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Nymph In Limbo Pt 1

Nymph is wrongly dismissed from Olympus but to return must perform three erotic tasks

Ashea regained consciousness lying among pine trees. Olympus had pine trees but here, she was lost. Where was she? Hera had said Anglia. An unknown land, and she was condemned to wander here endlessly. No contacts she could talk with. No God she could ask for help. She was a terrified nymph, on this first day of her banishment from Olympus. Aimlessly, hopelessly, she roamed through the forest. When she reached the edge of the trees, Hera's voice boomed in her head, "Stay in the forest." Hurriedly, she turned back among the pines. A group of people came walking close to her, but they walked past, and Ashea realised that she was invisible.

With that in mind, when a young couple appeared, walking hand in hand, Ashea was able to stand quite close to them, thinking sadly of how pleasant their togetherness looked. The couple stopped and kissed, and that looked good too. Their clothing was strange. Both wore a top, but the man had his legs covered, while the girl wore a loose skirt. They continued kissing, stopped walking, and began fumbling with each other's clothing. Ashea was fascinated. The man slid his hand inside the woman's top and began stroking her breasts. Ashea wondered what it was like to be human and be stroked like that. Remembering how Zeus's satyrs had handled her she knew it could be unpleasant. This woman didn't look as though it was a bad experience. Maybe it was better when the right man did it.

The woman opened the front of the man's leg coverings, put her hand inside, to produce his erect male-thing. Now, Ashea knew exactly what this was for. Not as big as those she'd seen on satyrs, who were always trying to put them in somewhere. Certainly, nowhere near the one Zeus had threatened her with. The man had put his hand up the woman's skirt, and the woman's face told Ashea that she was enjoying it. The woman's hand stroked along the male-thing, until the man eased her to the ground and within seconds he was between her thighs, having his erection guided by the woman.

Sadly, Ashea turned away not wanting to watch any more of their pleasuring. Theirs was an activity that she could never experience. She continued her morose drifting through the trees. Several athletic individuals, scantily clad, ran past her, men and women. They looked very fit. The men were particularly attractive in her eyes.

As she lingered disconsolately under a peculiar Y shaped pine, another young man, came running in her direction. What was it about him that attracted her more than any of the others? Tall, darkly handsome, with strong legs, and a face that she was sure she would like to know better. But, she sighed, it was never to be. The young man did a little run on the spot and turned to run back the way he had come. Maybe she could at least see him again and again.

Brad Fielder, always turned back and retraced his steps at the Y shaped pine. The pine had been split by lightening at some time, so that the top sections had spread apart but had not died, making a natural letter Y. Brad had always enjoyed the freedom of running, had enjoyed that feeling of power that flowed through his body on the good days. He was feeling particularly strong on that day, and was keen to get home, have a shower, and get out to meet Jill, his girlfriend. Their three-month liaison had reached a promising stage. He had fondled her large bare breasts, and trailed his fingers between her legs, but no more than that, while she had tentatively handled his erect cock. So, Brad was hoping for some developments before they separated for their different universities.

Ashea bridled at the unfairness of Hera's judgement. On Olympus, one of Zeus's minions had spotted Ashea bathing naked in a stream. Zeus was told and summoned her to stand before him.

Nymphs were forever succumbing to Zeus. Ashea had been determined not to be that easy. She knew Zeus favoured virgins, unless the lady who took his fancy was wife to one of the higher Gods. For this meeting he kept his massive human image, and he ordered her to drop her white gown. Nervous, yet prepared to go this far, she had obeyed, and had revealed her curvaceous, neat breasted body. Zeus's eyes ate her, as he stroked his beard, and nodded appreciatively.

He ordered two satyrs to step forward and inspect the purity of this delicate nymph. Satyrs were notorious for their lascivious treatment of nymphs, but in front of Zeus, they had to be cautious. Nevertheless, they took too much pleasure, Ashea thought, in caressing over her breasts, squeezing just a little too much, before slipping their disgusting fingers between her legs. They grinned at each other, heads turned away from the Lord Zeus, as, taking turns, their fingers probed for evidence of her virginity. Reluctantly they turned to Zeus and nodded.

A great smile had creased Zeus's face as he stood, and declared, "Then how would you, dear girl, like this inside your lovely body?" And he had parted his great gown to reveal his monstrous male-thing, only semi-erect.

Ashea knew she had to be firm, yet, subtle. “Sire," she said quietly, "it is a wonderful instrument. But I, a slight maiden, do not yet feel deserving."

