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Cheer Raider & SABRE Panther Episode 6

You Want to See My Powerful Colossus, and Also My Giant Robot? Bigger is Badder!

[Opening Theme: "Violet Skies" by In This Moment]

Matt worked his tongue intently on Jennifer's clit while he felt her mouth engulf his hard cock completely. She had invited him over to her house for more practice, and he certainly wasn't going to turn that down. He heard her moaning with her mouth full, felt her tongue moving up and down his rod. His head fell back from her wet pussy as he grunted loudly and pumped his jism into her mouth. She got up and turned around, licking her lips seductively, before settling in alongside him with her breasts nestled against his arm. Her hand drifted down to his cock and took hold of it, fondling and squeezing gently.

"There's, uh, something we need to talk about," she began, sounding worried and uncertain. "We have a small predicament."

"What is it?" Matt asked.

"Well, one of the other girls on the cheerleader squad, Theresa, I discovered that she's a closeted lesbian… right about the same time I discovered I'm bisexual." They both felt Matt's cock twitch and regain some stiffness at that.

"Okay," Matt said, as noncommittally as he could.

"The other night, before we fought that fog monster, she was here, in bed with me. I thought she was asleep, but… she wasn't. I… had to tell her everything. About me, about you, about… us."

"Is she going to be a problem?" Matt asked.

"Oh no, no, she knows how to keep a secret, obviously. She thinks it's all really cool, and she asked… if she could see Panther up close sometime. I told her I'd ask you."

"Sure, why not. I have no problem with that."

"No… that's not it," Jennifer said. "I… already told her you agreed to it, but on one condition."

"What condition?"

"That she… joins us in a threesome." Jennifer felt Matt's dick get instantly hard in her hand.

"Oh. Wow. And she was okay with that?"

"She was."

"Well then, how can I say no?"

Jennifer kissed his cheek and moved up to straddle him. "Good. I'll let her know that it's on. She's never been with a guy before, so you get to have her cock virginity. Don't say I never gave you anything." She gave him a wide, teasing smile as she sank her wet fuck tunnel down onto his rod.

- - -

"How much further?" Theresa asked from behind the wheel of her father's pickup truck.

"You can stop. We're here," Matt replied.

"There's nothing here but grass and trees," Theresa insisted. They had driven off-road for quite a ways, circling around the edge of the forest preserve on the far side from town.

"Panther, deactivate cloaking," said Matt. The air shimmered as the mecha appeared, sitting on the ground and leaning against a large tree. The hoverwing appeared also, parked on the ground a short distance away.

"Holy shit! That's awesome!" Theresa turned off the truck, jumped out and ran over for a closer look.

"I have to admit, it's nice to be able to see your robot like this, rather than in the middle of a fight," Jennifer said while they both got out of the vehicle and followed Theresa over to Panther.

"Can we see inside?" Theresa asked excitedly.

"Cockpit open," Matt commanded. The belly armor folded down and the inner panels moved aside, granting them access. Matt climbed inside, followed by the girls.

"This is where you run it from," Theresa said, running her hands over the remote manipulation armature.

"Yep. Close cockpit," Matt said. The walls, ceiling, and floor around them lit up with a view of the surrounding area. The doors slid shut, and their inner surface completed the display. The trees and the truck appeared much smaller than in real life. "This is essentially a virtual reality representation of Panther's view of the world. I can see all around from in here. Anything that falls within the radius of the view screen is input by the pilot nanites directly to my optic nerve instead, sort of like augmented reality without the video glasses."

"Wicked! Thank you for letting me see all this, Matt," Theresa said. Then she turned to Jennifer, pulled her close, and kissed her. "And thank you for letting me into your world."

Jennifer grinned. "I think somebody's ready for some fun." Theresa nodded enthusiastically.

- - -

The girls were already naked by the time Matt got the picnic blanket spread out on the grass. They settled onto it and made out while he stripped down. Jennifer sat up, spread her legs, and directed Theresa's face into her pussy. She moaned while Theresa crouched on all fours with her tongue moving rapidly across Jennifer's clit, and her ass up in the air, pussy exposed and waiting. Matt knelt down behind her, his dick incredibly hard from watching the show before him. "Oooohhh put it in, baby, I want to see you fuck her," Jennifer urged.

