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First male encounter

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It began with a few drinks with a friend who was moving away. We were sitting outside in the warm summer, night air, enjoying music and conversation. Part of the conversation being about the sexual encounters we had had with our girlfriends and previous women.

We talked about things we wanting to experience with them and, out of nowhere, we both expressed how much fun it could be to have sex with another man. At this point it was getting late, so we ventured out into the shed as not to disturb the neighbours and continued our discussion.

We shared with each other our inner desires for another man, and that’s where he asked, “Are you up for it?”

I hastily replied with “Yes.”

He then put his hand firmly on the outside of my clothing, touching my semi-erect penis and started to gently massage it. Very quickly it became fully erect. He then unzipped my pants, pulled them slowly down to my ankles and began to stroke it. Immediately, I began to moan softly at the pleasure I was experiencing.

He then stopped, got down on his knees, and slowly placed my cock into his mouth, and as deep as it would go, persisted to milk me with his lips, making sure he had a tight hold around my shaft. He then begun to get quicker with every stroke. I began moaning in pleasure, eyes slipping closed, pushing my crouch forward and backwards with his motion.

I couldn’t believe how great it felt. I could feel the pressure in my penis builder higher and higher, almost to the point where I was ready to cum. I began to moan loader and loader. At this point, he stopped, smiled and then said, “It’s your turn.”

Wasting no time, I licked my lips and kneeled down on my knees in front of him, placed a firm hold on his erect penis and inserted it into my mouth. Starting off slowly sucking back and forward I gently massaged his ball sack and got great pleasure off hearing him moaning in ecstasy. I then took his penis out of my mouth and started sucking on his ball sack, almost taking it all in, while stroking his rock hard cock.

He begun to moan louder and louder as I did, and just like that I stopped, took his cock out my mouth, and asked, “Now can you fuck me?”

He then led me to the couch and placed me on all fours. Excitement grew as I knew what was in store for me next. He came up from behind me and started to stroke me with a firm grip, whilst running his fingernails slow down my back from my neck to the top of my ass. I don’t know why but it made me push my ass towards his cock. I felt it against my ass cheeks, and sounding kind of desperate, I asked him, “Please, fuck me now?”

I saw the smile on his face as he positioned himself in line with my ass which at this point was begging for it. With his penis all lubed up he began to insert himself into me. I briefly gasped at first, but immediately began to moan louder and louder as the pleasure and excitement took over and overwhelmed me. I had pre-cum dripping from my penis and almost came from the heights of pleasure.

I then asked him, “Can I choose a position that I know you will like?”

He answered with, “Yeah that’s okay,” while still smiling.

I asked him to lay down on his back on the couch and close his eyes. I then proceeded to climb up above him, and slowly lowered myself onto his hard cock. Starting of taking it shallow at first, I slowly took it deeper and deeper until I could go no farther and feel his balls against mine.

I then rode his cock with deep and quick thrusts getting quicker and slightly deeper over time. I could hear his moans getting louder and more frequent. I then tightened my ass as much as I could while still riding his cock. I felt him grab my dick and he started to stroke it quickly, which in return made me want to ride his hard, large cock even harder.

He could not take much more of the sexual gratification I was giving to him. At that point I heard a large and loud moan coming from him, followed by a huge load of his hot cum filling my ass. It felt so fucking good to be filled up. Just the thought almost made me cum too. Still feeling high as a kite and overwhelmed from having my ass filled, I continued to slide up and down on his cock.

At some point he must have let go of my dick because I once again felt his hand grasp hold of me. I close my eyes and start riding his cock harder and quicker as he strokes the shaft of my cock harder and harder.

The pleasure was overwhelming. It was a combination of my ass being filled while having my prostate massaged by his penis. I couldn’t take it anymore. My eyes almost rolled into the back of my head as I squirted my load of cum into his hand. He then presented it in front of me, and said, “Take it all.”

I grabbed him by the wrist, and licked up my entire load that I had spilled into his hand. It was such a thrill to swallow my own cum. And it tasted great too.

I hope for more of these experiences.

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