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A Friday afternoon

I finally get to meet her
We had been talking on the internet and over the phone for a long time by now. I catch you on Fab Swingers one Friday afternoon and we agree to have a chat on the phone. I tell you I have written a new story written just for you. You say you would love to hear it but not just yet. I wonder why you are not eager to hear me read it to you but carry on chatting to you. You ask me if I have any other stories I have not read to you. I look through my stories and find one that you have not heard. As I read the story to you I can hear you shallow breathing. You announce that you are fingering your very wet pussy as I read my story to you. The thought of you doing that gets me hard. As you finger yourself you tell me that you love the story so far.

I tease you and tell you that I wish my mouth and tigglered tongue are where your fingers are.

“Oh yes I would love that” you reply.

As I carry on reading you my story I can hear your fingers squelching in and out of your wet pussy. You breathing is deep and shallow. You ask me to wait while you get your vibrator. When you come back I carry on reading your story to you. I can hear the buzzing from the vibrator as you ram it in and out of your wet pussy. When I get to the end of my story you tell me you have just had a massive orgasm.

It is your turn to tease me now. You tell me that you pussy is very wet and you are aching for cock.

“So what would you do to me if you met me?” you ask.

“Meet me and I will show you” I laugh.

You go silent for a moment.

“Ok give me your address and I will be there in a couple of hours” you say to me.

I think you are winding me up but soon realise you are deadly serious. You ask me if it would be ok for you to stay until Sunday.

“Sure no problem” I reply.

“I hope you have good stamina. I want plenty of good fucking” you tell me.

“Oh don’t worry I will give you plenty of goof fucks. If I get tired I will invite some friends over” I laugh.

“Mmmmmm that might be interesting” you reply.

We end our telephone call and you tell me that you will call me once you start driving.

As I sit by my computer I still wonder if you really are serious. My mind starts thinking about all the wonderful things we could do together. My thoughts are interrupted by my phone going.

“Hi it’s me. I am on the motorway” you tell me.

I now realise you are 100% serious.

“What you are going to do to me?” you ask me.

I tease you and describe in graphic detail what I want to do to you.

“God you are making my naked pussy so wet”. You tell me.

“Did you just say naked pussy?” I reply.

You then tell me that you have no knickers on and that you are soaking wet. I tease you again and say that I wish I was tasting your pussy right now. You say that you are going to end the call as you are struggling to concentrate on your driving.

About 30 minutes later I hear my doorbell go. You look stunning. You have a blouse on with a short skirt, stocking and suspenders and a pair of high heels. I can see your hard nipples sticking through your blouse. I help you in with your bags. Once inside I pin you against the wall and we start kissing deeply. You grab my hand and whisper in my ear

“Feel how wet you have made me”

As my hand reaches under you skirt I see you do indeed have no knickers on. Your pussy feels so wet. You spread your legs wide and I take the hint. As we kiss I finger your pussy. It doesn’t take long before I feel you cum all over my fingers. I pull my fingers out and offer you them to suck. I watch as you lick my fingers clean.

“Where is your bedroom?” you ask me.

I lead you to the bedroom. Once inside you start kissing me again. As we kiss we slowly start to undress each other. Once we are undressed you get on the bed.

“Print off your new story for me” you ask me.

I think you want me to read you the new story but you have other ideas. When I return to the bedroom with the new story you push me onto the bed.

“I want you to show me what that tongue of yours can do while I read the story” you laugh.

You then sit on my face. Your pussy is so wet and inviting I don’t need asking twice. As my tongue and mouth explores your pussy I look up at you. You are holding my story with your left hand and your right hand is tweaking one of your hard nipples. You are reading the story intensely. I carry on tonguing your pussy. I sense that you are ready to come and start tonguing your clit. It doesn’t take much longer before you flood my mouth with your sweet juices. After you have come you collapse on top of me.

“Your story got me so hot” you tell me.

“So how was my tongue work?” I laugh.

“Oh that was good as well” you laugh back.

Of course by now my cock is rock hard. We start kissing again and as we kiss you start kissing down my body. Your mouth gets to the top of my cock and you lick my pre cum off my cock. You tease me with your tongue by slowly licking up and down my shaft and sucking on my balls.

“Come on slut show me what you can do. Stop teasing me” I tell you.

“Oh don’t worry you will see how much of a slut I am over the next two days” you reply.

With that you take my whole cock into your mouth. As you suck me off you look intently into my eyes. You certainly know who to give a good blowjob I think to myself.

