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Big Bill Sandy

Was 1970 Sex was open and no threats of HIV

This is a true story how I got my first sexual experience and remember it like was just yesterday.

Big Bill & Sandy

Was the summer after I gradated the year was 1970 and had just turned 18. Sad to say was still with out having sex with a woman. I did belong to a motorcycle club for the past two yrs and sense I was now of age to speak, I was now allowed to do more within the club. No we were not a bunch of Harley riding, bar busting, leather wearing roughs necks. We were a AMA sanctioned club that sponsored races, and were a nonprofit group. We held short track races once a month from May to Sept then a spring and fall enduro April and Nov. Most of the club member did not even have bikes that were road ridable. Most of us were racers or guys who need a excess to get out of the house every Friday night for meeting.

Anyway was the last race of the year the weekend after Labor Day in Sept. We all meet at the track about noon and start the usual prep for the race. Grooming the track what was a 1/8 mile clay oval, setting up the concession stand. Doing things like filling the horse tanks with pop and beer then adding ice and water to cool them. Filling the cooker with hot dog and BBQ mix and all that good stuff. Plus siting out the trophy's and getting the temp fences up to separate pit from the spectators. The track set down in a bowl like with pasture around it. There was no grandstand so most people just brought lawn chairs sat by there cars and enjoyed the races. Most the time if we had 100 people show up and 30 racers and there family's we had a good turn out.

I had offered to start taking tickets at 4 pm when we open up the gates to allow racer and spectators in. The track entrance off the highway was over the hill and you could not see the track from there. Plan was once the races started about 6:30 one of the other guys would reweave me. Then I would go over help doing what ever was needed. Like always the first hr or so things were slow then as rider and spectators show time started flying by. Was about 5:30 saw a fimular looking truck lumber in the gate and make it way up to me. I knew it was Big Bill and Sandy by there 1959 Robin Egg Blue Chevy Apache pickup with a matching camper. They reputation was well know for being extramley freindly people and openly risqué. Bill pulled up shoved out his hand to shake mine and give me there entrance fee. Big Bill as he was known stood out at 6' 4" and tipping the scales at about 275 lbs. Wearing nothing but pair of bib overall and his full white beard and hair he look like Santa on a summer vacation. He took the change that I handed him looked me in the eye and said

"Stop over when you get done here as have couple cold ones for you".

"Well be hour's so before I get released so keep then cold", I replied. Looking over my eye caught Sandy setting sideways on the seat and her legs open exposing the tops of her black thigh high nylons. Even thought I saw a little fur showing out too. Sandy and Bill saw me gazing and she seamed to open her legs more and Bill said

" Make sure stop and get that beer and visit with us."

Then Big Bill laughs as he pulled away to top of hill and parked. Things got busy and did not realizes that races had started and my relieve had not showed. About 7pm saw Don coming down the hill from Bill and Sandy's truck to releave me with a huge smile on his face. He Looked at me and said" Sorry but got delayed coming over" and laughed. He was a single older member of the club and was smiling like he allays did. I turned over the money pouch to him and counted the ticket had sold so he knew where we were at. Just as I started to walk up the hill Don said "Big Bill said to be sure to stop by" then laughs.

The hill was some what steep and took me couple minutes to make the couple hundred yard to the top of it. Bill and Sandy's truck sat about hundred feet or so off the roadway. As I reached the top looked over and saw Big Bill waving me over. Walked over and he was setting in a homemade wooden chair under a canopy on side of camper. Calling to Sandy he yelled "bring out some cold ones as Pete is here". We all wore a white pants and shirt at the track for races and had our names on left shirt pocket. Big Bill motioned for me to set down on the seat setting beside the camper. Was a old school bus bench seat that had been recovered with some nice black leather. Sandy came out of the camper carrying three beer and gave one to me and Bill and kept one for her. Taking the seat next to me I could not help but stare at her legs as she crossed then. Her tight leather skirt rose showing way up past the tops of her thigh highs. Her perfume was strong and pleasant over the smell of motorcycle fumes that tend to hang in the valley. Bill brought me up to date on who was winning and who had crashed soo far. While work on my beer could not help but keep looking at Sandy legs as her skirt rose higher. After downing our first beer Sandy rose up and leaned over in front of me to retrieve a empty beer can. Was no drought then that she had gone commando as her naked bare pussy was just few inches from my face. She paused longer than she need to making sure I had a good look. Guess I turned a little red as she exposed her womanhood to me. She left us there and went in the camper and retrieved three more beers. Big Bill looked at me and said " What you think looking at her pussy". I was taken back by his remark and managed a meek "It looks hot"

