing suspicion on the part of either the female or male species."

He stared at her, and then chuckled, shaking his head.  "Classic.  Yeah, just classic,"  He slid the shifter into gear and accelerated, easing back onto the road, "Another headcase.  So, what's your name anyways?"


"No fuckin way.  Oh, the irony." She scanned his thoughts and the words 'former girlfriend Bitchzilla' and 'rebound' appeared.  Yet he grinned at her, despite himelf.  

Watching him laugh made her warm all over and she wondered how far they'd get before she'd have to get him to pull over.  When he smiled, glancing over at her, and she saw those laugh lines in use, thunder rumbled in the distance as she heard her suitcase start buzzing again.  "About that fucking, I think we better find a good spot to pull over," she said.


Sam ~ 

He sucked at her, drinking in her strawberry flavored juices while he worked the magical vibrating Buzz inside of her.  Her pussy grew so pink it bordered on fuschia and practically purred with happiness.  She returned the favor, giving him a fantastic face to fuck as she worked at his cock buried inside the heavenly depths of her orgasmic throat.  

Reluctantly, she pulled away.  "Enough of Buzz," she whispered.  "I want you!"  He pulled Buzz out of her and she climbed on top of him and sank that strawberry-scented, vibrating pussy of hers onto his cock.  Outside, the elements were at war, but he was used to it by now. 

He grabbed her hips and raised his hips higher, his brain exploding as he felt her pulsing around him.  Mindless, his hips hammered into her literally red-hot pussy, 'bang, bang, bang, bang, bang' as she squeezed and hummed around him like a fucking vice.  "Ugghhh" he groaned. Flipping her underneath him, he pulled her towards the edge of the bed as his feet hit the floor.  

Moaning at the impact, she squealed when he thrust forward and bottomed out inside of her.  "Fuck, Sam!  Don't stop!  Please don't fuckin' stop," she gritted out in a voice she didn't even recognize as her own.

"No fuckin' way," he ground out and reached down rubbing her clit, her ankles sliding around his neck.  His thrusts were pushing their borrowed bed across the wood floor as lightning strikes lit the sky outside.  "Touch yourself, Zilla.  Now, baby," he gasped and he watched her face contort as her hand replaced his on her clit.  He knew her fingers were vibrating on her swollen button and he stared in awe at her beautiful face as she climbed to the peak.

Gripping her hips, he hauled her up so she couldn't slide away.  Planting his feet wide he drew back and plunged inside her hard, just the way she liked it.  Her hand continued circling her clit furiously and he recognized the sqeezing pulse of her exhausted cunt as it went into it's final death throes.  Faster and faster he fucked her as she clutched, grasping at his dick, his balls pulsing and overloaded with cum.  Cyring out, "Now Sam! Now!" she exploded around him, her pussy working his sensitive head while his huge load of cum boiled in his balls, finally overflowing and shooting up his dick where it ended its journey blasting inside of her as her pussy kept sucking and swallowing load after huge load.  

The familiar lightning strike blinded him through closed eyelids and he almost felt like time stood still in that moment-her yelps and screams, his grunts and roars, and their spasming bodies all frozen for a span of a second, right before darkness closed around them again and their exhausted bodies emptied, and filled, shuddering to a stop.

Her legs fell from his shoulders and he collapsed onto her, the mattress underneath absorbing their weight.  They panted and moaned softly, "So fuckin' good baby," he whispered, "So fuckin' good."

"Yes, so good yes," she mumbled, totally spent.  The blue sky outside held no hint of the raging storm from a few moments ago. Silently, she stroked his chest, listening to his heartbeat.  

He made a decision right then, "I'll do it," he whispered.  Her hand froze in place and she held her breath.  "You're sure that I'll be able to survive on that planet of yours?"  

"Yes, of course.  There is no point of bringing you back to help create life on our planet again if you could not survive."  Raising up on an elbow she gazed down at him.  "Are you sure? I mean, I know you just said so, but, well...," she trailed off uncertainly. "I wouldn't want you to regret..."

He cut her off with a gesture, "Zilla...hey now.  I am not going to do anything I will regret.  I know it's time for you to leave and frankly, there's nothing here for me."  He reached up and kissed her.  "Besides, the weather men are closing in on us.  Pretty soon they'll tie my truck to these strange, new, weather patterns," he smiled.  "We're making 'em all crazy with these fantastic electrical storms of yours," he brushed a thumb across her cheek, "Time to go."

He sat up and pulled her to stand up with him.  "Let's shower then fly.  We've got a spaceship to catch,"  he glanced down at the innocent-looking tool. "Isn't that right, Buzz?" and he heard it buzz happily as they both smiled, closing the shower door.






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