“Swing your pussy over my face and let me taste you again” I ask you.

We are soon into the 69 position. You pussy is still soaking wet. As I tongue your pussy I can hear you muffled moans of pleasure. As I carry on tonguing you it doesn’t take long before you cum all over my face. I warn you I am about to cum. This seems to spur you on and you suck me harder and faster. I wonder if you will pull me out or let me cum in your mouth. I soon get my answer as a thick stream of cum erupts from my very hard cock.

“Mmmmmmmmmmm a swallower. You are a dirty slut” I tell you.

You say nothing and come up to kiss me. As our tongues entwine I realise you have not swallowed all of my cum and you are passing me some back. You have sneakily decided to snowball me. Once you have passed me some cum back into my mouth you tell me to swallow. As I swallow you do the same.

“It seems we are both swallowers” you laugh.

You then announce you are feeling a little bit hungry. I also havre not had my evening meal yet. I was going to have a chicken stir fry for my meal and ask you if that would be ok. I tell you that I would have prepared something if I knew you would be coming. You tell me a stir fry sounds delicious.

I get up to start preparing our meal. My kitchen is right by my living room. As I prepare the meal you come into the living room. I tell you to put the TV while I cook the meal. As you flick through the channels there is nothing on worth watching. You notice my DVD player and ask if I have any porn.

“Mmmmmmmm kinky” I laugh.

I tell you I normally watch porn on the net but a mate did give me a porn DVD the other day. It is an amateurs DVD. I tell you I prefer watching real people rather than the crap badly scripted porn movies. I go and get the DVD for you. As I give you the DVD I notice the vibrator next to you. I start the DVD off and go back to cooking the meal. As I cook the meal I can see you thrusting the vibrator in and out of your pussy as you watch the DVD. This has my cock rock hard again.

Once the meals are ready I join you in the living room. I go to switch the DVD off but you ask me to leave it on. One screen is two couples. All four of them seem to be having a really good time. This ends and the next part of the DVD starts up. The next part starts with a naked woman and a man in a hotel room. The woman and the man are kissing. As they kiss you hear a knock on the hotel door. The man gets up and you hear him say to the woman “Happy Birthday my sexy and beautiful wife”. Next minute four guys enter the room. The wife’s eyes light up. She is soon joined on the bed by the four guys who are all kissing and touching her. Her husband sits on a chair and watches. The woman asks the guys to stop and get undressed. They get undress in record time. The wife then gets them to stand in a row. As the guys stand there she starts alternating between their cocks and giving them each a blow job. The guys then pick her up and throw her on the bed. She has one guy licking her pussy a she sucks another guy off. The other two guys are each sucking on a nipple.

As I watch the video I suddenly hear you say

“Lucky bitch. Four nice hard cocks and tongues to play with”

I lean towards you and whisper in your ear

“So would my slut like four nice hard cocks to play with?”

“Mmmmmm that would be so nice” you reply.

I insert a finger in your wet pussy and tease you. I whisper in your ear again

“Think about how much fun you could have with four hard cocks”.

With that that you get up and bend over my couch. You spread your legs and tell me to fuck you hard and fast. I quickly get a condom on. As I fuck you from behind you carry on watching the DVD. By now the woman on the DVD has been made water tight. She has a cock in her mouth, one up her bum and one up her pussy. Her husband is masturbating while he watches.

“Tell me how much you would like to try four cocks at once slut and I will arrange it for you” I tell you.

“Oh yes I want four cocks at once. I want to be treated like a slut” you pant.

I know three guys who will help me fulfil your fantasy I think to myself.

I carry on fucking you from behind deep on hard. I tell you what a naughty woman you are wanting four cocks at once.

“I am more than a naughty woman I am a dirty slut” you laugh.

By now the woman on the DVD has been fucked many times by the four guys and is covered in cum. She waves to the camera and the DVD ends.

I feel you legs buckle as an orgasm rips through your body. You ask me to stop but I have not cum yet.

“You are going nowhere yet slut until I cum” I tell you.

As I carry on fucking you I feel you pushing back onto my hard cock. I warn you I am about to cum. You ask me to pull out and cum over your breasts. You get down onto the floor and I kneel over you. You grab my cock and start masturbating me. As you masturbate me you tell me you want to see me shoot my hot cum all over you. It doesn’t take much longer before I shoot my load all over your breasts. I reach down and lick your breasts clean. I then move up to kiss you. You realise it’s my turn to snowball you. You open your mouth and greedily accept some cum from me.

