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Following Mom

Going in business with my mother.
Chapter 1

I really never gave it a lot of thought. I know, maybe I'm just stupid, but I never had a thought about it. Not until one night about two months ago.

Well, let me start with who I am. I'm Melissa, um, I guess I shouldn't mention my last name, and I'm eighteen and a senior in high school. I'm pretty, that comes from my mom, more about her in a minute. I stand five-four, weigh one-twelve, have long blond hair almost to my waist, nice figure (34-24-36), they're B-cup, for you guys and very firm, no jiggle even when I bounce on my toes. Every boy who has seen them just loved them.

Oh, not a virgin. That went away when I was sixteen right after I convinced Mom to put me on the pill. I was dating Robert Hines and was over at his house almost every day. His parents worked and it was the stains in the crotch of my panties that Mom first noticed before she whisked me to the doctor. And, yes, she pretty much knows I'm fucking boys regularly.

Now, Mom, she's thirty-eight, pretty sexy, too. She's taller, more voluptuous (36-26-38) with full C-cups. All the guys I know call her a MILF and that she is. She also has blond hair (about as natural as mine-not), just off her shoulders, and is a curvy babe.

Dad, well, he was no dad, he left town right before I was born. Mom tells me I'm not missing anything by not knowing him. I believe her.

Well, getting back to the beginning, I never really thought about the last few years after Mom lost her job in a downsizing where she worked. You can ask me why I didn't think much about it and I guess I just don't have an answer for that. She stayed home after that and my life of school, dates, dances and parties just went on.

Then, one night, she came in my room and told me she had decided to go out, she had a favorite bar in the neighborhood she went to quite often, and that she'd be back late, I was to go to bed at the normal time, she'd see me in the morning.

Well, nothing new in that and I went back to reading my book. I did get hungry, however, and went down the hall to the kitchen to get some cookies. On my way back, I saw a glow from her room and went in, it was the computer and it had a message on the screen.

From: Subject: Your listing in personals

To: Hi, back. yes I like your pics. I have rented a room 334 to the Hilton Inn and will see you soon. You are so hot looking I'm really excited about having sex with you, Fred

I looked again…'sex with you?' Sex? Mom and, well, I guess someone she doesn't even know? Holy crap. My mom is…

There was the original message underneath. I clicked on the .jpg files that were attached and there was my mother…naked, fucking herself with a big pink dildo in one hand, another holding one of her breasts from underneath like an offering. I just stared.

Well, Mom did work. Mom did have a job. Wow. She was…

I did go back to my room and, finally, turned out the light. But I couldn't go to sleep no matter how hard I tried. I lay there in the dark thinking about what Mom might be doing right at that moment, maybe sucking the guy's dick or laying under him as he fucked away.

Only after I'd been doing it for a few minutes did I realize that I had my hand in my panties slowly rubbing. God, I was turned on. I should have been appalled, I supposed, and, well, I was surprised, but the images in my mind of my naked mom fucking some guy was so sexy that I put two fingers in and got myself off.

I was still fingering myself when I heard Mom come in the back door. I looked at my clock and decided to just go ahead and get up and ask her about the emails.

"Hi, Mom," I called out as I saw her light come on.

"Oh, hi, Melissa, I hope I didn't wake you up," she said as she was pulling off her shoes.

"No, I was awake, kind of waiting for you,"

"Is there something wrong?"

"Not really wrong. But I read the email from whoever Fred is. The guy you met at the Hilton tonight?"

"Oh, shit. I didn't trash it did I? Oh, what must you think of your mother?"

"Mom, I think you're doing it for us, for me and for you."

"Well, in one way I'm glad you now know. I never liked hiding things from you. And, well, now you now. I hope you don't hate me."

"Mom, I couldn't hate you. I know you were doing it for me. Can you tell me what it's like?"

She motioned for me to come sit next to her in the bed.

"Well, it all started when I was at the pub and a guy was there I didn't know and, well, I guess he thought I was a hooker, a pro. He offered me quite a lot of money and, well, we needed it and, well, he was nice and I was lonely, so I just went along."

