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He made me do it

Some sexual behaviors are wrong, dirty, immoral...but how is that decision made?
I grew up in an atmosphere of sexual negativity. My father, at five six and thin as a rail was anything but sexy. Mom wore the pants. She had the higher-paying job, was taller than Dad, wore heels every day of her life and reveled in making him look bad. They may have had sex just once in their lives.

As you might imagine, I picked up a lot of bad habits from that environment. Indeed, I was proud of having Mom's forceful personality. As for my appearance, I had my father's thin genes and Mom's tits and wide hips. So I had a killer body.

But I didn't do much with it. In high school I insulted every boy who had the guts to approach me. My main friend was a butch lesbian who worshipped the ground I walked on but never got lucky with me.

Half a dozen years later, everything changed. I had served as a bridesmaid for a girl who worked with me at the courthouse. A fiftyish judge asked me took me aside at the reception and asked if I'd ever been to sex club. His question made me curious and, furthermore, I assumed I'd be safe with him.

"We can just watch," he told me. He also made it clear that I wasn't to call him Judge nor could I use my own real name. He was Bill and I was Sandy. How ironic! Sandy was my mom's name.

He took me to the top of an upscale apartment building where we walked in on forty people in various states of undress and thinly-veiled disguise. A guy in a Yankees cap was sitting back on a sofa getting an unhurried blow job from a plump woman who was naked except for slippers and a red mask. A second guy watched from a few feet away. I suppose he was waiting his turn. Other people were kissing and groping and some were on floor pads over by the picture window.

A girl in a bunny custume greeted Bill. He whispered something that prompted her to give me a silver mask. I was sort of in shock but very interested. My mind was spinning. The hostess slipped an Elvis wig on Bill and handed martinis to both of us from a sideboard.

Bill steered me to the dining room table. "We don't do introductions," he said. "so you don't have to worry about remembering names." The mask identifies your status. As long as you are wearing that color, no one will talk to you except through me. They might smile and invite you over with a hand signal, but they can't touch you unless you take the mask off.

"What about red?" I asked.

"They give blow jobs," Bill said.

I had been assessing everything. Women outnumbered men by a small margin. A lot of the women were pretty and young like the hostess who had given me the mask, but at least half were ordinary and in some cases fat. The men were mostly older and had the look of wealth. One exception was a thirty-something black guy who had been part of the cluster of people over by the room's large picture window. Four older ladies--nude and gross looking--were kissing him and playing with of his body.

Bill was watching. "We call him Big Dick," he said. "He gets paid to come entertain the wives just like the young women get paid to entertain the husbands."

"What am I doing here?" I asked.

"You're my date. You can decide for yourself what you want to do."

My mind was reeling. More than at any time in my life, my pussy was dripping and hot. I owned a vibrator and loved masturbating, but I had never yearned to have a man inside me or to touch a cock. I was of a mind to go through life without ever having sex...and I was okay with that. But this stuff was arousing me big time.

"Can I walk around?" I didn't ask Bill to walk around with me. "Will I be safe?" I added.

Bill assured me I would and asked if I wanted him to wait for me.

That hadn't entered my mind. "If I tell you to go ahead and have fun," I said, "what will you do?"

"Well, let me put it this way," he said. My first choice is to go with you to a private bedroom and make love. Sarah says you are a virgin."

I ignored his implied request and tossed down the rest of my martini.

He understood.

I asked if he ever got together with the red mask girls.

He said that was what he came here for.

"I'll tell you what," I said, "I'd like to stroll around the room a little. Why don't you find one of the red girls and maybe I'll watch what she does to you. Would that bother you?"

He told me I could sit next to him and hold his hand. "You can kiss me as I cum if you feel inspired. I like you better than any of the other girls."

A flush of heat waved through me. I needed another martini.

I took my fresh drink to the Big Dick show. He winked at me while three middle-aged ladies shared his long cock and another fed him her breasts. The guy was aptly named, and if there had been less of a crowd I might have touched his cock. I wanted to.

Bill strolled over with a Red Mask girl at his side. "Would you like to join us?" he said. "This is Kitty. I haven't seen her before."

Kitty and I said hi. She looked to be barely 18. I felt sure they wouldn't have anyone younger.

"Bill says you want a demonstration," she said.

Bill sat on one end of a love seat and patted the place next to him for me. He kissed my hand and arm as Kitty started unzipping his pants. Then he kissed my mouth and I gave in. I enjoyed it!