For a moment Zeus pondered her response, "Leave me now, while I think on this. Consider though, refusal, could mean me taking you anyway, before turning you over to these satyrs" And Ashea saw, with some disgust, the ogling eyes, the nodding heads and the rising erections of that pair. Quickly she dressed and left the chambers. But as she came out of the room, she was grabbed brutally by two of Hera's hand maidens and carried before the queen.

For a moment, Hera , a beautiful goddess on her noble throne, sat and glared at Ashea. "You have come from my husband's chambers." It wasn't a question, it was a definite statement. "You have given him your body."

Ashea was shocked by the accusations. "Majesty, I have not been to his bed."

Hera sneered, "You do not need to have been to his bed. He could take you where you stood if he wished."

"He wanted me, Majesty. But I refused."

Hera threw back her head and gave an unpleasant laugh, "A liar too, is it? No woman would refuse having my husband's overused member inside her."

Ashea opened her mouth to speak, but Hera held up her hand, "Enough of this, liar, whore. I condemn you to roam the Earth without hope. But far away Earth—to Anglia, a good place to lose you completely."

Horrified, Ashea tried to protest, but Hera rose, held both hands above Ashea's head, and for the nymph, everything went black.

What Ashea did not know was what happened on Olympus after her banishment. As Hera sat and congratulated herself at getting rid of one of Zeus's whores, her husband came storming into the throne room.

"Where is she?" he demanded fiercely of his wife.

"Gone. I've warned you, Zeus. I find any of your conquests, and they go. I've already dispersed a few all over Earth."

"And Ashea?"

"To Anglia, to wander alone."

To Hera's surprise, Zeus laughed, "Hera, are you turning into a crazy woman? That nymph refused me. I was--oh, never mind what I was going to do. You have some repairing to do."

After he left, Hera sat and thought about how she could help Ashea. Bringing the banished back from Earth was not as straight forward as casting them out there. Anyone with the chance to return had to perform certain labours. Much thinking later she decided to contact Ashea while she slept and give her the news and the labours she must perform.

As the saddest day of her life came to an end Ashea wondered if she would ever be able to face day after empty day. Night was closing in and she drifted deep into the forest and lay down to sleep, despair her only blanket.

At some time through that night Hera entered Ashea's head via the dream doorway. Ashea could see her clearly, as though down a tunnel. The goddess's face was sorrowful at first as she said, "I have done you a great wrong, Ashea. To make amends, I am preparing a route for you back to Olympus. This is never easy. Certain challenges must be undertaken, but no worry, I endow you with attributes that will help and guide you. First, an iota of my sexuality, your own may work, but I am sure a touch of mine won't come in wrong."

Ashea shuffled in her sleep, and her fingers moved between her thighs, and she almost came awake on feeling the extra warmth there.

"Good," Hera went on, her face smiling now. "That should bring you pleasure during the tasks you will perform. I can understand strange language, and the choice of being visible or not. Obviously, although you remain a nymph at heart, you will need to take on solid human form for most tasks. You may be nymph or witch, whenever the situation demands, but your appearance will not change. A human will only know when you act in that mode.

You may take any of these forms by merely thinking about them. With all challenges completed, you may return to Olympus, if you want to come back." There was a pause in what Hera had said, and her eyes gazed at Ashea. "You would make a most beautiful human. And if anything happens during your tasks and you are attracted, and it could happen, you may be allowed to remain in human form, but would sacrifice your immortality."

Hera went on, "Now, the challenges. First, you must carry out at least one destructive act in some way. It might be to the property or the person of someone, obviously that would be in witch mode. Second, it is important that you throw a scare into one or two people. That shouldn't be too difficult, many humans jump at their own shadows.

Third, and definitely most important, you must take into your body, through whichever entry, the reproductive fluids of at least three men. I have freed you of any virginal curse to spare you pain. Something I could not do on Olympus, but when you are Earthbound I can arrange it. Pregnancy is not a problem, as human outpourings cannot reproduce in us, even in temporary human form.”

 “You must take on three different men but may go more than once with any of them, if you wish it. This task is for my satisfaction, for, you will no longer be the virgin that Zeus's passion demands. Morning approaches now, and soon you will find your special self. Good luck, Ashea, my apologies for casting you out so hastily."