"Was it nice being with him?"

"Maybe it's awful, but, well, I enjoyed it. I even had an orgasm. I still see him, he's still one of my, um, clients."

"He must have been a pretty satisfied customer," I replied, smiling.

"Truthfully, I've never had any complaints."

"How many are there?"

"Guys, you mean, um, well, most are regulars, actually, there's, um, several dozen all told."

"Several dozen?"

"Yeah, well, that way I don't really have to keep finding new clients, do I? And I get to know them better and, well, some are so good, honestly, I'd do it for free. But I don't tell them that. And some are pretty seldom."

"Is it sexy?" I asked.

"I shouldn't tell you this but yes, yes it is. I don't take any guys without meeting with them first and I've turned down some."

"Do you think I could help you?"

"Like answer emails and things?"

"No, Mom, with your clients. The two of us together. Maybe for extra money, you know."

"Well, I do have a new guy that wants me to do his son, he's just turned sixteen, so, in this state, he's sexually an adult but he's never had sex. Oh, but, no, I couldn't have you doing this, what kind of a mother would I be?"

"What if I wanted to?"

"I know you're not a virgin but this is just too…well, just too much. No, I just couldn't let you."

"But Mom, I'm eighteen now, I could help support us. What's this man like, the one with the son? Have you met with him?"

"Well, actually, I was with him tonight. At the end, he told me about his son and how he had looked around for someone who might be right to take his cherry and afterward, he said he thought I would be just the one and that he would like to set it up with me."

"We could do them together. You do the son while I do the father, then switch."

"Oh, honey, look, we shouldn't even be talking about this. Just let me do what I need to do and live your life the way you should."

"What if I think it would be fun to take some sixteen-year old boy's cherry?"

"Well, yes, I can see how you might want to do that, but…"

"Look, Mom, if we both offered ourselves for a whole night with them both, what do you think it's worth?"

My mom named a figure that surprised me.

"I think we should see if this guy wants to hire us both. All we need is a picture of the two of us, right? Naked, of course? That should make up his mind, when he sees the two of us."

"Melissa, you amaze me. You really want to do this?"

"Well, how much were you going to charge for yourself?"

She named a figure rather less than half what she quoted earlier.

"So that's how much I'm worth, you think?"

"I was just going to do the two of them but for the two of us, we'd make it all night and that's a lot more."

"You think he could afford us?" I asked.

"Oh, honey, I walked him out to his car. It's this hot, red Porsche convertible. Money, he's got."

"Well, where's the camera? I'll go brush my hair and put on some lipstick. Should I put lipgloss on my nipples and on my pussy? Oh, you know I shave there, right?"

"No, I guess I didn't but that's good. Men seem to like the bare pussy look. And, hmm, I never thought of lip gloss, good idea. You might just be cut out for this business. God, what have I started, yes, let's do it. We can see just how much the two of us are worth to Mister Porsche-Man."

So, we set up the camera and got naked and glossed-up our prime selling-points to take some pictures that should do the trick, pun intended.

"Goodness, dear, you are a stunning young woman," my mom said as we posed for each flash.

She downloaded the pics to the computer and attached them to an email back to her client. Then, we went to bed.

I don't know about Mom but I masturbated twice before I was calm enough to sleep. This was all new and exciting and, yes, a bit scary as well.

When she got me up the next morning, she said, "Well, partner, looks like we're in business. Sure you want to do this? I heard from Frank and he's all excited. Can't wait for his son to have us both."

"It really happened, huh? He said yes?"

"Oh, he not only said yes, he even hinted that they might want to make it a regular thing."

"That's the best way, right, regulars?"

"I think so, some, like I've said, actually try to make me have an orgasm and I do pretty often."

"So, well, we're really going to do this, I guess, huh?"

"Looks that way, wanna see their picture?"

It seemed the guy had sent Mom a pic of the him and his son and, well, the man, Frank, was nice looking, trim, dark hair and the boy, his name was Danny, well, he was cute, almost as tall as his father, slender but with a really cute grin. Well, I guess I was going to have both of them fucking me soon.

"So, when is this going to happen?" I asked.