Kitty looked up at me as she licked his hairy cock to get him started. Compared to Big Dick's, Bill's was nothing to write home about, but I'd seen magazine photos and it looked normal to me.

"Can I take my pants off?" he said.

"Hey, it's your party," I told him.

He lifted his butt and helped Kitty get his pants all the way off. She handed them to me like I was his valet.
Then she started going up and down on Bill's cock: all the way down, all the way up. Every now and then she kissed the sides and worked it a little with her fingernails.

Bill had his left arm around me and was using me as a thrusting support. "Kitty, you're really good," he said. Have you been here before?"

She said she had been on the waiting list for six months but she hadn't been 18.

"You like to suck cock?"

"Yes," she said, "and I love the taste of cum. The more the better."

He grunted approval as she dived back down on his cock.

Bill then took my hand and moved it down to Kitty's thrusting head.

"Do you want me to cum," he asked, "or should I save it for you?"

"Give it to Kitty," I said.

Kitty looked up and smiled. She took my hand from her head and put it around Bill's cock. "Do you want to get down here and taste him?" she asked me.

I did, but I said no thanks.

She looked up at Bill and said, "Are you a good cummer?" Mr. Bill.

"I will be tonight," he said. "I have two beautiful women and I haven't cum in a week."

"Yum, yum," she said, and she went after him with renewed intensity.

My hand was still there. I wanted to feel him ejaculate. I wanted to see the sperm, but I was afraid Kitty would take everything and swallow it before she came up for air.

"How will I know?" I asked him.

"Kiss me," he said.

I let go of his cock and got up on my knees so I could kiss him deeply. I breathed in his mouth and he breathed in mine with an increasing tempo.

He stopped kissing me then and said, "I'm getting close. Get your face down there and watch it happen."

It seemed like the most natural thing in the world. I ripped off my mask so I could see better.

Kitty could sense my interest. She stopped sucking and told me to take a turn--although she kept working his saliva-covered dick with her hand. I put my mouth around a cock for the first time and tasted a sweetness, which I knew was pre-cum.

"Don't slow down," he said, with a sense of urgency.

I pulled away and said, "You do it, but show me his cum before you swallow it, okay?"

She took over and communicated that she would.

As I moved back next to Bill he reached in between my legs and inserted his finger up against my wet pussy. I humped a little and wanted him to find his way inside, but his focus was more on cumming.

"Oh, God," he said.

Kitty stayed on the job. We could tell from the way his muscles were tensed that he was about to cum.

Then he yelled a loud noise and exploded into her face.

She took the first gush with a little gag and then pulled back just a little so I could watch. Her mouth was like a catcher's mitt. White cum pooled on her tongue as three, maybe four, final spurts gushed out.

"Oh shit," I said, "That was fantastic." I edged in and licked the last juices up for myself.

Kitty gargled a little and then kissed me on the cheek.

I took my mouth off Bill's cock and went for her lips. She kissed me and poked sperm into my mouth with her tongue. I tongued back at her, hotly and heavily. Bill's load went back and forth a little but she ended up with the lion's share as we came up for air. She swallowed and I swallowed. Some things can be learned really quickly! 

"Thanks, Bill," I said. "That was great." To Kitty I added, "Thanks to you, too. You really know what you are doing."

Kitty looked proud. "I'll be coming every Saturday," she said. Then she turned to me and said, "Hope to see you here, too."

Bill took me to a bedroom so we could clean up and asked if I wanted anything else.

I asked if he wanted to know the truth.

When he said yes I told him I wanted to give up my virginity to Big Dick.

"How about both of us?" he suggested.

"You can watch," I said.

He asked if I were on the pill and my shocked face was all the answer he needed. "You get some birth control," he said, "and I'll schedule Big Dick to meet with us privately at a hotel. I don't want him to know who I am."
My girl friend was all over me the next day with questions. I told her I wasn't supposed to talk about it, but it was fun. I told her I didn't do anything because I hadn't been on birth control.

"Like shit," she said. 

Judge H had told her everything!

I asked what kind of relationship she had with him and she said she had been going there for the better part of a year before she met her husband.

"Does your husband know?" I asked.

She said hell no and I got the impression that she still hadn't figured out what the future would hold. "I was a red mask," she said. "I never fucked anyone but I'll bet I sucked 200 cocks. What an incredible rush that was. Bill tells me you want to give up your virginity to Big Dick."

"Jesus," I said, "I thought this was going to be a confidential thing."

She assured me it would be. She and the Judge had a special relationship. He had been giving her money and had gotten her husband a good job with a big law firm.

"And you never fucked him?"

