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Dirty Race

Two girls have a little lesbian foot fetish fun.

Kate slowed down. Now that she knew that Sandra was at least one minute behind her there was no point in hurrying. So she switched to a steady jogging and avoided risky moves. This route was in her veins so much that she wouldn’t miss a step even with her eyes closed. Kate let her mind wander and thought about all the things she would do to her fellow runner now that she got her 5th consecutive win in a row.
"Damn she has a hot body… And I just love to make her scream." she muttered to herself as she made one final turn around a corner and arrived in the finish of their weekly race.
"Thanks for the compliment Katy. But we’ll see who’s gonna make who scream." she suddenly heard Sandra’s voice. Kate immediately broke into a wild run but it was too late, the other runner had a speed advantage that she couldn’t overcome. Sandra touched the flagpole 3 seconds before she did. Kate lost the race.

"Well, that was a good one, right?" Sandra smiled to Kate now that they were both panting in the pleasant coolness of the nearby shed.
"How could you make up for all that lost time?" The other runner still couldn’t believe she lost the race.
"I made a little shortcut." said Sandra without further explaining it to her friend. "For which I owe a blowjob to Peter, but my pride couldn’t have possibly taken another loss. Nor could have my pussy." she thought.

"It wasn’t easy," she said loudly. "you put up a good fight, girl. I’m all covered in sweat and my feet hurt like hell.’ Suddenly she got an idea. ‘And since you are my slave for tonight you can start by massaging my feet."

"What?" Kate was mentally ready for a variety of things Sandra could make her do, but not this.
"You heard me girl, get my shoes off and start rubbing. I need relaxation." She added with a queen-like gesture as she stretched her right leg out. Her mind was set to enjoy this rare occasion to its fullest.

Kate still had a half incredulous and half disgusted look on her face when she knelt down and took Sandra’s feet into her hands to untie the laces on the runner’s shoe. "Geez, how do you manage to tie a knot that difficult?" she murmured as she struggled with the unfamiliar type of binding. But finally she managed to loosen the laces and as she proceeded to remove the shoe suddenly an incredibly strong odor filled the small space. "Aargh." she grimaced, turning her head away in disgust.

‘What are you doing?’ Sandra asked in an angry voice. On the inside, she wasn’t really angry; this was exactly the reaction she hoped for.

"Sandy, your foot smells something awful."

"No it doesn’t. It’s pretty normal; you’re just not accustomed to it yet. Yours has the same strong smell but you cannot even notice that. Get used to it. Maybe you just need a little therapy… Sniff that shoe."

Without any enthusiasm, Kate picked up the shoe she just dropped and sniffed into the air keeping the dangerous object in a fair distance from her nose.
"Don’t be playing around, that’s not how you do it!" Sandra said. The next moment she leaned forward (was an easy task thanks to all the exercises she did), grabbed the girl’s head with the one hand and taking the shoe in the other she pressed her face into it.

Kate felt her nose and mouth getting full of that awful smell. She wanted fresh air and wanted it now, but the more she tried to escape from the grip the harder it got. All she accomplished was running out of oxygen leaving her no other option but to take a breath again. Once again she felt the salty smell in her mouth so strongly that tears ran into her eyes. She stopped struggling hoping that this breath will hold on until Sandy removes the shoe.

Sandra watched Kate’s struggle with a big smile on her face. When she saw the other girl’s eyes getting wet her heart started to pound. She was in control, and she loved it. Never before it had occurred to her that power feels this good, but she was sure that she got addicted to it this very moment. She licked her upper lips and strengthened the grip a little more.

After the third breath she had taken from the smelly shoe, Kate was sure she couldn’t stand this any longer and she would pass out. But her body was much stronger than that, although in this case she would have preferred losing her consciousness. After the fifth all she could think was ‘Please let this be over with’. After the seventh she started to notice that the smell was getting weaker. ‘Maybe I really got used to it’ she thought. That moment Sandra let her go.

Kate coughed and spluttered trying to get rid of the taste in her mouth while she heard her tormenter laughing, "I think my therapy was a success. It’s a shocking one, but it does miracles, right, Katy?" Kate didn’t answer. She was just glad this ended.

