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Growing Together - Part Five

Jenny remembers her first time - Carl helps her to hang pictures


Part Five - Chapters 12 and 13

Chapter 12 - Jenny Remembers

As Doug and Laura, Carl and Liz celebrated their love for each other, Jenny lay in her bed thinking of the deliciously intimate smell of Liz on her brother’s fingers. There was an all too familiar tug low in her tummy. Then the warmth as her flow responded to her imagination of the brother and sister together. Her fingers drifted to her hairs and she teased herself as her mind flew backwards in time.


Jenny’s Uncle Jack, her mother’s brother, was a widower and worked for a farmer and Jenny visited her relatives and cousins during the summer holidays. He had a farm cottage which was old and rather large, not that there had been more than 5 bedrooms, but four rooms were really big and the smallest had been modernised and converted to a full bathroom with an additional adjoining toilet. It had a large dining kitchen, a sitting room with an open fire and leather settee and deep armchairs. There was a pantry and an old fashioned larder with thick stone slabs to help keep foodstuffs cool in summer. The house had obviously been built in an age of large families.


The garden was extensive and uncle grew vegetables for the family. He was a working man and a widow from the village a couple of miles away came in and cooked meals and did some housework. At first Jenny used to think how kind she was - later she discovered just how kind as well as friendly she was to her uncle!! A large barn was close to the house where hay bales were kept together with various tools and a workbench. Adjoining that was a chicken coop and run, heavily protected by wire netting to keep out foxes.


The house was on the edge of a large field where cows were grazed and in the far corner of the field was a pond with trees surrounding it. One tall tree in particular was a good ‘climbing tree.’ Uncle had brought home pieces of timber from building work done at the farm, and had made a tree house with a knotted rope, and a rope ladder, for access. These could be pulled up into the tree house preventing anyone else from climbing into it.


Uncle Jack would have been about 45 she supposed. Jenny had graduated and her cousin Kath was the same age, and her boy cousins were Len and Derek. Len was an intelligent boy who had won a scholarship to a Grammar School; Uncle had said that he wanted Len to have a job with career prospects to it.


The girls shared one bedroom which had a double and a single bed although they slept together in the larger one. The boys had a second bedroom and uncle had the main third room. The 4th was empty although it had a bed in it.


The farm was across a country lane and down a private drive about half a mile long to the farmhouse. The teens had rackety old bikes to get about and as they went down the farm drive, off to one side was a stile leading across a couple of fields to a stream that ran through the farm lands. The water was lovely and clear and at a bend it formed a pool. The stream was shallow but at the pool it deepened. She remembered that if she stood on the gravel bottom the water came to just above her nipples.


The summer was a hot one. The girls were in cotton dresses reaching to just below their knees, with bra and plain cotton panties. The dresses had a shirt neck and buttoned all the way down. As it was hot the boys wore grey shorts and a shirt. They would pack sandwiches and fizzy drinks and go for long bike rides or laze in the fields. They were also allowed to help bring in the cows for milking, and at harvest time, help with that too.


The farmer had two lovely adorable shire horses named Major and Ginger. They seemed massive to the young girl. They would pull the carts in which the men loaded the stooks of hay, and Jenny was allowed to ride on Ginger’s broad back with Kath on Major. One man would be in the cart loading the stooks carefully, while other men threw them from the field with their pitchforks. When they had cleared the immediate area one of them would shout to tell the man in the cart to hold on as the cart jerked forward. In the local dialect “Hold You” became “owdja.” As soon as this was called out Jenny could feel Ginger’s massive muscles tighten and gather as he leaned into the head collar, then the cart wheels would pull loose from the soil and the heavy wooden hay cart would jerk and move forward a few yards. Then it was “whoooaaaaa” and dear Ginger stopped and stood placidly waiting once more. She loved that horse. Her legs were spread wide on either side as she stretched them across his broad back and between her spread legs she could feel the ripple of his muscles under her thighs. Of course it was hot. Ginger was hot. The days were hot. She was hot. Her cotton panties were damp from sweat and she knew they clung to her but she didn’t realise how clearly they outlined her feminine shape. Ginger was huge and she had to be helped down off his high back and she always thought how kind the men were, standing looking up at her as she swung her leg across Ginger’s back; then they would reach up and hold and support her as she jumped down. What an eyeful they must have had!