Ashea came out of her sleep very slowly at first, but then as her thoughts cleared she sat up directly, recalling much of what Hera had said. Was it a dream? Think about it. She thought about being a visible human/nymph, and immediately she was looking down at the curves of her own body, clad in a green dress, which revealed her bare legs. Witch, she thought. At first, she was disappointed, there appeared to be no bodily change. Then vile thoughts filled her head. Thoughts of poisons, of cut throats, of tearing flesh., and so many evil things. Quickly she thought 'nymph', and all was fine.

Through two or three sun rises, she tested herself out. Early on, while invisible, she saw the young runner, whom she'd found so attractive, but she wasn't confident enough about her powers to reveal herself. A decision she was to regret for a while When her confidence rose, she took on her human persona and strolled down the trail. On the way she passed an elderly couple taking a morning stroll, Ashea had approached them warily, but closer and they smiled, nodded and murmured, "Good morning.".

Ashea nodded her head and found she could return the greeting. That pleased her. By the fourth sunrise, Hera had prompted her to start on her tasks, and she lingered by the Y pine, hoping to see the young runner. She saw others, but not him, and she knew she was bound to get on with a challenge.

Brad Fielder had not been running in the forest because he had lost all will power. On the night he had run home to prepare to see Jill, everything had seemed fine. She had allowed him to go as far as he had on other occasions, but no further. Then, two days later, she had phoned him to tell him that she didn't want to see him anymore.

When he asked why, he had been staggered by her reply, "We just don't seem to be getting anywhere."  He just could not accept that and needed to talk it out face to face. So, the next evening he had gone to her house, only two streets away.

He froze when he saw the car parked outside her door. He knew that car. Everybody knew that ghastly yellow car. Clive Madding had bragged about it often enough. Such a smarmy character, from their upper year class, Clive was the only eighteen-year-old to own a car. And as Brad glared at that car, Jill, in a brief summer dress, ran from her front door and climbed into the passenger seat.

In class two days later, they were standing around in small groups before the session started, and as usual, among his bunch of cronies, Clive Madding's voice rose above the rest. "She's not here, yet, is she?" His beady eyes looked around the room. "No, good. So, I can tell you. Man, that Jill fucks like a rabbit." He sniggered, and his mates joined in the lascivious laughter, as he leered in Brad's direction.

Angrily, Brad had pushed towards Clive, "You bloody liar," he snarled. "You wouldn't dare say that if Jill was here.

Clive sneered, "I wouldn't have to. She knows she's lucky to have a man-size cock to play with--for a change."

Brad took another step towards him, and noticed his cronies move closer, as he responded, "Man-sized cock, pea sized brain." It was pathetic and couldn't be taken any further since Professor Barker entered the room to start the session.

Brad could think of nothing other than the loss of Jill. Lying on his bed , staring at the ceiling took the place of running. For the next couple of nights that was his practice, home and lie on the bed staring at that damned ceiling. His mother asked if he was ill. Not ill, he might have said, just a broken heart.


Ashea was in her human mode, wearing the green summer dress. She was in a thicker part of the forest, when she heard footsteps causing twigs to crack. A tall man in a check shirt and blue leg coverings, and carrying an axe, was coming through the trees. Ashea had been thinking of how she might trigger the situation. It turned out surprisingly easy. She sat down on a log and held her ankle. From that moment everything went as though scripted.

The man approached and enquired about what was wrong. His eyes had roamed over her revealing dress. She could see him thinking about what might be underneath. He inspected her ankle, and when she offered a kiss of gratitude, the whole thing took fire.

His hands were all over her, and he opened her dress as their tongues meshed. Eagerly, Ashea reached for his erection, and had to be shown how to unzip what he called 'jeans'. Holding his erect male-thing had been exciting for her.

This stranger's fingers probing gently between her thighs and dipping into her honey had driven her wild almost immediately.  Ashea had to wonder how much was her own sexuality, and how much Hera's influence. She longed to have him inside her and was having thoughts she had never had before.

Within seconds, came what her body was demanding as his male-thing moved inside her, tight at first, but then filling her up. She could not stop her own body from thrusting in tune with his.

Soon they were both grunting and gasping. That feeling, that fire, was something that Ashea knew she would want repeatedly. She had felt the man's fluids that Hera had demanded, pour into her.

It was over. It had been too rushed, yet delightful. He had been so gentle. How much better could it be? She could only allow a moment of relaxed satisfaction, as she thought 'invisible'. Sad, but grateful, she watched his shocked awareness of her disappearance. It would have been fun to do it again, perhaps more slowly. But as soon as they calmed, she knew she had to move on.