I then grab you by the hand and lead you to the bedroom. We lie there kissing each other as our hands explore each other’s bodies. I take my time to kiss all over your body. I work my way down starting from your neck. As I get near your breasts you push my head towards your hard nipples. I gently tease them with my mouth and tongue. As I play with your nipples I notice you have two fingers up your pussy. You look so sexy as you finger yourself. You finger yourself to an orgasm as my mouth and tongue explores your body. I start kissing and licking up your legs. When I get near your pussy I start kissing down your other leg. You are aching for me to tongue your pussy but I carry on teasing you.

I suddenly remember you have not had the pleasure of my vibrating tiggler yet. I get up and tell you I need the toilet. Once I am in the bathroom I replace my normal piercing with my tiggler. I then rejoin you on the bed. I ask you to close your eyes a moment. Once your eyes are closed I turn my tiggler on. I then get to open your eyes again. You wonder what I am up to.

I then start kissing you all over your body again. I let you feel the Tiggler. The vibrations make your skin feel all tingly.

“Mmmmmm that feels nice I had forgotten all about your tiggler” you tell me.

I tease you by kissing and licking all over your body with my tiggler. You are desperate to feel my tiggler up your pussy but I carry on teasing you. You whole body feels all tingly from where my tiggler has been. As I start tonguing your pussy with my tiggler you clamp your legs around my neck and pull me in closer.

“Oh that feels so good. Make me cum”. You pant.

As my tiggler tongues your pussy I can hear you moaning in appreciation. I tongue you to a couple of orgasms. You pull away from me and say

“I need cock and I need it now”

I lie on the bed and you impale yourself on my hard cock. I watch as your breasts sway to and fro as you ride my cock. I pull you towards me so mouth and tongue can play with your nipples. The feeling of my tiggler on your nipples is driving you wild.

“Oh god I am cumming” you shout.

I feel your pussy muscles tighten around my hard cock as your orgasm hits you. I can feel your pussy juices dribble out of you and down my legs. You lie there panting for breath but I have not come yet. I push you legs behind your head and start fucking you.

“Oh yes fuck me deep and hard. Show me what that cock of yours can do” you shout.

I carry on fucking you and warn you I am about to cum

“Cum for me baby” you tell me.

I let myself go and cum all inside my condom. We lie there for while just kissing and cuddling. After while you reach down and feel that my cock is hard again. You grab one of your vibrators and start fucking yourself.

“My mouth feels empty” you tell me.

I get by your head and offer you my cock. You greedily accept. As you suck me off I take over with the vibrator. You are so wet the vibrator easily slides in and out of your pussy. As my left hand fucks your pussy with the vibrator my right hand plays with your clit. The feeling of your mouth around my cock is wonderful. I carry on playing with your pussy until you orgasm. I then pull my cock out of your mouth and get you to the edge of the bed.

“Get on your knees you sexy slut” I tell you.

You get on your knees and spread your legs in anticipation of my cock entering you. As my hard cock slides in you let out a low moan. I start off gently fucking you.

“Fuck me harder. I like it deep and hard” you pant.

I watch as my cock slides in and out of your pussy, your breasts swinging to and fro. As I fuck you I lubricate a finger and insert it up your bum. This surprises you but you are enjoying the feeling.

“Does my sexy slut enjoy anal?” I ask.

“I have never done anal” you reply.

“Call yourself a slut? All proper sluts love anal sex” I laugh.

I grab hold of the vibrator and put the tip at your bum.

“So are you are a proper slut?” I ask you.

“Yes I am a proper slut. Please fuck my arse with that vibrator” you reply.

I lubricate the vibrator and slowly push the vibrator up your bum. I take my time until you feel comfortable. Once you feel comfortable I carry on fucking your pussy. As I fuck you from behind I fuck your bum with your vibrator.

“Oh god that feels so good. I feel so full up. Please don’t stop” you shout.

Looking at my slut being so naughty has me really turned on. You seem to be having orgasm after orgasm. I feel I am about to cum. I pull out my cock and shoot my cum all over your bum.

“Time for your first anal orgasm” I tell you.

I carry on fucking your bum with your vibrator.

“Oh that feels so good. I am now a proper anal slut” you tell me.

I carry on vibrating you until you have your first anal orgasm. We both then collapse on the bed. We just lie there kissing and cuddling. After a while you fall asleep in my arms. A while later I also fall asleep.

You wake up before me. You love a morning fuck and wake up feeling horny. You get under the quilt and start sucking me hard. This soon gets me stirring. I throw the quilt off the bed. You stop sucking me for a moment.