Quite often Len would ride behind her on Ginger. He would sit VERY close and as they rumbled forward she would feel his groin rubbing at her bottom. Jenny remembered how her hips rocked as the horse pulled forward and how Ginger’s gait would cause them to sway, and how Len would hold her hips “to steady” her. Quite often she would feel his lump as he pressed it against her ass. She noticed the men would smile to each other and speak softly and laugh. It wasn’t long before she realised they were laughing at Len getting a feel of her bottom with his dinger !! At any rate they always had a good look between her legs as they helped her down. As she now looked back she wondered how many of them later, in bed with his wife, lay thrusting between her legs while picturing a virginal pussy !!!


At night the girls would lie whispering to each other. They became very close friends. Intimately close friends. Touching and caressing, stroking and kissing. Feeling and finding. Discovering. Fingering. Thrusting as they gasped. Reaching delights together. Collapsing after their ecstasy. Holding each other close as they shuddered in each others arms.


The girls’ bedroom was next to Jack’s and they didn’t realise that at times he could hear noises through the thin partition wall. Within days of Jenny’s arrival he had heard the girls’ cries of pleasure, muffled by the wall, but even so for an experienced man, erotically identifiable. He tried mentally to blot out their cries but alone in his bed they persisted, echoing round and round in his mind, visualising what they were doing to each other. Their hands and lips on each other, fingers inside each other. He tried not to let it happen but his lonely desperate craving insisted. He swelled. He held his cock in his hand and stroked it and was immediately lost, his movements increasing as his pleasure overwhelmed him, then timed himself to the soft noises, peaking at the same time as the girls, spurting his desires and need over his stomach.


One night after Jenny had orgasmed and was still wetly impaled by Kath’s finger, Kath said “Our Len fancies you he does.” Jenny said something about not being so silly, but in honesty Len was very good looking and she had a bit of a crush on him too. Kath kept whispering things like “he really does like you” and “I think he’s got a crush on you” and “he told me he fancies you like mad.” Each time she spoke her finger teased in Jenny’s wet hole.


Then Kath asked if Jenny liked to play Doctors and Nurses. Jenny had never even heard of it so her cousin explained it was where there was a pretend patient and a nurse who might bandage you a bit while the doctor took your pulse and listened for your heartbeat. Jenny suspiciously asked “and HOW does he listen for a heartbeat.” Kath said “oh he just puts his ear close to your chest and pretends he can hear it.” She said they could all play it in the morning if Jenny liked and that she and her brothers played it a lot when there was nothing to do because of rain, and when Dad was at work.


When they were dressing the next morning Kath asked if she wanted to play. Jenny didn’t want to seem a spoilsport so she said “Yes ok if you play as well.” Safety in numbers she supposed.


After breakfast they went to the pond and Jenny lay on an old towel to keep her dress clean. She noticed that Kath was speaking quietly to Len and after a while she too lay on her own towel beside Jenny.


Len suddenly said “Anybody want to be a nurse?” And then without Jenny saying a word it was accepted they were going to play. Jenny was to be the Junior Nurse and Kath was the patient. Len of course was the Chief Doctor and Derek was his assistant Doctor.


In the bag with sandwiches and drinks there were some old bandages. Kath lay down on her back and Len felt her calf muscles then said “Nurse this leg must be bandaged.” So Jenny had to bandage Kath’s calf. Then it was repeated on the other leg but above the knee and Len pulled her skirt up and Jenny could even see her panties. He felt her thigh and then Jenny had to bandage that too. He bent his head above her breasts and actually put his ear onto her breast and kept it there. Jenny began to get butterflies as Len started to undo the buttons down Kath’s dress then pulled it wide as she lay on her back with just bra and panties to cover her. He said to Kath “Mrs Smith can I feel your heart beat please.” All very polite. Kath said “Yes doctor.” He slipped his fingers UNDER Kath’s bra and Jenny could see him stroking and squeezing her breasts, saw the flush appear in her cousin’s face, saw her eyes roll back as her body arched. He took hold of the waist band of Kath’s panties and pulled them down. Kath lifted her hips to help and kicked them off her feet. She lay, passively, quite naked. He said to Derek “we will put Mrs Smith in a side ward while I get something to treat her with. We will see to Mrs Brown now.” They turned to Jenny.