"Now," Sandra finally said, ‘let’s proceed with my massage.’ She put her right foot in Kate’s hand again. Kate removed the sock trying not to show any signs of disgust or else Sandy might even shove it up her mouth then she started rubbing the foot.

First she felt up the sole trying to notice any cramped or sore spots then she used her thumbs to relax the muscles. Sandra closed her eyes and leaned back. This felt really nice and calming. Despite all the roughing she had done to her Kate did a really good job. 'I could run around all day if she gave me massages like that every evening’ Sandra thought.

Meanwhile Kate continued doing what she was told to. While working on Sandy’s foot she noticed how strongly built it was. All that training had its effect on her. She also noticed a few bruises near the ankles and how the skin got hard around her heel. ‘This girl must work her ass off’ she thought. Without her realizing it Kate’s movements changed, became gentler. She was no longer massaging that foot, she was more like caressing it.

"Now the other one." Sandra said in a sleepy voice without opening her eyes.

Kate carefully placed the right foot on the floor and picked up the left one. While untying the laces she felt that her breathing became a little dashed. ‘I’m already afraid of smelling that awful odor once again’ she thought. But she noticed another thing. While one part of her brain detested it, another hidden part that she had sealed up before longed for it. And the voice of that part became louder and louder with every move she made towards removing the shoe.

With horror Kate realized that now she wants it more than anything else to feel that strong salty scent once more. Now trembling with excitement she took off the left shoe too. She glimpsed at Sandra. Her eyes were still closed and she breathed slowly. ‘She must have fallen asleep’ Kate thought happily. She didn’t want the other girl to see how she does the exact same thing that she was forced to do just a few minutes ago. Her whole body shivered as she lifted the shoe to her nose and took a slow deep breath from it. She loved it.

Kate smelled the shoe for some minutes, but the scent started to diminish. ‘I need something stronger’ she thought. She looked around and her eyes settled on Sandra’s sock that was removed before Kate gave her the foot massage. She immediately picked it up and pressed it against her nose. The scent was even more intense than that of the shoe and she could feel how the sock was wet from sweat.

"More!" she cried on the inside and with a quick move she removed the other sock from the blonde girl. It was warm and almost dripping. Kate put it in her mouth and started to chew on it. She managed to juicer a few drops from it which she gulped eagerly. 'I’m gonna touch myself' she thought, but that moment she looked at Sandra. She was sitting with her eyes wide open and with a big smile on her face.

"The therapy was a success, after all. But why don’t you try the real thing?" she asked while she stretched out her leg and wiggled her toes invitingly.

Kate knew what Sandra wanted her to do. She got back on her knees and took those beautiful feet in her hands and with a tongue move perfected in nightly pussy eating battles she licked her friend’s sole. Both girls sighed with pleasure. Kate suddenly realized that this was what she was waiting for ever since she first smelled that dirty shoe for the first time. She licked and kissed Sandra’s foot all over, her tongue cleaned even the small space between the toes until it was all covered in saliva.

Sandra leaned back again and enjoyed her treatment. But it wasn’t just the feeling of power anymore. She felt explicit sexual pleasure. Kate’s tongue was sliding on her sole. It tickled but felt good. ‘She now licks between my toes…she really became my dirty little slave’ Sandra thought. She reached into her jogging trousers and into her panties. She realized with amazement that she was wet. ‘Just from having my feet licked? Ridiculous, I’m not an easy girl like that –’ but at that moment Kate took her pinky toe in her mouth and started sucking on it. From that point Sandra didn’t care about being easy or not she enjoyed what was done to her and she started playing with her pussy almost unconsciously.

Kate’s tongue played with the pinky toe, it swirled around it and Sandra could feel every move. As Kate moved on to the 4th one Sandra slid one finger into herself. She moaned loudly as pleasure came from multiple sources to her brain. Middle toe. Two fingers. Index toe. Fingers moving in and out fast. Big toe. Kate sucked on it as if she was sucking a cock and Sandra felt that the climax was near. With a quick move she grabbed Kate’s head and pressed it between her legs. She felt the touch of her mouth even through the layers of clothing and with a series of ‘Oh yes’-es Sandra finally came.