"Not once," she said. "It didn't seem right."

"But sucking his dick did?"

"Hey," she said, "that's not as personal."

She asked if I were serious about wanting to give my cherry to Big Dick.

I said it seemed like a safe way to give up my virginity because it would be totally impersonal. I wouldn't know his name and wouldn't have to deal with relationship issues.

That's why I don't want to sleep with the judge. I could see myself going back to the club like she had. I don't really like men as friends. I never learned how to like men.

My friend worked as my agent. She knew when my period was over and I started on the pill. "Judge H is ready to set up your fantasy," she said, "but he really wants to do the honor himself."

I told her that was out of the question.

Bill checked into an airport hotel and had me come up to the room on Saturday afternoon for a private dinner in his suite. He spent three hours trying to talk me into doing the deed with him. Twice I got up to leave and twice he negotiated me back down. 

"I want to make a deal with you," he finally said. "I've been talking to Jen about you and she has been in on everything. I hope you've been okay with that, but this time I'm going to ask for your confidence."

I asked if it wasn't a little late for that.

"You can tell him you fucked Big Dick and I watched. That part's okay," he said. "But there's something else that has to remain just between us." He even offered to start paying me 1,000 a month, which was the amount he used to pay Jen.

God bless my man-dominating mother. Her courage welled up in me and I upped the ante. Judge H didn't have a chance.

Big Dick was scheduled to arrive at 9:00 but he was 45 minutes late. I thought sure it was a con job, but Bill kept assuring me it was a done deal.

I was lying nude in the suite's bedroom when I heard them talking. My pussy was freshly shaved, I'd been masturbating for 20 minutes, and I was totally ready to feel my first real cock. I'd been sticking dildoes up my pussy for 15 years, so there was no size problem or fear of anything even though Big Dick was hung like a baseball bat. Bill had provided a tube of lube as part of our deal.

Dick came in buck naked and Bill followed with his clothes on. "Dick," Bill said, "She wants you to fuck her good, cum big and then leave while she's still juiced up for me.

"Got it, man," Dick said.

"You're a beautiful little bitch," he said as he walked to the side of the bed. "You sure you can take me?"
I sat up and reached out for his semi-hard cock.

"Let's see," I said, as I put the head into my mouth.

It felt good, really good. I cupped his balls with one hand and held the shaft with the other. My lips were loving the soft feel of his dark brown skin.

I pulled it out and licked the hole where some pre-cum was starting to emerge. It tasted sweet.

Then I took it in for a second time and went as deep as I could, which took me almost nowhere. I still had plenty of room to jack the cock with both hands. I felt it enlarge, but it still was far from rock hard. I knew what the end product would be because I had seen him with those older women at the club.

I asked if he would like to lie on the bed and he said yes. Bill pulled a chair alongside the bed. It felt erotic to have him there as my protector...and new sugar daddy.

I sat on one of Dick's legs and went down on his medium hard pole. Now I was in a position where I could push him toward the back of my throat. "Will you tell me what feels good?" I asked.

"When I start fucking you, will you return the favor and tell me what feels good for you?" he said.

For about ten minutes I worked him with my mouth. I was tired. My mouth was stretched to its limit and I had gagged many times, but other than that it was pure heaven. I even liked his ethnic smell. He was clean, but he still smelled like a black guy. I didn't have any sexual history to base that opinion on but I'd smelled plenty of men in my day.

"Are you ready?" he asked.

I told him I was very ready, and at that point we switched positions.

He played with my breasts for a minute and started working on my juicy pussy with one hand. "Yeah, you're plenty ready," he said with a pleasurable lilt in his voice. "Get ready to be fucked," little lady. "We'll show your man here what a real fucking is like."

He pushed my legs up toward my shoulders and stuck his face up against my pussy.

"Oh, you're as sweet as they come," he said. Then he grabbed his cock like a fire hose and started rubbing its juicy eye against my opening. We were both plenty ready.

"Grab this big dick and start guiding it in," he said.

I did. It was easy to do because we were both so lubed up. He put his long arms on either side of me to support his weight and arched up to get the angle right. I felt full, full, full and I could see we were just barely started. I could see 8 inches of daylight between his brown tummy and my white tummy, and I was beginning to wonder for the first time if I'd be able to take him.

"Hey, Dr. Bill," Dick said, "Are you enjoying watching your woman get fucked?"

"Yes I am," Bill said, and I could hear a little panting in his breath.

Dick started pulling out and pushing back in, each time adding another quarter of an inch. It was tight but he was taking it slow and there was no pain. But I was wondering if that time would come.