Her heart was now thundering in her ears and she panicked and got up to run away but they caught her immediately, and as she strained madly to escape they dragged her back to her towel. She was pulled down by the boys and forced to lie on her back as they pinned her to the ground. Her heart would burst she knew it would. She was struggling and trying to get free and saying things like “I don’t want to play any more.” And “please let me get up” and “Please don’t, I don’t like this game.”


Len said “you are an hysterical mental patient and we will have to tie you to stop you hurting yourself” so they tied her wrists together with bandage and Derek knelt on them above her head. She heard Len say to Kath “carry on Nurse” and still naked from her ‘examination’ she began to unbutton Jenny’s dress. Len said he had to check her heart right away and his hand slipped under her bra and began feeling her bare breast. “Take it off her.” They turned her and Kath unclipped her bra and when they turned her back her dress was round her waist and her bra had gone and her breasts were naked. Len was feeling them. Then he was kissing and licking on her nipples and new sensations flashed down between her legs. It began to feel nice. She started to relax.


“Strip her” and she panicked again as she felt her panties being tugged down her legs. She was naked. The cool breeze was gently tantalising her body and Len was feeling in her hairs while she was trying to keep her legs tightly closed. Her whole body was contorting in an effort to escape his touch but Derek still held her hands above her head. Kath and Len were pulling her knees apart as she tried to resist but suddenly she just gave in. She couldn’t fight any more. She lay defeated and helpless with legs held wide by her cousins.


Kath began to twiddle on her clit as Len started feeling her slit and poking his finger to find her hole. Then he found it. Now despite her previous resistance she started to submit to the feelings inside her body and felt her wet coming out of her. So did Len and as he pushed his finger went up her. Then he was fingering and she started to writhe with excitement. Kath knew exactly what to do to her clit because she had done it to her in bed. Jenny’s excitement was building, the knot of sensual tension getting tighter and tighter until it snapped and she was cumming and cumming. Her hips lifting, her stomach muscles convulsing and she was slamming at Len's fingers. She was yelling out “ah - ahh - ahhh - ahhhhhhhh” and she screamed as Len made cum.


She lay trembling on the towel as slowly the tension in her tummy and legs stilled.


He still had his finger up her. When she calmed down he started on her again, and again Kath was softly and expertly caressing her clit in the way she knew Jenny liked. They made her cum three times. They all knew she loved it and wanted it. She wasn’t fighting any more. She had totally surrendered. She had abandoned herself to submissive pleasure.


Derek untied her hands and Len said “OK Kath, get yourself ready.” Jenny lay there not moving. She could have got up and run away but she didn’t. She just lay there, no-one holding her, legs open, naked, the folds of her female body inflamed with blood, swollen from her passion. She looked at Kath and saw her lying with legs spread wide in offering to her brother. Len was playing with his hard and swollen cock. He knelt between Kath’s legs. Jenny heard him say “Are you ready for it” and his young sister replied “Yes.” He took a packet and ripped it open and rolled a condom down himself. Jenny had never seen a hard cock ready for sex before. Never seen a hard rampant male demanding a girl’s submission. “It’s too big to go in - he’ll rip her open” was Jenny’s last thought as he pointed it at his sister’s hole and lay over her. He must have got it in though, because the next thing was he was lying on top of her, his hips thrusting and hers lifting in response as he fucked her. Right beside Jenny. Jenny who could hear her cousin’s gasps and moans as cock filled her.


Then he said to “Jenny, feel her clit while I fuck her.” And she obeyed him … she reached down and twiddled on Kath’s rigid clit and could feel the wet cock sliding in and out of her cousin’s cunt.


She felt Derek’s hands on her hips. He wanted to feel between her legs so she moved so he could get at her cunt while she felt Kath’s clit and Len’s prick as it fucked inside his sister.


Kath’s head was rolling from side to side. Her eyes were closed. Her hips lifted to every thrust of her brother’s cock. Her moans were changing to a keening wail and she screamed as Len plundered her willing cunt. He was calling out ... “Oh fuck ... oh fuck Sis I’m fucking cummmiiinnngggggg.” He gave several huge thrusts that pushed Kath backwards on her towel and then collapsed over her. Brother and sister gasping and holding each other.