As Sandy came out of camper was then that realy looked at her and saw how hot she was dressed. Even standing she looked to be a well built woman standing may be 5' 8" with very large breast. The tight nylon blouse she had on made it easy to see that she was not wearing a bra. Her leather skirt was very short exposing her thigh high nylons and her knee high black go go boots. She had lots of makeup on with her eye darkened with lots of black eye liner and bright blue eyeshadow. Her shoulder length blond hair was teased high up on her head and smelled of hair spray and perfume.

After handing Bill his beer she took her sat even closer to me and handed me my beer. Then as if was a normal thing to do her hand dropped down to the inside of my thigh. I looked over at her and she smilled at me and rubbed my now hard cock. I looked over at Big Bill and he had his free hand down inside his overall rubbing his own cock. He just smiled at me looked at Sandy and said " Think the boy enjoying it". Sandy continued rubbing my cock as we chatted like this was a normal thing. I was starting to squirm with her touching and she slide closer to me and started kissing my neck. I looked over to see Bill smiling at me and watching Sandy rub me. Finlay Sandy kissed her way up to me ear and whispered into my ear. " How would you like to go in the camper and give Sandy some of your sugar"

Guess her question surprised me as I me as I jumped away from her a little. Looking over to Bill he said " Go ahead best offer you will get tonight. Sandy rose up taking my hand and pulled me to the read door of the camper. Big Bill was smilling and rubbing the hell out of his cock that was half way out of his pants. It looked to be huge and only half hard as I walked by.

Once inside the camper Sandy sat on the small bed at the back of camper. Reaching up she unbuckled my pants and pulled then down with my shorts in one move. My pants hit the floor and I stepped out of them and my shoes standing there just in my shirt. Sandy wasted no time in wrapping her hand around my cock and taking it head in her mouth. Moaning as she tasted my leaking per cum and shoving it down her throat. Her mouth felt soo hot and was just a matter of two minutes she had me near orgasm. I reach down and cupped her massive breast thru her blouse. The harder I squeezed the deeper she tried getting me in her mouth. At one point felt like she had both my balls and my cock in her mouth. The felling was intense as she worked me to orgasume. She knew I was about to erupt and pulled my cock out of her throat so just the head was inside her lips. Using her tounge she finished me off as I erupted in her mouth. She moaned loudly as I began filling her hot mouth with my cum. She sucked and swilled fast as she could and savoring every drop. My knees started to buckle as my orgasm washed over me. Once she was sure she had gotten ever drop she released my cock and laved back in the bed. Patting the bed beside her she motioned for me to lay beside her. With my knees still weak I was happy to.

I layed down beside her and she started to kiss me. She shoved her tongue deep in my mouth and I could taste my cum on her lips. We pawed and groped one another like we were teenager doing it for the first time, Humm I was. I managed to get her blouse open at take my first look at her large full breast. Her aureoles were a light brown but very large and her nipple stuck out a good 1/2 inch and we very hard. I took one in my mouth and she let out a large moan and arched her back pushing it closer to me. I took her other breast in my hand and rub the nipple between my thumb and middle finger. I felt Sandy tremble slightly and sigh at the same time. Sandy hands were all over my cock and balls as we layed and enjoyed one another's body.