"Tonight. We're meeting them at seven."

Then I realized that I was really going to do this. I leaned closer to the screen to try to get a better idea of these two guys we were meeting. They looked like anyone you might see at the mall but I was still somewhat nervous. But also excited, my panties were wet.

"Well, Melissa, you and I need to pick out the proper wardrobe for our meeting later. Let's go look at your closet, shall we?" Mom asked.

I knew immediately what I wanted to wear but I did want Mom to approve. I reached in and pulled out the perfect dress, a bright red satin strapless minidress that came to just above my knees that I could easily get away with going bare underneath. It had some Spandex that made it very clingy and formfitting.

"Oh, honey, that's perfect. I know just the dress I have that will knock their eyes out when they see the two of us side-by-side. You know the one, the red pleated minidress, the strapless one. Bring yours so we can see if they clash or not."

We went down the hall to Mom's room and she pulled out a padded hanger with a red strapless minidress, not the same as mine, hers had red fabric rosettes sewn on at an angle just under the bodice. It, like mine, used Spandex and both had back zippers that we knew would be handy.

The two reds, thankfully, were complimentary and we both slipped them on.

"Oh, girl, maybe it's a pretty slutty thing to say to your own daughter but that makes you look so fuckable."

"Oh, you, too, Mom. Look at us, we could almost be twins," I said and Mom pulled me to her hugging me.

"Thanks, honey, that makes me feel good. Well, we've got the dresses chosen. Now shoes," and we picked a pair for each of us. We were set. Mom wanted me to put my hair up in a ponytail to give a little younger look, more to match our new young client.

"Hmm, maybe some black panties, just to keep the mystery a bit longer. Here's some I have," she said as she pulled on a small black thong and held her dress hem up.

"Nice, Mom, really hot. I've got a good one too," and we walked down the hall where I got out my sexiest black thong and pulled it on.

"Oh, girl, so hot. He'll never forget you, that's for sure. Should we give him our panties?"

"Mom, you are bad, so bad. He'll keep them forever. Great idea. We're making plenty anyway, maybe we could make it a regular thing to leave our panties with your clients?"

"Well, we'll see how this goes before I let you come with me again. We'll see."

The rest of the day slid by slowly as I kept thinking of what the evening might bring. Mom had told me that Frank was a really nice guy and, obviously, well-off but then there's his son, sixteen. What would he be like?

Chapter 2

The time finally came to put on our finishing touches, she showed me where to dab a bit of perfume on my inner thigh and we were off. The only thing lacking was a hot, convertible sports car. Instead, we two princesses rode away in a 2007 Honda Civic Sedan to the hotel.

We parked the car, strode into the hotel and rode up to the top floor. Evidently, Frank had booked a suite for his son's deflowering and I was impressed with the hotel in general, pretty posh.

Mom gave a quiet rap on the door and It was soon opened by a handsome man, looking to be in his forties. Across the room, I saw his son, smiling nervously.

"Come in, come in," he said as he leaned forward to kiss Mom. "It's wonderful to see you again, Colleen, this must be Melissa," and he leaned forward and kissed me on the cheek.

As he closed the door, he told us, "This is Danny, our birthday boy, Danny, Colleen and Melissa, two beautiful ladies in red."

Mom went over to him and kissed him, wishing him a happy birthday and I followed right behind her to add my own best wishes.

"Well, Danny," my mom told him, "Melissa and I are here, as you know, to make your birthday the best one of your life. Your dad wants this to be the best night of your life."

Frank stepped over to the table and picked up a bottle of champagne from the ice bucket and began opening it. Soon, there was a soft pop and he was pouring four flutes full of the bubbly. He handed each of us a glass and toasted, "To a night to remember for us all and thanks to our two spectacularly-beautiful companions for the night, Colleen and Melissa."

Glasses were clinked and sips were taken.

"Now, I think we should each give Danny a nice birthday kiss," my mom offered and stepped up to him, put her arms around him and kissed him. I was watching Danny's father and he was smiling, obviously enjoying the proceedings so far.