Two days later they got Jenny down and stripped her. Her legs were forced apart and as she lay there, vulnerable, fearful, she looked at Len’s cock rigid with need and knew that it was going to fill her. Len scratched her nipples, stroked and kissed her. Kath teased on her clit and her flow began, the treacherous flow to help a cock slide inside her innocent body. She saw Len lean over her, his arms supporting himself while Kath took his weapon and rubbed it up and down her wet slit. She felt Kath’s finger find her hole, hold the cock to it and say “NOW Len.” She tensed. Kath was saying “relax, relax, take a deep breath.”


There was pressure on her intimate girl place. The cock was like a piece of wood, unbending, thrusting, demanding and she felt her muscle give in to the pressure. She whimpered as her muscle was forced. She was gasping, writhing, protesting but the cock was relentless. She felt fullness low down at her opening. Len paused, pulled back and thrust hard. She screamed as he broke her innocence and made her a woman. 


Oh God it hurt her. He lay still, letting his cousin get used to the dick inside her. She was panting and moaning. He felt her relax slightly. Then he began to fuck her.


Both Len and Derek fucked her for her first time. She was scared of their arrogant cocks. It hurt as they thrust inside her virginal hole. She was sore for days. She kept saying “NO - I don’t want it in me” but they ignored her.


Uncle looked at her after they got home as she cautiously and tenderly moved about the house, trying to ease the soreness between her legs and inside her hole, then smiled knowingly. “So THAT was happening already” he thought to himself. A few days ago he had been the one to lift her down from the back of the cart horse. His chest had tightened as he saw how her damp panties clung to her, revealing rather than concealing hidden delights beneath the thin cotton, her maiden’s hair a tantalisingly dark shadow half seen beneath the protective covering. He felt the clench of desire in his crotch.


Three days later both cousins fucked her again, and twice again the next day. Now she began to like it, to want it. They didn’t always cum inside. Sometimes the boys would pull out, take the condom off and then wank cum all over the two girls, rubbing it into their breasts and maiden hairs.


After that third day she realised she had pleasure from being ‘made’ to submit; she enjoyed the fact that what they did wasn’t her responsibility, it was the boys who ‘made her.’ They in turn realised that when she protested and struggled as they pulled her down on her back, when she said “I don’t want to” as they stripped her, and “no don’t do it to me” when her knees were pulled wide and “please don’t put it in me” as she felt the hard knob slide in her slit, and “take it out of meeeee” as she was impaled ... that she was enhancing her own pleasure, and they played up to her.


The boys wanted to ask a friend of theirs to join but Jenny refused point blank. She said NO WAY would she do it with anybody else except her family.




In her adult bed Jenny’s memories were building an awful tension. Her eyes were tightly closed as she relived her teens. Her fingers were inside, others frantically stimulating her button. The tightness suddenly exploded and she lifted herself in release. She collapsed on her bed, feeling the aftershocks in her tummy and on her fingers. The throbbing slowly receded leaving her limp. She needed a man.




Chapter 13 - Jenny asks Carl for help.


Jenny had kept herself in good shape after the birth of her two children, a boy now 15 and a girl of almost 14 years. She was naturally slim and exercise at the gym had soon restored her figure which was healthily toned with regular workouts. She and her husband had a good and happy marriage and they made love with no inhibitions. They trusted each other and shared their early sexual experiences as they lay in each other’s arms. She had been devastated by his death in an accident but had recently become re-aware of her sensual needs, numbed for more than a year by the tragedy of his loss. Her children had been a great comfort and had occupied her mind and energies as she fought to overcome her agony and loneliness.


The Buntings were generous and understanding and she enjoyed working for them as the income was helpful and the hours easy. She had happily attended to their laundry as it could be done in her own home, making her available for her children. The arrangement worked very well for her and her family.


 It had been the sight of Carl’s sheets and sleeping shorts when visiting his home from university, stained with his semen, which had re-awakened her longings. She could not change his sheets or take his shorts for laundering without her stomach tightening. Recently on several occasions she held his stained shorts to her intimate body as she lay on her bed, her mind an erotic kaleidoscope of images from her past. As one hand held Carl’s discharge to herself, her other slipped beneath them and she masturbated to a less than satisfactory climax. She was able to keep the turbulence of her need under control, but she longed for the abandon she had once had.




Carl had been avoiding Jenny for several days before she was able to be alone with him.