After about five minutes Sandy rose and swung her head down over my cock and her pussy in my face. This was my first real up close look at her woman hood and looked inviting. The hair around it was matted and the outer lips looks puffy. They seamed to gap open and was some clearish white fluid hanging on the inside. I rose my head slightly and could smell the strong musky odor it was giving off. Sandy lower her pussy all the way down on my wating mouth and I had my first taste. Was salty yet hot and slippery as my tongue found her clit. She jumped as my tongue hit her sensitive clot and moaned and I started to suck it. Mean while she was working my now harding cock with her mouth at a feverish pitch. More I sucked her clit the louder she moaned and harder she forced it on my face. At one point I had to lift her off me so I could breath as she covered my whole mouth and nose with it. We layed like this for several minutes and about ever now and then she would shutter and moan as if having a mini O. I felt me cock again wanting to explode and Sandy sensed its also and relinquished her hold on it. Crawling off me she layed down beside me and again stated kissing me. She looked deep into my eyes and said I need your cock in me.

I rose up and crawled between her legs as she pulled her knees up to her stomach, and her legs straight up in the air. " Come on baby fuck Sandy's pussy" she kept saying. I heard a noise behind me and turned around to see Big Bill standing in the camper doorway watching us. His bib overall were down by his knees and he was yanking hard on his own cock. " Go ahead boy and give the lady what she wants" Bill urged me on.

About that time Sandy reached up grab my ass and pulled me deep inside her in one quick movement. Holding me there she moaned loudly and then thrusted her hip towards me forcing me as deep in her I could go. She released her grip on me and I started a sawing motion in and out of her pussy. The harder I fucked her the more she moaned and thrashed her hip to meet me. Each thrust her eye seamed to flutter open and shut as the moans were none stopping now. Between moans she keep saying " Fuck me Fuck me please Fuck me hard" Her large breast were bouncing with each thrust and I reached up and grip them trying to hold on. Even though I had just cum ten minutes before I could feel on cock swelling and Sandy sensed it. " Thats it baby fill Sandy with you sugar" Her word was all it took and I started to spew my seed in her. Again she garbed my hips and drove me deep inside her, as my cock started to twitch and fill her womb. I felt like I was going to pass out the orgasm was soo intense. Sandy held me deep in her till she was sure that I had shot it all in her.

Still laying on her I could feel my cock start to soften as she again stated to kiss me and whisper how good it had been. Once I gained control of myself I rose up off her and layed down beside her. We layed there and gain control of our body's and then she cuddled next to me. She kept saying how she had enjoyed it and hoped I did. I assured her I had just had the time of my life and would never forget it. She then looked me in the face and said " Was I your first???" I looked her in the eye and nodded my head. Smilling she looked at me and said you can come see me anytime. We cuddled a little more and then rose and started to get dressed.

She reached over on the counter and handed me a wet towel and said to clean myself with it. While I was washing myself she rose and sat on the small toilet in the back of the camper. She did her thing and then got up and walked up to me. With just her skirt on and her breast swinging free could not help but play with them for a minute. Releasing them I finished putting my clothing back on as she sat at the table redoing her makeup and hair. I started to leave and she handed me two beers and said hope to see you soon. I stepped out of the camper and handed Bill the beer and he said set down and have your. We downed the beer and chatted like we nothing ever happened. I said goodbye and made my way back down to the race.

Ended up working in the concession stand help move the empty pop bottles out of way. Noticed that Big Bill had made his way down into the crowed and was talking to a couple guy. They all were standing around chatting then Bill slapped the one guy on the back. They talked few more minutes and then all three of them started up the hill towards the truck. My mind reeled with the posabilty of what was about to happen? Some time later saw the two guy come down the hill smiling and laughing. About that time I looked up and saw Bill and Sandy's tail light disappearing over the hill.

I saw Bill and Sandy one more time but was much graver situation. Bill had passed away from a heart attack few months after the race. Several of us from the club attended the funeral and were all shocked to see Sandy. She was standing by the casket and none of us knew hardly who she was. She had short brown hair, no makeup and was in a long black dress. A major transformation compared to the busty blond who we all knew. Guess makeup wig and hot clothing can make a major a change in a person appearance. Still have a soft spot in my heart for her and what she did to me that night.

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