That night Hera spoke to her in revealing tones, "That was a lucky choice. An experienced man. It won't always be so—but I-" The Queen paused,"-that is, you really hit a high spot. Good."

That little pause had Ashea thinking when she woke up. Was Hera able to get the sensations she had experienced? Another four sun rises went by and no sign of the young man she was hoping for. Other young men ran past her, but not the one she hoped for.

In the end she settled for a heavily built man carrying a strange black instrument, which, before she revealed herself, he put to his eyes and pointed at any birds that settled nearby. It didn't seem to harm the birds. So, she thought this one would be gentle enough. She was wrong.

The moment he became aware of how vulnerable her mode of dress was, he had jammed her against a tree, and his erection was up inside her and spurting before she could channel her mind into protective mode. It was all so fast she was quite stunned. There had been no real pain, but even less pleasure. The only solace she had was that her second task was over. She had taken two loads now. In her mind she was telling herself if she ever saw this one again she would think 'witch'.

Hera visited her that night and said sagely, "Not always good, is it? I did warn you. More care next time." Again, Ashea wondered how Hera could know so much about her efforts.


Slowly Brad had slowly come to his senses and realised that getting back to his running might drive Jill from his thoughts. His friend, Steven had been most encouraging.

"Best way to get her out of your system" he told Brad.

"Early days for that," Brad said, "so for now, I'll enjoy running in the forest, starting this afternoon." Unfortunately, Clive Madding, had been standing just behind them and he broke in, then, "Haven't seen you on my forest runs lately. Huh, you couldn't even make the distance with Jill."

Brad’s fists tightened as Clive went on, "So grateful when I took her cherry. Oh, how she yelped the  first time I stuck it up her. But after that, she was so grateful, takes it in, anywhere. Gives a great blowjob."

Steven grabbed Brad’s arm to keep him from getting to Clive. “Don’t give him the satisfaction, Brad." Shaken, all Brad could lamely say was, "You're welcome to her."

Clive shrugged, "Running in the forest? Better look out for the wood nymph or wood witch, or whatever they call her. They reckon she's hot. But you wouldn't know what to do, would you?".

With that, he walked away laughing, leaving Brad seething. Steven looked at Brad, "Have you heard about this so-called wood nymph?"

There had been some recent talk. Some said it was a ghostly figure that scared people. Brad shook his head. Fantasy stories were the furthest thing from his mind at that particular moment. His mind still seethed at the latest details he'd heard. Come the afternoon he could run it all off.


Ashea had not forgotten that part of her challenge was to do some scaring, and really, she had been doing it, in one way or another for a while. It was ideal having the facility to be invisible or not. Sometimes she could be just a green flash among the trees, something that left a doubt in the minds of whoever saw her. At other times she would appear completely, and then switch to 'invisible', and watch the worried faces, when she wasn't there.

She was very careful not to scare any of the younger ones who'd occasionally play hide and seek on the fringe of the forest. But what she enjoyed most was scaring the men, who she picked out for this non-sexual side of her tasks. Her method in many of these cases was to stand among the trees but in view.

Adopting a provocative pose, and as they moved eagerly towards her, she smiled to lure them on. Then, if they as much as blinked, she was gone. Or so they thought. Oh, she did enjoy that look of nervous frustration on their faces.

As she did so often, on this day she had come to the Y pine to find a scare victim. Waiting she assimilated what she had accomplished so far. Two intakes of reproductive fluids, one fair, one horrible. So, she needed to find just one more, and she had not yet created any kind of damage. Her mission would soon be over.

A figure came running up the trail towards her. Always, it seemed that these runners dressed very lightly; thigh revealing shorts and a top held up by two straps over the shoulders. Already in 'invisible' mode she could decide how best to scare this one. Suddenly her heart leapt, it was him. The young runner she had desperately wanted to meet, almost from her first time here. But he looked so troubled, angry, bitter and very unhappy.

Knowing he would be turning back at the Y pine, she pondered on what she should do next, when, to her surprise he swept past where she stood, and ran on determinedly. She would have to move to keep ahead of him. But in this mode, it was easy.