“Carl,” Jenny said quietly “I need some help at home. There’s something I want you to do. Can you come round after supper?”


“Sorry, Jenny ... I’ve some notes to write up before the next semester and ... and ... it’s ... I mean I can’t put it off any longer” he stammered.


Jenny smiled sweetly at him and suggestively raised her fingers and sniffed delicately at her fingers.


“Carl I really WOULD like some help from you. I could ask your father of course, but I don’t WANT to bother him.”


Carl knew he was being subtletly coerced but he had so often fantasised over Jenny when masturbating that he couldn’t help saying “Ohhhh OK but I can’t stay long you know.”


“No of course, Carl. I understand. Only as long as it takes, yes?” And she smiled to herself.





In the early evening Carl nervously approached Jenny’s home. It lay outside the village at the end of a short country lane and had previously belonged to a farmer for the use of one of his employees. Carl rang the door bell and the door opened. Jenny stood before him.


She had taken care to wear only a blush of lipstick, her eyes unobtrusively outlined and a hint of eye shadow to complement her blue eyes. She had tied her light brown hair back enhancing the fine bone structure of her cheeks and was simply dressed in a mini skirt and short, very loose T shirt which left a broad expanse of bare tummy. She looked beautiful.


She invited him in and led the way to her living room where she indicated a comfortable armchair.


“Drink?” she asked. “Whisky? Gin? Wine?”


Carl, still nervous, replied “Anything Jenny ... whatever you’re having.”


She walked towards the kitchen calling over her shoulder “Oh by the way, Kitty and Barry are with their grandparents for a couple of weeks. They love having them. Spoil them to death of course.”


She re-appeared with two glasses of white wine, a tiny mist already condensing on the glass, offered one to Carl and said “I hope you like this. I’m giving it a try. Cheers !”


She sat on the sofa, legs modestly closed and knees turned away from him, feet together as she continued to chat.


“Cheers !” he replied and sipped. Mmm nice. Cool, fresh, not too dry. He nervously took a gulp.


She chatted about what a lovely home he had, how much she liked his family, how good Laura was to her. Carl realised his glass was empty.


“Here let me fill that up for you” she said and before he could refuse she brought the bottle from the kitchen and was topping up his glass.


As she carefully poured, Carl’s eyes were drawn to her belly button, a sexy ‘innie’ then lifted to her breasts. He could see no clear shape, her loose T shirt concealing as she reached out with the bottle. He looked lower and saw the waist of her skirt, loose around her, clinging precariously to her hips.


“Oh God” he thought “that could fall down any second.”


She turned and walked back to the sofa, his eyes following her, seeing the skirt stop short just below ... just below ... he swallowed, mouth suddenly dry.


His heart began to thud and there was a regular heavy pulsing in his neck - he took another gulp at his wine. She curled up on the sofa, legs tucked beneath her, smiling and chatting, asking him about his university studies. He slowly began to answer, the cool wine warming his blood and relaxing his tension.


Once more his glass was empty and once more Jenny stood before him. ‘God, she was sexy’ he thought.


“Aren’t you drinking?” He had realised that she was still on her first glass and he was finishing his third.


She was standing by the sofa and turned to him.


“No I’d better not. Carl, I was going to ask you to hang some pictures for me, but I don’t want any accidents and you’ve had half a bottle of wine so ... would you mind ... I’m scared of heights but if you hold the steps for me would you sort of make sure I don’t fall off? She laughed.


“Jenny I’m ok ... no prob ... I’ll hang them.”


“No, Carl. If you fell off and hurt yourself I could never face your parents. I’ll do it if you hold the steps for me.”


Carl shrugged. “OK then Jen. Don’t hit your thumb. Where do you want the steps?” She was right, he thought. The wine was getting to him.


“I’ve got three small pictures from holiday last year. I want them going up the stairs. I’ve got some special ladders, the sort that go at different levels you know? My hubby bought them ages ago when he decorated the stairs.”


She had already brought them from the garage and they were ready to be put into place. She had the instructions for adjusting them and Carl, who was quite practical, soon had them positioned high on the stairs. 


Jenny appeared nervous as she climbed the steps of the angled ladder. “Carl hold them ... please don’t let go. Please?”