Mom didn't rush the kiss any, I could tell she had her tongue in his mouth and as the kiss went on a bit, his hands moved across her upper back, all smooth and bare.

Then, she moved her head back and stepped aside as I moved in front of him and said, "Happy Birthday, Danny," and kissed him myself, running my tongue inside his mouth as he pulled me toward him. I could tell he was breathing a little harder and, like with Mom, his hands were up caressing my back and shoulders as I moved my hands up and down his back and onto his butt as we kissed.

When I raised my head back, Mom said, "Well, Danny, I think you should unwrap both your presents. How about me, first?" and she stood in the middle of the room as he neared her looking for a way into her dress.

He soon spied the zipper in the back and quickly had it down as Mom eased the dress down, revealing her 34-C breasts that were so soft and round. She stepped out of the dress, still in her shoes and thong, took his hands and brought them to her breasts as he stood there. It was obvious now that he had a hard-on, just inescapable.

His father stood off to the side watching his son rubbing my mom's boobs, she put her hand behind his head and drew his mouth to her nipple which he took in and began to suck. He looked so sweet and, well, so hot, sucking my mom's nipple that I felt myself grow wet.

Then, she lifted his head up and kissed him once more.

"You can finish unwrapping me, Danny," Mom said and he looked over at his father who nodded, then bent down and pulled my mom's thong panties to the floor where she stepped out of them. She was a beautiful woman, so seductive and desirable-looking. I was so happy to carry her genes knowing what I would look in a few years.

Danny looked up at my mother standing there, beautifully naked except for her shoes, and leaned forward and kissed her pussy right on her slit, then stood up and put his arms around her and kissed her as I watched his young hands drop down to her butt and rub.

Then, my mom said, "Time to unwrap your second present, Danny," and nodded to me. Well, I was on. It was my turn now. I stepped over to him and put my arms around him and gave him a nice kiss. I felt his tongue begin to part my lips so I opened for him and he went inside me and swept around my mouth as my tongue probed him.

I reached down and pressed my hand on his crotch which was obviously hiding a hard erection underneath.

Then, I asked him to go ahead and turned so he could unzip me down the back and he pulled my dress to the floor, followed by my thong and stood before him.

"Oh, Danny, you're gonna have a terrific birthday, son, look at them, mother and daughter. Both just beautiful."

"And, now, we get to unwrap the birthday boy," my mom said as she moved over next to me and we began undressing Danny as he stood nervous but smiling ear-to-ear.

Mom got his shorts off him and was kissing and sucking each of his nipples as his chest rose and fell much faster and harder now. I knelt down and pulled his white briefs to the floor, releasing his cock to stand out like a flagpole as I leaned forward to take it in my mouth and began to suck. I put my hand up under him gently rubbing his balls as Mom and I sent him skyward.

"Oh, oh, that feels awesome, so, so good," he groaned.

His cock was nice, light pink in color and long and thin. I could get it all in my mouth and was sucking all the way back and forth on him as he suddenly thrust forward as I felt the bursts of his warm, salty cum splatter against the back of my mouth.

"Oh, OH, UH, UH, mmm, mmm, oh, wow, that was so good," he groaned as I smiled up at him. I stood up and took him to one of the beds and we lay down together.

Mom was now in bed with his dad and they were making out across the room as we began to kiss and feel each other. He was loosening up now, leaning over me, his hands all over me as he kissed me and I rubbed his long, hard cock.

"You're so pretty, Dad had told me about Colleen, how beautiful she is but he'd never seen you before and, oh, you're just beautiful, too. Is she really your mother?"

"She sure is. She's something, too. Just wait until you have her," I told him.

"But, you're first, right? I hope you are," he said sweetly. Well, that called for a nice quick suck then on to taking his cherry.

I bent down, licked around the tip as I looked up at him, then slid down and bobbed up and down several times and, leaving him wet, backed off, got up over him, reached under and slid right down over him to begin making his birthday the best he would ever have.

I was up over him scissoring up and down as I held his hands to my breasts trying to clench my pussy as I rose and fell.