That afternoon, true to his intent, Brad, loaded with bitterness and hurt, had come out and run and run, setting a ridiculous pace, past the Y pine, and an unknown distance beyond. This exhaustive burst was his attempt to burn away thoughts of what Jill did for Clive, and eventually he collapsed breathless on a bank of pine needles. Recovery had taken a long while, and thoughts of Jill's betrayal brought him near to tears. Would nothing drive that away? Lying there, seeing sunlight pattern the high pines above him, he wondered how far he had run.

"Are you all right?" The gentle feminine voice startled him.

 He sat up, and the fantasy tales he had been hearing poured in on him. In front of him was a young woman in a thin green dress. Before fear could overtake him, his eyes took in the sheer beauty standing there. A face you might see at the head of a table of angels. The body beneath that thin dress, he imagined as perfect, with neat rounded breasts, and nipples that pressed at the fabric, while her thighs showed between the split of her dress.

"I'm sorry if I startled you," she said, genuinely, having detected his initial look of near panic. But she had wallowed in the look of near adoration he had bestowed on her face and body.

"Are you the wood nymph they talk about?" he asked warily.

"Is that what they say?"

"Rumours only."

"What would you like me to be, nymph or woman?" Her tone was only slightly teasing. Already she knew for certain that this one had to be her third, and she was feeling tantalisingly seductive. Was this her own emotion? Or Hera's? No, she almost yelled at herself, this is me! And as she sat down alongside him, she said, "I'm Ashea."

"Brad," he told her, suddenly very aware that his thin running shorts were not going to disguise what was happening to him down there. He half turned towards her, so he could place an arm over that spot. Did she really want to be this close to him?

"You didn't answer my question--nymph or woman?"

Brad took a deep shuddering breath, "You look all woman to me."

Ashea liked that. She placed a hand on his, where it rested across his thigh. "Why were you looking so grim as you ran? Cares of the world on your shoulders?"

"Feels like it." Next second, he was blurting out his sad tale of Jill's desertion.

"I'm sorry, Brad-" Oh, she was going to enjoy saying that name. "--but you must forgive me for what I'm about to say. This Jill person must be a mad woman."

Brad frowned at her, "What do you mean?"

"You say she had refused you—and gone to this other, this Clive. She has to be mad."

Ashea was a little surprised at her own boldness. All she knew was that she had experienced two men, and whereas the first had been a decent start in her sexual experience, the second could be said to be a warning. If Brad was to be her third, she wanted it to be just right. How to achieve that?

Brad was desperately trying to collect his thoughts. In the space of just a few minutes he had jumped from near fear, through surprised appraisal, simple adoration to confessor. This stunning lady had been complimentary and seemed keen to be with him. She had touched his hand very near his danger point, and electric charges were already emanating from that contact. It was all too good to be true.

Warily he glanced into the surrounding trees. Was it some kind of hoax? Could his school mates be setting him up? There was no evidence of that. What would be the best thing to do now?

That question was answered for him, when she leaned forward and placed her lips gently on his. They were cool lips, but Brad sensed the warmth behind them, as he responded. Their lips meshed well, and there was a thrilling sense of hunger in her kiss. As the kiss deepened, their tongues were in on the act, coiling and stroking eagerly together. Brad's whole mouth was tingling, as hands became part of the act.

Ashea had the immediate urge to touch him everywhere, but, somehow, she was aware that this sudden intimacy might overcome him. So, her hands stroked over his bare shoulders, and she felt him tremble.

Brad trembled all right. Her touch was electrifying as her hands set his skin aglow. He dared put his hands on her bare upper arms, so smooth, and one hand moved up to touch her cheek, before ruffling through her brown hair just behind the ear. Jill used to like that, and Ashea made a little squirming action, as a cat might under a delicate stroke. Quickly, he dismissed thoughts of Jill, and concentrated on this gorgeous person, who was lying back now, taking him with her. His hand slid from her upper arms down to her right breast, under the thin cover of green fabric. But why was he being so blessed?

As though she had read his mind, Ashea broke the kiss, and looked into his eyes, "Is this right for you? I've been watching you running and missed you. But you're here, and I'm so glad." His hand on her breast was a delight, and she reached to undo the top two buttons of her dress, and murmured, "There.”

Her words melted him, but how had she watched him without him ever noticing? The invitation of the open dress was clear. As they renewed their kiss, his hand smoothed over the sensuous swell of her bare breast. It was exquisite to touch, and feel the nipples harden and swell, under his stroking, as he heard the little grunt from the back of her throat.