He hit bottom, or so it seemed, with dick to spare. He had gone in and out 15 or 20 times. He had paused and checked on my comfort a couple of times. "This is one nice pussy," he said. "I'm going to get in a lot deeper and then I'm going to fill you with cum like you've never been filled."

I knew that was true!

He took some time to play with my tits and kiss me on the side of my temple and top of my head. Our faces were not all that close because of his height. 

His hands moved up to my ankles and he pushed me back like a pocket knife, giving his dick a better angle to get in deeper. "How's it feel?" little lady.

I told him it felt amazing.

"Bill, reach in there and rub her clit a little while I work my way in." 

I wondered if Bill had put him up to that, but it sounded like a good idea. I saw Bill put his fingers in his mouth and then felt him moving up and down on my button.

"You likin' that, sweetheart?" Dick asked.

I heard by the tone of his voice that he was about to get serious. He closed in on Bill's hand and Bill had to take it away. I had this enormous feeling penetrating my pussy like 5 dildoes at one time, and that was when my orgasm started approaching. It didn't happen slowly; it went to the I'm-about-to-fucking-cum stage in just one or two strokes.

Now he was rising and falling like an oil pump and my body was responding. I was making oooh, oooh sounds but suddenly they were replaced by a profane declaration of orgasm: "Oh, goddammit, that's got me. I'm cumming, I'm--oh, shit, oh, shit, oh shit. Keep pounding me, you big dick fucker. Oh shit.

I can't estimate how long that kept going but suddenly I realized he was about to take his turn.

"Oh, darlin', you're about to get a load of black cum up that pretty little pussy. Then he poked his dick in to the stopping point that scared me a little but didn't hurt. I heard him yelling aaargh noises as he pulsed several times a full 12 or 14 inches into my interior. I was sure that no women had ever been fucked deeper.

My own orgasm wasn't over yet. There were spasms and good feelings, but it was no longer the main event. The main event was feeling his deepness in me, and I felt his weight settle on my breasts. It was a big weight but a good one, and his cock was still very deep into the well.

His breathing was slowing a couple of minutes later and I was in a dreamy nowhere land when I heard Bill say it was time for a quick departure.

Dick withdrew from me and it wasn't just a minor thing. I felt it sliding and snaking out of me for what seemed like an impossibly long extraction. Jesus Christ, it was a big dick. I held my pussy muscles together to get all the feel I could and to hold his cum inside me. Instinct was in charge now. My nature wanted to save as much sperm as possible for impregnation. I put my legs down for the first time in twenty minutes and put them tightly together to further secure the floodgates.

Dick was walking out. There was no goodbye. I remember the door closing and then came my part of the bargain with Bill.

"How was that, Sharon?" he said, using my real name. "I think you got the biggest fucking any virgin has ever seen. It was fantastic."

"Yes it was," I agreed, and I could already feel him probing between my legs. He had taken off his clothes and was on his knees beside me.

"Now let me lick that beautiful pussy of yours before you let any of that cum start dripping out."

I opened my legs and felt him down there with his face and fingers. I was still under the spell of what Dick had done and my eyes were closed. Bill was taking big licks from bottom to top and spreading my lips with both his hands.

"There's cum in there," he said.

He put a finger into the honey pot and then stuck it in his mouth. He was liking this and I was, too. This was our arrangement. I could fuck as many men as I wanted and let him watch and eat the cum from my pussy.

He pushed my legs back up and started stretching his tongue deeply into me. I was gaping open and could feel that he was licking and sucking whatever was there.

"I want you to cum," he said, moving his attention up to my clit.

I told him to keep sucking my pussy and let me take care of the clit. I've masturbated hundreds of times and know my own rhythms. Fifteen seconds later I was on the verge. "Okay, Bill," I said, "You're about to get a gusher."

Sure enough, the spasms squeezed more white cum out of my depths and gave him the sweet tastes he wanted. I could also feel the wetness running down the crack of my ass and I could see his whole face was wet with my juices and Dick's.

He moved up beside me and we held each other. In fact, we slept that way all through the night. I woke up before Bill did and had the pleasure of seeing the dried sperm and pussy juices all over his whiskered face. Our room smelled like sex, sex, sex and it was good.

For half a year I've been collecting 3,000 a month, giving blow jobs at the club and collecting cream pies for Bill two or three times a month. We've had Big Dick over five times. He's our favorite. And we spent two weeks in Hawaii, where Bill managed to get an invitation to a sex club in Honolulu.

Life is good.
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