"Omigod, this is so good, I never knew how good this could feel. I really can't last very long like this, you're just so…uh, UH, UH, UNH, UUH, uh, oh, mmm, oh, now I've done it, a girl, oh, this was the best. Oh, Melissa, you were the best girl I could ever have. You are so sexy and beautiful."

I leaned over and kissed him, still going up and down over him, then whispered, "I know I'm pretty good, Danny, but just wait until you have my mom."

"Oh, I know, she's so hot. My dad has told me about her, that she's the best woman he's ever had sex with."

Go, Mom, I thought, as I continued giving him his birthday fuck. He still felt hard, after all, sixteen-year old boys are just walking erections and I was able to get him to cum once more.

We kissed for a bit as I looked up and there was my mom standing there looking beautiful, as always.

"Your father has sent me over, Danny, are you two at a point where I could cut-in?"

"Sure Mom," I told her, looking over at Danny's father, whose cock was nice and long and thick. I had to admit I was looking forward to having it inside me. Don't get me wrong, Danny was nice, especially enthusiastic after he got over his initial shyness. Truthfully, well, I'd do him again, even being two years younger than I am. He was nice.

But, now, I got up and went over to the other bed.

"Ah, Melissa, thank you for being so wonderful with Danny, I was busy but did take a few peeks every now and then and I'm sure my son is a very happy young man. You're as beautiful as your mother."

"He's nice, your son, cute and, well, now he's getting experience from the best," I said as I nodded toward my mom.

We were laying comfortably with each other, taking it slowly, just a kiss every once in a while as I gripped his cock squeezing it gently. Then, I decided to roll him on his back and get up over him to get over his cock and push it up inside me. Mom, meantime, was up over Danny and they were doing sixty-nine as she scooted her pussy all over his face. What memories he'll have.

As I drew up and down on Frank's cock, it was feeling so good. He's a little bigger than any boy I'd had so far and I could get him deeper which was feeling so good.

His hands were, of course, on my boobs as I leaned over to drop one down to his face. He immediately parted his lips and began sucking as I went up and down over him.

I was tightening my pelvic muscles like Mom had told me to do and I could tell it was getting to him every time I pulled up. It was making me feel even better, too, which Mom hadn't mentioned. Maybe just a little bonus for doing it, I guessed.

Before I did this, I had wondered if I would be feeling this whole thing like having sex with someone I wanted to have sex with. Does that make sense? Any way, I was hoping that it be enjoyable and that I could get an orgasm or two out of the evening and, so far, I had a lovely one from our new inductee into the art of love.

Frank, though, was a nice-looking man and with a nice cock, Mom had already told me he was already one of her most-favored clients and I was seeing why. He was not only just taking the sex I was giving him, he was working to make my experience a good one. Mom likes him for that and, now, I did, too.

It was feeling really good going up and down on him, better and better, as I went along.

"Mmm, Melissa, you've really got me close. You are so good, just like your mother."

Well, those were nice words, so I began concentrating on getting him to orgasm, something that I was pretty good at, being able to clench my muscles on the way up and relaxing them as I slid back down.

"Oh, wow, I just can't hold off any more, it's so…UUH, UNH, MMM, mmm, oh, oh," he groaned as I heard his son making similar noises across the room from the other bed.

As soon as he was cumming, I pushed down hard and began twisting back and forth, something that always gets me off and, yes, once again, I felt my pussy tighten as the wonderful waves of pleasure washed over me.

"Oh, yes, yes, mmm, MMM, AYYE, unnh, oh, mmm," I groaned and just kept moving over him even as I felt him soften inside me.

Mom and I both sucked Danny off before the night was over, he was a typical sixteen-year old guy that could get hard again right after cumming.

That was the first time I partnered with Mom in her business. I was amazed how much more we could charge clients when we both attended to her clients' needs but it was many multiples of what Mom alone could charge.

So, we now have a partnership, I'm in the premed program at, oh, I guess I shouldn't say what university, should I, we have about five client meetings a month and live quite well off the proceeds.

Oh, one of our continuing clients was our first, Danny and his Dad. He's sure not shy any more. I'll leave you our card if you're interested.

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