Matt eased his cock into Theresa's tight but very wet pussy. He held her hips and began fucking her slowly. He heard her moan from between Jennifer's legs. He gave off a groan of his own and increased his speed. "Yeah, lick me good and take that cock, yes, fuck yes!" Jennifer said, moaning in pleasure.

"Oh God yes, aaahhh fuck, fuck. I'm not gonna last too long here," Matt said, feeling that he was close to orgasm.

"Yes, cum inside her Matt, let's see a nice creampie!" Jennifer ordered. Matt thrust inside hard and yelled out while his load spewed into Theresa's cunt. The very instant he pulled out, Jennifer grabbed her, flipped her over, and dove in between her legs.

"Oh God!" Theresa shouted as Jennifer licked and sucked the cum from her. Matt's cock made a heroic recovery due to the sight, he shrugged and rammed it home into Jennifer's pussy. He wasn't sure which girl exactly started cumming first, but both of their bodies shook hard as they screamed.

The three collapsed onto the blanket, but after a few minutes Jennifer propped her head up. "Hey, you wanna taste her? She's really yummy down there."

"Absolutely," Matt responded. Jennifer got on top of him riding cowgirl, and motioned Theresa into place over his mouth, facing her. The both moaned as Matt's tongue and cock worked on their respective pussies, while they kissed and played with each other's tits. This continued until Theresa's moans became more rapid and insistent.

"Cum for us, baby," Jennifer said, and pinched her nipples hard. Theresa's head fell back and her back arched as she screeched in extreme pleasure, and then fell over sideways onto the blanket. Jennifer moved to cuddle with her and continued fondling her breasts. When Theresa's breathing returned to normal, Jennifer said, "Mmmm, my turn now." She produced her strap-on dildo from her purse and fastened it into position around Theresa's waist.

"Wow, you're just full of surprises, aren't you," Matt observed.

"Yeah, and right now I need my pussy full with your cock," Jennifer said, pulling him down and mounting him once again, sliding his rod into her wet slit. She spat on her hand and rubbed it into her asshole, then motioned Theresa towards her. Theresa obliged, lubing the dildo with some of her own spit, then guiding it into Jennifer's back door. Her moans ratcheted up in response to the double penetration. "Fuck! Yes! Fuck me fuck me fuck me, oh God yes! Give it to me!"

"You like that, slut? You like being all filled up?" Theresa taunted, giving Jennifer's ass a few swats with her hand while pounding the dildo into her.

"Yes I love it! Fuck! I'm cumming! Fuuuuuuuck!" Jennifer shouted, and then collapsed into Matt. As soon as she caught her breath, she grabbed Matt's face and kissed him hard, then pulled Theresa down and did the same to her. She pulled away and ran her hand down Matt's thigh next to his still-hard tool. "Let's take care of that for you. Stand up. Theresa, kneel beside me."

Theresa obediently opened her mouth as Jennifer gently pushed her head down onto Matt's cock. She sucked it up and down, enjoying the taste of Jennifer's pussy juices on it. Then Jennifer pulled her back and took her place, taking his meat deep while he moaned. Next, Jennifer licked with her tongue up and down his shaft, and pulled Theresa back in to join her. The two girls looked up at Matt while they devoured his cock together. His moans intensified, and Jennifer pushed Theresa's mouth down onto it again, just as his heavy groans announced his orgasm. Theresa's mouth filled with his spunk, and then with Jennifer's tongue when she pulled Theresa back and moved in herself for a deep cum-sharing kiss. Afterwards, the three rested together on the blanket, their naked bodies cuddling with Jennifer between the other two.

- - -

With the sun low in the sky, the three reluctantly got their clothes back on, folded up the blanket, and prepared to leave. Matt opened the truck door to get in, then stopped, and said, "Uh oh."

"Uh oh? What?" Theresa asked.

"Yeah, Sugarshine, I've got Matt here with me, he got the message too," said Jennifer.

"Oh! A monster?" Theresa realized.

"Watch this. You're going to love it," Matt said, pointing at Jennifer.