He stood behind her, gripping the sides of the ladder and watched her climb. Her legs were bare. Smooth. Taut muscled as she climbed higher, higher. The stairwell was deep, stretching from ceiling height on the upstairs floor to the hallway below. Her feet were level with his face. He was looking up seeing her thighs disappear below the tiny skirt which was flattened against her as she leaned forward. She already had a hammer and hanging hook on the top step. She looked down at him.


“Pass me the picture.” It was lying ready on the stair and Carl picked it up. Jenny crouched down to take it from him.


“jeZUZ she wasn’t wearing panties !!” He saw the bare cheeks of her firm ass as she stooped to take the picture, then realised she wore a thong. The narrow band of concealment and protection almost revealed her ass hole. Once again he felt his mouth go dry and his erection stir.


Jenny competently hammered home the hook, lined up the picture and stooped to hand the hammer down to Carl. His eyes were riveted to her sex. His whole consciousness was centred between the twin swell of her thighs. She turned herself confidently on the steps, no longer afraid, her tummy towards him. She stood upright, holding the safety rails built on the side of the steps. The skirt fell away from her and he saw the white thong covering her mound. She descended, step by slow step, until the hem of her tiny skirt was just above his head. She stopped. The steps were not wide, but she moved her feet, parting her legs to the widest they could get. Exposing her gap, revealing the outline of her intimate self to Carl’s staring eyes.


The invitation was obvious. His erection now was painful in its confinement, needy, wanting, demanding he possess the offering only inches from his face. He reached out with trembling hands and touched the silky smoothness of her upper thighs, hearing her gasp. His fingers slipped higher, higher, as she stood unresisting, waiting, longing for his touch, then found the edge of her thong. He gently tugged and as it parted from her body, he sensed the moist heat of her.


Jenny looked down. Saw his desperate eyes. Saw the bulge of his desire. His fingers invaded her final defence, feeling in her slit, finding the wetness of her, sliding the length of her pussy, searching for her hole.


“Yes. Yes. Yes,” she almost cried out. “I’m helpless. I can’t move or I’ll fall, Make me. Carl MAKE me. I can’t stop you.”


The telephone shrilled. Shrilled again. Carl looked at her, desperation showing too clearly in his face.


“Carl. It might be my daughter ... I told her I wasn’t going out. GOD I’M SORRY ... pass me the phone, the cordless one there.”


He went angrily to the phone, pulled it from its holder on the wall and turned to her. She was off the steps and had slithered down the stairs. She was sitting on the fourth tread. Her skirt was round her waist. Knees slightly spread. Where his fingers had pulled at her thong it now lay to one side of her gap. Hairs showing. Slit swollen. Glinting. Wet. He gave her the phone.


“Mother? Oh hi how are you Mum?” she quavered. “No I’m fine I’ve just got in from jogging that’s why I’m breathless ... ”


As Jenny made her explanation Carl pulled her knees apart and grinned as he knelt between them, keeping her spread wide. He reached out and felt inside her thong, feeling her sex, finding her hole, sliding his finger inside and starting slowly to finger fuck her as she spoke to her mother.”


Jenny’s head jerked backwards as the finger entered her. She moaned and her eyes closed. Her mother’s voice was chattering in her ear and through a mental fog she managed to put her hand over the mouthpiece. “Stop it” she hissed but he shook his head. As the finger continued to wetly tunnel her depths she saw him use his free hand to fumble with his zipper. He reached inside ...


‘Ohhhhhhhhh god ... oh god his cock was out ... man’s cock ... brazenly threatening her ... oh no ... no ... not now ...’


She was aware of her mother saying “Kitty wants a word.”


“Hi Mum, hey Granny and Grandpa took us swimming.” Her daughter was telling her what they had done yesterday and what was planned for tomorrow.


‘No, Carl mustn’t do this. He couldn’t. Not while her daughter was speaking to her’ she thought. She was shaking her head at him. She had to make him take his finger out. She had to stop him. His finger withdrew from her body ... he was bending over her ... his knob touched her slit ...


She put her hand over the mouthpiece and muttered desperately “No. Please don’t Carl. No. PLEASE NO. Kitty’s talking to meeeeeeeee ...” and with one thrust he forced his prick inside her wet hole. Jenny groaned as cock filled her. Her daughter continued to talk as Jenny looked down and saw the wet dick enslave her willing cunt. He was speeding up. Her body responded, thrusting back to tease her clit on the base of the invading prick.