After a few moments of this stimulation, Brad felt confident enough to break the kiss, and place his mouth on her breast. Somehow, the skin was smoother under his lips, and when he trailed his tongue around the areola, before lapping at the firm nipple, he heard her gasp, "I didn't-- No one has—Oh Brad-" This encouraged him so much, that he had no hesitation in taking the pink nipple into his mouth and sucking on it gently.

This was so new for Ashea. Having sensitive breasts was one thing, having them pampered in this exotic manner was intoxicating. Brad's sucking at her nipples was sending powerful charges through her body, especially down between her thighs, where she knew she was already moistening.

Her breathing was ragged, but these entrancing sensations had to be controlled. She so wanted a lovely slow journey to the ultimate with this Brad. Apart from the luxury of his tongue on her breasts, she became aware of his hand, resting on her belly. Now it was unfastening her dress all the way down, and it roamed, intoxicatingly, over the skin of her lower body.

Brad was aware of the effect his actions so far were having on Ashea. Her responses were so encouraging that unfastening her dress became quite a logical next step. Was he really acting like an experienced lover? But even if it was too early for that, he was willing to learn. Stroking her flat belly became another delight.

Still favouring her breast with his mouth, he was able to look down, to where her dress parted. His heart leapt at the sight of shapely raised thighs, and that fascinating bush, the colour of autumn leaves. He had a great urge to allow his fingers to drift lower into the wonder of that area. He was checked by the movement of her hand negotiating the elastic of his shorts. Oh! Oh!

Lying there luxuriating in the twin delights of Brad's hand and mouth, Ashea began chiding herself for lazily accepting the joy of it all. Without wanting to interfere with what Brad was doing, she was compelled to move her body slightly so that she could send a stroking hand down over his chest and stomach, to the edge of the brief covering of his lower body. She could readily see that his male-thing was wildly trapped in there. Surely it was her duty to release it? Her fingers stole under the tight band, and almost immediately encountered the smooth head, as though it was seeking her hand. Her fingers trickled over that head, and she felt Brad heave.

That touch had been incredible, and all his senses were alive to the subtlety of her fingers. Yet, despite his enjoyment, he knew that, one handed, she could not reach any further. Accordingly, he raised his body, and, as she helped he pushed his shorts down, heard her gasp as his erect cock broke free. His own grunt, as her fingers closed around it, brought a chuckle from her. For his part, he moved his hand, not into her bush, but onto the inside of her raised thigh.

God, he thought, there can be nothing that is as smooth as that skin. His hand glided on velvet. His mind was lost in a mixture of incredible sensations; his hand where it was, while her fingers were roaming up and down his rampant cock. When she suddenly stroked over his scrotum, Brad became aware that his pressure was rising. More care, or move faster? He wasn't sure.

Brad's fingers running along her thigh were delighting Ashea even more, especially as, on a couple of upward strokes, he gently touched the hair around her secret place. No doubt in her mind, that was the touch she was eager for now, but she wanted to give more to him. Brad's fingers were suddenly tracing along the length of her crevice, hitting her hot spot briefly. Ashea gasped. Having located it, the fingers returned and lingered, bringing that nub, already rising, to full length. Ashea, her passion truly roused, struggled to sit up, forcing Brad's lips to relinquish her nipple. She bent, and her tongue licked at the purple head of his thing she was holding

Ashea's last action had Brad thinking that he may not be able to take more of this. Already, Ashea had kissed his throbbing cock. That was something that Jill had never—No, no, stop thinking Jill. This is Ashea, and she is so different, so much more giving. He could tell that his action on her clit was pleasing her, and when she asked, "Would you put your tongue where your finger is, please?" Brad was shaken, he'd never done that before. But Ashea was tonguing him, so he had to be fair.

Ashea was just a little surprised at herself for asking that of Brad. Licking at his purple headed male-thing was pleasant enough, and his finger teasing at her hot spot was just devastating, making her very wet and ready. Yet his tongue had been so titillating on her nipple, she had to wonder what it would be like on her hot spot.

Brad did not hesitate for long. To get near her upper thighs, he had to lean her back away from his cock, which she held on to with one hand Telling himself that this was a first for him, he bowed his head, took in the mixed scent of her, and licked at her clit. If his mouth hadn't been so busy, he might have smiled at the thought that it was like dipping his face into a bowl of cream. It was an action so empowering, so delicious that it had to be right. But at the same time, he was sure his throbbing erection, caressed by Ashea's warm fingers, was preparing to explode. Just how far could he take this?


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