Jennifer smiled and called out, "Gimme a V! I! C! T! O! R! Y! What's that spell? Victory!" On the final word she thrust her fist into the air, and the charms flew off her bracelet and circled around her, turning into a swirling cloud of golden sparkles. She levitated off the ground, and all her clothes vanished, leaving her completely naked. The rush of sparkles tickled against her skin, especially her tits and pussy. A sports bra and thong formed around her body. The striped braid appeared, starting from her shoulders and meeting in the middle, then the shell formed moving downward over her breasts, stopping with the lower braid. Bloomers formed over her thong, and the skirt pleats appeared, spinning around her body, drawing closer to her until they attached at her waist. Ankle socks and boots formed around her feet. Her hair blew wildly behind her, then came together and wove itself into a single braid down her back, secured with a red hair tie. A yellow glow appeared over her nose, then split into two that moved up and back, creating the visor. From the top of the visor and around to the back of her head, the helmet formed. A final flurry of sparkles moved over her chest, leaving behind block letters that spelled out "Cheer". Then the sparkles lowered her to the ground and dissipated.

Theresa clapped and squealed with glee. "Girl, that is kick ass!" Jennifer winked at her, took off running, and performed a round off back handspring full twist layout, vanishing into thin air. Theresa turned to see Matt already hurrying towards Panther. She ran to catch up. Matt climbed into the cockpit and secured himself into the armature. Theresa stuck her head in. "Matt, good luck out there. Keep her safe."

Matt smiled. "I always do. Panther, synchronize the armature." The control systems brought his legs up to match the sitting posture of the mecha.

Theresa lingered. "Hey, uh, that threesome, it wasn't really your idea, was it. It was hers."

"Yeah, but you didn't hear it from me," Matt said. "So what did you think of it?"

"It was fun, really, but, I think for one on one I'll be sticking with girls," she admitted.

"Fair enough. The thing I don't get though, if all she wanted was a threesome, why did she bring you to me instead of her boyfriend?

"You mean Wade? The way she's talked about him, I'm pretty sure she doesn't trust him to keep his mouth shut."

"Huh. Oh, do you mind waiting for us here? Jennifer at least will still need a ride home afterwards."

"Sure thing," Theresa said, and then jumped away from the closing cockpit. She watched in awe as the giant robot stood up, grabbed hold of the hoverwing that was now waiting overhead, and rose into the air before vanishing as the cloaking device activated.

- - -

The road was a mess of abandoned cars due to drivers fleeing their trapped vehicles on foot. The creature was currently assaulting a semi truck in them middle of the traffic snarl. It was twenty feet tall, with its torso and arms disproportionately large compared to its legs and head, essentially an over-muscled monstrosity. The truck and its trailer were finally pushed over with a loud crash. The monster looked around for its next target, and headed towards a fast food restaurant.

"Aw, shit," Jennifer muttered, and then shouted, "Hey ugly! Pick on something your own size! As soon as he gets here! Fighting Spirit Fiery Burst!" The fireball, more than the taunt, got its attention, and it turned to come after her instead. She turned and ran. Even with its lumbering gait, it was fairly fast. She ran into a car dealership's lot and judged that was about as far as she could lead it from innocent people before being in a lot of trouble herself. It was time to make a stand. "Baton!" she called out, summoning it into her hand. She turned towards the approaching beast and set her feet. "Baton Twirl Blazing Shield!" The shield was barely fully formed when the creature swung low and rammed its fist into it. The shield absorbed the blow, but Jennifer's boots skidded across the pavement as she was pushed back several feet.

"Whoa, that's a big motherfucker," said Matt's voice in her ear.

"Matt! About damn time!" she said.

"Get out of the way, I'm coming in hot," he warned. Panther decloaked while riding the hoverwing low to the ground, his legs raised. Jennifer dodged to the side as Panther landed a flying kick into the monster's backside, sending it sprawling to the ground while the mecha passed overhead. Matt released the hoverwing and dropped the short distance to the ground, taking a few steps to come to a halt. In that time, the giant insectoid grabbed a car in each hand and hurled them towards Panther. As Matt turned around, he saw the approaching automobiles and put Panther's arms up in a protective stance. The cars bounced off harmlessly, but when he lowered his arms again, the creature was upon him.