“Good morning” you say to me.

With that you carry on sucking my cock. You don’t suck me long as you want to make sure I stay hard for your pussy. I pull you towards me and get you to sit on my face. As I tongue your clit I fuck your pussy with 2 fingers.

“Flood my mouth with your sweet juices you sexy slut” I tell you.

“Make me cum then” you laugh.

I carry on fingering your pussy and tonguing your clit.

“Oh that it’s. Make me cum” you pant

I replace my fingers with my tongue in anticipation of your sweet juices. Your legs start to tighten as an orgasm builds up.

“Oh god that’s it I am cumming” you shout.

I open my mouth to swallow all your juices as you cum. You are now like a woman possessed. You impale yourself on my hard cock and start riding me hard.

“Don’t you dare cum yet” you shout at me.

As you ride my cock I play with your clit. It doesn’t take long before another orgasms rips through your body. Once you orgasm subsides you carry on riding my cock.

“So did you enjoy the vibrator up your bum last night slut?” I ask you.

“MMMMMMM it felt so good. I want to feel your cock up there” you pant.

“Right get on your knees then slut” I reply.

I give your bum a bit of rimming to get you ready

“Oh please just fuck my bum” you shout.

I lubricate your anus and slowly ease my cock up.

You ask me to lean forward and grab your other vibrator. I slowly start fucking your bum. As I do so you are fucking your pussy with your vibrator. Your bum feels so tight around my cock. After a while you stop fucking your pussy with the vibrator and concentrate on taking my cock.

“Fuck my bum good. I am a proper slut now” you shout.

“Are you my slut now?” I ask you.

“Yes I am your slut”. You reply.

“I am going to treat my slut well but I will be pushing all your boundaries. Do you agree slut?” I ask you.

“Yes I agree now carry on fucking my bum” you relpy.

I carry on fucking you until I cum. We then kiss and cuddle for a while. I then get up and make us both a late breakfast. After breakfast I tell you I need to pop out for couple of hours and to make yourself at home. I drive into the city centre and go to Anne Summers. I buy a remote vibrator. I then drive to the supermarket to get something’s for our evening meal. While I am out you get bored and put the DVD on again. You immediately fast forward to the part where one woman takes on four guys while her husband watches. Watching the action on screen soon gets you feeling horny and your fingers start to play with you pussy. You start fantasising about how good it would be to have four men at once all to yourself.

You are so engrossed in your thoughts you don’t hear me come in.

“You really are a horny little slut aren’t you?” I laugh.

I notice that you are watching the woman with 4 guys on the DVD.

“So does my sexy slut want to be gangbanged?. You seem to love watching that woman being gangbanged” I ask you.

“Maybe” you reply shyly.

You notice I have shopping with me.

“I thought we are going for a drink later? Forget cooking we will eat out as well” you tell me.

I go to my car and get the rest of the shopping. I phone the pub and order as a table for two. After I phone the pub I phone three of my friends Joe, Steve and Terry. I ask them if they would be up for gangbang. All three of them swing and all three know how to pleasure a woman. I tell them to get to my place for 12:00 AM. I tell Terry to use the spare keys he keeps for me and wait in the kitchen. I tell him when they arrive to beep his horn so I know they have arrived. I put the shopping away and join you in the living room.

All the horny thoughts you had going through your head about being gangbanged has got you feeling very horny again. You open your legs and ask me to lick you. With such a sweet tasting pussy I don’t need asking twice. I get on my knees and get my head between your legs. As I tongue your pussy you carry on watching the DVD. Watching the woman enjoying four cocks is really getting you wet. As you feel your orgasm building you push my head deeper into your pussy. As you orgasm I open my mouth and swallow all your sweet juices.

“Right time to push a boundary slut” I laugh.

With that I get up and put my PC on. I then turn my web cam on.

“Right slut get here” I tell you.

You walk over to me and wonder what I want.

“Bend over slut so I can fuck you live on cam” I tell you.

“Oh no I couldn’t” you protest.

“Don’t worry the cam is from your shoulders downwards nobody will see your face” I reply.

You are still unsure. I push you over and prove nobody can see your face. You think about it for a moment then say

“Fuck me good”

I log onto a sex chat room and start fucking you. It doesn’t take long before we have a few people watching us. This soon swells to 88 people watching us.

“You sexy slut we have 88 people watching us fuck” I tell you.