Jenny managed to gasp a message to her daughter “Call you back honey. I got a cramp.”


She lay back in submission as if nailed to the stairs as her orgasm swelled inside her then burst as she screamed “Yes, yes, YESSSSSSSSSSSSS.”


She opened her eyes and saw Carl’s face screwed up as if in agony. He stilled inside her for a moment, then thrust wildly again and again and again and he was filling her with spunk. His cock softened as she lay gasping. As he slipped out she looked down and saw cum ooze from her onto the stair carpet as her final convulsions expelled it. She pulled her thong back between her legs to absorb his sperm then reached out for him. He held her, both still trembling in release. Softly he kissed her.


“Carl please let me get up, the stairs are starting to hurt my back” she giggled.


Jenny walked into her living room, satisfied at last, the sensations of glowing womanhood filling her being


“What about the other pictures?” called Carl from the hallway.


Jenny giggled “There aren’t any. There was only ever one and if that didn’t work I didn’t have another plan! But it did work!”


Carl erupted into the room, a laugh on his lips. “Why you ... you ... you WOMAN you!” He made a grab for her but she squealed and dodged behind the sofa, moving first one way then the other as he tried to grab her. Finally she stumbled and he caught her, clung to her as she struggled and laughed in his arms. Their shuffling brought them to the end of the sofa, her back to the arm and she toppled backwards, her ass on the arm, her legs dangling, her shoulders and head resting on the seat. He stood laughing down at her seeing the T shirt only just cover her breasts, her skirt right up, her wetly stained thong drawing his eyes like a magnet. He stood still, his groin clenching as he licked his lips. She saw the desire in his face. Her own laughter stilled and she swallowed. She lay quite still on her back and felt her own throb return.


She watched as his hands reached out to her thighs. She felt his fingers clumsily feel for the waist of her thong and they began to slide down her hips. He stepped back a pace to take them over her feet. She lay still, allowing him to do as he wished. He saw the heaving of her breasts not yet revealed to him; the flatness of her tummy, tense, still, waiting. The rich bush of her female hairs, the slit of her, still swollen and pink from his possession of her, now once more submissively offered. He frantically released his belt, unzipped, flung off his shirt, dropped his pants and stood naked. He stepped close and she felt the heat of cock nudge her slit, but he reached down and over her, tugging at her T shirt. She wriggled her arms and shoulders and it pulled free. She now lay naked, arched over the arm of the sofa and raised her arms above her head in total assenting capitulation.


Carl’s hands took her thighs and parted them. She closed her eyes gasping once more as she felt cock demanding entrance to her intimate body. He was holding her hips to steady her as he thrust, seeing his hairs mingle with hers, then as he pulled out, the shining wetness of their mingled juices. The tightness of her hole squeezed their mixture from his dick as he plunged inside and she could feel it trickle down her cleft and onto her ass hole.


He bent over her as he continued to claim her cunt as his own, his fingers reaching out to rigid nipples, raking over them. Carl slipped one hand between their thighs feeling for her clit and as he touched it she moaned deeply, her head rolling from side to side.


Jenny was conscious only of being filled and refilled with cock, of nipples so hard they hurt, of her clit swelling, of unendurable explosive forces building inside, low in her tummy. She was in a white fog of desperate need and she abandoned herself to his intimate domination. She wailed as she reached a crescendo of release.


Carl saw her tummy rippling, felt her contracting on his cock, felt his own pressure seem to travel from his feet, along his shaft and spurt and spurt and spurt his essence into her grasping cunt.


Jenny lay still at last. Carl eased back and his shrinking cock allowed his spunk to run out of her opening. He sank to his knees by her side and as she lay gasping, Jenny put her hand on his head in a sign of comfort and thanks.


She rolled off the sofa and lay beside him, wrapping arms about each other, holding, nestling together in relaxed contentment. They drifted into a contented doze.


Much later Jenny went to her bed unshowered to lie with a hand between her legs, feeling their acts of lust and love seeping onto her fingers, her hand peaceful and still, no longer needing to masturbate. She knew this would not be the last time.


Carl returned to his home and went silently to his own bed. He did not shower or wash, but lay with his fingers by his nose drinking in Jenny’s womanly scent, falling into exhausted sleep knowing that he now had two passionate women to please.




To be continued

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