Though it was half Panther's size, the running tackle was effective, and the robot was thrown to the ground on its back with the monster on top. They began trading punches, both getting a fair share of hits in, but with Matt at a clear positional disadvantage. Matt heard Jennifer yelling, "Spinning… Ignition… Burning… Pike!" and then with friendly sarcasm, "Do I have to do everything around here? Time to be aggressive. B, E, aggressive." She bounded from car to car, running across their roofs, then up onto a row of SUVs, and from there a wild leap towards the creature with the pike held overhead.

It stuck itself into the monster's side, to very little effect. Jennifer pulled herself up and climbed onto its back, staying on her knees for stability. The beast didn't even notice her, but just to make sure, Matt grabbed hold of its arms and held them immobile. "Pom-poms! Pom-pom Flaming Punch! Pom-pom Flaming Punch! Pom-pom Flaming Punch!" she called out over and over as she pounded her fists repeatedly into the creature's backside. She finally stopped, and said, "Shit, I hit it I don't know how many times and the damn thing's shell only has one crack in it."

"How good of a crack?" Matt asked.

"It's nice and gaping, I guess, but it doesn't seem to bother him any."

"Megaphone, in direct contact."

"Oh God, it's a radical idea again. Megaphone!"

"Hurry, I can't hold him much longer!" Matt warned.

"Here it comes," Jennifer warned back, placing the megaphone against the crack she'd made in the monster's carapace. "Roar of the Crowd Scorching Sonic Blast!" The creature promptly exploded downwards and outwards all around it. Jennifer was knocked over, but the thick rear shell dropped mostly intact onto Panther with her still on top. She jumped down to the ground, and Matt sat Panther up.

"Cheer Raider! Cheer Raider, can I ask you some questions?" shouted a woman's voice. They looked and saw two people running towards them through the rows of cars, one an attractive blonde woman in her late twenties or so, the other a man carrying a video camera.

"Oh, hey, it's that reporter woman," Jennifer said.

"Debbie Woods? Sweet! You should talk to her. People should know what's going on," Matt said.

"With that camera up close? What if people recognize me?" she worried.

"Right. Panther, can you produce a short-range electromagnetic pulse? Nice. Do it," Matt ordered.

The reporters finally made it over to them, and a slightly out of breath Debbie said, "Miss Cheer Raider, I'm Debbie Woods with KHNT 34 Action News. May I please interview you?"

"Sure, I can answer a few questions," Jennifer replied.

"Uh, Debbie?" the cameraman meekly interrupted. "My camera just went dead."

"What? Just one moment, we'll have to make do with this," Debbie said. She fished her smartphone out of a pocket but found that it would not turn on either. "Dammit! Alright, the old fashioned way it is," she said, producing a pen and pad of paper. "Cheer Raider, first I'd like to convey the thanks of a grateful town for everything you've done stopping these monsters. Can you tell us, where are they coming from? What do they want?"

"From what we know, they are arriving here through portals from… somewhere else. I guess we don't know, actually. Or why, other than to wreck stuff and create mayhem," Jennifer admitted.

Debbie nodded, scribbled some notes, and then asked, "You said we. Tell me about your robot friend there."

"The robot's from space. Crashed here. The pilot is local. He named it the SABRE Panther. Oh, the SABRE part stands for 'space'… uh, what was it again?" Jennifer paused to listen, then said, "Space Alien Battle Robot Exoframe. He's been a big help," she added, smiling.

"Got it. So then what about you? Are you from here in town? Where do your amazing abilities come from?" Debbie asked.

"Uh… gotta go, sorry!" Jennifer blurted, then immediately took off running into a round off back handspring full twist layout, and disappeared. Debbie looked up at the giant robot. Panther shrugged its shoulders with upturned palms, then stood up and grabbed hold of the hoverwing as it descended within reach. The aircraft lifted its passenger off the ground, and they vanished as the cloaking device activated, leaving Debbie and her cameraman gaping upwards into the sky.

[Ending Theme: "Mechanical Love" by In This Moment]

"Debbie Woods here, reporting live from Bensonville. It looks like things are heating up for our heroes, in more ways than one! Next up, Jennifer finds herself in a desperate fight against a fierce new enemy, and a desperate situation when her coursework suffers, on Cheer Raider and SABRE Panther, Episode 7: 'The Tsarina Appears! I'll Do Anything To Save My Grade!' Go! Fight! Win!"


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