The thought of being watched by so many people really turns you on. You are surprised at how turned on it is making you feel. I carry on fucking you. As I fuck you I read out all the messages people are typing to us in the chat room

“Fuck her harder”

“Get her to suck you off”

“She is a very sexy slut”

“Fuck her arse”

“Do you want me to come around and help you fuck that slut?”

“I would love to fuck you sexy”

You had never thought of yourself as an exhibitionist but you are loving the fact so many people are watching you being fucked. Knowing that so many of the men watching want to fuck you is also really turning you on.

“Give them what they want and fuck me up the bum” you tell me.

As I gently lube up your bum you read the messages in the chat room.

“You are one sexy slut”

“Can me and a friend come over and help your man give you a good fucking?”

“Are you going to be fucked anally slut?”

You type into the chat room yes guys and gals I am about to be fucked anally lol.

After I have lubed you up and fingered you for a while I start to slowly ease my cock up your bum.

“That feels so nice you tell me”.

You had always wondered what anal sex felt like. Now you have tried it you know it feels wonderful when done right. You are enjoying your anal fucking so much we forget about the chat room and just carry on fucking. Once I have cum I switch the camera off.

“So did my slut enjoy being watched?” I ask you.

“Oh so much you” you reply.

I grab you by your hand and lead you to the bedroom again. We lie there just kissing and cuddling. Soon our hands begin to wander as we explore each other bodies with our hands. You reach for my hard cock. I notice the time and tell you we need to start getting ready to go out. You suggest we have a shower together. As I soap you all over you start kissing me and feeling my hard cock. You drop to your needs and start sucking me off. You carry on until I shoot my cum all down your throat. Once we are showered and dressed I open the remote vibrator. Without you seeing I put the remote control in my trouser pocket. I then tell you that I have a little present for you. I then throw the vibrator to you.

“What is this and what do I do with it?” you ask me.

I take the remote vibrator from you. I slightly pull down your knickers and insert the vibrator into you. I pull your knickers back up so the vibrator stays in place.

“What the hell is that?” you ask me.

“You will find out later” I laugh.

With that the taxi arrives and we head to the pub. We are shown to our table and given a menu. You had forgotten all about the vibrator but I am just waiting for the first moment to use it. The waitress comes over and as us if we are ready to order. As I place my order I press the remote control for the vibrator. The shock nearly makes you jump out of your seat.

“Are you ok?” the waitress asks you.

“Yes I am fine thanks” you reply.

With that you give me a playful kick under the table. Once the waitress has gone I start playing with the remote control for the vibrator. By the way you are biting your bottom lip I can see you are enjoying it. Our first course arrives so I stop playing with the remote control. As we have our meal we share a bottle of wine. We chat and laugh as we eat. Once we have finished our meals we head to the bar. As we wait to be served I reach into my pocket and start playing with the remote for the vibrator again. I can see you are struggling not to make a sound as the vibrator buzzes your clit. We order our drink and get secluded table.

As we chat I carry on teasing you by playing with the remote control for the vibrator. As we are secluded you let yourself go. You lean in and whisper in my ear

“I have just cum”

We carry on chatting and having a drink. When I go to use the remote control for the vibrator again you get up and head for the toilet. When you come back you tell me you couldn’t take any more teasing from the vibrator. You announce your knickers and the vibrator are in your handbag.

“Prove it open your legs” I whisper you.

Once you legs are open I reach up and feel your knickerless pussy. Your pussy is soaking wet. I go to finger fuck you but you clam your legs shut.

“It is time for another boundary to be pushed. Nobody can see what I am doing” I whisper to you.

You relax and open your legs again. I insert two fingers and start to finger your pussy. As I finger your pussy we do our best to carry on chatting. You cannot believe how naughty you are being. The thought that you might be seen feels exciting to you. A waiter comes over and asks us if we would like another round of drinks. I calmly carry in fingering you as I say yes please to the waiter. This is too much for you and I feel you cum all over my fingers. I pull my fingers out. As I do you grab my hand and lick your fingers clean. After a couple more drinks you lean over and whisper me that you need cock. I phone a taxi and we head home.

Once inside I go into the bedroom and get some blindfolds. I put the blindfolds on you and take you into the bedroom. I ask you to standstill. As you wait I quickly undress. Once I am undressed I join you. We start off kissing. As we kiss I slowly undress you. As I reveal each naked part of you I spend my time kissing it. Being blindfolded seems to be heightening your senses. Once you are naked I lay you down on the bed. I then tie some headscarves to your arms and legs. Once the headscarves are on I tie you to the bed. You look so sexy as you lie there spread-eagled.