With her head between Sandy’s legs Kate felt warmth spreading as her friend’s flowing juices soaked the panties and trousers. ‘She always comes so much’ she thought ‘and hard.’ she added as the position started to get somewhat uncomfortable for her. After about a minute Sandra’s orgasm finally came to an end and released her muscles.

She laid there, slightly trembling, with her hand still in her panties, almost like she was unconscious. Kate sneaked up and her mouth touched those ruby lips. The girls exchanged slow, tender kisses until Sandra finally came to. Then she pulled out her hand from the panties, her fingers dripping with gooey pussy juice. She slid the fingers into Kate’s mouth and Kate obediently ate up the offer.
"Tasty, as always." she smiled.
"I know." Sandy smiled back "Only you can make me cum so hard." she added.

"Let’s get naked!" Sandra said. They quickly threw off their clothes and after a few seconds they were looking at each other’s naked body. Sandra noticed for the 100th time how Kate looks. Despite her petite figure her body was strong, full of muscles, not an ounce of extra weight, but still feminine and tempting. Her small breasts may not be arousing to most men, but that was the part that Sandra liked the most. She used to spend hours just touching and kissing them, she just couldn’t have enough. The hole of her tight pussy was clean and immaculate, only a small triangle of public hair topping it.

Her admitting Kate’s body was interrupted by the other girl’s voice.
"Well, are we gonna do something or just stand here naked till night falls?" she asked.

They both sat down. Sandra reached out her leg and Kate happily started to feast on the foot she was offered. ‘But this time I’m gonna treat you too’ Sandy thought as she started petting Kate’s leg. Then she took it in her hands. Kate looked at her with a curious look. Sandy smiled and kissed the foot. Kate let out a moan as she felt the other girl’s wet touch.

The girls tangled up so much only they knew which body part belonged to who and they lustfully licked each other’s feet. But Kate felt she needed more. All that licking and then tasting Sandy’s juice made her so horny she couldn’t bare it anymore. She lowered the blonde’s feet until it was in one line with her wet throbbing pussy.

"Sandy," she whispered, "do me with your foot." Even she was surprised she said that. "Getting off like this would be so humiliating. But I still want it."

Sandra caressed the public hair with her toes.

"Don’t tease me, do it please!" Kate was craving for lust so much she was ready to abandon all her pride.

But her partner just smiled and moved her other foot there too, touching the sensitive skin on her thighs. Teasing Kate and seeing her suffering was too much joy to Sandra to let this occasion slip by. Kate breathed heavily in staccatos, her hands playing with her small round breasts.

Finally Sandy had enough fun seeing Kate longing for pleasure and decided that it was time for the finishing move. Slowly, careful not to hurt the other girl’s sensitive pussy she pushed her big toe into the tight hole. It was hot and really wet and Sandra enjoyed thoroughly fucking it with her foot while Kate let out small high pitched cries of joy. Then she started sucking on Kate’s toes again. This was too much for the other girl; shouting and crying she had her orgasm and covered Sandra with her squirt…

They both laid on the couch, with their feet in each other’s mouth, licking it occasionally. They both came so many times they lost count and were exhausted from this sweet exercising. Finally Kate was the one who moved and changed position. Their mouths stuck together exchanging kisses that tasted like pussy juice and foot. Sandra put her arms around Kate and they were almost taken away by sweet dreams when they heard the radio calling.

"Sandra, Kate, where the hell are you? It’s almost night, get back here." It was Peter.

"Yeah, we’re coming." answered Kate in a lazy voice. "Damn, I could do this all day long." She laughed at Sandra.

"Hey, is Sandy over there with you?" asked Peter again.

"Yes, why?"

"Umm, I’ve got a job for her. Anyway, get back soon."

"I thought we were done for the day." she said to the other girl. "Damn, Peter makes us do all the dirty work."

"Umm right." Sandra turned her head away and blushed. "Let’s get going."

Sandra ran. She burst through a door that Peter had unlocked for her and quickly reached the end of the corridor. "One more door and I should be ahead of Kate." She smiled when she thought of all the things she would make her do. She kicked the last door open but to her disappointment she saw that the other runner was already at the flagpole, leaning against it smiling.

"How the hell did you get ahead of me?" Sandra asked.
"I made a shortcut." Kate answered. "Also," she added "I promised a footjob to Peter. I’ve gotten pretty good at it lately."

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