I put my tiggler in and join you on the bed. You feel so helpless tied to the bed but feel reassured by the fact you could easily escape if you wanted to. As we kiss I notice your pussy is already soaking wet. I move away from your lips and kiss all over your body. I keep on moving to different parts of your body so you never know where my mouth and tongue will be next. I turn my tiggler on and carry on teasing you some more. You pussy is tingling and you are aching for it to be touched or licked. I tease you more by making sure my mouth or hands go nowhere near your aching pussy. As I tease you with my mouth and tongue I also tease you with my words.

“So sexy does the thought of being gangbanged excite you?”

“Do you want lots of cocks all to yourself?”

“I saw how much you enjoyed watching that woman on the DVD being gangbanged”

I can tell by the responses you are making with your body that the thought of being gangbanged really excites you. I carry on kissing all over your body. My tiggler is driving you wild and you are desperate for me to tongue you. All of a sudden I hear Terry beep his car horn. I stop teasing you and get my head between your legs. As I tongue you with my tigglered tongue you tell me to finger you. As I finger your wet pussy I gently buzz you clit with my tiggler. I feel your body tense and get my mouth read to swallow your sweet juices. Once you have cum I tell you I need to go to the toilet. When I get to the kitchen Terry, Joe and Steve are already naked and waiting. I tell them to be quiet and follow me. When I get back to the bedroom I start kissing you again. I then get you to suck me. As you suck me I indicate the other guys to get ready. Terry gets near you pussy while Joe and Steve each get near a breast. I indicate to terry that he should start tonguing your pussy. You seem to assume it must be me who is tonguing your pussy. I then indicate to Joe and Steve to start sucking your nipples. You suddenly realise we are not alone. I take of your blindfold and you see there are now 3 other men in the room.

“Your choice. No pressure. If you take my cock out your mouth we will stop. If you carry on sucking me we will take it that you want to carry on” I tell you.

With that you suck my cock harder and deeper. We take that as a yes and Terry carries on tonguing your pussy. You soon have hands and mouths all over your body. Knowing what is about to come really excites you. Steve unties you and gets you on all fours. He then quickly sticks his cock up your pussy. As he fucks you from behind Terry get’s you to suck him off. I get underneath you and lick your clit as Steve fucks you. Joe waits his turn. As he waits he strokes his chock and fondles your breasts. You can’t believe how naughty you are being. You feel Steve cum. Once he pulls out he is quickly replaced by Joe. Terry announces he is about to cum. I tell him you are a swallower and to cum in your mouth. Once he is finished I replace my cock with his. As you suck me off I watch Joe fuck you from behind.

“Does she do anal?” Terry asks.

“Of course she does mate” I laugh.

We carry on fucking you for a while and getting to you suck us off. You can’t believe how many times you have been fucked. We then stop for a rest.

“Right straws then?” I ask everyone.

“What do you mean straws?” you ask.

Me, Terry, Steve and Joe laugh. I tell you that we are about to let you feel how good it is to be watertight. The one who gets the short straw has to just watch. Unluckily for Steve he gets the short straw. We get you to suck each of us off until we get hard again. It doesn’t take you long to get us all hard. Terry then gets on the bed and asks you to sit on his cock. I get behind you and lube your bum up. Once you are lubed up I get my cock up your bum. Terry and I start fucking you in unison. The feeling of a cock up your bum and anus feels wonderful and very exciting. Joe then gets up and starts fucking your mouth. You cannot believe what a sexy slut you are being. You never dreamt in a million years that one day you would be fucking four guys at once and letting them make you water tight. Joe gets down and lets Steve have a go at fucking your mouth. Me and terry carry on fucking your pussy and bum until we both cum. Once we pull out Joe starts fucking you. As Joe fucks you he invites Steve to join in. You assume Steve is going to fuck your anus as Joe fucks your pussy but they have other ideas. You soon feel Steve’s cock joining Joe’s cock in your pussy. You can’t believe you have two cocks up your pussy. Steve and Joe give you another good fucking. Once they have finished you collapse on the bed. You lie there covered in cum and feeling very happy. Terry, Steve and Joe give you a kiss and leave. You give me a kiss and thank me for a wonderful evening. With that you fall asleep in my arms.

The next morning when we wake up you tell me that you have to leave. We have a quick fuck and then have breakfast. As you go to leave you get on your knees and give me one last blow job. We have a quick kiss and you leave. You promise me that you will be over to see me again soon.

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